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1. Eight top Shopify SEO tools for your store

8 Best Shopify SEO tools to elevate your store

Shopify SEO tools can help you optimize your online store, increase visibility in search engine results pages, and attract more customers to grow your ecommerce business. But with over 7,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, which tools do you choose? What do you really need for effective Shopify SEO, and how do you sort through so many options to select the most essential Shopify SEO tools?

We've put together a list of eight top tools to increase your Shopify store's SEO performance. Our selections range from sitemap tools that help Google index your site to speed optimization tools that make your store load faster for customers. For each app listed here, we cover app descriptions, feature overviews, and pricing, including free and premium tiers where applicable. Use our guide to select the best Shopify SEO tools to help you maximize your site's search engine performance.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Sitemap Shopify SEO tools help search engines index your site.

  • SEO optimization tools automatically evaluate your site's search engine performance and suggest tips for improvement.

  • Image optimization tools make images on your site easier for visitors to download.

  • Indexing SEO tools send updates from your site to search engines.

  • SEO management tools automatically monitor your site's performance and support improvements.

  • Speed optimization SEO tools make your site load faster.

  • Tag page optimization SEO tools let you edit metadata for Shopify subcollections.

  • SEO booster and speed tools provide reports and tools to optimize your metadata, site loading speed, navigational structure, and rich snippets.

Eight top Shopify SEO tools for your store

Below we've picked the top Shopify SEO tools from eight different categories of apps. For each Shopify SEO tool discussed below, we cover what it does, its features and benefits, and its pricing plans. Here are the categories we'll discuss and our picks for the best Shopify SEO tools in each category:

  1. Sitemap management: Magical XML/HTML Sitemap

  2. SEO optimization: Plug In SEO

  3. Image optimization: VF Image Resizer & Optimizer

  4. SEO indexing: 20North Instant SEO Indexer

  5. SEO management: SEO Manager

  6. Speed optimization: Hyperspeed

  7. Tag page SEO optimizer: Optizen

  8. SEO booster and speed optimization: SearchPie

We include both free Shopify SEO tools and premium ones. Let's look at what each of these apps has to offer:

1. Magical XML/HTML Sitemap: Sitemap management tool

Magical XML

Sitemaps improve your SEO rankings by mapping your site's structure so search engine robots can crawl and index your pages efficiently. They tell search engines which pages on your site are important, when your pages were last updated, whether your pages have alternate language versions, and other key information. Sitemaps also help human visitors navigate your site, which boosts your rankings by generating more visits for your pages. Having a sitemap becomes especially important if your site has a large amount of content, is new, has a significant amount of rich media content, or is listed on search engine news tabs. Sitemaps have a limit of 50,000 URLs, so if you have a large ecommerce store with lots of content, you may need multiple sitemaps to index everything.

Magical XML/HTML Sitemap lets you automatically build and publish customized sitemaps. This app generates sitemaps in HTML, guiding human users, and links your XML sitemap to Google, guiding Google's web crawler. You can customize your HTML sitemap's layout and style and create rules for displaying new content.



2. Plugin SEO: SEO optimization tool

SEO Plugin

Plug In SEO provides automated tools to evaluate your site's search engine performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement them. It audits your site and then provides step-by-step suggestions for how to fix any problems that are identified. Premium packages include tools for:

Targeting keyword data in your page titles and descriptions.
Fixing broken links that can block search engine indexing.
Structuring data on your site with JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data), a format that tags content on your site to make it easier for search engines to crawl.


  • 14-day free trial.

  • Free forever: Free for basic SEO check, blog check, automated alerts, and email support.

  • Essential SEO Plan: $19.99 a month for up to 100 pages with basic SEO and blog checking, title and description management features, JSON-LD structured data tools, broken link tools, and search trends reports.

  • Small store: $29.99 a month for up to 200 pages, with basic SEO and blog checking, title and description management features, JSON-LD structured data tools, broken link tools, and search trends reports.

  • Medium store: $49.99 a month for up to 2,000 managed pages, two detailed monthly speed and SEO reports, and all the basic SEO features from previous plans.

3. VF Image Resizer & Optimizer: Image optimization tool

Image resizer

Image files can consume significant amounts of file space on your server. This can slow downloads for visitors, shortening visits and earning penalties from Google. To optimize your images for SEO, your files must also be named correctly and accompanied by alt-text descriptions for users who can't load them and search engine crawlers trying to index them.

VF Image Resizer & Optimizer provides an all-in-one tool for sizing and optimizing your image files to make them ideal for SEO. This SEO image optimizer plug-in:

  • Uses AI to help you resize your images to a uniform size, scale them, crop them, and add watermarks.

  • Compresses your images to speed up page loading.

  • Optimizes your image file names with alt-text descriptions.

VF Image Resizer & Optimizer supports all image formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, HEIC, and WEBP.


  • Free: Free to install and $1.99 per 100 images, for up to 200 images a month with one-week backup, unlimited alt-text optimization, access to all features, and email support.

  • Basic: $8.99 a month and $0.79 per 100 images for up to 2,000 images a month with unlimited alt-text and file name optimization, plus everything in the free plan.

  • Professional: $18.99 a month and $0.49 per 100 images for up to 6,000 images a month with unlimited alt-text and file name optimization, plus everything in the basic plan.

  • Advanced: $38.99 a month and $0.29 per 100 images for up to 20,000 images a month with unlimited alt-text and file name optimization, unlimited file compression, plus everything in the previous plans.

4. 20North Instant SEO Indexer: SEO indexing update tool

When you update files on your site, Google's web crawler needs to index your updates. This process may take days or weeks in some cases.

20North Instant SEO Indexer speeds up this process by letting Google know about your updates right away. Google will recrawl your site immediately and update your indexing right away.


$4.99 a month, with a seven-day free trial.

5. SEO Manager: SEO management automation tool

SEO Manager

SEO involves many moving parts. Manually keeping track of all of them can be time-consuming, and it's easy to miss something.

SEO Manager helps Shopify webmasters automate their key search engine optimization procedures. It provides:

  • Real-time SEO performance scans of your entire site, with actionable tips for making improvements.

  • Integration of Google Trends and Google Analytics to help you discover keywords.

  • Templates for automating your titles, descriptions, and image alt-text descriptions.

  • Automatic addition of Schema structured data markup to help search engine web crawlers index your site more efficiently.

  • Real-time repair of 404 "page not found" errors that can block search engine indexing, plus ability to keep track of repairs by logging, managing, and importing and exporting repair data.

SEO Manager is designed to be easy to install and user-friendly for Shopify store owners of any size.


$20 a month with a seven-day free trial.

6. Hyperspeed: Page speed optimization tool

Page speed

Slow-loading pages can frustrate visitors and shorten visit times, costing you search engine rankings as well as customers. Even a few seconds of waiting can make the difference between high-ranking pages and low rankings.

Hyperspeed helps Shopify webmasters improve page-loading speed on mobile and desktop devices and optimize the key factors Google uses to measure page speed, known as Core Web Vitals. It provides:

  • Acceleration of initial page loading through deferred loading of elements users don't immediately need to see the page (lazy loading), loading of critical CSS users need to see above-the-fold content, and deferral of JavaScript downloading while pages are loading.

  • SEO image optimizer support with unlimited compression.

  • App cache speed boosting to reduce delays caused by loading third-party Shopify apps.

  • Automated monitoring of speed impact from new images and apps.

  • Minimization of unnecessary elements in CSS and JavaScript codes that can slow page loading (minification).


$49 a month with a seven-day free trial.
$468 a year for a 20% discount.

7. Optizen: Product subcollection tag page optimization tool7. Family funny sayings

Shopify lets you organize your products into categories called collections that help customers find what they're looking for. You can divide collections into subcollections. However, Shopify doesn't have native tools to optimize subcollections for SEO.

Optizen fills this gap by providing tools to help you optimize your subcollections. It lets you:

  • Optimize subcollection tag pages to unlock additional keywords and traffic.

  • Edit meta information for subcollection tag pages, including titles, descriptions, H1, and content.

  • Add tags for page variants, such as product pages in different colors and sizes.


  • Optizen Pro: $19.99 a month or $200 a year for a 17% discount, including custom content for product pages below the product grid only, editing for SEO meta information on tag pages, and selection of tags for indexing.

  • Optizen Enterprise: $29.99 a month or $300 a year for a 17% discount, including everything in Optizen Pro plus variant tagging and image thumbnail matching.

8. SearchPie: SEO page booster and page speed optimization tool

SearchPie combines a number of the features of some of the previous SEO tools, while offering additional features. It focuses on improving local search results, visibility and increasing site-loading speed. It offers:

  • Up-to-date SEO performance reports.

  • Bulk updating of meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags.

  • Page loading acceleration through "instant page" preloading of pages before users click on them, use of the fast-loading AMP HTML framework, and compression of images.

  • Automated detection and navigation of 404 errors and long URLs that can interfere with loading and indexing.

  • Automatic rich snippets JSON-LD structured data markup for efficient web crawler indexing.


  • Starter plan: Free, including SEO reports, bulk updating for SEO tags, basic site speed acceleration, sitemap submission, and 24/7 live chat support.

  • Premium plan: $39 a month or $372 a year for a 21% discount

  • Enterprise plan: $79 a month or $756 a year for a 20% discount

Improve your SEO to increase your Shopify traffic

Shopify SEO tools help you increase your organic traffic by optimizing the factors that boost your search engine performance. Sitemap tools make it easy for search engines to crawl your site and index your content and products. SEO optimization tools let you audit your performance and identify strategies to improve it. Image optimization tools resize and compress your images so customers can load your site faster. SEO indexing tools alert search engines to updates to your site for quicker search engine optimization.

SEO management tools monitor your search volume and performance and provide resources to increase it. Speed optimization tools load your site faster. Tag page SEO optimizers increase the visibility of your Shopify subcollections. SEO booster and speed tools provide reports and tools to improve your metadata quality, loading speed, site structure, and rich snippets. Together these categories of tools provide the resources you need to push your site up in the search engine rankings.

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