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Design and sell custom print on demand canvas

Turn your passion into profit and make your canvas on demand business faster, smarter, and greener with the world's largest production on demand network.

Create and sell stretched canvas prints ready to hang. Set up an ecommerce store and offer locally produced items to your customers.

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Print on demand

Create and sell custom canvas prints and wall art

Gelato for canvas prints on demand

Gelato is proud to be at the forefront of making print on demand products, such as a wide range of customizable printed canvas paintings produced in various sizes.

Our goal is to make the print on demand service accessible to ecommerce entrepreneurs and creators all across the globe. We open up new opportunities to apply creativity in the design and production processes as well as tap into previously unexplored markets, all without needing to pre-order stock, maintain inventory, and maintain exhaustive records. Simply work on producing high-quality canvas prints and we can take care of printing and shipping for you!


Nimble Monetization

Without the commitment of pre-ordering and maintaining an inventory, POD also allows businesses to be nimble (with the option to change models and products quickly). Branch out into time-sensitive, limited edition ranges with ease. For individuals who have worked hard to establish fan bases and grow followers, POD can be a quick path to monetization.

For any business size

Set up an ecommerce store and offer locally produced items to your customers, such as print on demand canvas wall art. Whether you're a creator, entrepreneur, or operating a global business enterprise, Gelato's got you covered with a network of more than 130 worldwide printing partners that spans 32 countries across all continents. Start ordering customizable canvas print on demand in the USA, Europe, Asia, and around the globe and make fantastic sales.


Better for people and planet

Our printed paper products and canvases are made from paper and wood from sustainably managed forests with a sustainable forest management system in place. Plus, having a vast printing network, we're reducing carbon emissions by reducing our transportation distances. Not only will you receive your items quickly, and feel good about the way they were produced, Gelato offers quality products that last. Read more about Gelato’s sustainability mission.

World-class quality

Gelato only works with suppliers that offer high-quality products that can be enjoyed and used for a long time. With a Trustpilot score of 4.7/5 based on 450+ reviews, let the numbers tell you Gelato's the way to go for your print on demand services, especially when ordering your canvases.


Sell print on demand wall art canvas with Gelato

Stunning quality canvas

Turn your art into a beautiful canvas. The canvas texture intensifies the image's natural look and feel.

  • Canvas and wood frame are sustainably sourced (FSC certified materials).

  • Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2") thick frame.

  • Thick canvas has a 4 cm (1.6") thick frame.

  • Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.

  • Mounting kit included.


Custom canvas in a variety of sizes

We currently offer canvas print on demand in more than 30 different formats, both in inches - for the North American market - and in centimeters - for the rest of the world. To help you sell globally, your products will automatically be converted between inches and centimeters depending on the shipping country.

We recommend offering small, medium, and large options:

  • 30x40cm/12x16in,

  • 50x70cm/20x28in

  • 70x100cm/28x40in

Easily design your canvas right now with Gelato

  • Unleash your creativity and create your unique designs to sell.

  • Generate beautiful, lifelike, and free mockups that let your products shine.


How Gelato fuels your ecommerce business

Sell globally, produce locally

Gelato powers the world’s largest print on demand network of local print providers for ecommerce sellers. Produce what you need, where and when you need it. Faster, smarter and greener.

Easy to use

Integrate your ecommerce store to Gelato in seconds to start creating, selling, and adding products to your store.

Risk free

Gelato is free to use, no minimum orders or leftover stock. Because the products are made on demand, you only pay for what you sell.

24/7 customer support

We work relentlessly to help you scale your business and get the most out of our print on demand platform. Reach our customer success team anywhere, anytime.

Built for scaling your business

Production in 32 countries ensures reliable, on-time delivery of 10+ million orders across a wide variety of product categories.

Superior quality

Make a lasting impression on your customers with cutting-edge technology and sustainably sourced-materials from industry-leading brands.

Make and sell print on demand canvas art with Gelato

How to make and sell your own custom canvas prints

Apparel MenConnect to GelatoConnect your ecommerce business to link your existing products or create new products.
Apparel MenStart sellingYour customer browses your ecommerce store and places an order.
Apparel MenTake it easyWe take care of the entire fulfilment process and produce your product closer to your customer.
Apparel MenThe order is shipped We deliver your products directly to your customer via our fast and reliable global logistics network.

Easy store connection

Designed for creators and entrepreneurs, scaled for enterprises. Thousands of businesses use Gelato’s software and APIs to produce and deliver custom printed products anywhere in the world.

Connect your store to Gelato’s API directly or via our easy-to-use integrations with the leading ecommerce platforms.

eCommerce Integrations with Gelato

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Canvas print on demand (POD) and dropshipping

What is canvas dropshipping?

Dropship prints are one way to sell canvas prints. Dropshipping is another popular business model to sell on-demand products, such as customizable canvas prints, directly to customers anywhere in the world. This innovative method of selling also eliminates the need for making an upfront investment in creating canvas prints before they have sold.

canvas dropshipping

What is canvas print on demand?

Print on demand (or POD) is an order fulfillment process that produces customized products, such as print on demand canvas art prints, only once an order has been placed and a purchase has been made. In the case of Gelato’s print on demand service, you don't even need to rely on reaching a minimum number of orders before you can order a print job. Ordering a custom canvas print or several in bulk is now easier.

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What’s the difference between dropship prints and print on demand prints?

Dropship prints and print on demand prints are both created when selling physical print products manufactured and shipped by a third party. However, the main difference is that the print on demand method involves selling fully designed and customized products, whereas dropshipping method can also be used for mass-produced items. Print on demand store owners are responsible for designing the products they sell and have full control over the designs.

canvas Copy of Dropshipping-and-print-on-demand 1

Why choose Gelato

▻ World's largest print-on-demand network

130+ print partners in 32 countries. Gelato is a truly global service.

▻ Sell globally, produce locally

Your products are produced close to your customers, wherever they are.

▻ 100% free editing tools

Create your custom products using our suite of free tools.

▻ 60+ logistics partners

Our global network of logistics partners ensures your products are delivered fast.

▻ High-quality products

We partner with the world's leading brands to ensure the best quality products.

▻ Endless creativity with Shutterstock Images

Access millions of images and graphics to create unique products you can sell in your store.

▻ 1-click integration to the leading ecommerce platforms

Connect your store to Gelato using our integrations with Shopify, Etsy and more.


Join Gelato today and let us help you scale your business globally. Faster, smarter, greener

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