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Gelato's vision


Global thinking has been at our core from the start. Through the Gelato Network we connect professional print partners across continents. Our users print as close as possible to the location where their prints are needed.


We believe the future is mobile. That's why all of our tools are available across devices. Tools for ordering printed materials used by consumers, designers and marketing departments. And tools for the professional print houses in our network.


Digital printing is forecasted to grow to $300bn by 2024. The music industry, by comparison, is only a $15bn business. But printing is fragmented and lacks a marketplace that connects excess print capacity with creators. That’s why we created Gelato.


Working with Gelato cuts down transport distances – in some cases up to 90%. Printing close to where the final materials will be used has many benefits. Through shorter delivery distances and fast turn around times, we enable printing on demand. Printing only what is actually needed reduces waste from overprint and outdated materials. Carbon emissions caused by transport and paper waste are reduced as a direct result.

At Gelato, we only use paper certified for eco-friendliness. And we constantly work on optimizing every step of our production under sustainability aspects.

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We’re building the world's most intelligent print cloud and are sharing it with companies, designers, photographers, mothers, fathers, families, school children, journalists and any other person or professional on this planet – through our tailored products.

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