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Best practices from Shopify sellers

BlogJan 20 2022
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Since we launched our app for Shopify, we have received some great feedback from the hundreds of large and small merchants that use Gelato to fulfil their orders and benefit from our global network of print and logistics partners.

Based on those conversations, we have identified three “best practices” that can help boost your e-commerce business.

1. Sell more by offering an even better experience

Upselling is when you encourage the purchase of anything that would make the primary purchase more expensive with an upgrade or premium. Think about when you add whipped cream to that delicious hot chocolate, or in the case of many Shopify sellers - when you offer your customers the option of buying a frame with their poster.

Many of our customers sell wall art, in particular posters. This is because posters are a reasonably priced product category that can be offered in multiple sizes. They can turn memories into art, bring any wall to life, and also make great gifts.

When you offer the option to add frames or hangers to your posters, it is not only an efficient way to upsell, but a way to give your customers an added service and more flexibility. In addition, frames are considered a premium option that your customers are willing to pay for, and that increases the total order value.

Gelato offers posters in 30+ sizes and frames in multiple sizes and colours. Soon we will release even more materials and sizes to choose from. Sign up to a look at our product catalogue.

2. “Do you want fries with that?”

Cross-selling is when you encourage the purchase of another product in conjunction with the primary product. It is also the reason why so many of us end up buying a coke with our slice of pizza, or add an order of fries with a burger. But you can and should also use this sales technique when you sell customized products.

The biggest strength you have as a creator is the ability to offer unique and eye-catching designs. Why not use the same design for multiple product categories? For example, if you are selling posters, a great idea for cross-selling is to add more products within the wall-art range, such as canvas or acrylic and aluminium prints. This will increase the options for your customers and allow you to address a broader market.

Gelato has recently added acrylic and aluminium prints in 10+ sizes to our extensive product catalogue. and that you can easily add to your Shopify store and start selling.

3. Fuel your customers’ creativity

Making your great products customizable is the key to make them unique. Customers love the ability to have a product that nobody else has, and that can help them express themselves. Sometimes this can be as simple as the option to add a name, a date, a sentence or to entirely customize a design.

We now offer the option to support customizable products in two different ways, depending on your needs:

  • You can implement a manual approval workflow. This is useful if you offer customizable products that require a design team that can create a design with e.g. your customers’ pictures.

  • You can enable our online design editor to allow your end-customers to customize your products directly in your Shopify store before checkout.

Read more about how you can enable your customers to personalize their products.

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