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1. The value of Shopify apps for your store

8 Best free Shopify apps for your Shopify store

Shopify apps extend your ecommerce store's functionality to improve your marketing, sales, and customer service. But with over 7,000 apps available on Shopify's site, which ones should you use? Here we identify eight of the best free Shopify apps for growing your business. All of the tools covered here offer both free and premium packages. For each app reviewed, we'll look at its uses, features, the difference between what you get for free and premium versions, and pricing tiers.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • The best free Shopify apps can help you source products, generate sales, and manage store data.

  • Many of the best Shopify apps have both free and premium pricing tiers.

  • Print on demand Shopify apps let you sell customized products without the cost of maintaining inventory.

The value of Shopify apps for your store

value of shopify

Shopify's core functionality allows you to display and sell products online. However, ecommerce retailers use many powerful tools that don't come built into Shopify. You can exponentially increase the effectiveness of your marketing and sales by using these tools.

That's where the Shopify app store comes in. By adding apps, you can expand the native functionality of Shopify to perform many additional functions that support sales growth. The best free Shopify apps can help you:

  • Add customized products to your catalog without stocking inventory.

  • Answer questions customers ask before making purchase decisions.

  • Provide product reviews that ensure customers of the quality of your products.

  • Remind customers about products on their wishlists.

  • Recommend additional items for shoppers.

  • Send promotional offers via texting and email.

  • Recruit affiliate and referral partners to promote your products.

  • View reports that let you manage your Shopify store data and harness it for business applications.

In these ways, the best Shopify apps can make your online store stand out from the competition, extend your promotional outreach, increase your sales, and save you time managing your business.

Eight best free Shopify apps for your ecommerce store

In this section, we review the best free Shopify apps in eight different categories. Our picks in each free category are:

  1. Print on demand products: Gelato

  2. FAQs: Yanet

  3. Product reviews: Judge.me

  4. Wishlists: WishList Hero

  5. Product recommendations: ReConvert

  6. Text and email marketing: SMSBump

  7. Affiliate and referral marketing: UpPromote

  8. Shopify store data management: Report Pundit

For each free Shopify app covered, we'll explain how it benefits your business, describe its features, and review its pricing options. All of the Shopify apps covered here offer both free and premium versions.

1. Gelato: Print on demand products


To make money on Shopify, you first need something to sell on your online store. But selling physical products online can get complex, time-consuming, and expensive if you have to handle items such as production, inventory, and shipping.

Gelato simplifies ecommerce for you by providing your online store with high-quality print on demand (POD) products you can sell to your customers. Available items include customized:

Products are locally sourced in thirty-two countries to cut carbon emissions. Gelato handles all production, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. All you have to do is make sales and keep the profits.

2. Yanet: FAQs


Before customers decide to buy your products, they have questions they need answered. Providing an FAQ page to answer their inquiries increases your ability to boost sales.

Yanet empowers you to build a professional, customized FAQ page in minutes without having to know how to code. You can choose your own themes for the style of your FAQs, display them on product pages, and allow customers to search for them. You get:

  • Unlimited FAQs you can add to any category of products

  • Professional templates for beautiful FAQ pages

  • Ability to display FAQs on product pages for increased sales

  • Google SEO snippets support

  • Multi-language translation support


Seven-day free trial.

  • 15 FAQs.

  • FAQS displayed on the product page.

  • Unlimited categories

  • Custom CSS.

  • Sorting capability.

  • Import and export capability.

  • Search bar integration.

  • Google SEO snippets.

  • $2.99 a month.

  • Everything in the free tier included.

  • Unlimited FAQs.

  • Ability to show FAQs on any page.

  • Pro templates.

  • Widgets.

  • Translations.

  • No copyright.

3. Judge.me: Product reviews

Product reviews provide social proof of your product quality and build trust in your brand. Displaying reviews can increase your sales.

Judge.me allows Shopify sites to display customized reviews in thirty-seven languages. You can:

Schedule automated post-order emails to solicit reviews with photos and videos.

  • Display starred ratings, reviews of your products and Shopify store, review carousels, and trust badges.

  • Share reviews through rich snippets, Google Shopping, and social media.

  • Sync reviews and group them across multiple products and stores.

  • Increase reviewer engagement with questions and answers, coupons, and email marketing.


Forever Free:
  • Unlimited review requests.

  • Photo and video reviews.

  • In-email reviews.

  • Review curation.

  • Manual social push.

  • SEO snippets.

  • Themes for review carousels.

  • $15 a month.

  • Reviews of your Shopify store site.

  • Ability to display All Reviews.

  • Product groupings.

  • Syndication across shops.

  • Custom forms.

  • Questions and answers.

  • Coupon options.

  • No branding.

  • Google Shopping integration.

4. Wishlist Hero: Wishlist management

Wishlists let you remind customers of products they were thinking about buying. This gives you opportunities to make follow-up sales.

Wishlist Hero helps you make sales by providing the ability to create customized wishlists and send email reminders. You can:

  • Install automatically with one-click setup.

  • Display wishlists on products, collections, and quick views.

  • Track products and customer browsing.

  • Share wishlists via email and social media.

  • Send email notifications when products are on sale or low in stock.

  • Use multi-language support.


14-day free trial.

  • Code-free installations.

  • Up to 500 wishlist items per month.

  • Email and social media sharing.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Reports.

  • $4 a month.

  • All features of the free plan.

  • Up to 1,000 items per month.

  • Customized branding.

  • Email reminders for drops in price and stock.

  • JavaScript API.

Gold Plus:
  • $17 a month.

  • All Silver features.

  • Up to 5,000 items per month.

  • Integration with Mailchimp, Custom ESP, Mailchimp, Omnisend, SendGrid, and Klaviyo.

  • REST API interface.

  • $29 a month.

  • All Gold features.

  • Up to 10,000 items per month.

More volume available upon request.

5. ReConvert: Product recommendations

reconvert upsell

Product recommendations help you increase your sales by suggesting offers based on customer history. By tailoring offers to customer preferences, you can make more sales both during checkout and in follow-up marketing efforts.

ReConvert helps you increase sales by extending upsell offers during and after checkout. You can:

  • Design your upsell offers with drag-and-drop editing.

  • Make one-click upsell offers during checkout.

  • Use thank you pages to collect birthdays, extend bundle and subscription offers, and schedule reorders.

  • Segment offers.


30-day free trial.

Development stores:
  • Free for development stores.

  • Drag-and-drop editing for checkouts, thank-you pages, and post-purchase funnels.

  • One-click upsell offers.

  • All other product features.

Upsell Basic:
  • $4.99 a month plus 0.75% of app-generated extra revenue.

  • Up to 49 orders a month.

  • Editors for thank-you page and post-purchase funnel.

  • One-click upsells.

  • All other features.

Upsell Premium:
  • $7.99 a month plus 0.75% of app-generated extra revenue.

  • Up to 99 orders a month.

  • Editors for thank-you page and post-purchase funnel.

  • One-click upsells.

  • All other features.

Upsell Premium Pro:
  • $14.99 a month plus 0.75% of app-generated extra revenue.

  • Up to 199 orders a month.

  • All other features.

Pricing for additional volume available.

6. SMSBump: Text and email marketing

SMS text and email marketing let you extend offers to shoppers, website visitors, and social media followers. This multiplies your sales opportunities exponentially.

Yotpo's SMSBump lets you deliver text and email marketing campaigns to customers. The app lets you:

  • Use SMS templates and automations.

  • Segment your campaigns.

  • Test campaign performance with A/B split testing.


  • Free installation, with rates per text message starting from $0.0165 (US) and 10,000 free emails every 30 days.

  • Customized automated message tools.

  • Subscription tools.

  • Segmentation capability.

  • Campaign planning and building.

  • 24/7 chat and email support.

  • $19 a month, with rates per text message starting from $0.0149 (US) and 10,000 free emails every 30 days.

  • All features of Free plan.

  • Unlimited free opt-in keywords.

  • Sender's name listed as your business name.

  • Messages tailored to time zones.

  • Unlimited split testing.

  • $59 a month, with rates per text message starting from $0.0142 (US) and 10,000 free emails every 30 days.

  • All features of the Growth plan.

  • Smart segmentation predicting customer behavior.

  • Click-to-buy tools.

  • Customized short URLs with your brand.

  • Shopify point-of-sale integration.

  • $199 a month, with rates per text message starting from $0.0130 (US) and 10,000 free emails every 30 days.

  • All features of Prime plan.

  • Onboarding support.

  • Monthly strategy sessions for SMS text campaigns.

7. UpPromote: Affiliate and referral marketing

uppromote affiliation

Affiliate and referral marketing expands your promotion reach by recruiting your customers, their networks, and your own business associates as promotional partners. Product recommendations coming from these sources carry more weight because audiences know and trust them, increasing conversion rates.

UpPromote provides an all-in-one toolkit for affiliate and referral marketing. The app lets you:

  • Design affiliate programs with varying commission options.

  • Use referral offers as incentives for customers and their networks.

  • Provide motivation for affiliates through gifts, bonuses, Shopify store credit, and multi-level marketing (MLM)

  • Track referrals through affiliate links, connected emails, and coupon codes.

  • Automate affiliate payments through PayPal scheduling.


14-day free trial

Free plan:
  • Free.

  • Unlimited affiliates and referral URL links.

  • Approve or deny up to 200 referrals a month.

  • Marketplace features.

  • Analytics tools.

  • Fraud protection.

  • 24/5 live chat support.

Grow Affiliate:
  • $29.99 a month or $299.90 a year for 17% savings.

  • Up to 300 referral approvals a month.

  • Unlimited offers and programs.

  • Post-purchase popups.

  • Hot customer referrals.

  • In-app communication with affiliates via chat.

  • $89.99 a month or $899.90 a year for 17% savings.

  • Up to 600 referral approvals a month.

  • Automatic coupon generation.

  • Targeted bonuses.

  • Affiliate gifts.

  • MLM.

  • PayPal auto-payouts.

  • $199.99 a month or $1,999.90 a year for 17% savings, with additional charges for customized development.

  • Unlimited referral approvals.

  • Customized development.

  • Multiple store support.

  • High-priority support.

8. Report Pundit: Store data management

Shopify provides store owners with a huge amount of valuable data about your products, customers, and revenue. However, Shopify's native features don't make this data easy to use.

Report Pundit lets you unlock the power of your Shopify data by providing customized reports. You get:

  • Reports on customers, products, inventory, cart attributes, orders, sales, transactions, point-of-sale data, fulfillment, taxes, and third-party apps.

  • Reports available for export in Excel, CSV, or PDF format.

  • Customized calculated field options.

  • Ability to filter and sort data and send it through email, FTP, Google Sheets, and Google Drive.

  • Reports across multiple stores in multiple languages and regions.


14-day free trial:

Free Plan:
  • Free.

  • Stores with up to 999 orders.

  • Reports on all record types

  • Pre-built and customized reports.

  • Data grouping and filtering.

  • Report viewing and downloading.

Basic Shopify:
  • $9 a month.

  • For stores on Basic Shopify plan.

  • All features of Free plan.

  • Free report setup.

  • Custom fields.

  • Charts and graphs.

  • Support via live chat.

  • $19 a month.

  • For Stores on Shopify plan.

  • All features of Free plan.

  • Free report setup.

  • Custom fields.

  • Charts and graphs.

  • Support via live chat.

  • $35 a month.

  • For stores on the Advanced Shopify plan.

  • All features of Free and Shopify plans.

  • Custom fields.

  • Charts and graphs.

  • Onboarding support.

  • Report setup support.

Leverage the best free Shopify apps to take your ecommerce business to the next level

The best free Shopify apps reviewed here can help you with everything from sourcing products to managing store data. Print on demand apps let you offer customized products without the expense of maintaining inventory. FAQ apps let you provide answers customers need to make buying decisions. Product review apps answer customer questions about the quality of your products. Wishlist apps remind customers of items they've considered buying.

Product recommendation apps encourage shoppers to buy additional items. Text and email marketing apps let you promote offers to subscriber lists. Affiliate and referral marketing apps help you recruit promotional partners. Store data management apps help you harness valuable business intelligence you can use to save time and make more sales.

To use any of these apps to make sales, you first need products to sell. Gelato's print on demand app gives you access to quality customized products you can offer without requiring you to spend money on production or inventory. Gelato delivers local, on-demand production through the world's largest POD network. We produce personalized products in thirty-two countries, empowering creators and ecommerce sellers to scale their business and reach customers faster while cutting waste, costs, and carbon emissions. Sign up for Gelato and start using our free Shopify integration to make more sales online.


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