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1. Why your Squarespace template matters

15 best Squarespace templates to try in 2024

Choosing the right Squarespace template can turn your website from drab to fab instantly. Whether you're aiming to showcase your portfolio, launch an eCommerce store, or create a captivating blog, Squarespace offers a diverse range of templates designed for every need. 

In this article, we'll introduce you to the 15 top Squarespace templates of 2024, each chosen for its design, functionality, and adaptability to help you make the perfect choice for your site.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • The right Squarespace template significantly impacts the user experience, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction.

  • The top 15 Squarespace templates for 2024 include Brine, Bedford, Avenue, Pacific, Fulton, Rally, Hayden, Hester, Mojave, Tremont, Clay, Hunter, Hawley, Wells, and Skye.

  • Key factors in choosing a Squarespace template include considering business needs, functionality, visual appeal, responsiveness, and integration capabilities.

  • Customizing a Squarespace template involves adjusting site styles, editing page contents, and previewing before publishing to ensure the site aligns with your brand identity.

  • Integrating print on demand merchandise from Gelato with your Squarespace site can enhance your ecommerce offering, providing customers with high-quality, branded products.

Why your Squarespace template matters

Ever wondered why so much emphasis is placed on your Squarespace template? It's your ultimate tool, shaping the visitor's journey and experience on your site. Your chosen template is like a digital storefront, and it should be enticing, easy to navigate, and reflective of your unique brand. 

Its design and layout determine how well your products or services are showcased and how seamless the navigation is for your potential customers.

That's why the template you opt for impacts conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Top 15 most popular templates for your Squarespace site in 2024

Jump into the world of digital entrepreneurship with our curated list of Squarespace template families for your ecommerce site. Perfectly blending aesthetics with functionality, these power-packed templates will redefine how your brand connects with the global audience.

1. Brine template family

Brine template

If you seek an unmatched level of flexibility, the Brine family of templates has got you covered. All the templates in this family have the same functionality and will woo you with various customization options, from parallax scrolling to striking banner images. 

Accessibility sits at the heart of Brine, offering clear navigation that caters to your users' experience. Indeed, Brine is a favorite among entrepreneurs and artists for its clean layout that effortlessly showcases products and portfolios.

2. Bedford template family

Bedford template

If you want to leave a strong first impression on your target audience, the Bedford template family could be your go-to. Renowned for its sleek, vertical scroll design, it offers a seamless user interface, even when managing multiple stores

With its robust navigation and full-width images, Bedford can provide an immersive browsing experience. Its concise blog layout ideally suits content-rich sites, making product documentation and descriptions more readable and engaging.

3. Avenue template

Avenue template

Avenue takes center stage in 2024's Squarespace templates, serving as a go-to for portfolio-based and single-page websites. Its captivating grid design arranges images with absolute precision, ensuring that each frame fully showcases your products. 

It offers a blend of simplicity and sophistication, which is evident in its meticulously designed project pages with full image galleries and separate page layouts. Avenue's seamless navigation allows for smooth browsing, keeping your customers engaged and increasing overall site interaction. 

Additionally, its responsive design ensures that the aesthetic appeal translates perfectly across different devices.

4. Pacific template family

Pacific template

Imagine your business showcased through dynamic full-screen imagery and adaptable navigation; that's the Pacific template family for you. A favorite among restaurants, musicians, and photographers, this template uses a singular scrolling index page to create an immersive, visually appealing browsing experience. 

Not confined to image-based industries, Pacific equally serves traditional businesses that desire a platform for creative storytelling. With its distinct banner area, customizable sidebar, and mobile-optimized design, this template family promises responsive adaptability and a continuous, intriguing narrative flow for your brand.

5. Fulton template

Fulton template

Fulton is a crowd-favorite Squarespace template for ecommerce businesses. Its sleek and grid-based layout puts your products front and center, ensuring they catch the attention of site visitors. The sophisticated yet minimal aesthetic adds a professional touch that communicates reliability and quality. 

Fulton also excels in user experience with its seamless navigation and well-crafted product pages that effectively showcase product details.

This template boasts a fully responsive design, which ensures your site looks great on every device. If you're looking to make a strong impression and enhance user engagement, Fulton might be the perfect option for you.

6. Rally template

Rally template

The Rally template offers ecommerce businesses a modern, minimal design emphasizing typography. This template shines in presenting brand narratives, thanks to its collage-style feel, versatile image blocks, and customizable landing pages. Photos, products, and posts can be beautifully displayed, and arranged in various ways to create a custom layout. 

The auto-scroll feature keeps customers engaged and promotes seamless browsing. Furthermore, Rally's powerful blogging capabilities make it an ideal choice if your brand emphasizes content marketing.

7. Hayden template

Hayden template

Hailed for its clean lines and compelling visuals, the Hayden template is a go-to choice among ecommerce brands. It boasts customizable index pages featuring product images and videos, helping you tell your brand's story effectively. 

Hayden's built-in mobile styles ensure your site looks striking on any device. Another notable quality is its versatile navigation that can hold multiple options without appearing cluttered. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses with various products or services.

8. Hester template

Hester template

With an understated elegance that appeals to a diverse range of businesses, Hester is a Squarespace template worth considering. It's particularly effective for service-based industries, as it showcases your value proposition front and center. 

Hester offers smooth scrolling for seamless navigation and a portfolio feature to display your best work. Thanks to the customizable homepage banner, you can capture your visitors' attention instantly.

Additionally, its integration with ecommerce functionalities makes it ideal for businesses looking to expand their online footprint in 2024.

9. Mojave template

Mojave template

Mojave is a sleek addition to the Squarespace template family in 2024, perfect for showcasing your portfolio or ecommerce products. Mojave's standout feature is its stunning full-screen carousel that puts your visuals front and center. 

This template also prioritizes content hierarchy, ensuring your audience can easily navigate your site. From its seamless integration with social media to the compelling visual experience, Mojave creates an immersive online journey for your customers, drawing them in and holding their attention.

10. Tremont template

Tremont template

Known for its immersive full-bleed background image collection, Tremont sets your brand apart by allowing you to create a dynamic visual narrative. The template offers an intelligently designed Project page for showcasing your products or work. 

It also comes with an index page to keep your site organized. The captivating full-screen slideshow helps you highlight your most outstanding products, while the navigational overlay keeps your menu compact yet accessible. Couple this with its responsive design to ensure your site looks great on any device.

11. Clay template

Clay template

The Clay template makes a bold impression right off the bat with its clean layout and distinctive typography. Specifically designed for writers and publications, Clay has smart features such as customizable content layouts, which allow for a tailored reading experience. 

Importantly, its navigation bar can handle extensive menus, making it an excellent choice for websites with multiple categories or pages. As you accentuate your online presence with Clay, your content will shine through with minimal distractions.

12. Hunter template

Hunter template

If you're looking for a template suitable for professional portfolios, look no further than the Hunter. It's a killer choice for creatives who want to exhibit their work in an engaging and minimalist setting. Hunter is intrinsically designed to highlight images, offering a stunning full-screen slideshow on its homepage. 

This allows you to showcase your work seamlessly, enticing visitors as they explore your site. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, its simplified navigation and powerful features allow you to create a site that’s not just visually stunning but impeccably functional.

13. Hawley template

Hawley templat

If you're seeking a professional look with an edgy twist, Hawley is the template for you. This Squarespace template provides provision for a striking visual experience with large, stunning images that take center stage. It's ideal for businesses that rely heavily on high-quality photography to promote products or services. 

With a sleek, minimalist layout, Hawley provides a mix of visual impact and uncomplicated navigation. Suitable for an array of businesses, the Hawley template offers a striking look that effortlessly fuses functionality with style.

14. Wells template

Wells template

If you're a visual storyteller, then Wells might just be the template for you. It's perfect for displaying captivating photo narratives or showcasing your art portfolio in a breathtaking, full-bleed slideshow on your homepage. 

Wells' side navigation panel helps visitors navigate seamlessly without being distracted from your imagery. This Squarespace template's design flexibility lets you easily customize details, aligning them with your brand. 

Whether for a photographer, graphic artist, or an ecommerce store with a strong emphasis on visual content, Wells is a template that showcases images in an exceptional way, creating instant engagement for site visitors.

15. Skye template

Skye template

Closing our list is the Skye template, a captivating choice perfect for bloggers and digital magazines. Its clean, minimalist layout ensures your content takes center stage. One standout feature is the full-bleed presentation of blog posts, text, and multimedia, offering readers a seamless experience. 

It's highly customizable, allowing different post-display options, such as stacked, grid, or list. The built-in infinite scroll guarantees a mounting sense of exploration for your visitors. Skye aids in crafting a visually engaging space that encourages readers to stay—proving it to be a frontrunner among Squarespace templates.

How to choose the best Squarespace template for your website

Choosing the right template for your Squarespace website might seem overwhelming, given the vast pool of choices. But we're here to guide you through this process.

Here are four practical tips to help you make an informed decision: 

  1. Consider your business needs: Scrutinize your business structure and goals. A creative boutique will not require the same template as, let's say, an online bookstore. This analysis will provide a blueprint for the type of Squarespace template you should seek for your business website.

  2. Think about functionality: A visually-appealing template would be useless if it offers a poor user experience. Choose templates that make navigation intuitive and hassle-free for your customers.

  3. Visual appeal matters: Your website is your brand's online representation. Choose a template that aligns with your brand's aesthetic, color palette, style, and personality. Most users pick a template that has demo content similar to their prospective website.

  4. Responsive is key: With the growing popularity of mobile devices, opting for a responsive template is crucial. It ensures that customers have a smooth browsing experience regardless of the device or screen size they are using.

  5. Integration capabilities: If you are planning to use third-party tools such as Gelato to expand your product variety, ensure your chosen template supports such integrations.

How to customize your Squarespace website template

Customizing your preferred template is remarkably straightforward with Squarespace. Let's delve into a quick five-step guide: 

  1. Choose your preferred template: Start by choosing the template that best aligns with your brand aesthetic and business needs. From the attractive Brine to the versatile Bedford, you have quite an extensive palette here.

  2. Start a customization session: Jump into the site's design menu by clicking on the "Design" option under the "Home" section, which will open up many options for you to experiment with.

  3. Adjust the site's style settings: Given the extensive customizability that Squarespace offers, you can tweak your site's style settings by exploring the "Site Styles" section. Here, you can modify fonts, colors, spacing, and dozens of other features to align with your brand identity.

  4. Edit page contents: After adjusting the site styles, move on to editing the main content on your website. Under each page section, click the edit icon that appears, enabling you to modify all existing content blocks or add new ones as per your design vision.

  5. Preview and publish your site: Before making your website live, take a moment to preview your site. This is essentially your opportunity to scan through the entire website as your audience would see it. 

Satisfied with the final look? Great! Hit that "publish" button, and voila, your customized Squarespace website is now ready to wow the world!

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