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1. What should be included in an August newsletter?

12 August newsletter ideas to wrap up summer

As summer draws to a close, it's time to infuse your business newsletter with warmth, excitement, and a little hint of upcoming fall. August's tail end provides a wide canvas of themes and events to engage your audience, increase their interaction, and subtly remind them your brand is gearing up for the changing season.

This article will help you explore creative and engaging ideas for your August newsletter, which will bring seasonal themes, promotions, and fall product previews right to your customers' inboxes.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Discover innovative August newsletter ideas to engage customers and soften the transition from summer to the impending fall season.

  • Highlight special days, week-long, and month-long events in August within your newsletter to drive traffic to your online store.

  • Delve into specific newsletter themes for August that resonate with end-of-summer sentiments and build anticipation for fall products.

  • Explore compelling subject lines tailored for August newsletters that can significantly increase your open rates.

  • Incorporate seasonal promotions and sneak previews of fall products in your newsletters in order to maintain and even heighten customer engagement.

  • Gelato's services can help produce and distribute end-of-summer merchandise or early fall previews, showcasing the benefits of our global production network.

What should be included in an August newsletter?

  1. Spotlight on seasonal products: Highlight the summer-themed items that have performed well and also showcase a teaser of what to expect in the fall lineup.

  2. End-of-summer promotions: Special sales or deals that allow customers to make the most out of the last days of summer while transitioning into autumn shopping.

  3. Special August events: Anything happening within the month of August that aligns with your business or that your customers might appreciate, like national holidays or cultural events.

  4. Behind the scenes: Sharing fun and engaging content about how your business has spent the summer months or the preparations underway for the fall season.

  5. Customer feedback and reviews: People love to hear from other customers. Display testimonials or reviews from your summer customers to build credibility and boost fall sales.

  6. Back-to-school ideas: Whether it’s a checklist of must-haves, ideas for easy weekday meals, or early bird specials on school supplies, it appeals to the back-to-school crowd.

  7. Stories and contributions: Share photos or stories from your customers, such as vacation photos featuring your products, or invite them to contribute tips for transitioning into the new season.

  8. Highlight seasonal changes: Use your newsletter to discuss the closing of the summer season and share tips on preparing for the cooler autumn weather.

  9. Link to social media: Encourage your subscribers to interact with your business on various social media platforms for the latest updates, user-generated content, and upcoming exclusive deals.

  10. End-of-summer surveys: Engage with customers by requesting their input on summer products and services. This can also provide helpful feedback on how to improve for the next season.

August daily events and holidays

  1. August 1: Emancipation Day, celebrated by many former British colonies in the Caribbean and areas of the U.S. as the start of their journey to freedom.

  2. August 5: International Traffic Light Day commemorates the day in 1914 when the first electric traffic light was installed.

  3. August 7: International Beer Day, celebrating beers of all nations together on a single day.

  4. August 9: Book Lover's Day encourages people to pick up a book and spend some time reading, celebrating the joy and enrichment that books bring to our lives.

  5. August 10: Observed on the second Saturday of August, National Garage Sale Day encourages people to declutter their homes by hosting or shopping at garage sales across the nation

  6. August 12: International Youth Day, an awareness day designated by the UN that celebrates the role of young people in preventing conflict and bringing about changes.

  7. August 16: National Tell A Joke Day encourages people to share laughs by telling jokes, bringing humor and joy to friends, family, and colleagues

  8. August 19: World Photography Day honors the art, craft, science, and history of photography and encourages photographers around the world to share their vision and inspire others.

  9. August 19: National Potato Day honors the versatility and popularity of potatoes with activities and recipes showcasing this staple food.

  10. August 24: National Waffle Day celebrates the beloved waffle with various events and promotions encouraging people to enjoy this versatile and delicious treat.

Week-long August events

  1. National Farmers’ Market Week: This event, which takes place in the first week of August, celebrates the vital role of farmers' markets in supporting local agriculture and fostering community engagement.

  2. Elvis Week: Commemorates the life and music of Elvis Presley with a variety of events and celebrations, typically held in the second week of August, around the anniversary of his death.

  3. Shark Week: This annual week-long TV programming block on the Discovery Channel features shark-based content to educate viewers about the often misunderstood creatures and highlight conservation efforts.

  4. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: A massive gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts featuring concerts, races, and bike shows held during the first full week of August.

  5. American Wind Week: A week dedicated to celebrating wind energy advancements and their benefits, observed during the second week of August.

  6. National Health Center Week: Honors the services and contributions of community, migrant, homeless, and public housing health centers across the United States, held in the second week of August.

  7. World Water Week: Addresses global water issues with seminars and discussions occurring in the last week of August.

  8. National Aviation Week: Celebrates aviation achievements and history, usually observed around Orville Wright's birthday on August 19.

  9. National Simplify Your Life Week: Encourages individuals to declutter and streamline their daily routines to reduce stress and enhance efficiency, observed in the first week of August.

  10. Little League World Series: An annual baseball tournament for young players that highlights sportsmanship and competition, occurring in late August.

Month-long August events

  1. National Family Fun Month: August is recognized as National Family Fun Month. Use this as an opportunity to incorporate family-themed promotions, discounts, or content in your newsletter.

  2. National Peach Month: Celebrate National Peach Month by incorporating peach-inspired designs and flavors into your products and showcasing them in your newsletter.

  3. National Wellness Month: Offer wellness tips and suggestions, promote health-related products, or share subscriber wellness stories.

  4. Back to School Month: With the back-to-school season, you can highlight products related to education or learning, organize a back-to-school sale, or share educational content.

  5. National Black Business Month: Showcase and support Black-owned businesses in your field or provide resources to assist Black entrepreneurs and businesses.

  6. National Inventors Month: Spotlight innovative products and creators in your newsletter or put together how-to content around creating new things.

  7. National Picnic Month: Send picnic-themed designs or recipes and maybe even a discount code for picnic-related items in your online shop.

  8. National Eye Exam Month: If you're in the health and wellness or eyewear business, this is a great opportunity to promote eye health and related products, especially for senior citizens.

  9. Romance Awareness Month: Use soft, romantic aesthetics in your designs, promote relationship-oriented products, or share love stories from your subscribers.

  10. National Golf Month: If you have golf-related products or a golfing audience, this is a perfect time to feature golf tips, products, and subscription deals.

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August newsletter themes and ideas

As we bid adieu to summer, it's time to communicate the change with your audience through your newsletters.

Here are 12 newsletter ideas for your August marketing campaigns that wrap the season up in a vibrant bow while setting the stage for the upcoming fall season.

1. Summer wrap-up

Picnic on summer day

As August marks the end of summer, create a newsletter rehashing summer’s best moments, hottest products, or most engaged posts. Highlight some behind-the-scenes moments or customer testimonials to make your brand more relatable and engaging. 

This theme serves as a perfect goodbye to the summer season. Include personal stories from employees or user-generated content that showcase summer experiences, and perhaps a visual collage of the top moments to visually engage your readers.

2. Back to school

With school starting soon, provide tips to parents on preparing their children. Offer exclusive deals on school essentials, share educational resources, or craft a quirky 'back-to-school' checklist. This theme shows your brand’s relevancy and builds a connection with parental readers. 

Enhance the theme with advice from education professionals, tips for returning to school, and a special section on balancing extracurricular activities with school responsibilities.

3. Hogwarts Nevermore-themed campaign

Tap into the love for Harry Potter by creating a Hogwarts-themed August newsletter. Curate merchandise, sales, or content linked to the globally loved book series. Tailor it further by incorporating back-to-school elements. 

This theme works especially well if your products align with pop culture or fantasy. Consider including a sorting quiz to engage readers, feature magical DIY projects, or back-to-school supplies that resemble wizarding gear.

4. Dog days of summer

Dog lounging in summer

Recognize the “dog days” of August by featuring your fans' favorite dog stories or photographs. Start a contest or offer special deals on dog-geared products. This pet-friendly theme is endearing and engaging, especially for pet parents. 

You could add a section on tips for keeping pets cool in the hot weather, highlight pet-friendly vacation spots, and maybe even profile a pet of the month.

5. National Day celebrations

Connect with your audience by observing national or local holidays in August. Showcase your brand's values by extending support to causes celebrated during the month. Tailor your newsletter and its content to the holiday being celebrated, promoting unity and shared values. 

Perhaps add a calendar of such days, suggest ways for readers to participate or volunteer, and highlight how your company has previously engaged in these celebrations.

6. How-to guides

Be a helpful resource for your audience by sharing how-to guides relevant to the season's changes. From end-of-summer cleaning tips to autumn beauty regiments, your suggestions can gear readers up for the coming season, demonstrating your brand’s expertise and helpfulness. 

Include a variety of topics, such as back-to-school preparations, transitioning wardrobe suggestions, and recipes that shift from summer to fall flavors.

7. Fall preview

Autumn leaves and pumpkin

Ease into the transition between summer and fall by giving readers a sneak peek of your fall collection, upcoming projects, or seasonal deals. This will stoke anticipation for your brand's upcoming initiatives and keep your audience tuned in. 

Expand on this by including interviews with designers or team members behind these projects and tease future promotions or special events.

8. Eco-friendly August

Inform and inspire your readers by sharing tips on living more sustainably. Highlight eco-friendly products or initiatives within your company. This theme ties into the ethos of many modern consumers and can increase goodwill towards your brand. 

Provide practical advice on reducing carbon footprints, recycling summer items, and transitioning to a more sustainable fall.

9. A collection of summer recipes

Share summer-favorite recipes with your audience. Partner with a local chef or foodie influencer for more credibility. This personal, enjoyable content is often appreciated by readers, and customizing recipes to your products can drive sales. 

Offer a mix of easy-to-make meals, refreshing drinks, and indulgent treats, perfect for the end of summer.

10. Celebrating reader achievements

Trophy on book stack

Send a newsletter celebrating your readers' accomplishments over the summer. Encourage them to share their stories and feature the most inspiring ones. This inclusionary content builds a stronger sense of community among your brand's followers. 

Also, consider creating a contest where readers vote on the most inspiring story, with prizes for top entries.

11. Success story feature

Feature success stories of customers who've benefited from your product or service. Personal success stories make for compelling reads and can serve as effective implicit promotions. 

Deepen the engagement by including before-and-after scenarios and testimonials and possibly integrating interactive multimedia elements like video interviews or before-and-after photo galleries.

12. Exclusive offers

To wrap up summer, consider giving out exclusive discounts or offers largely based on summer products. This can spur end-of-season sales, showing readers your appreciation for their continued support. 

Add a countdown timer for deal expirations to create urgency, showcase top-selling summer items, and possibly preview upcoming holiday season deals to maintain interest.

August newsletter subject lines

Here are a few email subject lines that will work like a charm for your newsletter campaign. 

  1. "Summer Sale Countdown: Take Advantage Now!"

  2. "Back-To-School Essentials: Your August Guide"

  3. "End Of Summer Blowout: Exclusive Discounts Inside"

  4. "Got a Dog? Share Your Story For National Dog Day"

  5. "Celebrate National Book Lovers Day: Our Top Picks"

  6. "Beat The Heat: Top Tips and Cool Deals"

  7. "Prepare For Autumn With Pre-Fall Sneak Peeks"

  8. "National Relaxation Day: Our Best Self-Care Tips"

  9. "Hogwarts Nevermore: Exclusive Themed Campaign"

  10. "Labor Day Incoming: Our Best BBQ Recipes and Tips"

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