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1. Complete list of June holidays and events

36 June newsletter ideas to kickstart summer

As the golden sun of June ushers in the vibrant season of summer, it's the perfect time for creators and artists to capitalize on the season's vibe for their newsletters.

This article beams with innovative ideas to flavor your June newsletters with a unique summer twist. Discover the potential of timely themes, engaging content, and exclusive summer-related products perfectly designed to elevate your business's reach during this lively season.

In an era where newsletters hold a 3800% ROI, leveraging these summer-inspired ideas may be the game-changer you're looking for.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Discover the potential of June-related holidays and events as powerful themes for crafting attention-grabbing and relevant newsletters.

  • Explore engaging content themes unique to June - like Father's Day, Pride, Juneteenth, the Summer Solstice, and more - and see how they can be incorporated into your newsletter strategy.

  • Understand the importance of well-curated newsletter subject lines and learn effective techniques to enhance your open rates and engagement.

  • Leverage season-specific content ideas such as travel tips, outdoor activities, seasonal foods, gardening, and fashion for your June newsletters.

  • Gain insights on boosting your summer sales and engagement with valuable tips on print on demand services, especially through platforms like Gelato.

  • Use Gelato's platform to produce and ship your summer-themed products locally in 30+ countries and integrate it with your June newsletter promotion strategy.

Complete list of June holidays and events

Spark your creativity with our comprehensive list of key June holidays and events, which are ideal for fueling inspired content in your upcoming newsletters.

Daily holidays and events

  1. National Donut Day (First Friday in June)

  2. National Cheese Day (June 4)

  3. World Environment Day (June 5)

  4. National Best Friends Day (June 8)

  5. Loving Day (June 12)

  6. World Blood Donor Day (June 14)

  7. International Picnic Day (June 18)

  8. World Music Day (June 21)

  9. World Rainforest Day (June 22)

  10. Hug Holiday (June 29)

Week-long events

  1. National Fishing Week (first week of June)

  2. National Garden Week (first full week of June)

  3. Pet Appreciation Week (first full week in June)

  4. National Men's Health Week (second week of June)

  5. Universal Father's Week (second week of June)

  6. National Flag Week (third week of June)

  7. American Craft Beer Week (third week of June)

  8. National Camping Week (fourth week of June)

  9. National Mosquito Control Awareness Week (fourth week of June)

  10. Lightning Safety Awareness Week (last full week of June)

Month-long events

  1. Audiobook Appreciation Month

  2. National Candy Month

  3. Italian Heritage Month

  4. National Adopt a Cat Month

  5. Pride Month

  6. Men’s Health Month

  7. Great Outdoors Month

  8. National Iced Tea Month

  9. National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

  10. African-American Music Appreciation Month

36 key June newsletter themes and content ideas

Let's look at unique content themes that will inspire and spark creativity for your June newsletters. Let's explore these refreshing summer ideas together.

Father's Day

Father and child fishing
  1. The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide: Curate a selection of your products, such as t-shirts that would make perfect gifts for every type of dad. Include gift ideas, photos, prices, and quick links for easy shopping. Personalize it by sharing why each item would make a great gift. 

  2. Sharing favorite dad moments: Encourage your readers to submit their favorite fatherhood moments in a photo or story format. This not only engages your audience but creates a feel-good atmosphere for your brand around this annual celebration. End the newsletter with a small discount code as a gesture of gratitude for their participation. 

  3. Fatherhood tales by staff: Feature stories from your team members about their fathers or their own experiences as a father. Attach pictures if available. An emotional connection can drive customers to connect more with your brand, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


  1. Showcasing Pride-inspired art: Use your newsletter to spotlight Pride-themed creations from your portfolio. Talk about the inspiration behind each piece and how they reflect the spirit of Pride. Tie in an exclusive offer for subscribers to boost sales.

  2. Pride history and its significance: Offer an engaging history lesson on the origins of Pride, its milestones, and its importance to the LGBTQ+ community today. Intertwine the narrative with your art, explaining how your work is influenced by these compelling stories.

  3. Pride artist interviews: Create a series profiling different artists who are part of the LGBTQ+ community or allies. Delve into how their identity shapes their work, and promote their Pride-themed products available on your platform.


  1. The meaning of freedom: Dive into the historical significance of Juneteenth. From the perspective of those who experienced it, explore what freedom meant back then, and what it means to us today. Be sure to highlight the importance of education and diversity in commemorating this day.

  2. Beacon of hope: Juneteenth stories: Share personal stories and accounts related to Juneteenth. Encourage your readers to reflect on their own experiences and thoughts about racial diversity and unity. This encourages a more personal connection with your audience on this important day.

  3. Honoring Juneteenth: Diversity in art: Spotlight artists of color whose work represents the spirit of Juneteenth. Highlight their unique styles and interpretations of freedom and equality. This not only commemorates the holiday but also promotes cultural appreciation and representation in the art community.

Summer solstice

Sunrise over tranquil field
  1. Celebrating the longest day of summer: Highlight the significance of summer solstice, the longest day of the year, by promoting summer-themed products or exclusive discounts. Engage customers by sharing fun facts about the solstice or hosting a one-day-only sale.

  2. Midsummer magic: Explore the mystical and cultural aspects of midsummer by featuring creators' art themed around this period. Give a sneak peek of limited edition items related to the summer solstice. In line with this, offer a themed DIY or craft tutorial.

  3. Official kick-off to summer: Notify your customers that summer has officially begun! Use this opportunity to share summer vibes, presenting a special line-up of season-appropriate products. You could also suggest ways to make the longest day of the year unforgettable.


  1. Eco-friendly corner: Feature local companies or creators who are going green in their production processes. Highlight their sustainable practices, their products, and why they make a great choice for eco-conscious customers.

  2. Actionable sustainability steps: Provide handy tips on how to lead a more sustainable life, from recycling to energy conservation. Include high-impact graphics that readers can easily share on social media to raise awareness.

  3. World Environment Day showcase: Commemorate World Environment Day by showcasing your sustainable products or spotlighting an environmental cause. Use powerful images and emotionally resonant stories to connect with your audience and inspire them to action.

Health and wellness

  1. Embracing self-care: Dive into the significance of self-care with practical ways you can incorporate simple relaxation techniques into your routine. Introduce yoga sessions and other stress-free exercises that can boost general wellness.

  2. Men’s health matters: June is also Men’s Health Month. Encourage your male audience to prioritize their well-being by sharing actionable tips for healthier living, early signs of men's health concerns, and beneficial dietary suggestions for holistic health.

  3. Nutrition nuggets: Share a curated list of summer-friendly recipes, highlighting how these palatable delights not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body. Include a section dedicated to exploring the nutritional benefits of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Summer travel tips

Packed summer travel luggage
  1. Plan your "staycation": Bring the summer vacation vibe home! In this newsletter, share ideas on how to create a resort-like feeling with home DIY projects. From cocktails to starlit movie nights, recreate the joy of travel within your four walls.

  2. The eco-friendly traveler's guide: Highlight eco-friendly travel practices. Share tips on how to reduce carbon footprints during a vacation, such as choosing green accommodations, sustainable dining, and making use of public transport or biking instead of renting a car.

  3. Travel tech to enhance your journey: Highlight innovative travel gadgets and apps. Intrigue your subscribers with technology that can make their travel hassle-free. Discuss translation apps, portable power banks, luggage trackers, e-readers, and other travel essentials.

Outdoor summer activities

  1. Aiming for adventure: Best outdoor games: Stir up your subscribers' competitive side with a spotlight on outdoor games. From classic lawn games to creative DIY competitions, encourage your audience to soak up the sun with some outdoor fun.

  2. Destinations uncovered: Top hiking trails: Bring the beauty of nature to their inbox. Whether they’re casual walkers or seasoned hikers, engage your community with a curated selection of the best summer hiking trails they won't resist exploring.

  3. Splash into summer: Watersports guide: Offer a refreshing break from the summer heat. From paddleboarding to snorkeling, tender a list of must-try watersports. Include expert tips, safety guides, and local rental info for a comprehensive aquatic adventure guide.

Seasonal recipes and foods

  1. Savory summer delights: Entice your subscribers with summer-exclusive recipes. Showcase creative, colorful salads, chilled soups, and healthy grill recipes. Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month by featuring meals that highlight farm-fresh produce in a delicious new light.

  2. Funtastic picnic feast: International Picnic Day is on June 18th! Recreate the magic of outdoor dining by providing inspiring picnic recipes. Suggest snacks-to-go, appetizing sandwiches, refreshing drinks, and portable desserts perfect for a memorable picnic experience under the summer sky.

  3. Food safety first: In honor of World Food Safety Day, share intriguing food poisoning stories that potentially help you to reassess your own food safety practices. Along with it, provide practical tips on how to prevent foodborne illnesses and ensure a safe, enjoyable cooking experience.


Gardening in lush backyard
  1. The power of perennials: For June, also known as Perennial Gardening Month, you can focus on the beauty and benefits of perennial plants. Include tips to care for them and showcase their bloom in different wall art products available in the Gelato store.

  2. Exercise with green fingers: On National Gardening Exercise Day (June 6), create content that combines health, wellness, and gardening. Share tips for getting a great workout while tending to your garden and showcase relevant art products.

  3. Weeding: A gardening analogy: For Weed Your Garden Day, draw a metaphorical parallel between weeding a garden and removing negativity from life. This could be an emotionally-driven piece accompanying relevant art products for sale.

Summer reading

  1. Reading breaks: Encourage your audience to take a breather and delve into a good book. Offer summer reading recommendations that coincide with relaxation, focusing on uplifting or interesting reads that resonate with the sunny vibes.

  2. Books with a view: Suggest readers to couple their favorite summertime viewing spaces with a good book. Highlight content relating to nature, scenic landscapes, or travel to keep pace with the outdoorsy summer theme.

  3. Print on demand's impact on reading: Promote Gelato's print on demand feature by showcasing how it empowers authors to independently publish and distribute their work, subsequently expanding the summer reading options for book lovers.

Summer fashion

  1. Celebrating sun rays with colorful cotton: Dive into our summer collection showcasing breathable cotton wear in an array of bright, cheerful colors. Set the trend this season and pair comfort with style. Don't miss the deal of the season!

  2. Summer splash: Sustainable swimwear: Introducing our exclusive line of eco-friendly swimwear. Made from recycled fabrics, these stylish pieces marry style and sustainability. Get ready for beach season with guilt-free, effortlessly chic designs.

  3. Craft the perfect summer capsule wardrobe: Interested in reducing your fashion footprint? Our guide to creating the perfect Summer Capsule Wardrobe will help you repurpose existing clothing items while staying on-trend. Simplify your wardrobe without compromising your summer style.

Subject line ideas for June newsletters

  1. "Kickstart Summer with Our Top June Picks" 

  2. "Celebrate Father's Day with Our Special Edition Art" 

  3. "Showcase Your Pride: Seasonal Items Now Available" 

  4. "June's Joy: Exclusive Juneteenth Collections" 

  5. "Welcome the Sun: Solstice Deals You Can't Miss" 

  6. "A Green June: Check Out Our Top Sustainability Tips" 

  7. "Your Safe Summer Travel Guide for 2021" 

  8. "Summer Delicacies: Scrumptious Recipes to Try This June" 

  9. "Bloom into June: Top Gardening Tips to Revamp Your Outdoor Space" 

  10. "Refresh your Wardrobe with Our Summer Fashion Scoop"

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