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1. Eight best Father's Day shirt ideas

8 best-selling Father's Day shirt ideas [2024]

Updated Jan 15 2024

The third Sunday of June is almost here—is your online shop ready for Father's Day?

Selling Father's Day gifts is a smart seasonal sales strategy for any online store; from custom wall art to mugs and phone cases, there are many products to create so your shoppers can find the perfect gift for the fathers in their lives.

There's no better Father's Day gift than a custom dad shirt with a fun design and a clever phrase. Making Dad laugh and feel loved on Father's Day is a tremendous honor, and your shop will help celebrate all the amazing Dads out there.

This post highlights some of the best tee designs you can incorporate into your t-shirt business to make a significant profit leading up to Father's Day.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Creating versatile designs for Father's Day shirts will cast a wider net and drive more sales.

  • T-shirts can honor fathers' various roles, from coach to teacher, support system, friend, and many more.

  • While t-shirts make great gift ideas, you can increase the value of your shop by adding various products to your catalog.

Eight best Father's Day shirt ideas

When printed on a super soft tee, there's no better gift than the perfect Father's Day t-shirt. Offering a versatile selection of t-shirts in your shop that resonate with a broad audience is an effective way to leverage Father's Day to increase your store's profits. Here are some of the best Fathers Day shirt ideas for every type of dad out there.

1. Funny Father's Day shirts

2Funny Father_s Day shirts

Dad jokes deserve t-shirts of their own, don't you think? Celebrating the dads who make us laugh and roll our eyes with a quirky tee will surely boost your shop's sales leading up to Father's Day.

Incorporate a clever design and nod to his favorite beverage with a One Beer at a Time design. This shirt design is accurate and hilarious for dads who love beer.

Cater to the punny dads with a play-on-words tee that will make them feel special. All dads really want is to feel loved and like their humor is appreciated; these dad joke shirts effectively check both boxes!

From birthday gifts to Father's Day gifts, making dads laugh is the best way to show them how much they mean to their families. If you can create a cool t-shirt design that evokes emotion and humor, you'll have no problem selling shirts in your store.

2. Sentimental Father's Day shirts

3Sentimental Father_s Day shirts

Our dads taught us how to ride a bike, drive a car, operate the grill, tell a great joke, and so many other skills we need for everyday life.

This Father's Day, be sure to create clothing and gifts for Dad that are sentimental and meaningful so he knows how much his family appreciates him.

Honor a father's critical role in both his son's and his daughter's lives with an adorable hero t-shirt design. The silhouette caters to dads with multiple children who rely on him for different reasons and acknowledges the responsibility so many dads carry daily.

Keep it simple and colorful with a World's Best Dad tee that contains an adorable graphic of a small child holding on to his father's finger for comfort. Fathers provide love, support, and reassurance for their children, and this design encompasses that idea perfectly.

At the end of the day, gifts that make fathers feel appreciated will always sell well. Create a few thoughtful, sentimental designs, and see how they compare against your humorous t-shirts to increase your supply for next year.

3. Pop culture Father's Day shirts

4Pop culture Father_s Day shirts

Bring a smile to every movie buff Dad by including trending pop culture and movie designs on your t-shirts for Father's Day.

For all the Star Wars fans in the world, a creative Mandalorian t-shirt design will make every daddy and husband proud to wear a printed tee from their kids. This is the way.

Help your shoppers celebrate the legend of their lives with a Top Dad t-shirt design that nods to Top Gun. He may not be a decorated fighter pilot (or maybe he is), but he's still a winner in the hearts of his family.

Trending pop culture t-shirts will make even the best dad feel hip and up on the latest and greatest trends and styles.

4. Hobby-themed Father's Day shirts

5Hobby-themed Father_s Day shirts

Commemorate every cool dad for his unique interests and hobbies by designing t-shirts that praise the things he loves.

From working on cars to casting a line every weekend, tees celebrating the activities dads love to do will be very popular gift ideas.

For the gamer dads, create "Dad Level Unlocked" printed tees or a motorcycle t-shirt design for every Harley-loving daddy out there.

Whatever they do for fun, every papa and dad will love the cool tees you design that honor their passions and interests.

5. Superhero-themed Father's Day shirts

6Superhero-themed Father_s Day shirts

They check for monsters under the bed and keep their kids safe no matter what. Dads may not wear capes, but there's no doubt that they are heroes to their kids (and their kids' friends!).

A superhero tee design that nods to Captain America or Superman will make any dad smile at the reference. As shoppers search for the best dad shirts on Etsy and other shops, many are drawn to superhero themes, giving you an easy foundation to create many designs.

Create a few tee designs with variations for every grandpa, papa, stepdad, or dog dad to cater to every person who celebrates Father's Day.

The more inclusion you offer and the variation of each t-shirt, including designs, colors, and materials, will increase the likelihood of your shop meeting your monthly profit goals.

6. Sports-themed Father's Day shirts

7Sports-themed Father_s Day shirts

Of all the holidays, Father's Day is the best time for kids to highlight how proud they are of the dad or father figures in their lives.

A sports-themed Father's Day shirt is the perfect gift for all the dads who play sports and spend the weekends coaching their kiddos.

From soccer to baseball, football, or basketball, dads who coach deserve a medal for patience and the perfect cool dad shirt.

Maybe they are shopping for fathers obsessed with the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL. Use team colors, mascots, and logos (following copyright and trademark guidelines) and incorporate a clever slogan about Father's Day on a tee that will make any sports fan's day.

Offer super soft shirts with creative sports designs, like a golf dad silhouette tee. Showcase every dad's super strength with a Dad Strength tee design that shows off his big muscles—a dad life must-have!

Whether he loves playing or watching sports or wants to be involved in his kids' lives, a sports-themed t-shirt in your store will entice many shoppers to make a purchase.

7. Retro Father's Day shirts

8Retro Father_s Day shirts

Creating shirts and other gifts that are inclusive to broader audiences is a foolproof way to make more profits in your online shop.

Retro or vintage designs designed for an older crowd will open the door to more sales. For a grandpa or uncle on Father's Day, shirts with vibrant design inspiration from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are unique alternatives.

Try creating a Cool Dads Club shirt in retro shades of red, yellow, and blue or a vintage Dad tee design with a psychedelic font and funky '80s-inspired pastel colors.

Utilizing your own spin on a classic vibe like retro will position your shop as one with endless creativity and will have shoppers continuously coming back for your fresh, new ideas.

8. Stepfather Father's Day shirts

9Stepfather Father_s Day shirts

You can't forget the bonus dads in the crowd! Stepfathers have a unique role in the family dynamic, and it's just as worthy of celebration on Father's Day.

For the stepdads who have gone above and beyond for their kids, "I'm the Dad that stepped up" is a meaningful t-shirt design that will honor their commitment to family as a dad and a husband.

Stepdads are superheroes in their own right, and they matter just as much as biological dads.

Create fun, simple t-shirt graphics highlighting activities they enjoy with kids, like fishing, sports, or cooking, to cater to a broader audience and drive additional sales.

Three other best-selling Father's Day gift ideas

It's safe to assume many of your shoppers are browsing for other items besides t-shirts for Father's Day. Designing multiple products will create more opportunities for sales, increasing profits and exposure to your shop.

Here are the top-selling Father's Day gift ideas you should consider listing in your store in June.

1. Wall art

Wall art is an easy way to embellish an office or garage to celebrate every father in your life.

This type of gift can be sentimental, humorous, or totally off the wall. Allow your customers to create customizations to their wall art to make it unique to the fathers they are shopping for.

Wall art is highly customizable; at Gelato, we offer ready-to-hang posters, acrylic prints, canvas, wood prints, and much more.

Any of these types of wall art will make a statement in any room in the home or office and remind dads how important they are.

Creating Father's Day Wall Art
  • Create an assortment of themes to choose from; sports, pop culture, humor, quotes, and more

  • Offer various printed art products for shoppers at different price points

  • Use software like Canva or Photoshop with high-quality resolutions

  • Create images and graphics that are simple yet impactful

2. Mugs

Dads need to be caffeinated just as much as moms do, and custom coffee mugs make great gifts for his daily cup of joe!

Simple, classic designs will pop on a coffee mug and make him feel special whenever he wants to grab a cup of coffee or tea.

There are quite a few types of mugs you can choose from your shoppers. At Gelato, we offer quite an assortment, including the magic mug that changes colors when warm liquid is added, a 15-ounce ceramic mug, the color-inside ceramic mug, travel mugs, and more.

Coffee or tea drinking is a personal experience, so carrying a variety of mugs will target a much larger audience and position you as a store with great options for customers.

Tips for Mug Design & Creation
  • Offer various mug sizes and shapes in your shop

  • Create a vibrant graphic using a few colors and one or two visual elements

  • Offer different mug materials, like porcelain, enamel, and ceramic

3. Other apparel

If you want to focus on clothing and apparel in your shop, you can offer so many unique products to your customer base.

Some dads may prefer tank tops for the gym or those long summer days, hoodies for all year round, or long sleeve shirts when it starts to get chilly.

As you offer more versatility in your products, you'll build a more substantial and loyal customer base who knows they can come to your store for variety and quality.

Creating Custom Father's Day Apparel
  • Test out different colors, fonts, and visual elements to find the perfect balance

  • Create a unique spin on classic images, slogans, or designs

  • Use social media to get feedback and garner interest in your designs

  • Host giveaways and offer discounts to your followers to increase interest in new designs

Design the perfect Father's Day gift with print on demand

Think about how challenging it would be to create a custom Father's Day gift for your own father.

It's no surprise that so many people seek custom gifts to express their love and adoration for their dads; it can be stressful to find a memorable gift year after year.

Father's Day apparel can easily be added cost-effectively to your seasonal product offerings.

Once your shirt designs are complete, partnering with a reliable print on demand partner makes it easy to add new products to your store and remove them when the holiday has passed.

The primary benefits of working with a print on demand supplier like Gelato are convenience, cost savings, and quality of products.

Sellers don't have to order, maintain, and store any inventory for their Father's Day shirts—the supplier does it all. You don't have to pay for storage or try to estimate a bulk order based on potential demand. Start designing your custom Father's Day shirts today.


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