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1. Understanding the basics of dropshipping

Worldwide dropshipping: A beginner's guide [2024]

If you've ever dreamed of starting an online business, dropshipping might just be the perfect model for you. This approach allows you to sell products all over the world without having to worry about inventory or shipping logistics. Instead, you partner with a supplier who handles these aspects for you. But how does it all work, exactly? And how do you navigate the intricacies of the dropshipping landscape, particularly on a global scale?

In this guide, we will demystify the world of dropshipping for beginners, breaking down everything you need to know to successfully set up and run a dropshipping business. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to take the first step, or an established business owner exploring new avenues for growth, this guide will provide you with the insights and tools you need to navigate the exciting world of worldwide dropshipping. Let's get started!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Dropshipping is a cost-effective business model allowing entrepreneurs to sell products without purchasing inventory or handling shipping. Orders are forwarded to dropshipping suppliers, who ship products directly to customers.

  • Dropshipping plays a crucial role in ecommerce, lowering barriers for entrepreneurs, allowing flexibility in product offerings, and facilitating swift responses to market trends.

  • Enabled by globalization, worldwide dropshipping connects retailers, suppliers, and customers globally. This allows access to a diverse range of products and stimulates competition, innovation, and expanded market reach.

  • Gelato revolutionizes dropshipping with a global network of printers for print on demand products. Its system optimizes shipping efficiency and reduces carbon footprint by printing and shipping from the location nearest to the customer.

  • With Gelato, users can easily set up an account, select products from an extensive catalog, and monitor business performance via a dashboard. Success hinges on product presentation, customer service, and data-driven decision-making. The future holds further advancements in dropshipping with Gelato, including AI, sustainability, and personalized experiences.

  • Retailers should continuously adapt their strategies to stay ahead of the competition and maximize success in entering new and ever-changing markets.

Understanding the basics of dropshipping

02_Understanding the basics of dropshipping Version 1

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows you to sell products without buying in bulk or storing inventory. When a customer places an order on your online store, you simply forward it to your dropshipping supplier within the same country, who then ships the product directly to the customer. This eliminates your need to handle the products or ship them yourself. It's a cost-effective way to start a business, as you only pay for the products once you've received payment from your customers.

The role of dropshipping in ecommerce

Dropshipping plays a significant role in ecommerce and business growth. It has lowered the entry barrier for aspiring entrepreneurs, allowing them to start their online stores with minimal upfront costs. It's an efficient, flexible approach that has revolutionized the way many online businesses operate.

Benefits of dropshipping

  • Low startup costs: Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to start their online business with minimal upfront investment, as they don't need to purchase inventory in bulk.

  • Broad product selection: Retailers can offer a wide range of products without the burden of stocking them. This gives them the flexibility to cater to different customer preferences and trends.

  • Minimal financial risk: Since there's no need for physical inventory, retailers only pay for products after receiving customer payments. This reduces the risk of unsold inventory and financial losses.

  • Scalability and testing: Dropshipping enables businesses to scale their operations easily and test new products or target markets with little risk, fostering growth and adaptability in the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.

The rise of worldwide dropshipping

03_The rise of worldwide dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a global phenomenon, offering entrepreneurs vast opportunities to connect with brands, wholesale suppliers, and customers from all around the globe. The rise of ecommerce platforms and technological advancements has made dropshipping a popular business model for those seeking to establish their own online stores. 

The impact of globalization on dropshipping

Globalization has profoundly impacted the dropshipping industry. Leveraging the Internet and improved logistics, dropshippers can now offer a diverse range of products to global consumers efficiently and competitively. This interconnectedness has streamlined the movement of goods, fostering a thriving international trade environment and promising future evolution and opportunities for the dropshipping industry.

  • Globalization has enabled worldwide dropshipping by breaking geographical barriers, allowing suppliers and retailers to collaborate globally.

  • Increased competition in the dropshipping industry has led to innovations in marketing, customer experience, and product selection as retailers seek to differentiate themselves.

  • Globalization has expanded market reach, enabling retailers to tap into international markets and reach customers in different countries, increasing sales opportunities and exposure to diverse consumer preferences.

Trends to watch in worldwide dropshipping

  • AI and machine learning integration automate inventory management and customer service, improving operational efficiency.

  • Emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious brands.

  • Personalization through data analytics offers tailored recommendations, promotions, and packaging for a unique shopping experience.

Gelato: An innovative approach to dropshipping

04_Gelato An innovative approach to dropshipping

Gelato revolutionizes dropshipping by providing global retailers access to a vast network of printers spanning 34 countries. Our focus on print on demand branded products enables retailers to offer customizable items without upfront inventory. With Gelato's user-friendly platform, small business owners and creative individuals can effortlessly sell products that bring their ideas to life. By uploading designs and selecting from various products like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases, retailers can have items printed and shipped directly to customers worldwide, eliminating the need for inventory management. Gelato's extensive printer network ensures high-quality printing and efficient shipping, making it a game-changer in the dropshipping industry.

How Gelato does dropshipping differently

Step 1: A customer places an order. This could be for any product, such as a customized phone case or a t-shirt.

Step 2: Gelato's system kicks in. As soon as the order is placed, Gelato's intelligent system springs into action. It detects the customer's online store's location based on the provided shipping address.

Step 3: Nearest production hub selection. The system identifies the nearest printer to the customer's location within Gelato's global network of production partners. For example, the system would prioritize printers in Australia over other suppliers if the customer is in Australia.

Step 4: Order routing. Once the product category's closest production hub is identified, Gelato routes the order to that printer. This process ensures minimized shipping costs, distances, and delivery times for wholesale products.

Step 5: Local production. The product is produced locally at the selected production hub. For example, the customized phone case ordered by the Australian customer will be printed in Australia.

Step 6: Local shipping. The locally produced item is shipped from the same location. This results in quicker deliveries and significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping.

Step 7: Satisfied customers and retailers. Customers receive orders faster, making them happier. Simultaneously, retailers can be confident in fulfilling orders efficiently, ensuring great customer service and seamless and effective business operation.

This process exhibits how Gelato has optimized the traditional dropshipping model, making it more efficient and customer-friendly.

Best practices for international dropshipping

05_Best practices for international dropshipping

Dropshipping internationally can be a rewarding business model, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Following best practices can help you run a successful international dropshipping business:

1. Research and select reliable suppliers:
  • Prioritize suppliers with a proven track record.

  • Ensure suppliers can ship internationally and are aware of regulations and standards for different countries.

2. Understand import/export regulations:
  • Each country has its own customs and import/export rules. Familiarize yourself with them.

  • Be aware of restricted items in different countries.

3. Currency and payment methods:
  • Offer multiple payment methods that are popular in your target markets.

  • Consider using payment gateways that auto-convert currencies.

4. Transparent shipping times:
  • Clearly communicate estimated shipping times to customers.

  • Update shipping times regularly based on real-world data.

5. Handle taxes and duties:
  • Be clear about who pays for customs duties and taxes (often, this will be the customer).

  • Consider using a duty and tax calculator on your website.

6. Language and localization:
  • Offer website translation or ensure your site is in the primary language of your target audience.

  • Localize content, such as product descriptions and customer service communications.

7. Quality customer service:
  • Ensure you can handle customer inquiries in the local language.

  • Offer multiple channels for support (chat, email, phone).

8. Returns and refund policy:
  • Have a clear policy on returns, especially for international orders.

  • Consider partnering with local return centers to make the process easier.

9. Test and validate product quality:
  • Order samples from your suppliers to assess product quality.

  • Regularly review product feedback to identify and resolve quality issues.

10. Offer tracking:
  • Provide customers with tracking numbers for their orders.

  • Use reliable shipping services that offer end-to-end tracking.

Embrace the future of dropshipping with Gelato

Let's explore how to start dropshipping and use Gelato's features to create a successful online ecommerce store.

Setting up your Gelato account
  • To start building a dropshipping store, create an account on Gelato's platform, a process that takes only a few minutes.

  • Upon logging in, users access a dashboard as the command center for their dropshipping operations.

  • The dashboard allows users to manage their product inventory, track orders, and monitor business performance.

  • Gelato provides a comprehensive directory of wholesale products and tools for effective business management.

Choosing products for your dropshipping business

Now that you have your Gelato account, it's time to dive into the exciting process of market research and selecting products for your dropshipping business. Gelato offers you lifetime access to an extensive range of products that cater to various niche product categories and markets. Take your time to research the product categories and identify the products that align with your vision and resonate with your potential customers.

Whether you're interested in high-quality products in apparel, wall art, phone accessories, or any other category, Gelato has you covered. Explore the vast catalog and discover unique items to set your business apart. Remember that Gelato also offers customization options for many of its high-quality products, allowing you to add a personal touch to trending products, which can be a powerful selling point.

Now is the time to embrace the future of dropshipping with Gelato. By staying informed, continuously adapting your strategies, and leveraging Gelato's revolutionary model, you can shape a thriving dropshipping business ready for 2024 and beyond. Start today and equip your business for the future of ecommerce platforms. It's time to seize the opportunities that lie ahead; sign up for Gelato today!

Worldwide dropshipping FAQs

Are there any legal considerations I should be aware of in running a worldwide dropshipping business?

Yes, when running a worldwide dropshipping business, you need to be aware of and comply with the regulations of the countries you are selling in. These may include import/export regulations, tax obligations, business registration requirements, data protection laws, and more. It's advisable to consult with a legal expert to ensure you meet all legal requirements.

How much investment is required to start a dropshipping business?

The initial investment to start a dropshipping business can be relatively low compared to traditional retail models. Costs usually include setting up an ecommerce website, purchasing a domain, marketing, and advertising expenses. You won't need to invest in stock or warehousing, as these are managed by your supplier.

How do I find reliable suppliers for my dropshipping business?

Finding reliable suppliers is crucial for your dropshipping business. You can search for suppliers on various dropshipping platforms or directories, attend trade shows or industry events, or directly reach out to manufacturers. It's essential to vet potential suppliers by checking their reviews, reputation, quality of products, and their shipping times.

How can I manage customer service effectively in a dropshipping business?

Even though you do not manage inventory or shipping in a dropshipping business, you're still responsible for customer service. You need to ensure timely communication with your customers, handle inquiries or complaints, and manage returns or refunds. Partnering with reliable suppliers who deliver high-quality products and maintain punctual shipping times can help enhance your customer service.


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