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1. 16 top mug design ideas for 2024

16 popular mug designs for any occasion

If you want to start your own mug-selling business, now is an ideal time to do it. Worldwide mug sales of all mug styles have a projected value of $44.21 billion by 2029. For example, travel mugs have a predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1 between 2021 and 2028, doubling revenue to $24.69 billion.

As a more sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups, reusable mugs will continue to grow in consumer demand. Companies, such as Starbucks, today encourage customers to bring personal coffee cups. In fact, Starbucks aims to have customers use reusable cups for most of its sales by 2025. As more companies prompt customers to bring reusable cups, mugs will increase in popularity and demand. Even today, a mug makes a practical and eye-catching gift.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Reusable mugs are popular gifts that provide practical use.

  • The market for mugs will grow significantly in the near future due to an increased eye toward sustainability.

  • Explore a range of mug design ideas, including minimalist styles with solid colors and simple phrases, creative themes with pop culture and animal motifs, personalized options with custom name mugs, couple-focused designs for newlyweds and matching pairs, seasonal inspirations from American flags to Christmas scenes, and hobby or profession-based themes like sports, food, and developer-centric designs.

  • Starting a custom mug business is simple with a print on demand partner like Gelato.

16 top mug design ideas for 2024

The variety of coffee mug designs reflects the diversity of the people who use them. From minimalist designs for those with simple tastes to pop culture references that provide a laugh, you have a world of mug styles to create. Consider offering your customers several design choices to ensure that you appeal to a broad audience.

1. Simple mug design ideas

Vintage mug designs
Minimalist mug designs

During the 1960s, artists began using the term "minimalism" to describe art that emphasized simple, harmonious designs and eliminated subjectivity. Minimalist mug design ideas typically have a solid color background with a simple word or shape in the foreground. For example, a white mug with a word or phrase in black, such as "coffee" or "good morning," would exhibit a minimalist design. Custom coffee mugs designed with minimalist inspiration shine effortlessly from their images' simplicity.

Floral mug designs

Flowers offer a bright pop of color to the landscape. When using floral designs on custom mugs, the images do the same thing. Floral patterns or individual flower designs on mugs tap into the colorful appeal of flowers. When creating floral mugs, you may use a flower shape for a design. For example, a simple, multi-petaled daisy can serve as a simple pattern to cover the design field with a fun, simple style. However you choose to use colorful flowers for your coffee mug design inspiration, you'll find an audience that appreciates it.

Geometric mug designs

Simple geometric designs can be part of a minimalist mug or a vintage one. For example, you may create a retro-inspired mug that has colorful shapes in the design. One source of inspiration for vintage geometric designs is the Memphis style. This style comes from the Memphis group founded in the early 1980s, and you can tap into this theme with a DIY polka dot mug design. Geometric designs can also be minimalistic. For example, instead of realistic images of sailboats, you could use a triangle over a semicircle to give the impression of a boat.

Landscape mug designs

Images of natural scenes have a powerful effect on mental health. A study showed that those who viewed images of nature had their parasympathetic nervous system activated, which lowered their stress levels. Landscape mug designs can give those who use the cups a brief mental vacation when they view the images. These types of designs are typically wider than they are tall and show natural vistas, such as sunsets or mountain scenes. Even if your customers don't know about the stress-reducing effects of nature images, they can still appreciate the beauty of nature with every sip of coffee they drink from one of your mugs with a landscape design.

2. Creative mug design ideas

Animal mug designs
Pop culture mug designs

Pop culture references and memes have a greater impact on people than you think. Marketers found that millennials look at up to 30 memes on average daily. Using memes on your mugs and other pop culture references will create more eye-catching designs that will get people talking. Mug design ideas that tap into pop culture could also include your variation on a meme or a drawn picture of a celebrity with a quote from them. Print on demand services for your mugs will ensure your customers get their orders quickly. Additionally, you don't have to handle excessive inventory that won't sell when the popularity of a meme or pop culture reference fades.

Animal-themed mug designs

Both wild and domestic animals have places in people's hearts. A study identified the top ten most charismatic animals as those with the most empathy and interest from the public. These animals are gorillas, polar bears, leopards, giraffes, elephants, pandas, cheetahs, lions, wolves, and tigers. If you need animal mug designs, consider this list of animals. You can also draw inspiration from farm animals, such as cows, pigs, and chickens, or pets, including cats, dogs, and birds. Create realistic or cartoonish images of animals for your mugs based on your brand's style and your customer's preferences.

Vintage mug designs

Vintage designs tap into nostalgia with images that elicit fond memories. They can include actual pieces from an era or new pieces with designs from another time. For example, coffee mugs styled to look like popular dishware from the 1980s appeal to those who want a vintage look. If you want to incorporate vintage mug designs, use extra caution to stay within trademark and copyright laws, such as popular brand slogans or logos. Instead, create simple patterns, such as flowers or fruits, that don't have copyrighted images.

Funny mug designs

Nowadays, funny mugs are increasingly becoming a favorite of coffee lovers. The designs range from quirky catchphrases, jokes, and puns to hilarious illustrations and characters. Coffee drinkers relish the chuckle or smile they get from their morning bevy, an unexpected moment of joy that often jump-starts their day. Think about mugs with lines like "Decaf? No thanks!" to comic sketches. These humorous mugs surely serve up a good laugh along with your favorite hot beverages, making them an ideal gift for your fun-loving family and friends.

3. Personalized mug design ideas

Quote mug designs
Quote mug designs

Quotes on coffee mugs can inspire or humor those who see them. If you want to use quotes, make sure to choose those that don't have copyrights on them or are trademarked slogans. A simpler way to use quotes might be to select words from people whose works are in the public domain. For example, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Benjamin Franklin have great quotes to incorporate into your mug design. Some examples include:

  • "Do not put off until tomorrow what can be put off till the day after tomorrow just as well." - Mark Twain

  • "Brevity is the soul of wit." - William Shakespeare in Hamlet

Custom name mugs

Custom name mugs are a personal touch in the world of mug designs. These unique pieces allow coffee enthusiasts to truly own their morning or evening brew. Whether it's a vintage styling, a minimalist approach, or a floral frenzy, adding your name is a stamp of individuality. Brands like Starbucks have monopolized this, offering reusable mugs with personalized designs and names. It's environmentally friendly, stylish, and brings a sense of belonging to your caffeine routine.

4. Couple mug design ideas

custom mugs with couple-themed designs
Just married mug designs

These mugs are becoming quite the phenomenon in the realm of unique mug designs. These exquisite pieces often feature endearing messages, symbolic motifs, or the newlyweds' names and wedding dates. They make wonderful wedding gifts, serving as a daily reminder of that precious moment when two souls pledged their love and commitment to each other. Imprinting such a milestone on a reusable mug brings sustainability and sentiments together – a truly heartfelt blend.

Cute matching mugs

Isn't it adorable when couples share matching mugs that represent their unique bond? Indeed, it is a sweet trend gaining considerable traction recently. Cute matching mugs range from those featuring complementing illustrations and famous love quotes to personalized pairs where each mug forms a story when put together. It's a small gesture that packs a lot of impact, adding a warm and interactive element to the everyday coffee ritual.

5. Seasonal mug design ideas

a custom mug with a seasonal design

The Christmas season is one of the top times for retailers. Hence, Christmas-themed mug designs can be highly profitable to sell your custom mugs. Simple snowscapes, Christmas trees, or Santa fit into the Christmas sales season.

You can even create summery coffee mug designs, such as American flag designs for the Fourth of July or a sun for the warm summer vacation months. During the fall, pumpkins and autumn leaves fit with seasonal decor for October through November. Spooky ghosts and skeletons work well for Halloween designs. Thanks to print on demand mugs, you can pivot your virtual store offerings by the season without worrying about inventories and wasted stock.

6. Hobby and profession-based mug design ideas

a custom mug with a hobby-based design
Sports mug designs

People around the world love sports. In the United States, 70% of Americans surveyed identified as sports fans. The numbers for global sports fans are even higher. Creating sports mug designs fits the preferences of these fans perfectly. When making sports designs on your mugs, you may opt for images of equipment, such as cricket bats or footballs. Another option is to create mugs referencing popular local sports teams. By using sports as your inspiration for mug design ideas, you'll come out victorious in sales.

Food-themed mug designs

What food goes with coffee better than donuts? These treats act as part of a morning coffee routine. Plus, donuts in various forms, from iced to eclairs, make colorful images for your designs. However, don't limit yourself to this breakfast pastry when looking for coffee mug ideas. Pictures of desserts, such as cakes or ice cream, work well on coffee mugs because many people enjoy their coffee as an after-dinner treat. Also, consider seasonal foods, such as apple pie or s'mores for the summer months or a roasted turkey for Thanksgiving. With food images on your mugs, you can make your customers hungry to buy your drinkware.

Developer mugs

If you're seeking the perfect gift for a technophile or software developer in your life, consider profession-driven designs. Developer-themed mugs often feature witty coding humor or iconic programming language symbols, instantly elevating the coffee-drinking experience. Such a special mug not only serves as a functional item for their caffeine needs but also acts as an affirmation of their identity as a programmer.

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Reusable mugs have both a high demand today and the potential for growth tomorrow. Boost sales in your ecommerce store with your unique collection of custom mug designs and other white label printed products. To ensure that you get the most profits from your mugs, choose designs that customers will want. Offer seasonal options to drive sales during the corresponding times of the year. Make sure to know your customers and to use your personal brand when choosing design styles and creating images.

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Mug design FAQs

What is the standard for mug design?

Standard sizes for mug designs depend on the type of mug you order. For example, if you want to put your images onto a white ceramic mug, you will need to resize the design to 200 mm by 96 mm (7.87 in by 3.78 in). However, if you select a taller 17-ounce steel water bottle, your image should be 87 mm by 110 mm (3.43 in by 4.33 in). Find out more specific image sizes for mugs from Gelato at our image sizing information page.

How do you make your own mug designs?

When creating custom coffee mugs, you don't have to be an artist yourself. First, choose the design type that you want to put on your mugs. Next, sketch the design that you want onto paper if you can, or use design software to make the image on a computer. If you don't have exceptional design skills, hire a graphic designer. Once you have the design in a computer file, you can upload it to our design tool with just a few clicks. 

What can you use to customize mugs?

With print on demand services like Gelato, you can customize printables such as mugs, tote bags, and clothing. Our interface simplifies the creation process, ensuring your DIY mugs don't need hand-crafting supplies from the dollar store. With our professional results, rest assured that your customers always get quality mugs. Moreover, Gelato operates on demand, reducing the need for inventory. Our system integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform, and we print and ship orders directly. The best part? Your customers remain unaware of the third-party involvement in your DIY mug creation.

How big should a mug design be?

The size of a mug design largely depends on the mug's shape and size. Generally, a design should cover a significant part of the mug to be clearly visible but not overwhelming. An optimal design size could range from 7-9 cm in width and 6-8 cm in height for most standard mugs. Remember, the ultimate goal is that your design should complement, not overshadow, the mug's overall aesthetics.

Where is the best place to put the design on a mug?

Figuring out the best place to put a design on a mug largely depends on the mug's shape and the design's complexity. However, the most effective position is on the mug's side, which faces outward when held in the user's dominant hand. This way, the design will be prominently displayed when the mug is in use. Alternatively, utilizing all around the mug or the interior for a surprise element can also be charming. It's all about creativity and visibility.

Should a mug design be on both sides?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to whether a mug should have a design on both sides. The decision largely depends on the mug's purpose and the design itself. For promotional or gift mugs, having a design on both sides caters to both right-handed and left-handed individuals, ensuring the design is always visible. However, minimalistic or personalized mugs might feature a design on one side to emphasize its uniqueness and simplicity.

How much does a custom mug cost?

The cost of a custom mug varies widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the manufacturer. Prices can range from as low as $5 for simple designs to upwards of $20 for personalized, intricate designs. Buying in large quantities can often reduce the price per mug, making it a cost-effective option for businesses or large groups.


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