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1. Top 10 marketing ideas for more sales this summer season

10 summer marketing ideas to heat up sales [2024]

As summer blooms, so too does a world of opportunity for ecommerce businesses. This season, traditionally characterized by increased consumer activity, offers a unique chance to boost sales and engage customers in a whole new way.

Every year, there's a significant increase in online retail sales during the summer months, making it a prime time to revamp your seasonal marketing strategies.

This article presents 10 summer marketing campaign ideas designed to help your services echo the warmth and vibrancy of the season - all aimed at making the summer of 2024 your most profitable yet.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Leverage the power of seasonal execution with product customization, offering summer-themed items like t-shirts and tote bags without the hassle of managing stock– a perfect solution offered by Gelato's POD service.

  • Boost customer engagement and sales through summer marketing campaigns on social media, limited-time promotions, contests, and giveaways. Collaborate with influencers for higher reach.

  • Optimize your summer marketing efforts through strategic planning around the summer holidays by incorporating a marketing calendar.

  • Tap into the potential of email marketing and a summer-specific loyalty program to retain existing customers and entice new ones, elevating overall business performance in the peak season.

  • Local retail businesses can capitalize on high summer foot traffic with in-store or sidewalk sales, while businesses catering to the travel industry can maximize on-season travel trends to drive revenue.

Top 10 marketing ideas for more sales this summer season

Ready to outshine your competitors this summer season? Let's explore 10 innovative marketing strategies to heat up your sales, engage customers, and create an unforgettable summer shopping experience.

1. Customize products with a summer theme

Custom summer-themed products

Think sunshine, pool parties, and beach bonfires - summer has a vibe of its own. Leveraging this vibe and translating it into your product designs can make a world of difference in your ecommerce sales. How can you do this?

By offering customizable summer-themed products that not only resonate with the season's spirit but also position your brand as relevant and in-trend. Here's where Gelato's print on demand (POD) service becomes your ally. 

Let's take a look at some of the hottest products you can sell through Gelato: 

  • Tank tops: Consider summer-themed designs or quotes that inspire and evoke the novel experiences of the season.

  • Tote bags: These are a hit, particularly among the beach-going crowd. Invoke the summer spirit with sunny prints and breezy taglines.

  • Water bottles: A must-have for summer outdoor activities. Customize them with vivid summer prints or motivational quotes to stay hydrated.

  • Phone cases: Help your customers flaunt their summer mood with aesthetically pleasing, summer-centric phone cases.

  • Wall art and calendars: Home accessories themed around the season can brighten up any space, providing a unique selling point for your business.

2. Launch a summer-themed social media campaign

Being creative with your summer campaign idea provides a great opportunity to steer your social media marketing in a vibrant and exciting new direction. Here's how you can immerse your customers in the joy of summer with a bespoke social media campaign. 

  • Embrace seasonal themes: Replace your usual branding with a summer-themed version to immediately signal to your audience that your brand is in sync with the season. Designed right, it could also induce a feel-good factor about your products or services.

  • Use vibrant and refreshing imagery: Bright colors, blue skies, sandy beaches, vibrant fruits, and more - summer comes with a palette of refreshing and invigorating imagery. Leverage it to make your social media posts visually appealing.

  • Capitalize on popular summer events: From music festivals to sports events, summer is filled with opportunities you can cleverly integrate into your social media campaign. This tactic can help your messages resonate with your audience.

  • Create summer-themed video content: From how-to-use-your-product-in-summer videos to summer-themed brand stories, video content can be a powerful tool to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

3. Offer limited-time summer promotions and sales

Summer promotion sand clock

Let's delve into some eye-catching strategies that could make your summer sales sizzle: 

  • Holiday sales: Summer comes packed with a slew of holidays. From Memorial Day to Labor Day - use these occasions as an opportunity to host sales events offering discounts or exclusive deals, consequently attracting more customers.

  • Temperature-based sales: As temperatures rise, so should your sales! Implement a unique temperature-based sale whereby discounts correlate with the day's peak temperature. It’s a fun and engaging way to spur customer interest.

  • Seasonal freebies: Introduce summer-specific freebies, like beach accessories or holiday-themed items, along with purchases to win over your customers' hearts as well as wallets.

  • Seasonal products: Another effective strategy could be introducing a range of products that customers can only avail of during summer. Limited availability creates a sense of urgency, which in turn, prompts faster purchases.

4. Host a summer contest or giveaway

One of the most effective ways to capture your customers' attention is by hosting a summer contest or giveaway. This not only provides an incentive for your audience to connect with your brand but also bolsters your brand visibility as participants share the contest or giveaway with their networks. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Photo contest: Encourage your customers to share their summer experiences with your products. This rakes in rich user-generated content and authentic testimonies for your brand. For example, if you're an apparel brand, you might host a "Best Summer Outfit" photo contest with your merchandise.

  • Summer hashtag challenge: With the rise of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, hashtag challenges have become significantly popular. Create a unique, memorable hashtag related to your brand and challenge your followers to create their own content based on a theme. This boosts interaction and customer engagement.

  • Giveaways: Simple giveaways where your followers tag their friends, share your post, or just comment can drastically increase your reach and engagement. You can amplify the appeal by offering your summer-themed merchandise or limited-edition summer products as giveaways.

  • Raffles: Hosting a raffle is a great way to encourage customer participation. Each purchase, share, or interaction leads to an entry into the raffle, which builds customer excitement and anticipation through the summer.

5. Create a marketing calendar around the summer holidays

Imagine it this way: the summer season is an open book, and your marketing calendar is the highlighter, helping you pinpoint the crucial chapters and sections you must focus on. With a well-crafted and strategic marketing calendar for the summer holidays, you'll always be one step ahead of the game when it comes to capitalizing on festive vibes, events, and the overall joy that the summer season brings. 

So, why should you strategically plan your marketing around the summer holidays and key events? Here's why: 

  • Gaining relevance: By aligning your marketing tactics with popular summer events like Pride Month and World Oceans Day, your brand can gain relevance and speak to current discussions.

  • Driving engagement: These events often have a buzz around them, making it the perfect opportunity to drive engagement and reach new customers.

  • Increasing brand visibility: By planning summer campaigns around these occasions, you get more opportunities to be seen by potential customers intrigued by such events.

6. Utilize email marketing with summer-flavored subject lines

Summer email marketing concept

Email is a critical driver of retail sales, no matter the season. When summer rolls around, it's a great opportunity to enhance your email marketing by getting creative with subject lines that evoke summer vibes. Here's how to do it: 

  • Speak the language of summer: Using summer-themed terminology in your subject lines can help to get subscribers into the summertime mindset. Think phrases like "Sizzle in new summer styles" or "Cool down with our icy deals!" These types of subject lines create a sense of urgency while also embodying the season.

  • Highlight summer-specific products or promotions: If your ecommerce business is offering summer-specific products or running a summer sale, make sure to include this detail in your email subject lines. A subject line like "Beat the heat with our new Tropical Collection" can incite interest.

  • Connect with events and holidays: Messaging that relates to popular summertime events or holidays can help make your emails stand out. For instance, you can align your email marketing efforts with big summer happenings like Independence Day, World Oceans Day, or the Olympics.

  • Leverage FOMO (fear of missing out): One of the best ways to drive action is by creating a sense of scarcity or a ticking clock. Subject lines like "Last chance to grab our summer deals!" or "48-hour Summer Countdown Sale!" can boost open rates and conversions.

7. Develop a summer loyalty program

Think about giving your loyal customers something more to celebrate the summer season. Developing a summer loyalty program can entice repeat purchases and kick customer loyalty up a notch.

Summer points program

Launch a summer points program that rewards customers with points for each purchase they make. Design it in a way that the accrued points could either score them a discount or a free summer-themed item. 

For instance, each purchase could earn customers 'Summer Sunshine Points' which would later be redeemed. This not only incentivizes repeat purchases but also adds a seasonal spin to your loyalty strategy.

Launch a summer subscription

Another innovative way to boost loyalty is by launching a summer subscription. Offer customers an opportunity to get exclusive seasonal products or services every month during the summer. The feeling of exclusivity will make your customers feel valued, driving them back for more and more purchases.

Maintenance products

If you sell products that need regular replacement or maintenance, consider offering discounts or benefits for those customers who make routine purchases. Summer-themed car maintenance, garden care, or pool cleaning products could fall into this category.

8. Organize in-store or sidewalk sales

Outdoor summer sale setup

Ever thought of extending your retail footprint in a surprising yet creative manner? Well, summer might be just the time to think 'outside the shop'. What better way than to organize sidewalk sales or hold special in-store events? 

These tactical strategies can not only help you offload summer inventory but also serve as a powerful magnet to pull in customers.

  • Make grab-and-go options: Creating a sidewalk sale can be an excellent way to attract passersby and convert them into customers. Arrange some of your best summer merchandise outside the store, so customers can quickly grab them and go.

  • Host a special event: Turn up the summer fun by organizing an in-store event. It would serve as a refreshing experience for your customers, offering them more than just shopping.

  • Pet-friendly amenities: Summer heat can be tough on our furry friends. Providing small amenities like water bowls outside your storefront can attract pet owners and build goodwill.

  • Theme-based sales: Decorate your storefront with a summer theme. You can include offerings like summer gift cards at the checkout counter or organize special offers, such as a discount outdoor shelf or temperature-based sales.

9. Collaborate with influencers for summer product promotions

In this rapidly advancing digital age, the role of influencers is becoming undeniably crucial in the marketing matrix. Collaborating with influencers for summer promotion is an effective way to enhance your brand's presence and increase sales. Here's why and how to do it: 

  • Authentic engagement: Influencers have an established connection with their audience who trust their recommendations. A favorable mention of your summer products on their platform can generate authentic engagement, enhance your brand credibility, and lead to increased sales.

  • Greater reach: Influencers can help you reach new markets and demographics who might not be responsive to traditional advertising. This is especially true with younger audiences, who tend to have a higher level of engagement with social media influencers.

  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional advertising mediums, influencer marketing often provides a higher return on investment. Moreover, the costs can also vary based on the influencer's following, making it affordable for various budget levels.

10. Capitalize on summer travel trends

Summer spells vacation for many, with consumers from all walks of life ready to spend on travel and experiences. Here's how to make this trend work for your business: 

  • Stay informed: Be in the know of popular summer destinations. Harness this data to tailor your best summer marketing campaigns toward products that appeal to travelers headed to specific destinations.

  • Partner with travel agencies: Form strategic partnerships with travel agencies or operators. Bundling your products with their offerings can be a win-win strategy, boosting visibility and sales.

  • Geo-targeted ads: Consumers on the move are often searching for nearby dining experiences, attractions, or retail options. Utilize geo-targeted advertisements to attract customers by offering relevant products and services based on their location.

  • Travel-themed product line: With Gelato's global print on demand network, create and sell travel-themed products such as luggage tags, travel kits, map-themed tote bags, and more without worrying about inventory.

Elevate your summer marketing strategy with Gelato

Engaging with your customers with appealing summer-themed products is made effortless with Gelato. This innovative print on demand service offers a wide range of customizable products, like t-shirts, mugs, wall art, phone cases, and photo books, perfect for your summer marketing plan. Build your brand and generate buzz with exclusive summer offerings without the risk of overstocking.

Through Gelato, you can create a memorable brand experience that resonates with the summer vibes. Don't wait; sign up for Gelato today to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and objectives!


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