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1. 12 best Shopify clothing store examples and why they're effective

Top 12 Shopify clothing stores for your inspiration

The ecommerce landscape is booming, and the clothing industry holds a prominent position within it. However, with a saturated fashion industry teeming with established fashion brands and emerging ones, standing out can feel like a challenge. 

This article curates a list of the most successful Shopify clothing stores and examines what makes them shine in a crowded online market. Our goal is to inspire clothing store owners by sharing different strategies for branding, product selection, and customer engagement.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • The post lists the 12 best Shopify clothing stores and highlights the unique strategies behind their success, focusing on aspects like influencer marketing, community building, sustainability, and innovative product offerings. These strategies demonstrate the multiple pathways to success in the ecommerce clothing industry.

  • Each featured store caters to specific market niches, whether it's Gymshark's fitness enthusiasts, Allbirds' eco-conscious consumers, or Fashion Nova's trendsetters. This specialization allows these brands to cultivate a devoted customer base and stand out in a crowded market.

  • Strong branding and effective customer engagement are consistent themes across the successful stores. Brands like Kith and Chubbies utilize exclusive offerings and distinctive marketing to create a loyal following, proving the power of knowing and catering to one's audience.

  • Many of the listed stores, such as Tentree and Madhappy, emphasize sustainability and social responsibility, which resonate strongly with today's consumers. This approach not only promotes a positive brand image but also drives customer loyalty by aligning with their values.

  • Gelato's print on demand platform offers a one-stop solution for anyone ready to transform creative clothing ideas into a successful ecommerce business while adeptly handling the logistical challenges and promoting a sustainable future.

12 best Shopify clothing store examples and why they're effective

Let's explore our curated list of 12 inspiring Shopify clothing stores and understand the strategies behind their success. 

1. Gymshark

Gymshark homepage

Founded: 2012  Annual revenue: $550 million

Gymshark is an athletic wear brand that balances functional gym clothing with trendy clothing. This Shopify store is one of the most popular clothing brands on Shopify and is sold in over 131 countries. Their global success makes them a model for other ecommerce businesses hoping to expand internationally. 

Beyond selling clothes, Gymshark has built a community people want to join. They have built a strong customer base through effective influencer marketing and targeted community-building actions. They show a consistent trend of innovative products and a commitment to sustainability, which appeals to their customers' values. Their strategy has made Gymshark more than a simple clothing retailer—it's now seen as a lifestyle choice.

2. Allbirds

Allbirds homepage

Founded: 2016  Annual revenue: $298+ million

Allbirds, a brand known for its comfortable and eco-friendly shoes, has recently expanded with a clothing line. The clothes, just like their footwear, are made from natural materials and designed for day-to-day wear. They offer t-shirts, sweatpants, and socks made from fabrics like organic cotton and Tencel (a fabric derived from eucalyptus). 

Allbirds’ strategy is to extend its brand's core values of comfort and sustainability to its clothing line. Their aim is to attract both their existing customers, who love their shoes, and newcomers who value eco-friendly clothing. By offering a range of essential clothing items made from the same types of materials they use for their shoes, Allbirds hopes to expand their brand while staying true to their environmentally conscious roots.

3. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova homepage

Founded: 2006  Annual revenue: $100 million

Fashion Nova is a trendsetting brand based in Los Angeles that has significantly changed the online fashion scene. They offer a broad selection of affordable and stylish clothing tailored for young, fashion-savvy shoppers. Their range includes options for all body types, ensuring inclusivity in their style offerings. 

Fashion Nova's success can be attributed to their skillful use of social media marketing. They managed to gather a loyal following through celebrity endorsements and collaborations with influencers. These influencers, who have countless followers, showcase Fashion Nova's fashionable yet affordable clothing. The combination of pocket-friendly pricing, inclusivity, and successful social media strategies makes Fashion Nova stand out in the competitive online fashion market.

4. Kith

Kith homepage

Founded: 2011  Annual revenue: $100 million

Kith is a leading Shopify fashion store with a unique mix of fashion and lifestyle retail. Their online store displays their stylish clothing for everyone and has a simple and elegant interface. The site mirrors the vibe of their physical stores in big cities like New York, Paris, and Tokyo. 

Kith's marketing strategy revolves around the idea of exclusivity. They sell limited edition and high-quality items, including popular streetwear endorsed by celebrities like LeBron James. This makes shopping exciting and encourages customers to buy right away to avoid missing out on their exclusive offers.

5. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch homepage

Founded: 2008  Annual revenue: $5-$7 million

This San Francisco-based men's fashion brand stands out for its focus on quality and community. It offers classic menswear with a twist: its "Workshop" model.

Taylor Stitch offers carefully selected collections that customers pre-order within a four-week period. It's an effective way for them to produce clothes based on actual demand, which cuts down on waste and guarantees top-notch quality. This unique approach, along with their commitment to ethical manufacturing and exceptional customer service, has built a loyal following for Taylor Stitch, proving that quality over quantity can be a recipe for success.

6. Chubbies

Chubbies homepage

Founded: 2011  Annual revenue: $44 million

Chubbies, a groundbreaking ecommerce retailer, brings back the fun and memories of the 80s and 90s with their innovative line of vintage clothing for men. Bold colors and quirky designs define their unique and distinctive product range, ensuring they occupy a niche all their own in the online clothing industry.

What truly sets Chubbies apart is its strong brand identity and effective communication. They know exactly who their fans are and continually offer up playful, quality clothes that this group loves. Plus, they successfully use laid-back images and a sense of humor in their ads to reinforce their unique brand.

7. Madhappy

Madhappy homepage

Founded: 2017  Annual revenue: $5 million

Madhappy is a Shopify apparel store that sells streetwear like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and accessories. What makes Madhappy stand out is its mission of sparking conversations about mental health. 

They've built their success on a unique brand that doesn't just sell clothes; it promotes a lifestyle and a message to the community. They're active on social media and have built a solid community of followers. Their product releases often include discussions about mental health. This approach sets them apart from competitors and cultivates a dedicated customer base that connects with their mission.

8. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices homepage

Founded: 2013  Annual revenue: $25.6 million

Outdoor Voices caters to the active crowd who loves to look good while they move. They focus on technical fabrics that perform well during workouts or hikes but with clean and stylish designs.

The secret of their success? Engaging storytelling! Outdoor Voices uses captivating photos and videos to showcase its products in action, inspiring people to get outside and embrace an active lifestyle. This approach makes their clothing more than just workout gear; it becomes part of an adventurous and exciting outdoor experience. 

9. Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore homepage

Founded: 2014  Annual revenue: $31.5 million

Aime Leon Dore (pronounced "ah-mey lee-on door") isn't your typical streetwear brand. Founded in Queens, New York, they take inspiration from vintage styles and infuse it into their creations. But what truly sets them apart are their artistic collaborations.

Aime Leon Dore teams up with well-known artists and designers, creating limited-edition pieces. This strategy elevates their clothing beyond just everyday wear and injects a sense of exclusivity and artistic value. It attracts fashion-conscious customers who appreciate unique and limited-edition streetwear with a touch of artistic flair.

10. Tentree

Tentree homepage

Founded: 2012  Annual revenue: $4 million

Tentree plants a tree for every product you buy! This eco-conscious clothing brand caters to people who love fashion and the environment. They offer stylish and sustainable clothing options. But the key to their success lies in their dedication to planting trees.

By directly connecting their products to a positive environmental impact, Tentree builds a loyal customer base who wants to be part of the solution. Social media campaigns that showcase the trees planted further strengthen this connection, making Tentree a brand with a purpose. 

11. Bonobos

Founded: 2007  Annual revenue: $195.7 million

Bonobos is a game-changer in menswear that offers perfectly tailored clothing with a hassle-free shopping experience for men who crave a perfect fit but dislike the hassle of traditional suit shopping. Founded in 2007, this innovative brand focuses on well-made menswear, particularly known for its amazing fitting pants. However, their secret weapon isn't just the clothes themselves.

Bonobos prioritizes exceptional customer service, offering unique experiences like at-home try-on options. This ensures customers find the perfect fit without the frustration of endless dressing rooms. This customer-centric approach, combined with high-quality clothing, has made Bonobos a leader in online menswear.

12. Princess Polly

Princess Polly homepage

Founded: 2010  Annual revenue: $60 million

Princess Polly is your one-stop shop for trendy and affordable pieces. Founded in Australia, this brand caters to young women who love to express themselves through style. They offer a wide range of statement pieces and on-trend styles, all at accessible prices.

But the secret to their success isn't just about cute clothes. Princess Polly leverages social media like a pro. They collaborate with influencers and actively encourage user-generated content, building a strong and engaged online community. This approach allows them to stay on top of the latest trends and foster a sense of belonging among their customers, making Princess Polly a go-to destination for trendsetters on a budget.

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These success stories paint a vivid picture of what's possible in the world of ecommerce clothing. From Gymshark's influencer-driven fitness movement to Tentree's commitment to environmental impact, these brands have carved their own unique niches and built passionate followings.

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Is Shopify good for a clothing brand?

Yes, Shopify is a fantastic platform for clothing brands. With its user-friendly interface, integrations with various marketing tools, and customizable themes, it helps create a unique shopping experience. Besides, its robust analytics facilitate strategic decision-making, while swift global fulfillment solutions like Gelato simplify scaling operations internationally.

Are Shopify clothing stores profitable?

Yes, Shopify clothing stores can help you turn a good profit by making and selling your own clothes. How much you earn depends on things like having a unique product, creating a strong brand, engaging well with customers, and running your operations smoothly. Shopify provides the tools to help you with all of this so you can build a profitable business. But remember, like any business, the results depend on your strategy and hard work.

How many clothing brands are on Shopify?

It's difficult to state precisely the number of clothing brands on Shopify as new stores are consistently launched. However, sources like Analyzify report over 75,500 Shopify stores that are listed in the apparel category.


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