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1. Shopify: A leading digital marketplace

Five best Shopify dropshipping suppliers to partner with

Navigating the bustling world of Shopify dropshipping can feel a bit like passing through a grand bazaar. There are so many options with so much potential! And just like any market adventure, partnering with the right vendors – or, in this case, dropshipping suppliers – can make or break your journey.

So, if you're someone about to start a Shopify dropshipping business, we will make the selection easy for you. We've sifted through the various options to spotlight the absolute crème de la crème of Shopify dropshipping suppliers.

Curious to know who made the cut and why? Let's dive into this article and find out!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Dropshipping is an ecommerce model where the store doesn't keep stock but relies on suppliers to ship products directly to customers, minimizing upfront costs and inventory hassles.

  • Shopify is a major player in the dropshipping domain. It offers user-friendly tools, multiple payment options, and apps like Spocket to simplify connecting to dropshipping suppliers.

  • Discover the difference between dropshipping wholesalers and vendors, and how to identify fake shipping wholesalers.

  • Leading dropshipping suppliers include Spocket, SaleHoo, Modalyst, DSers-AliExpress, and Wholesale Central. While these platforms have their own advantages, Gelato stands tall with its unique print on demand and dropshipping services.

  • Gelato allows dropshipping companies to choose from a wide range of options and create custom products. Gelato thrives on its robust network of local suppliers and connects worldwide brands to the most reliable suppliers in more than 32 countries.

Shopify: A leading digital marketplace

If ecommerce were a grand theater, then Shopify would undoubtedly be one of its star performers! Launched in 2006, this online business platform has reshaped the way entrepreneurs approach online selling. With its user-friendly interface, a diverse range of tools, and global reputation, Shopify has etched its name as a significant player in the digital marketplace.

Picture this: You run an online store where, instead of buying stock and piling it up in a warehouse (or your garage!), you partner with a Shopify dropshipping supplier who handles all that for you. When a customer buys from your store, the supplier directly ships the product to them.That's dropshipping in a nutshell. Its charm? Minimal startup costs, less hands-on logistics, and a wider product selectionwithout the inventory headaches. No wonder it's a hot favorite among many digital entrepreneurs!

The essentials of dropshipping: A mini guide for newcomers

Imagine running an online store where you showcase amazing products, but you don't physically have any of them in stock. Instead, when a customer places an order, you pass the order details to a third party, like a manufacturer or wholesale supplier. This third party then ships the product directly to the customer. You didn't have to get involved in the process and deal with any order logistics here. Pretty neat, right?

How it works

An online shopper visits the dropshipping e-store, selects an item to purchase, and places the order. The order is received and forwarded to the Shopify dropshipping supplier. The store owner forwards the details to the supplier and pays the wholesale price for the product. On receiving the order details, the supplier, who has the product in stock, packs it up and sends it directly to the shopper. The store owner never physically handles the product. The difference between the price the customer paid the dropshipping business and the wholesale price the store owner paid the supplier is the dropshipper's profit.

Pros and cons of this business model

  • Low initial investment: You're skipping the stockpile, so there's no need for a huge chunk of capital to get started. This means you can venture into an online business with less financial pressure.

  • Scalability: No need for a massive warehouse or a team when starting. As your store grows, you adjust accordingly. This adaptability ensures your business can evolve with market demands.

  • Vast product variety: Fancy selling unicorn-shaped teapots today and intergalactic space boots tomorrow? With dropshipping, your store can be as diverse as your imagination.

  • Tighter profit margins: Since you're not purchasing in bulk, you might see a thinner slice of the profit pie. This necessitates a strategy to price products competitively while retaining profitability.

  • Dependency on third parties: Relying on other businesses can sometimes lead to inventory or shipping mishaps. Moreover, any mistakes they make can directly impact your customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

  • Competition: It's a popular model, which means you're likely not the only one eyeing those unicorn teapots. This abundance of similar stores can make standing out and capturing customer loyalty more challenging.

Dropshipping vendors vs. dropshipping wholesalers

Searching for Shopify dropshipping suppliers is quite an adventure. You’ll come across dropshipping vendors that showcase their products across different platforms and also handle shipping straight to your customers. They’re perfect for a range of products, giving you a wide selection and flexible conditions, and this is excellent for online shop owners wanting to try different products without making a significant commitment. 

Conversely, dropshipping wholesalers are your power players. They focus on bulk orders, selling products at a cheaper rate per item, which is brilliant for your profit margins. Usually, wholesalers ask to buy in larger quantities, but this could be a big win if you have a best-seller. They’re the go-to for Shopify stores that will grow more extensively. 

Vendors offer versatility and ease, which is excellent for getting off the ground or trying new products. 

Wholesalers, meanwhile, offer value and volume, which are best suited for scaling a proven winner. 

By matching your choice with your business plan, you can boost your profits, smooth your operations, and fill your store with top-notch products that excite your customers.

Why choose Shopify for dropshipping?

Ever wondered why so many dropshippers flock to Shopify like moths to a flame? It's because the platform is designed with both beginners and seasoned online business owners in mind. Its intuitive dashboard makes setting up and managing your store a walk in the park, even if you're not a tech wizard.

The platform offers diverse payment options for global shoppers and a range of themes to customize your store. Designed for dropshipping, Shopify provides tools for inventory syncing, building customer trust, anddetailed analytics to guide business decisions, ensuring store owners have everything they need for success.

How to gauge supplier credibility

The relationship you foster with your US or UK dropshipping suppliers can make or break your business journey. Remember, they're the backbone of your operations! Ensuring products are of high quality and are delivered on time directly reflects on your brand's reputation. In the dropshipping model, where you don't handle the products directly, partnering with a reliable dropshipping supplier becomes crucial.

To find dropshipping suppliers for your ecommerce business, take the following factors into account:

  • Reviews & feedback: Ever heard the saying, 'Experience is the best teacher'? Well, in the world of dropshipping, other sellers' experiences can be your best guide. Delve deep into reviews and see what others are saying.

  • Longevity in the business: Time is a test many falter in. If a supplier has been around for a good number of years, it's often a positive sign of their reliability and experience.

  • Responsiveness: A prompt reply isn't just about good manners; it reflects a supplier's commitment to customer service. If they're quick to address your concerns, it bodes well for future collaborations.

  • Samples: A legitimate supplier wouldn’t shy away from sending product samples. It's a great way to gauge product quality firsthand.

  • Verifiable details: It's okay to have a bit of healthy skepticism. Check if they have verifiable business details, a physical address, and any references to share.

How to identify fake dropshipping wholesalers

Exploring dropshipping can feel like you’re trying to solve a tricky puzzle, especially when telling the authentic suppliers from the fakes. A quick tip: those fake dropshipping wholesalers tend to draw you in with incredible offers, but they just don’t make sense.

For starters, genuine wholesalers usually won’t ask for monthly fees just for the privilege of working with them. Running into a supplier that wants a subscription fee to access their catalog is a significant warning sign. Authentic dropshipping wholesalers might ask you to apply, but they won’t charge you for a glimpse at what they offer. 

Then there’s the issue of contact details and their website. If it’s hard to contact them or their site feels too vague, be wary. A legit Shopify dropshipping supplier is all about being open, giving you easy ways to contact them and plenty of information about what they offer.  

Keep an eye on the prices that seem off. If the discounts aren’t genuine or the prices are too high, you’re likely dealing with a middleman, not a genuine wholesaler. Actual wholesalers give lower prices because you’re buying a lot at once, even in dropshipping. 

Remember to trust your gut. If something feels off, it likely is. Take some time to research and consider chatting with folks who’ve already worked with them. Finding the right dropshipping supplier is vital for your business to do well, so it’s worth looking into deeply.

Top 5 Shopify dropshipping suppliers for Shopify

Now that we've discussed the dropshipping model and why Shopify is an ideal platform for a dropshipping business, let's dive into the list of the best dropshipping suppliers.

1. Spocket

Spocket offers a wide range of products. Whether you're on the lookout for chic European fashion pieces, artisanal crafts, or even eco-friendly products, their extensive catalog has you covered. Their curation process ensures high quality, giving store owners peace of mind. In the ecommerce world, Spocket has garnered praise for its consistency. Many store owners vouch for their track record of on-time deliveries and the relatively low rate of mishaps or discrepancies, owing to their dedication.

Pricing structure

For those just dipping their toes into the dropshipping waters or perhaps running a niche store with a curated selection, the Starter plan is ideal. It allows you to list up to 25 products on your Shopify store. The cost for this plan is $39.99 per month. It's a fantastic option for those looking to experiment with a limited range of products before potentially scaling up their operations. For more extensive product listings, you can avail of the Pro plan priced at $59.99, which allows you to list 250 unique products. It also includes 25 premium product listings for differentiation and enhanced profit opportunities. You can go higher with the Empire plan, $59.99/month, and list up to 10,000 unique products.


What really makes Spocket shine brighter than competitors is its focus on faster shipping times, thanks to its network of suppliers primarily based in the US and Europe. This dramatically reduces the typical wait times associated with dropshipping. Additionally, their branded invoicing allows store owners to add a personal touch to each shipment, enhancing brand recall.

2. SaleHoo

SaleHoo offers a variety of product options. With over 2.5 million products spanning categories like electronics, fashion, home goods, and more, it's a treasure trove for online store owners seeking diversity. In the world of dropshipping services, SaleHoo has carved a niche for itself with its consistent reliability. Feedback from store owners is a testament to the platform's due diligence in vetting suppliers, ensuring fewer hiccups in the supply chain. Their emphasis on transparency has resulted in a commendable track record of on-time deliveries and order accuracy.

Pricing structure

For dropshippers eager to use SaleHoo's tools, there's a monthly 'Basic' plan available at $27, which lets you operate one dropship store. This is designed to enhance operations and boost sales. If you upgrade to the 'Premium' plan at $97 /month, you can run up to three dropship stores. Sellers can access SaleHoo’s supplier database by paying $67 annually or unlock lifetime access with a one-time payment of $127, ensuring continuous connection to their vetted suppliers.


SaleHoo's standout feature is undoubtedly its comprehensive supplier directory, which undergoes regular updates to ensure quality and relevance. This curated approach minimizes the risks associated with fraudulent suppliers. Additionally, their robust Market Research Labs tool provides insights into trending products, potential profit margins, and competitive analysis.

3. Modalyst

Modalyst flaunts a dynamic and diverse catalog. From trendy fashion accessories and apparel to unique home goods, there's something for every Shopify store owner. A special highlight is their curated collection of independent brands, offering products that are often exclusive and hard to find elsewhere. With a history dotted with positive testimonials from store owners, Modalyst is known for prioritizing timely deliveries and accurate order fulfillment. Their stringent supplier vetting process ensures that only credible partners make the cut.

Pricing structure

Modalyst offers three distinct pricing plans for dropshippers. The 'Free' plan, perfect for beginners, provides automation tools and allows up to 25 product listings. The $35/month 'Start Up' plan grants users up to 250 product listings and encompasses all the features of the Free Plan. The $90/month 'Pro' plan caters to more ambitious dropshippers and allows unlimited product listings. This plan also unlocks access to premium suppliers, making it an ideal option for those aiming to scale.


Modalyst’s crown jewel is its emphasis on fast shipping, with many products boasting delivery times of just five to eight days. This is a game-changer in the dropshipping arena, where extended wait times are often the norm. Moreover, their integration with top-notch brands and independent designers gives store owners an edge in offering unique, high-quality products.

4. DSers-AliExpress dropshipping

DSers, an efficient order processing solution paired with the colossal marketplace that is AliExpress, has crafted a unique dropshipping business experience since its inception.

With AliExpress in the picture, the product variety is vast. Store owners can venture into everything from consumer electronics and fashion apparel to quirky home decor. The extensive range ensures that niche markets are just as catered to as general ones. A key concern for many dropshippers is dependability, and DSers-AliExpress has a strong record in this area.

Pricing structure

DSers-AliExpress offers a flexible pricing structure to accommodate various dropshipping needs. Their Free Plan, perfect for beginners, allows users to list up to 3,000 products. The Advanced Plan, priced at $19.90 per month, allows 20,000 listings and is tailored for expanding dropshipping businesses, offering advanced tools and features to refine and boost their dropshipping endeavors. For seasoned dropshippers, they offer a 'Pro' plan at $49.9/month, which allows 75,000 listings. Enterprise-level dropshipping businesses can opt for the 'Enterprise' plan at $499/month, which supports up to 100,000 listings, giving access to a diverse range of products.


The sheer efficiency of DSers in handling bulk orders stands out. Its integration with AliExpress means store owners can quickly transfer product details, making listing products a breeze. Additionally, the partnership often results in exclusive deals and discounts for DSers users on AliExpress, which aren't available to regular buyers.

5. Wholesale Central

From trendy apparel and accessories to electronics and home goods, Wholesale Central boasts a diverse range of products. This diversity ensures both niche market retailers and general stores find suitable items to list. Wholesale Central's reputation is not just built on its range but also its reliability. Feedback from store owners often highlights the platform's dedication to ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining a comprehensive vetting process for dropshipping suppliers, resulting in higher satisfaction rates.

Pricing structure

Wholesale Central stands out as a free-to-use platform for retailers!


What sets Wholesale Central apart is its user-friendly directory format. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t require user registration to browse products. This, coupled with its stringent vetting process for wholesale suppliers, ensures quality and transparency.

Dropship custom products with Gelato's print on demand network

If you're looking to be a cut above the rest, you will need a dropshipping business model that is better than the best! This is where Gelato comes in. Marrying the robustness of Shopify with Gelato's efficient print on demand network is a recipe for success. Store owners can enjoy seamless integration, access to a vast custom product range, and the assurance of quality. Here's how partnering with Gelato can take you places::

Gelato's dropshipping model

At Gelato, we enable global creators to produce and deliver their products anywhere through our network of local production partners and entrepreneurs so that local communities can produce what local communities need. Merchants' orders are automatically fulfilled - no need to manage inventory or make up-front investments. As more than 85% of products are made locally, delivery times, shipping costs, and carbon emissions are significantly cut, making your business smarter, faster, and greener.

Gelato's unmatched product quality

By focusing on print on demand, Gelato ensures each personalized product you dropship is crafted with precision and attention to detail. The quality is consistent, which means customers receive custom products, such as t-shirts, phone cases, photo books, mugs, and wall art, that look and feel premium every single time.

For Shopify store owners seeking to elevate their brand and provide unparalleled value to their customers, Gelato emerges as an unmatched dropshipping and print on demand partner with its innovative approach to dropshipping, commitment to quality, and focus on local production.

Shopify Dropshipping suppliers FAQ

Is Shopify good for dropshipping?

Shopify is a good option for dropshipping. It’s user-friendly, meaning anyone can start their dropshipping business smoothly. With tons of Shopify dropshipping suppliers and tools easily accessible, setting up your online store is a breeze. Entrepreneurs are big fans because it simplifies online selling, lets you quickly find dropshipping suppliers, and boosts your business growth.

How do I find a dropshipping supplier on Shopify?

Getting a dropshipping supplier on Shopify is straightforward. Head to the Shopify App Store, and plenty of reliable apps are waiting. These handy tools link you with many trustworthy dropshipping suppliers in no time. With a couple of clicks, you can begin stocking your Shopify store with products worldwide, smoothing out your business path.

Which dropshipping company is best for Shopify?

Choosing the best dropshipping company for Shopify depends on your needs - companies like Gelato lead the way because they match well with Shopify and are user-friendly. Gelato can hook you up with loads of products quickly and easily. Since it’s made just for Shopify, you can easily add, import, and sell products globally, giving your store a solid start.

Is Shopify dropshipping still profitable?

Shopify dropshipping is still a hit for many. You can make it big online with the correct game plan, pick out top-selling products, and market your Shopify store effectively. It comes down to carving out your unique place in the market, connecting with top-notch dropshipping suppliers, and genuinely valuing your customers. Success is very much within reach in this field!


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