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1. What is Etsy's international shipping?

Etsy international shipping: How to sell globally on Etsy

If you're an Etsy seller looking to expand your customer base and sell your products to buyers worldwide, international shipping is a crucial aspect to consider. Etsy's international shipping options allow you to reach customers in different countries and open up a whole new market for your products. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Etsy's international shipping feature and guide you through selling globally on Etsy.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Etsy offers a feature for international shipping designed to simplify the process of shipping products to global customers. This system allows sellers to accurately calculate shipping costs, print labels, and track packages. 

  • Etsy sellers can tap into a vast global market by offering international shipping, boosting sales, and catering to a wider audience. The expanded reach means engagement with diverse demographics, increased revenue potential, and a chance to leverage different buying seasons across countries.

  • International shipping rates must account for product weight, destination country customs, and potential import taxes. A comparative analysis with international competitors can be beneficial. Proper packaging is vital for product protection, especially for fragile items and craft supplies. 

  • To succeed in the global Etsy market, it's crucial to effectively market your shop through a shop manager to an international audience using platforms like social media. Collaborating with global influencers can boost exposure.

  • Gelato, a global  network, has integrated with Etsy, offering a streamlined solution to international shipping for  products. This integration means faster and more reliable shipping due to Gelato's expansive global network.

What is Etsy's international shipping?

Etsy's international shipping feature is designed to simplify the process of shipping products to customers in different countries. It provides sellers with tools and resources to calculate accurate shipping costs, print shipping labels, and track packages to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience.

How does it work?

When a buyer from another country purchases an item from your Etsy shop, Etsy's international shipping feature automatically calculates the shipping costs based on the destination and the weight of the package. This way, you can provide accurate shipping costs to your customers without the hassle of manually calculating them for each order.

Once you receive an order with international shipping, you can easily print the shipping label directly from your Etsy account. This label includes all the necessary customs information, making it easier for your package to clear customs and reach its destination without any delays or complications.

Why should you consider international shipping on Etsy?

The benefits of offering international shipping on Etsy are numerous. By tapping into the global market, you can increase your sales potential and reach a much larger audience. Additionally, selling internationally can give you unique opportunities, such as showcasing your products at international craft fairs or collaborating with international retailers.

Offering international shipping on Etsy expands your customer base and business horizons to get more traffic. Selling internationally allows you to explore new markets, learn about different consumer preferences, and adapt your products to cater to diverse customers.

Expanding your reach to international customers can also help you tap into seasonal sales opportunities across the globe. Since different countries have different peak buying seasons, you can enjoy year-round engagement and a higher sales potential.

Laying the groundwork for international sales

Shipping profiles are a convenient way to set up and manage your shipping options for different countries. They allow you to create customized profiles based on the specific requirements of each country or region, ensuring that you offer the most suitable shipping methods and rates depending on the destination. Here's how you can lay the groundwork for international sales.

Shop localization

  • Listing translations: By leveraging Etsy’s inbuilt tools or employing professional services for listing translations, sellers can effectively bridge the language gap, presenting their products in a manner that resonates with non-English speaking markets. This not only increases shop visibility but also boosts trust among potential buyers.

  • Currency adjustments: Etsy's automated currency adjustments provide a transparent shopping experience, letting buyers view prices in their local currency. However, sellers should remain proactive, staying updated on exchange rate trends and any potential fees, ensuring that their pricing remains competitive and profitable.

Shipping options & setting

  • Determining shipping cost: Determining the shipping cost on Etsy is a critical element that can significantly impact both the seller's profitability and the buyer's experience. A holistic approach to calculating these costs involves factoring in the weight of the item—packaging included—as well as its dimensions, often termed as 'dimensional' or 'volumetric' weight by shipping carriers. Weight and size directly influence the shipping fees imposed by courier services, and a careful balance is required to ensure that the charges are neither underpriced nor exorbitant.

  • Offering multiple tiers of delivery not only empowers sellers to cater to a diverse range of buyer preferences but also heightens the shop's appeal. By providing standard shipping, they cater to those prioritizing cost-efficiency; with expedited options, they meet the needs of those in a time crunch; and through tracked shipments, they ensure transparency and peace of mind for most buyers who desire real-time monitoring of their purchases.

Navigating customs and duties

Customs regulations and duties can be daunting when it comes to international shipping. However, you can navigate them smoothly with the right knowledge and preparation. International shipping opens up business opportunities, allowing them to reach customers in different countries and expand their global presence. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly regarding customs regulations and duties.

  • Understanding import taxes: why and when these taxes apply.

  • Pricing strategy: Whether to include these in the price or let the buyer handle them.

  • Clear and accurate documentation: Ensuring a smooth customs clearance by providing all necessary details.

Crafting a pricing model for global customers

When determining your international shipping rates, it's important to consider various factors that can affect the cost of shipping. These factors include the weight and dimensions of your products, the destination country's customs regulations, and any potential import taxes that may apply.

  • Comparative analysis: Studying the international competition and pricing products accordingly.

  • Accounting for additional costs: Factoring in customs, taxes, and longer shipping durations.

  • Sales and discounts: Strategizing special promotions targeting specific regions or global festivals.

Packaging and shipping your Etsy products internationally

Proper packaging is crucial in ensuring your products arrive safely to your international customers. But what exactly does it mean to package your items properly? Let's dive into some best practices that will help you protect your products during transit and impress your customers with your attention to detail.

Best practices for packaging

When packaging your items, it's important to use sturdy and protective materials that can withstand the rigors of international transit or long-distance shipping in your own country. Consider the nature of your products and whether they are fragile or delicate. If you're shipping internationally items like glassware, ceramics, or other breakable goods, you may need to provide additional padding or use specialized packaging materials to prevent breakage.

But packaging is not just about protection; it's also an opportunity to add a personal touch to your international orders. Consider including a personalized note or a small token of appreciation with each package. This simple gesture can go a long way in making your customers feel valued and help leave a lasting impression that encourages them to shop from you again.

Choosing your international shipping carrier

With so many options available, choosing the best one for your business can be overwhelming. But fear not; we're here to help!

When researching different carriers, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, compare their shipping discounted rates to find the most cost-effective option for your business. But don't stop there; delivery times and services are equally important. Look for carriers that offer reliable and timely delivery to your target international destinations.

Tips for success in selling globally on Etsy

Selling on Etsy opens up a world of opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting, expanding your reach to international customers can significantly boost your business. Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed:

Marketing your Etsy shop to an international audience

Social media platforms are your best friends when marketing your Etsy shop to an international audience. Utilize platforms like Instagram or Facebook to showcase your products to a global audience. Share captivating behind-the-scenes content that lets potential customers glimpse your creative process. Consider featuring customer testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Collaborating with influencers or bloggers from different countries can help promote your Etsy shop. Seek influencers who resonate with your brand and have a strong following in your target markets. You can tap into their audience and gain valuable visibility by partnering with them and growing your Etsy shop.

Providing excellent customer service to international customers

Offering exceptional customer service is vital when selling globally on Etsy. Remember that international buyers may have different expectations and cultural norms, so it's important to adapt your approach accordingly.

Respond to inquiries promptly and concisely, considering time zone differences. Being responsive and attentive shows your commitment to customer satisfaction. If language is a barrier, be patient and understanding when communicating with customers who may not speak English as their first language. Consider using translation tools to facilitate smoother communication.

Handling returns and refunds efficiently

International returns and refunds require special attention due to the additional complexities involved. Several factors must be considered when managing international returns and refunds on Etsy, from shipping costs to customs regulations.

Create a concise return policy outlining the process for international returns and refunds. Communicate the return time frame, any restrictions or conditions, and who will be responsible for return shipping prices.

Consider offering solutions such as exchanges or store credits to minimize the need for return shipping and provide a positive customer experience. By offering alternatives to refunds, you can retain customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Gelato’s Etsy integration: Revolutionizing global shipping for print on demand products

In the age of ecommerce, seamless integration is not just a luxury—it's a necessity.

Enter Gelato: A global print on demand network that has been making waves in ecommerce. With its integration with Etsy, Gelato allows sellers to access a streamlined solution to their shipping woes. This collaboration simplifies global shipping and offers Etsy sellers a competitive edge.

Gelato’s integration with Etsy ensures that everything from printing to shipping is handled automatically once an order is placed. By producing products closer to the buyer, shipping times are reduced, costs are lowered, and the carbon footprint of each product is minimized. Sellers can bid adieu to manual order tracking, negotiations with multiple shipping providers, and dealing with customs and international shipping regulations.

An expansive international printer network bolsters Gelato's distinctive print on demand model. This forward-thinking approach paves the way for businesses to carve niches in international selling, setting themselves apart from the competition with a wide range of products, including apparel, wall art, t-shirts, phone cases, mugs, photo books, and more.

Embrace the future possibilities; sign up for Gelato today!

International shipping Etsy FAQs

How does Etsy calculate international shipping costs?

When an international buyer selects a product from your shop, Etsy's international shipping feature automatically calculates the shipping cost. This calculation is based on the destination country and the weight (and sometimes the dimensions) of the package. As a seller, you can set your own rates or use Etsy's calculated shipping feature to ensure accuracy.

Are there tools on Etsy to help with customs information and documentation?

Yes! When you're preparing an international shipment, Etsy provides the option to print shipping labels directly from your account. These labels include all the necessary customs information. This helps ensure your package clears customs efficiently and arrives at its destination without unnecessary delays.

Can I offer multiple shipping options for international customers on Etsy?

Absolutely! Etsy allows sellers to offer various shipping options for their products. You can provide standard shipping for cost-conscious buyers, expedited shipping for those in a hurry, and tracked shipping for customers wanting to monitor their package's progress in real-time.

What should I consider when setting up international shipping profiles on Etsy?

Setting up shipping profiles can streamline the process for different destinations. When creating these profiles, consider the shipping methods and rates suitable for each region or country. Additionally, it's crucial to account for any potential customs fees, import taxes, and country-specific regulations to ensure a smooth shipping experience for both you and your buyers.


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