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1. How to get more sales on Etsy: 13 Effective methods

How to get more sales on Etsy in 2024: 13 Proven strategies

Updated Jan 15 2024

It’s no secret that few ecommerce marketplaces are as competitive as Etsy. With nearly 7.5 million active sellers across the Etsy platform alone, even your most innovative and eye-catching product designs can struggle to capture customers' attention. Before long, you can find yourself searching Google for how to get more sales on Etsy or how to make your storefront stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to learn how to get more sales on Etsy, you’ve come to the right place! As competition throughout the marketplace remains high, we’ve gathered 13 of the top proven strategies to transform a basic Etsy storefront into a great online shopping platform. Keep reading to discover various time-tested techniques to boost your Etsy sales for long-term profitability.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • From writing detailed product listings to capturing high-quality product images, Etsy store optimization is a key factor in gaining more sales.

  • A customer-focused sales approach, including social media promotion, email marketing, and quality customer service, is essential for attracting customers.

  • Print on demand services are preferred by Etsy sellers to expand existing product listings and offer marketplace customers more options that increase sales opportunities.

How to get more sales on Etsy: 13 Effective methods

Between quirky apparel and eccentric home décor, the Etsy marketplace is bursting with unique product offerings that drive stiff competition for ecommerce sellers who are new to the platform or have yet to revamp their Etsy marketing strategy. When considering how to get more sales on Etsy, look no further than these 13 effective methods to elevate your storefront in the Etsy algorithm.

1. Optimize your product listings

optimise listings

The first step to drive more traffic — and sales — to your Etsy store is to optimize your product listings. Without optimized product listings, Etsy shoppers can have a difficult time locating your products or gaining enough information to make a purchase decision, which can significantly limit sales. To increase your visibility across the vast online marketplace, start with your product descriptions. 

Each Etsy listing must contain detailed product descriptions with relevant product keywords to allow the Etsy search algorithm to more effectively match a shopper’s product search with relevant results (including your products). To further encourage higher search rankings, attach up to 13 descriptive Etsy tags on each product listing, such as “bridal shower gift” or “customizable t-shirt.” 

Beyond relevant keywords and tags, ensure your product descriptions are also detailed and contain all the necessary product specifications a potential customer may search for before a purchase. Such information can include product dimensions, material types, and production methods to provide customers with everything they need to know to make a well-rounded purchase decision.

2. Offer free shipping

free shipping offer

In a recent consumer survey, 1,000+ online shoppers were given 20 shopping attributes and asked which would most likely lead them to place an order. Free shipping was the top choice, earning 76% of consumer votes! To incentivize sales, Etsy sellers may want to begin offering free shipping in some capacity, whether it's on specific items, minimum purchase amounts, or your entire storefront.

Remember that you’ll want to advertise your free shipping benefits. If you currently have a social media following, it may be helpful to develop an exclusive free shipping promo code to help convert your followers into prospective buyers for your Etsy storefront. To avoid cutting into your profit with free shipping incentives, be sure to incorporate shipping fees into the list price of the item.

3. Promote on social media

social media promotion

Speaking of your social following, social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok all present excellent opportunities to learn how to get more sales on Etsy. In addition to promoting their business and products, Etsy sellers who learn to engage with loyal social media followers help encourage higher brand awareness and storefront exposure that further supports sales potential.

Outside of organic social media promotion methods for your Etsy store, you can also harness the paid ad capabilities on each of these platforms. With a set budget and target demographics, you can develop eye-catching paid social media posts that appear in the newsfeed as an image, video, or product carousel to direct social media users to your storefront or particular product page and support new sales.

4. Use high-quality product images

high quality products

Alongside optimized product listings, it’s important to also use high-quality product images in support of boosting Etsy sales. Product listings that contain high-quality product photos have a higher conversion rate as they can better attract potential customers by standing out against competitors and providing viewers with a more detailed look into each product. 

Etsy sellers may want to consider the use of professional services to capture visually appealing product imagery that sets your products apart from the rest. Keep in mind that the Etsy platform allows sellers to upload up to 10 product photos per listing so be sure that you are capturing product images that provide a well-rounded view from varying angles and depths.

5. Share discounts and coupon codes

share discounts

Did you know 86% of consumers are influenced by coupons and discounts to try new products? When searching for how to get more sales on Etsy, you may want to consider offering your products at a discounted price through the use of limited-time promotions or coupon codes. These discounts can apply to your entire Etsy shop for new customers or be offered exclusively to previous shoppers.

For example, Etsy allows sellers to set timed sales on specific items like, say, your top-selling product. On the other hand, Etsy also allows you to put your entire storefront on sale to drive users to make a more immediate purchase decision. You can also create an exclusive coupon code to share with specific users, such as loyal social media followers, if you wish to offer more personalized customer incentives.

6. Build an email list

Email marketing can be a highly effective method for increasing Etsy sales, especially when targeting previous customers and existing brand followers. You can build a robust email list by collecting contacts through your existing brand website via a simple newsletter sign-up page or through your various social media channels, such as paid ad contact forms on Facebook.

Once you have an email list on hand, you can begin to develop email marketing materials, such as ecommerce announcements and monthly newsletters. Within these recurring emails, you can share relevant company information such as upcoming promotions, limited-time discounts, and new product announcements that direct readers back to your Etsy storefront and encourage a sale.

7. Check your pricing

With the highly competitive nature of the Etsy marketplace, it’s not uncommon for Etsy sellers to be stacked up against other sellers who offer similar products at comparable prices. Whether you offer unique handmade products or popular trending items, it’s important for you to double-check that your prices are appropriate (or reasonable to buyers) to successfully drive new ongoing sales.

When introducing new products to your Etsy storefront, conduct a bit of competitor research on the marketplace to determine how the top sellers of comparable products are pricing their items. Likewise, if you find that current items on your storefront are struggling to sell, it may be helpful to temporarily adjust the pricing for a few weeks to gauge if price positively impacts its rate of sale.

8. Provide exceptional customer service

When on the hunt to get more sales on Etsy, it’s critical to dedicate time to exceptional customer service. Because Etsy shops are completely virtual storefronts, valuable customers rely heavily on quality customer service to address their individual needs and concerns. If you fail to provide adequate customer service, you can say goodbye to new customers before they even convert.

On the other hand, ongoing positive customer service can help to secure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. Remember to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner and work diligently to smooth any order hiccups. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with customer service needs, consider hiring a virtual assistant responsible for addressing customer needs in a fast, friendly, and effective manner.

9. Check out Etsy Ads and promoted listings

While paid social media ads have shown to drive new Etsy sales, don’t neglect the power of dedicated Etsy Ads to encourage a spike in sales. Through Etsy Ads, marketplace sellers can advertise their products directly across various Etsy marketplace pages, including search result pages, relevant category and market pages, and within pages of similar listings.

To get started, you’ll need to set your desired budget and indicate which specific product listings you wish to advertise to improve the visibility of your Etsy store. If you’re new to ad services, don’t fret: Etsy Ads automate most of the management process by automatically optimizing your budget and placing your product advertisements in the most effective marketplace locations.

10. Consider cross-selling

Cross-selling is a sales tactic commonly used by Etsy sellers to increase the average order value (AOV) on their storefront. To cross-sell products, you must identify items that complement or enhance the use of an item a customer is purchasing. For example, an Etsy seller who sells women’s apparel may opt to cross-sell coordinating accessories, such as tote bags and phone cases, to increase the AOV. 

To effectively cross-sell on Etsy, remember that your goal is to offer products that complement your customers’ original selection. In most cases, you’ll find cross-selling opportunities through your top-selling product. Browse your current storefront to identify your trending products, then pair them up with coordinating items or design and list new products that complement these products.

11. Gather customer feedback

The success of an Etsy storefront relies heavily on customer reviews and feedback. As customers browse products across the Etsy marketplace, one of the first things they’ll do to make a confident purchase decision is review customer feedback on the seller and their products. More positive reviews will encourage more confident customer purchases, ultimately leading to more sales.

So, begin to follow-up with customers after they’ve received their order to gain feedback on the purchase experience. By first reaching out for their input, you demonstrate that you value your buyers’ opinions and can make the necessary updates that improve your general Etsy shop. From here, you can always encourage buyers to leave a review of their shopping experience, which can serve as social proof to build storefront credibility and gain long-term, loyal customers.

12. Join Etsy community spaces

As you strive to become a more successful Etsy seller, it’s important to know that you are simply not alone. Of the more than 7.5 million active sellers on the Etsy marketplace, the majority frequent Etsy Forums, a community space for members just like you! Here you can conversate with other Etsy sellers to discuss general concerns, questions, and tips on how to enhance your overall operation.

Through Etsy Forums, you can not only seek advice but also read through existing business knowledge discussions and recent Etsy announcements that can positively impact your sales success. The community space may also be a great outlet for you to connect with sellers who follow the same or similar product niche as you to potentially collaborate on fun future projects.

13. Expand product selection with print on demand

With millions of innovative Etsy sellers across the platform, it can be tough to stand out against the competition — especially if there are dozens of comparable options for your products within just one marketplace. Fortunately, with the help of print on demand services,Etsy sellers have the ability to easily expand into new product lines and custom designs, all with minimal risks.

From mugs and tumblers to wall calendars and wall art, print on demand partners (like Gelato!) offer a robust selection of customizable products to expand your current product catalog. Designing products through print on demand services allows sellers to create one-of-a-kind items that help give them a competitive edge and stand out amongst the vast selection of Etsy products. 

(Bonus Tip: With Gelato print on demand, you only pay for what you sell — meaning you can create endless new products with no upfront costs and continue to drive new revenue!)

Boost Etsy sales with print on demand

There are quite a few strategies sellers can take to increase Etsy sales and encourage long-term success. When scratching your head about how to get more sales on Etsy, rest assured there are proven techniques to up your profits. From the promotions and product listings on your storefront to your social media and email marketing efforts, now is the best time to experiment with multiple varying Etsy sales-boosting strategies to help your store stand out amongst the competition and increase sales. 

As you grow your storefront, partner with a reliable print on demand service to not only expand your product selection but also streamline your order fulfillment. With countless product customization options, Gelato print on demand makes it simpler than ever for Etsy sellers to list endless unique items without ever needing to manage inventory or hand-ship a customer order.

With the Gelato Etsy integration, you can easily connect your existing storefront with a free or subscription Gelato account to automate your order fulfillment process. Each time an order is received, one of our 130+ production hubs across 32 countries immediately gets to work to deliver your products quickly and reliably, with shorter distances and reduced carbon emissions.

If you’re ready to boost sales in 2024, discover how the Gelato Etsy integration can help.


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