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1. Why run Etsy sales?

How to run a sale on Etsy step-by-step

If you're looking to boost your Etsy sales, you've come to the right place. We've put together an insightful and easy-to-follow guide to walk you through everything you need to know about running successful promo campaigns on Etsy.

Ready to skyrocket your sales? Let's dive in!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Running sales on Etsy is important for enhancing your store's visibility and turnover.

  • Offer discounts in your Etsy store through various methods, such as using promotional sales, promo codes, targeted offers, and a coupon code.

  • Running a sale on an Etsy seller account involves choosing the right products and marketing your sale effectively for maximum visibility.

  • Manage sales growth through the Etsy app using social media channels as you notify interested shoppers of an ongoing sale.

  • Gelato's on-demand products can boost your sales and efficiency during promotional periods by effectively managing your inventory and production costs.

Why run Etsy sales?

Etsy sales encourage buying behavior, attract new customers, and help retain existing customers to increase turnover. They enable you to move inventory faster, attract Etsy's merchandising team for a feature during sales events, and provide a platform for marketing, including social media giveaways, all contributing to the growth and profitability of your Etsy business.

Approaches to offering discounts in your Etsy store

Crafts and discount tags

When it comes to boosting your Etsy store's performance, offering discounts is an effective way to win over customers and drive sales.

Let's explore various approaches so you can find the perfect strategy for your business.

1. Sales

All things considered, running sales on Etsy is an effective way to spur interest, encourage customers, drive traffic, and increase your store's income.

Here's how: 

  • Participate in sale events: Etsy regularly organizes site-wide sale events. Participating in these events could be a great way to attract holiday shoppers and, in turn, skyrocket sales.

  • Experimentation is key: Tweaking your discounts, promotional images, and sale duration can help you find the most effective formula for your unique audience and product range. 

  • Product variety matters: Offer a wide range of products during your sale. This can cater to a wider audience and increase the likelihood of multiple purchases. 

  • Strategic timing: Hot sales periods, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holiday seasons, are high-traffic times when customers are actively looking for deals. It's worth scheduling your sales around these periods.

2. Promo codes

If you're aiming to incentivize repeat purchases, generate buzz around your Etsy store, or simply want to reward your loyal customers, consider integrating promo codes into your marketing tab. 

Here's how to go about it: 

  • Standard discounts: This involves offering a flat-rate discount, like 10% off, using a code such as WELCOME10 - perfect for welcoming new customers or encouraging repeat business.

  • Free shipping codes: Nothing persuades a customer quite like the promise of free standard shipping. Offering a promo code that waives shipping costs can encourage larger orders.

  • Loyalty rewards: Loyal customers are the backbone of any successful business. Recognize their continuous patronage by offering special promo codes that other sellers are not providing.

  • Strategic product promotion: Got a product that isn't getting enough attention? A promo code that applies to that specific item can help stimulate interest and purchases. 

  • Time-bound promotions: Adding a sense of urgency can often boost sales. Consider creating limited-time-only promo codes to incentivize immediate responses from your customers.

  • Review-based incentives: Promo codes also have a role in post-purchase customer engagement. Offer codes to customers in return for leaving a review.

3. Targeted offers

Your customers are diverse, and so are their buying behavior, preferences, and needs. That's why implementing targeted offers in your Etsy store can help motivate specific customer segments to purchase.

Let's see how: 

  • Execute tailored campaigns: Based on your sale details and your customers' profiles, such as their age, gender, behavior, and interests, you can design campaigns that will resonate better with your audience. 

  • Do targeted market research: You can use Etsy's shop stats and Google Analytics to learn about your customers' and potential customers' behaviors, allowing you to design meaningful offers that can convince them to buy.

  • Explore Etsy's 'Make an Offer': This is a flexible pricing tool on Etsy, available for shops with the currency set to USD, that can help sellers quickly clear out stale inventory. It allows customers to submit price proposals for products, thereby attracting those who are more price-sensitive.

  • Utilize offsite ads: This Etsy tool allows you to reach more people and larger audience segments. It automatically promotes your items on high-traffic sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Consider paid advertising: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help you target specific countries or demographics with your sales, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

How to run a sale on Etsy step-by-step

Setting up online discounts

Discover the essential steps to successfully launch and manage a sale on Etsy. These practical, easy-to-follow tips will boost your shop's visibility and sales.

1. Define your sale

Before launching a sale, you must determine what kind of discount you're offering and on which products. Are you offering a blanket discount on everything or only specific items? You could consider offering higher discounts on older stock to clear inventory. For instance, you could offer a 20% discount on all items with an additional 10% off on items listed for over six months.

2. Choose the duration

How long will your sale run for? Etsy allows you to run a sale for any length of time. Timing is key – keep in mind the public holidays or align your sales around Etsy-wide sale events. Remember, longer sales may allow more customers to take advantage, but short, high-discount flash sales can create urgency and drive quick purchases.

3. Set up the sale

To officially set up the sale on Etsy, go to your Shop Manager, click on 'Marketing', then 'Sales and Coupons'. Click on 'New special offer', select 'Run a sale', and enter your discount, duration, and applicable items. Don't forget to name your sale – this won't be visible to the customers, but it will help organize your sales. 

4. Prepare your listings

Make sure your listings are optimized for Etsy’s search engine and appear appealing. This can include using professional product photography, implementing Etsy SEO tips like using relevant keywords in your title and description, offering products in different colors and materials, and creating product bundles. Consider adding 'SALE' or 'Discounted' in your item's title or tags to attract potential customers.

5. Promote your sale

Simply launching a sale does not guarantee its success. Leverage social media platforms to get the word out, consider running a product giveaway as a sales-boosting tactic, or use Etsy's Promoted listings to increase visibility. For instance, a Facebook post announcing your sale, showcasing your star product, and calling to action for the sale's start date.

6. Analyze and learn

After your sale, take some time to analyze how it performed. Were there particular products that sold well? What type of promotion drove the most traffic? Use Etsy's built-in analytics for this. Learn lessons from each sale to apply towards your next one, continuously improving your strategies.

Choosing the right products for your Etsy sale

Assortment of craft items

Part of running a successful sale on Etsy involves selecting the right items to discount. Different strategies appeal to different types of buyers. 

Here are some strategies you might want to consider: 

  • Highlight bestsellers: Use the traction of your popular items to draw customers in. Buyers may be more inclined to explore your sale if they see your top products are included. 

  • Clear out stagnant inventory: If certain items aren't moving, a sale might provide the nudge buyers need to make the purchase. This strategy can help to free up storage space and reinvest in more profitable products.

  • Introduce fresh products: If you’re launching some new products or categories, including them in a sale can generate excitement and attract consumers to give them a try.

  • Create limited-time bundles: Offering product bundles exclusively during the sale could incentivize customers to buy more items. These bundles could combine complementary items, offer thematic collections, or simply provide a ‘Value Pack’ of popular products.

  • Highlight seasonal items: Play into the seasons with your sale. Offering discounts on seasonal products can present a timely incentive for buyers and ensure your products stay relevant.

  • Offer variety within sale items: Keep your sale interesting by offering a mix of products. Make sure there are items across a variety of price points, colors, materials, and product categories to cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

  • Pro tip: Remember, clever product selection can increase the chances of a successful Etsy sale. Test different strategies, monitor their performance, learn from the results, and adjust for future sales.

Marketing your Etsy sale for maximum visibility

Marketing plan on desk

Now that you have set your items on sale, the next course of action is to ensure potential customers are aware of your incredible deals. Here's how you can make your Etsy sale the talk of the town: 

  • Utilize social media platforms: These are indispensable tools for spreading the word about your sale. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are notable for their wide reach and interactive audience. 

  • Optimize your SEO: Utilize keywords that your prospective customers might use when searching for products similar to yours. This can significantly boost your products’ visibility in search results both within Etsy and on search engines like Google.

  • Join Etsy-wide sale events: Etsy occasionally organizes site-wide sales designed to attract a flurry of shoppers. Participating in this event can increase your store's exposure and sales.

  • Run product giveaways: Organizing giveaways is a conversion-centric way to generate excitement and potential customer leads. Pair your sale announcement with a giveaway to encourage sharing, tagging, and overall engagement.

  • Curate your product listing: Make sure your Etsy store is visually compelling with a well-organized grouping of goods. Offer items at various price points, different colors, and in-material options.

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Does it cost to run a sale on Etsy?

No, running a sale on Etsy itself does not incur additional fees. However, bear in mind that standard transaction and listing fees may apply for each item sold. These costs will remain regardless of whether your item is on sale or sold at regular price.

When to run sales on Etsy?

Choosing the right time to run sales on Etsy is crucial for maximizing your shop's potential. It's most effective during high-traffic shopping periods like the holiday season, during special events, or around the launch of new products. Additionally, participating in Etsy-wide promotional events can significantly enhance your store's visibility. This strategic timing can attract more customers and potentially boost your sales figures.

Can you run a sale on the Etsy app?

You can absolutely manage and initiate sales directly through the Etsy app. This tool offers comprehensive functionality, enabling you to control promotions and business activities from your smartphone. Its convenience allows you to operate your store and handle sales wherever you are, making it ideal for on-the-go business management.

How do I notify customers of a sale on Etsy?

Share your sales information effectively using the Etsy Updates feed and through your shop's announcement section, which is packed with relevant keywords. You can also promote sales events on your social media accounts or directly email subscribed customers about the upcoming sale with links to your Etsy shop.

How do you customize sale discounts on Etsy?

Customizing sale discounts on Etsy is straightforward and can be tailored to meet your business strategy. You can set percentage discounts across your entire store or on specific listings and choose the duration for which the sale will be active. This customization allows you to target different customer segments and optimize the attractiveness of your offers. 

Etsy's promotional tools enable you to schedule these discounts in advance, ensuring your sale goes live at the perfect moment to capture peak customer interest.


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