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How Gelato is rethinking sustainability - Sustainability Report 2020

NewsApr 21 2021

Gelato has set out on a mission to empower global ecommerce and the creator economy to serve any customer overnight with any customized product. Today the fast-growing Norwegian tech company releases its first sustainability report, which highlights how Gelato’s local production model is strengthening local businesses and communities, minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions.

Transforming on demand production

“Our approach to sustainability goes beyond Gelato and our care for the planet. We also empower people and communities by allowing every human being to become their own business owner. As our customers’ businesses scale, so do the local production partners and communities that fuel their growth,” says Gelato Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen.

The ongoing pandemic and border closures, as well as the increase in shipping costs, have demonstrated the strength and resilience of Gelato’s network. We already have more than 100 local production partners, and in 2020, 83 percent of orders were produced in the same country as where they were delivered.

Empowering the end-customer to make sustainable choices

“We believe that Gelato can play a role in moving away from mass production to mass customization, and from centralized to decentralized production. By expanding our network and enabling millions of ecommerce entrepreneurs to grow their global business, we are also making it possible for consumers to make choices that are better for people and the planet," says Müller-Hansen.

Some of the actions Gelato has taken in 2020:

ENVIRONMENT - Reduce environmental impact

  • Produced 83% of all orders in the same country as where they were delivered to.

  • Launched the Gelato environmental impact calculation, which enables customers to estimate potential carbon emission savings by moving from central to local production.

  • Used responsibly sourced, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and materials in our printed paper products and canvases.

  • Started to implement recycled paper in specific markets.

SOCIAL - Positive impact on people

  • Implemented the Gelato Supplier Compliance Program

  • Helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business and access a global market.

  • Empowered hundreds of local production businesses through Gelato’s production network.

GOVERNANCE - Act with responsibility

  • Risk-assessed 100% of suppliers in the Supplier Compliance Program.

  • Participant of the UN Global Compact since January 2020.

Read more about Gelato's sustainability progress here.

About Gelato

Gelato’s mission is to empower global ecommerce and the creator economy to serve any customer overnight with any customized product.

Gelato’s platform and network of more than 100 local production partners across the world, including Brazil, Russia, India, and China, enables ecommerce entrepreneurs and creators to sell their designs on custom products such as clothing, wall art, and books to customers anywhere, and have them made and delivered where and when they need them. Because the products are made on demand and closer to where they are delivered, delivery is faster and waste and carbon emissions are reduced, while also removing the seller’s need to manage inventory or cross-border shipping. Faster, smarter, greener.

Gelato has offices in 11 countries, including Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia, India, Japan, Russia, Sweden, the U.S., and the U.K. Its headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway.