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1. What is white labeling?

Top 11 white label business opportunities and ideas [2024]

Thinking of starting a business, but don't want the hassle of manufacturing your own products or creating services from scratch? Then white labeling might be the perfect solution for you!

In this article, we'll explore the top 11 white label business opportunities and ideas for 2024.  Whether you're looking for trendy products to sell online or in-demand services to offer clients, this list has something for everyone.  So, ditch the development phase and get ready to launch your business with the power of white labeling!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • White label products are produced by a third-party manufacturer before being sold to a reseller company which then sells them under its own brand.

  • White label business opportunities now make it possible to launch your own business selling anything from custom apparel or electronics to essential oils or cosmetics.

  • 11 top white label business ideas include print on demand for customized products, wall art, drinkware, apparel, home decor, accessories, baby and children's clothing, electronic accessories, digital marketing services, web design and development, landing page building services, and digital products, offering a variety of scalable and profitable opportunities with low overhead costs.

  • Deciding on the right white label opportunity involves considering your personal interests and skills, market demand and current trends, profit potential, scalability, and the ease of getting started, including startup costs and potential legal obstacles.

  • Launching a white label business involves identifying your target market, selecting a high-quality supplier, developing strategic branding, setting up an ecommerce platform, adhering to legal considerations and quality control, wisely choosing retail partners, and creating a dynamic marketing plan.

  • Incorporating print on demand into your white label business model makes it possible to sell customized products without having to worry about inventory, shipping, or even product creation.

What is white labeling?

Products with blank labels

In white labeling, a company acts as a reseller, purchasing a generic product or service from a manufacturer.  They then customize the branding, such as logos and packaging, to reflect their own brand identity. 

This allows them to offer a product or service to their customers without the investment of in-house development.  It's a strategic approach to expand offerings or enter new markets quickly.

Private label

Private label products are manufactured by third parties, but only for one company. For instance, imagine a more significant business that wanted to start selling its own brand of coffee, even though it didn't happen to have access to a coffee farm or roaster.

They might strike a private label deal with an established coffee roaster who agreed to create a blend specifically for them. While the buyer won't necessarily have anything to do with the creation of the coffee itself, they can still sell it under their own brand.

Private label products come in all shapes and sizes, from food and groceries to electronics and clothing. The critical thing to remember is that a private label deal involves manufacturing a product exclusively for a single client.

White label

Companies that provide white label solutions also make products intended to be sold under someone else's brand name. The difference is that these providers usually create products that can be resold by a variety of different companies.

Have you ever been browsing Amazon and come across multiple sellers offering products like LED lights or pet accessories that look remarkably similar? The odds are high that both sellers used white labeling to source their merchandise and that their offerings may have actually been created by the same company.

Many resellers choose to customize the products they purchase before reselling them in order to set them apart from other retailers who use the same white label provider. From white label software solutions to apparel, pretty much any generic product can become a white label business opportunity for the right reseller.

Is white labeling profitable?

It's no accident that white label opportunities are becoming incredibly popular with more businesses and retailers. White label services come with plenty of perks for businesses of all sizes.

Delegating the manufacturing of quality products to a third party can be much more time and cost-effective than producing every product in-house. It also opens up opportunities for small businesses and independent sellers who want to scale their businesses with less risk and more flexibility.

White label businesses offer remarkable profit margins. Since you aren't dealing with the hefty costs of production, margins are usually higher in white labeling. Even small businesses can increase product lines without the need for massive investments, thus proving white label models outstandingly scalable.

Comparing the costs of white labeling against in-house manufacturing, the cost-effectiveness of the former becomes clear. By outsourcing product creation, businesses save a lot on manufacturing equipment, labor costs, and operational expenses. 

This means more money saved and directed toward improving profits. Simply put, white labeling is the smart approach for businesses to make high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring they stay agile in the ever-changing markets of today.

11 top white label business ideas and opportunities

Piggy bank on product boxes

Print on demand providers like Gelato make it easy for you to create custom products across a range of product categories without purchasing inventory or incurring high start-up costs. The best part about the print on demand model is because the products are created on demand, you only pay for what you sell. 

When you partner with Gelato, you receive a completely white labeled solution. You will be the face of your business, retaining control over marketing and customer service. Your customers will shop your product offerings and place orders directly from your storefront. Once the order is placed, Gelato will work behind the scenes to fulfill your order and ship it to your customer in your branded packaging

For instance, say you wanted to start selling customized t-shirts online. You'd simply upload your design to your Gelato account, advertise the product under your own brand, and wait for a customer to place an order. At that point, we'd print your design on the shirt and ship it directly to your customer, allowing you to earn money without ever having to worry about keeping up with inventory or shipping.

Let's take a look at 11 great white label business opportunities that you can cash in on when you sign up for a Gelato account.

1. White label wall art

From posters to canvas prints, wall art is one of those products that never go out of style. If you want to turn your custom artwork or graphic design prints into extra income, then the white label model is a great way to do it.

When graphic designers and artists partner with a white label provider like Gelato, they can enjoy selling their prints to multiple customers all over the world. Simply upload your designs and select the type of product you'd like to give your customers the chance to turn them into. We offer options such as:

2. White label drinkware

Whether you already have an existing business or are preparing to launch your first online store, you'll find plenty of great business ideas in the wonderful world of drinkware. Customized coffee mugs, travel mugs, and reusable water bottles make for solid additions to almost any white label business.

Whether you want to promote your podcast or your local sports team, customizing drinkware with your logo or unique designs is a great way to go. Gelato offers plenty of different white label drinkware products made from a range of high-quality materials, including:

3. White label apparel

Customized apparel presents plenty of great white label business opportunities for everyone from small businesses to ecommerce store owners. According to Statista, the global apparel market is forecast to pull in $1.79 trillion in 2024, and white label clothing design is a low-risk way to get in on the action.

No matter what your target market is, a white label provider like Gelato can help you offer your customers high-quality products featuring your own designs. You'll find plenty of different white label apparel products that you can customize to sell under your own brand, including:

Not only can selling custom apparel be a great way to generate income, but it's also a fantastic way to connect with your target audience or fanbase. Best of all, you never have to worry about ordering too much or too little inventory, allowing you to focus on bringing in more potential clients.

4. White label home decor

When you partner with Gelato, your artistic and graphic design skills aren't limited to wall art alone. If you have a larger collection you'd like to show off, you might consider featuring it in one of our white label calendars or photo books.

Both make great white label business ideas that offer your audience the chance to enjoy more of your work with a single purchase.

5. White label accessories

Looking for a great way to increase your profit margin and promote sustainability all in one? Consider offering accessories like tote bags to your list of white label business ideas.

At Gelato, sustainability is at the heart of our business. We focus on the use of sustainable materials and partner with over 130 local production providers to help cut down on carbon emissions.

Offering your customers high-quality, reusable tote bags is a great way to join the fight for a healthier planet and help reduce the use of single-use plastic bags. Customize our durable tote bags with your unique designs and turn them into a great white label business opportunity.

6. White label baby and children's clothing

If you have a blog or ecommerce website that focuses on kids and parenting, consider using apparel from high-quality white label brands to create your own children's clothing line. As any parent can tell you, kids are constantly in need of new clothes, so why not offer them under your brand?

Gelato's got plenty of white label products that you can customize to match the personality of your business. We offer a variety of colors, styles, and materials to make choosing the best products for your target market easy.

7. White label electronic accessories

Customized phone cases make for yet another unique idea for your white label reseller business. Given what an important role smartphones now play in keeping up with our daily and business lives, most people won't hesitate to invest in a high-quality phone case.

Cash in on white label business opportunities like customizing phone cases with your unique designs, photos, or slogans. At Gelato, we know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution in the phone case business.

That's why we offer customizable white label cases to fit phones of a variety of different makes and models. Incorporate phone accessories into your brand by choosing from a range of materials, such as:

8. White label digital marketing services 

Digital marketing services have really grown, with more and more businesses realizing the value of a robust online presence. However, setting up an in-house digital marketing team can be costly, making white label solutions particularly attractive.

You can provide services like SEO management, pay-per-click ad setup and management, content creation and marketing, and social media management, all under your brand, saving businesses the trouble of having to figure it out themselves. 

9. White label web design and development services 

Every business needs a website, and keeping it updated is essential. Offering white label web design and development services allows businesses to maintain a modern and professional online presence without needing to understand the intricacies of coding, UI/UX design, or website maintenance.

You offer the unique advantages of technical skills and experience required in the field, packaged as a service these businesses can sell to their clients. 

10. White label landing page building services 

Landing pages are vital elements of digital marketing campaigns. Many businesses require unique, tailored landing pages for their different products and promotions but lack the expertise or resources to develop them. By offering white label landing page building services, you fill this gap.

You can create high-converting landing pages and let businesses brand them as their own. This approach broadens their services while enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. 

11. White label digital products 

The digital world offers countless white label opportunities. Whether it's eBooks, software, or online courses, digital products carry several unique advantages.

One standout benefit of white label digital products is their scalability - once a digital product is created, it can be sold countless times, making it highly profitable. Another perk is that digital products don't require physical storage or shipping, reducing overhead costs.

How to decide which white label opportunity is right for you?

Choosing the ideal white label opportunity can feel overwhelming due to the range of options available. Here are some key factors to think about to find the best match for your business goals and interests: 

1. Your personal interests and skills

The first step is to identify what you're passionate about and your areas of expertise. Running a business needs commitment, and it's easier when you're genuinely interested. Evaluate your skills, past experience, and areas of knowledge.

2. Market demand and current trends

Offering a product or service with significant market demand gives you a greater chance of success. Conduct thorough market research to identify trending products or services. Leveraging these trends could position your product for success. 

3. Profit potential

While passion is crucial, so is profitability when it comes to a successful business. Study the historical performance of the product, the costs of manufacturing versus its retail price, and so forth. This can help you gauge the likely profitability of your chosen product or service. 

4. Scalability

As an entrepreneur, it's key to always think about the future. Is there potential for growth in your chosen business opportunity? Does it allow for expansion and an increased demand? Choose an opportunity that facilitates business evolution. 

5. Ease of getting started

Finally, consider how easy it will be to get started. Review factors like startup costs, time to market, and possible legal obstacles. Include exploring reliable white label manufacturers, creating a brand, and forming a distribution strategy in your considerations.

White label business tips

Diverse range of products

As you can see, there are now plenty of different white label business opportunities out there that can help you transform generic products into your own unique brand. However, in order to launch a successful business, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Create a solid brand identity

Both the good and bad news is that it's now easier to set up a white label reseller business than ever before. While this makes it possible for anyone to create their own unique brand, it also means there's a great deal of competition out there.

That's why it's so important to set yourself apart from other businesses by developing your own brand. This includes doing market research to identify your target market and the type of products that will most likely appeal to them.

You'll also want to use marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) and consider running marketing campaigns for your business on social media and through Google Ads. If you're not already familiar with these marketing strategies, you may want to look into digital marketing services that can help with content creation and more.

While some marketing agencies can be on the expensive side, it's possible to find freelancers who offer advertising and SEO services on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Networking with other retailers can also be a great way to get ideas for your business and stay on top of the latest trends.

Provide outstanding customer service

Providing outstanding customer service is also one of the most important core competencies when it comes to making the most of white label business opportunities. Make sure you stay on top of your online reviews to spot any potential issues your customers may be facing, and do your best to offer solutions.

Once they start bringing in a certain amount of revenue, many businesses even consider hiring a virtual assistant to help them stay on top of customer relations. The important thing is to ensure that your brand develops a solid reputation that customers can trust.

Leverage print on demand

Incorporating print on demand into your business model can make it much easier to scale your brand and bring in more business. Partners like Gelato make it possible to offer your customers high-quality products without having to worry about keeping up with inventory, sourcing materials, or order fulfillment.

With a great selection of customizable white label products, our goal is to help you enter new markets, increase your revenue, and decrease your overhead. While setting up a successful business takes some work, selling white label products can be very lucrative if you're willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Essential steps to launch a white label business

Knowing where to begin with your white label venture can be daunting, so we've listed additional steps to guide you on it: 

  • Identify your target market: Understanding your target market is crucial for the success of any business. Start by identifying their needs, preferences, and buying behavior to tailor your product offerings to specific market demands.

  • Choose a high-quality supplier: Selecting a reliable supplier is a key component in white labeling. A good supplier ensures high-quality, consistent products that promote your brand's reputation. Research suppliers diligently, and don't be afraid to ask for samples before committing.

  • Develop strategic branding: How your brand comes across to customers is paramount. Make sure your branding aligns with your product offerings, target market, and overall business philosophy.

  • Set up a robust ecommerce platform: Having a solid online presence is vital. Platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce can make it easy to establish an online store.

  • Legal considerations and quality control: Do not ignore legalities. Ensure any arrangements with suppliers are backed up with legal agreements. Maintain quality control for your product to provide customers the trust that your brand is reliable for delivering perfect buys every time.

  • Choose your retail partners wisely: Your choice of retailers can significantly impact your brand's visibility and reputation. Choose partners who align with your target audience and business objectives.

  • Create a dynamic marketing plan: Develop a marketing plan that defines a unique selling point and includes effective strategies such as social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising. Proactively improve your online presence to increase visibility.

Earn a profit with the white label business model

Starting your own white label business can be a great way to launch your own brand without having to spend a fortune on upfront business expenses. By utilizing business models like print on demand, you can sell your own customized products to customers all over the world without having to purchase anything that hasn't already been sold.

Want to take the first step toward launching your own white label business today? Sign up for a free Gelato account to find out more about how we're helping white label businesses everywhere cash in on unique opportunities.


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