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1. Top 10 Trending Halloween Apparel Designs

10 trending Halloween apparel designs + FREE graphics for your store

Elevate your sales this Halloween season! The time has come to excite your customers with new designs for your store. 

Discover trending apparel designs, get inspired, and enjoy FREE graphics templates for your ecommerce store.

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Main takeaways from this article:

  • The market for Halloween-themed products is impressive – in 2022, US shoppers spent just over $10 billion on spooky seasonal items! 

  • Halloween-themed apparel can be a unique addition to your ecommerce store. It attracts customers with designs that capture the spirit of the season.

  • Our apparel design ideas include skeletons, friendly ghosts, Wednesday Addams-inspired pieces, spooky bats, witches, haunted houses, jack-o'-lanterns, spiderwebs, black cats, and moonlit owls.

  • Apply designs across a range of products like t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies, to give them a spooky Halloween twist.

  • Get 10 free Halloween apparel design templates from Gelato, so you can jump straight into creating your own spooky Halloween-themed products!

Top 10 Trending Halloween Apparel Designs

As autumn leaves start to fall and the air chills, it's time for spooky season. Halloween is the perfect time for ecommerce store owners like you to cast a magical spell on your customers by introducing seasonal products. Here are the top 10 trending Halloween apparel designs for this year.


1. Skeletons

Skeletons are an enduring symbol of Halloween, reflecting the holiday's historical roots in remembering the dead. For those who want to add a touch of spooky coolness to their Halloween ensemble, consider the "Creep It Real" design with a charismatic skeleton striking a peace sign pose, radiating both playfulness and spooky vibes. Or evoke a sense of eternal love for Halloween with the “Heart hands” skeleton design. Imagine two white skeleton hands, forming a heart shape, vibrantly against a pitch-black t-shirt or hoodie. Alternatively, you could design a single skeleton hand for the left-front-side of a sweatshirt, to make a cute and fun Halloween outfit. 

The black-and-white contrast of this classic design is eye-catching. It invites a sense of mystery, a playful undertone that taps into the fun, spooky atmosphere, which is the hallmark of Halloween. Integrating this design into your product range can offer a unique, visually engaging item that's perfect for both children and adults who want to celebrate the season in a distinctive way. The visual pop of a white skeleton can elevate your products from the sea of regular Halloween merchandise, making your offerings instantly stand out.


2. Friendly Animal Ghosts

Halloween, for many, is synonymous with fright, conjuring images of haunting ghouls and creepy crawlies. But there's another side to this holiday that often goes unnoticed – its whimsical, lighter spirit. Now picture a friendly ghost, its welcoming, smiling face subtly adorning a child's t-shirt or a cozy onesie. Or make it even more playful with an animal dressed up as a ghost. You could have dogs, cats, ducks, and more in ghost costumes. There’s no reason you can’t get creative!

This sweet twist deviates from the traditional scary Halloween designs, giving a playful, more inviting seasonal product. It appeals particularly to customers looking for a softer approach to Halloween, especially for their little ones. The friendly ghost can be a welcome departure for those weary of the typically spooky themes!


3. Wednesday-themed Designs

Netflix's Wednesday series has catapulted Wednesday-themed designs into the spotlight. Imagine a beautifully detailed image of the iconic Wednesday, her signature braids and her gloomy, yet endearing personality brought to life on a soft hoodie or sweater.

This design offers a unique blend of classic Halloween gothic allure with a modern pop culture twist, which is perfect for younger audiences. By adding a Wednesday or Addams-family inspired design to your product lineup, you can draw in customers who are fans of the show and appeal to a broader audience that loves the Halloween spirit.


4. Salem, Massachusetts

Step into the mystical world of Salem, Massachusetts, and infuse your Halloween apparel with the essence of its legendary witches! Channel the enchanting spirit with designs inspired by Salem's bewitching history. Imagine witches swirling in a mesmerizing dance, adorned with intricately designed hats and poised atop broomsticks that exude an air of mystique. Just as the witches of Salem cast their spells, let your apparel designs weave a spellbinding tale. Embrace the eerie charm of the season with a touch of mystery and magic.


5. Hocus Pocus

Halloween would hardly be the same without the quintessential witch! Hocus Pocus is here to stay – the movie's cult following has only grown over the years, and it still holds a special place in many people's hearts.

What better way to celebrate than with a Hocus Pocus inspired design? You could opt for traditional imagery like a cauldron, or combine classic symbols of Halloween with modern elements like stylish fonts. Whatever your design may be, it's sure to spark nostalgia and bring some extra magic to your product range!


6. Haunted Houses

There's something eerily appealing about haunted houses – they capture our imaginations with their ghostly charm and an air of mystery. They're also perfect for apparel!

Picture an imposing, ghostly mansion, with broken windows and creaky gates. You could also have a simple graveyard scene, complete with crooked tombstones, swooping bats and a creepy old house in the background. The minimalistic lines are a classic, and you can experiment with bold contrasting colors such as black and bright orange, to make your design really stand out.


7. Cackling Jack-o'-lanterns

The grinning face of a jack-o'-lantern is a sight that's always linked with Halloween. Graphic designs featuring cackling jack-o'-lanterns can add a bright splash of festivity to your products. You could combine a pumpkin with fun Halloween-themed slogans, or simply use the image alone for a simple yet eye-catching design.

If you want to go for a less scary design and keep things more playful, you could swap the jack-o'-lantern for cutesy happy pumpkins with eyes and smiles that light up your product.


8. Spiders and Webs

Spiders and webs are a classic Halloween symbol, but you don't have to stick with the traditional spider web design. Instead of the standard web, imagine a spider web shaped like a star, a crescent moon, or a love heart. What about a web with words woven into it? "Beware," "Spooky Vibes," or a spider holding onto the phrase, "Caught in the fun!" These distinctive designs would make any Halloween product stand out from the crowd . 

The simple spider web design is perfect for apparel, and you can play with its size and orientation to give your design an individual look.No matter which design you choose, spiders and webs are sure to add a creepy-crawly touch to any Halloween product line.


9. Chilling Cats

Black cats, with their mysterious vibe and connection to superstition, are the perfect symbol of Halloween. To add a novel touch, picture a black cat with bat wings, a cat with a witch's hat peeking out of a pumpkin, or even a cat wrapped as a mummy. How about a series of cats representing various Halloween symbols – a ghost cat, a vampire cat, or a zombie cat?

For those who enjoy the elegance of minimalism, a cat's eyes and whiskers, with a hint of its tail, set against a dark backdrop, can be ideal for apparel. You can also pair cats with other Halloween motifs. A cat curiously pawing at a floating ghost or watching an owl in flight under a crescent moon offers scenes that are both charming and in tune with the season. 

Cats are the purrfect blend of cute, spooky, and mysterious. If they turn out to be popular at Halloween, you could even create a whole collection of apparel cat designs all year round!


10. Moonlit Owls

Owls, often associated with wisdom and mystery, make excellent designs. Their simple yet recognizable shape can easily be turned into an apparel motif, and you can add a Halloween touch with a bright full moon.

You could give your owl design an extra dose of creepiness with glowing yellow eyes - sure to give it a subtle but spooky look your customers will love.

Moonlit owls will add a touch of Halloween charm to sweatshirts and t-shirts, and will also work well on hoodies. You can also go all out by designing entire scenes featuring owls surrounded by spooky trees or silhouettes of bats flying against the moonlight. The possibilities are endless for your Halloween designs!

Exclusive Free Halloween Apparel Templates

To make things even more exciting, we're offering 10 FREE  Halloween design templates! Adding a spooky touch to your ecommerce store products has never been easier. You can access these files directly in the design editor to add to any product for free!

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