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1. Key Dates

Ride the retail wave: Your ultimate ecommerce guide from August - January

As we venture into the second half of the year, a little planning is essential if you want to stay ahead of the game. This article will cover key dates and ecommerce marketing tips for August 2023 through January 2024. We cover everything from the "Back-to-School" period to Christmas, New Year’s and Three Kings Day for our ecommerce sellers in Latin America. Let's make the most of these opportunities!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • It’s time for some ecommerce insights for the August-January period.

  • This guide gives a detailed walkthrough of key dates and top marketing strategies to dial up your retail performance.

  • From back-to-school to Three Kings' Day, get ready to make the most out of peak season!

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Key dates


1st – 5th September - Back to school season


2nd – 4th - Labor Day Weekend 


31st – Halloween


11th – Singles Day

24th - Black Friday

25th - Small Business Saturday

27th - Cyber Monday


25th – Christmas Day

26th - Boxing Day

31st – New Year's Eve


1st- New Year's Day

6th – Three Kings' Day (Spain, Europe & Latin America)

back to school


1st to 5th September - Back-to-school season

August is known as the "Back-to-School" month, a season of brand-new notebooks, pristine uniforms, and rejuvenated spirits. In the retail sector, this period holds an undeniable significance.

As schools throw open their gates, students are on the hunt for trendy fashion and accessories to kick off the new term in style. Simultaneously, parents are seeking convenient deals to stock up on school supplies without breaking the bank. With the demand for individuality and uniqueness never wavering, products that offer personalization, like customizable phone cases, tote bags, and apparel, tend to shine in this season. 

Keep in mind that the start of the school term varies by country. In Spain, for example, schools usually reopen in the first half of September, while in Latin America, the academic calendar can differ significantly. Adjust your marketing strategies to cater to these variations.

How to make the most of the back-to-school season

Kick off the back-to-school season with a bang, using these handy tips below:

Early-bird specials: Launching early-bird specials can help you tap into the segment of customers who prefer to complete their back-to-school shopping ahead of time. This strategy not only boosts your sales but also helps you build long-term loyalty with customers. 

Social media advertising and email campaigns: Utilize social media and email to notify your customer base about your back-to-school promotions. Creative and engaging content can raise awareness about your offers, spark interest, and get your customers excited about shopping.

Discounts for bulk purchases: Offering discounts for bulk purchases can be a great way to incentivize parents with multiple children to buy all their needs from your store. This can increase the average order value and help you boost your overall sales

Country-specific strategies: It helps to align your marketing strategies with the academic calendars of different countries. This will make you capture the maximum sales potential by catering to your customers' needs at exactly the right time. For instance, you could plan a separate "Back-to-School" campaign for your customers in Spain, launching it later than the one for your U.S. customers.



2nd – 4th - Labor Day Weekend

As summer draws to a close and September rolls in, the United States, along with Canada, celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday of the month. The long weekend that accompanies it is a well-anticipated break for many and traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer.

While the holiday was originally intended to honor the labor movement and the contributions of workers, it has since become a significant weekend for retail sales. Many people use this long weekend to make purchases, often taking advantage of the extensive sales and discounts offered by retailers.

How to make the most of Labor Day Weekend:

For ecommerce brands, the Labor Day Weekend presents an excellent opportunity to boost sales. Here are some strategies to consider:

Seasonal sales: As consumers expect Labor Day sales, consider creating a dedicated sales event during this weekend. You can introduce new autumn collections at promotional prices or offer some discounts for those last-minute back-to-school shoppers.

Themed campaigns: Leverage the spirit of Labor Day by launching campaigns that celebrate and honor the workforce. This could include special discounts for essential workers or exclusive sales for members of particular occupations.

Email and social media marketing: Make the most of your email lists and social media platforms to inform your customers about Labor Day promotions. Teasers, countdowns, and exclusive previews can build anticipation and drive traffic to your website.

Extended sales: Since Labor Day Weekend marks a long weekend, consider extending your sales to cover the entire period. This gives your customers more time to make purchases and can potentially boost your sales figures. 



31st - Halloween

October is a time of pumpkin spice and eerie nights, culminating in the increasingly popular holiday, Halloween. It's become a global phenomenon, embraced by various cultures, including parts of Europe. Did you know that it's the third largest retail holiday in the UK besides Christmas and Easter? That's right, it's the perfect time to capitalize on this special occasion and offer some spooky deals in your store.

It’s the perfect time to think outside the box and create unique offers for your customers. It's also a great excuse to increase the number of products in your store with some Halloween-themed items such as horror-themed artwork and spooky clothing. There are endless possibilities to drive sales and enjoy the spirit of this special spooky season!

How to make the most of Halloween:

The magic of Halloween lies in its unique blend of scary and fun. For ecommerce businesses, it's an occasion that allows you to creatively engage with your customers and boost sales. Here are some strategies to consider: 

Thematic products and promotions: Halloween isn't just about costumes; it extends to home decor, clothing, accessories, and everything in between. You can capitalize on this by introducing a line of Halloween-themed items – what about a zombie-covered water bottle or a skeleton-themed hoodie? Maybe some spooky printed posters?

Interactive social media campaigns: The visual nature of Halloween makes it a perfect holiday to put your social media platforms to good use. You could host a competition encouraging followers to share their Halloween costume photos or DIY decoration ideas. This has the double benefit of increasing engagement but also broadening your reach as people share their entries.

Unique offers: Stand out from your competitors by offering unique Halloween deals. This could range from 'buy one get one free' on Halloween merchandise, special discounts for the best social media post under your brand's Halloween campaign, or a mystery 'trick or treat' discount code.

Exclusive Halloween bundles: Consider creating Halloween bundles that cater to various customer needs. For example, you could offer a 'Clothing Bundle' with spooky matching-themed apparel.



11th - Singles Day

24th - Black Friday

25th - Small Business Saturday

27th - Cyber Monday

November ushers in a whirlwind of retail events that gives a sudden burst of energy into the end-of-year shopping scene.

Kicking off the month is Singles Day, a retail phenomenon that originated in China. Designed as a day for self-indulgence, it has evolved into a global shopping extravaganza that sees consumers worldwide treating themselves to a range of products.

Later in the month, the well-known shopping trifecta of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday offer back-to-back opportunities for ecommerce businesses to drive sales. Black Friday signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, renowned for heavy discounts and competitive promotions.

Coming right after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate and support small and local businesses. This relatively new date in the marketing world is growing in popularity every year, generating an impressive $17.8 billion for small businesses in the U.S. alone!

The shopping marathon concludes with Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to online deals. With the rise of online shopping, it presents an optimal chance for ecommerce businesses to capitalize on consumer spending.

November is a golden opportunity to close the year on a high note and set the stage for a prosperous holiday season.

How to make the most of November’s key dates:

Singles Day - November 11

Singles Day is a great opportunity to target the growing demographic of single individuals. Here's how you can make the most of this day:

Exclusive deals for singles: Highlight the benefits of being single with unique offers that celebrate individuality. Promote self-love and offer discounts on items typically bought in singles rather than in pairs or sets.

Personalization: Personalization is a significant selling point, especially for Singles Day. Consider offering customizable products or gifts, allowing customers to treat themselves to something unique.

Black Friday - November 24

Black Friday is a major retail event that can significantly boost your sales. Here are a few strategies:

Exciting countdowns and sneak peeks: Increase customer anticipation with countdown timers leading up to the event. Offer exclusive sneak peeks of your deals to newsletter subscribers or on your social media platforms.

Flash sales and limited-time offers: Generate a sense of urgency and excitement with flash sales and limited-time offers. Consider creating a VIP program offering early access to Black Friday deals to boost customer loyalty.

Small Business Saturday - November 25

Small Business Saturday celebrates and supports small, local businesses. As a small business, take advantage of this day to differentiate yourself from big ecommerce players.

Share your story: Humanize your brand by sharing your company's story or giving customers a glimpse of the people behind the scenes.

Collaborate with influencers: Create partnerships with other local influencers to offer package deals. This collaboration can drive more attention to your store and strengthen your local community. 

Cyber Monday - November 27

Cyber Monday is a massive day for ecommerce businesses. With customers eager to grab online deals, here's how you can enhance their shopping experience:

Smooth shopping experience: Focus on providing a smooth and efficient online shopping experience. Before the big day roles in, make sure you have a user-friendly website design, easy navigation, and a quick checkout process.

Free shipping and themed sales: Increase perceived value by offering free shipping. You could also create themed sales around popular categories or flash sales that rotate every few hours.



25th – Christmas Day

26th - Boxing Day

31st – New Year's Eve

December is a goldmine of ecommerce opportunities. As the final month of the year, it radiates a festive atmosphere filled with twinkling lights, joyful melodies, and a sense of generosity. The anticipation of holiday celebrations and gift exchanges adds a delightful fervor to the air! It also provides an ideal backdrop for ecommerce businesses to up their game and cater to the elevated consumer demands.

Gift-giving is a fundamental aspect of December's charm. As families and friends across the globe prepare to express their affection through carefully chosen presents, there's an undeniable surge in shopping activity. Whether it's parents searching for the perfect custom t-shirt gift for their child, a friend hunting for a unique mug that embodies an inside joke, or an individual indulging in some self-gifting, the ecommerce sphere buzzes with a heightened sense of purpose and excitement. For ecommerce businesses, this abundant gift-giving spirit translates into an extraordinary chance to showcase their products and services

How to make the most of the festive season:

Christmas Day - December 25

As a significant festival celebrated globally, the Christmas period presents a ripe opportunity for ecommerce businesses. Here are some strategies to boost your Christmas sales:

Exclusive Christmas deals: Enhance the holiday cheer with exclusive Christmas-themed products or limited-time holiday deals for the month of festivities. Maybe you could offer bulk deals on Christmas card purchases?

Gift guides: For consumers looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones, a gift guide blog post can give them some fresh ideas.

12 days of Christmas promotion: Encourage sustained customer engagement with a "12 Days of Christmas" promotion. You can reveal a new deal each day leading up to Christmas to keep customers excited and eager for more.

Boxing Day - December 26

Boxing Day is a significant shopping event in many countries. Here are some ways to make the most of this day:

Sales: With the holiday season nearing its end, Boxing Day is the perfect time to attract customers with substantial discounts and special offers. 

Charitable cause: Align your brand with a cause by partnering with a local charity and donating a portion of the day's proceeds. This can generate goodwill among customers and enhance your brand image.

New Year's Eve - December 31 

New Year's Eve marks the end of the year and a new beginning. Here's how you can capitalize on this occasion:

Thank you emails: Strengthen your customer relationships by sending personalized emails, expressing gratitude for their support throughout the year. This personal touch can boost loyalty and customer retention.

Year-end sales: Encourage customers to end the year on a high note with your products by offering year-end sales. This could include discounts on popular items or bundles, encouraging customers to make one last purchase before the year ends.

New Year countdowns: Create a sense of excitement and anticipation with a New Year countdown, revealing exclusive deals or special products as the new year approaches.

new years


1st - New Year's Day

6th - Three Kings' Day

January is a month full of new beginnings, with people feeling hopeful and determined as they set their New Year's resolutions. For ecommerce businesses, this is a great chance to update strategies and connect with customers' changing needs and goals. Tapping into this trend of self-improvement and goal-setting can help increase customer engagement and boost sales.

On January 6th, the festive spirit continues with Three Kings' Day, a big celebration in Spain and Latin America. This tradition of gift-giving keeps the holiday mood going, giving ecommerce stores another chance to sell special-themed products and keep the holiday sales going strong into the new year.

How to make the most of January’s key dates:

New Year's Day - January 1 

New Year's Day is a time of reflection and anticipation, where people set goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Here's how to seize this opportunity:

Motivational products: Launch a line of products with motivational quotes. From mugs and clothing to wall art, these items can inspire customers and kickstart their year positively. Consider offering a custom quote service where customers can have their personal mantra of the year printed.

New Year starter packs: Create and promote a "New Year Starter Pack", bundling together items that can help customers stick to their resolutions. Offering discounts on these packs can encourage bulk purchases and enhance customer value.

Three Kings' Day - January 6

Celebrated particularly in Spain and Latin America, Three Kings' Day involves gift-giving, similar to Christmas. Here's how to tap into this tradition:

Themed products: Release a limited edition line of Three Kings' themed products. Canvas prints featuring the Three Kings, special clothing designs, or other related items can pique customer interest on this festive date.

Storytelling: Use the story of the Three Kings to create engaging content, sharing the meaning behind the tradition and how your products tie into the celebration.

Plan ahead for the rest of the year

As we move towards peak season, keeping on top of all the upcoming important dates gives brands like yours the opportunity to reach even more customers. The beauty of these occasions is not just the increased sales potential, but the opportunity they provide for you to connect with your customers and build relationships.

At Gelato, we're here to help you to stand out from the crowd with personalized and unique products for every occasion. Download our peak season calendar to keep track of all the important dates and start planning your campaigns now. 

You don’t need a crystal ball to understand why it pays to start planning for peak season now. Get ahead of the game and make sure you’re ready when the shoppers come rolling in.


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