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1. 15 best Spreadshirt alternatives and online printing services in 2024

Top 15 Spreadshirt alternatives and competitors in 2024

Looking to branch out from Spreadshirt to other platforms that offer more tools, competitive prices, and a wider product range? This guide is here to help artists, creators, and print on demand enthusiasts find just that. We'll highlight top Spreadshirt alternatives, like the standout platform Gelato. Let's explore how expanding your options can impact your reach and operational efficiency. 

Main takeaways from this article:

  • The top 15 Spreadshirt alternatives in 2024 are Printful, Printify, Redbubble, Spring, Custom Ink, Zazzle, Society6, Merch by Amazon, Fine Art America, and CafePress, among others. 

  • Each platform offers unique features like integration capabilities, custom packaging labels, and eco-conscious practices.

  • To choose a Spreadshirt alternative for your POD business, consider product quality, pricing, product range, and integration capabilities with online stores as key factors to ensure you are equipped to meet audience needs, enhance brand reputation, and maintain profitability.

  • Gelato is a standout platform for artists looking to create and sell high-quality, custom merchandise effortlessly. With access to a diverse product catalog, localized production, quick delivery, and sustainable practices, artists can expand their reach and step up their operational efficiency.

15 best Spreadshirt alternatives and online printing services in 2024

Many online platforms offer a wide product range, easy-to-use integrations, and high-quality products. Here, we feature 15 top alternatives to Spreadshirt for your online business.

1. Gelato

Gelato logo/platform

Gelato is a print on demand (POD) platform that provides a wide range of products like custom clothing, mugs, stationery items made using high-quality press printing methods, and wall art using certified archival quality papers. Its easy-to-use interface lets you design your premium-quality products, and for a small fee, the platform offers branded packaging for a professional-quality presentation. Our solid production and delivery operations ensure your products arrive quickly and safely.

When it comes to customer service, Gelato is highly responsive and offers 24/7 customer support. One big plus for Gelato is its local production scheme; over 90% of orders are made in the printing and finishing labs in the destination country. This feature is not only eco-conscious, but it also saves money and time on shipping. Gelato caters to a diverse clientele, from independent artists to businesses of all sizes.

Pricing: Gelato offers a free forever plan and three pricing tiers, starting at just $24/month (billed annually). 

  • Gelato+: $24 per month

  • Gelato Gold: $119 per month

  • Platinum: Custom pricing

2. Printful

Printful logo

Printful is a top player in the POD industry, offering artists and shop owners a platform that's easy to use and packed with features. Serving a wide array of needs, from emerging creators to big businesses, Printful handles everything from production to shipping.

The platform works seamlessly with ERP and workflow systems, as well as ecommerce platforms like Shopify, further expanding the reach of sellers. The platform also provides packaging customization and dedicated customer support, and it's committed to sustainable practices. Printful stands out as a reliable, innovative, and environmentally conscious choice for independent artists, entrepreneurs, and established businesses. 

Pricing: Two subscription tiers are available: the 'Printful Growth' tier for $24.99/month and the 'Printful Business' tier, an upgrade from 'Growth' after reaching $60k+ over the previous 12 months.

3. Printify

Printify logo

Printify offers a vast product catalog and an easy-to-use interface that connects creators to print partners in 12 countries. By managing the production and shipping logistics, they make it easy for you to sell customized products. Whether you want to sell shirts online or explore other product categories, all you need to do is select a print facility when creating a product, which helps streamline fulfillment. 

This platform is compatible with many popular ecommerce sites and offers custom brand packaging options. Their customer support is always ready to help if you run into any issues. Plus, they work only with sustainable print service providers near the customer to lower shipping times and carbon emissions. Printify is a great option for creators who want to grow their business without sacrificing their creative freedom or product quality.

Pricing: A free plan is available for business starters, along with two paid subscriptions - 'Premium' at 24.99/month and 'Enterprise' for custom pricing.

4. Redbubble

Redbubble logo/platform

Redbubble is a well-known POD marketplace popular with independent artists. It offers a wide range of products, from apparel to home décor, making it a one-stop-shop for creators. The platform prides itself on its high-quality products, user-friendly experience, and swift delivery times. 

Artists admire Redbubble for their flexible margins and unique branding options, adding a touch of surprise to the unboxing experience. Redbubble's customer support is known for swiftly resolving issues and improving seller-buyer relationships. Moreover, they're committed to sustainability, partnering with environmental organizations for responsible production methods. The massive organic search traffic to Redbubble increases product visibility so that artists can reach customers all over the globe.

Pricing: Redbubble operates on a royalties-based system where artists can earn royalties ranging from 20% to 60%.

5. Spring

Spring logo/platform

Spring, formerly known as Teespring, gives you a place to design and sell a variety of quality items, from clothes to home décor. You'll find great customization tools here, perfect for creating unique products. Plus, Spring takes care of production, shipping, and logistics, integrating easily with platforms like Shopify. 

What makes Spring special? You get custom packaging options and exceptional customer service. They're also eco-conscious, using green materials. If you're an artist or an online store, Spring is a worthy option for broadening your range of products.

Pricing: The platform provides a pay-per-use model whereby you only pay for what you sell.

6. Custom Ink

customink logo/platform

Custom Ink is a popular POD service that offers high-quality, customizable products, such as apparel, wide-format signs, banners, stickers, labels, and more. It is user-friendly and can handle production and shipping, making things even simpler for users. 

They make inventory management a breeze for sellers by offering plugins for Etsy and Shopify. The platform allows for unique brand packaging for a personalized touch. Their customer support is known for being quick and efficient. For those who appreciate green options, Custom Ink's sustainability efforts make it an attractive choice for artists, creators, and small businesses who value both quality and green practices.

Pricing: Custom Ink offers all-inclusive, transparent pricing. Regardless of your order size, the initial price includes all services like professional design review and design consultations.

7. Zazzle


Zazzle is a go-to marketplace for a massive range of personalized products. Its user-friendly platform lets you customize everything from clothing and accessories to home goods and stationery items. Known for great quality, Zazzle seamlessly syncs with other tools, giving creators plenty of flexibility. 

The platform efficiently manages the production and delivery of orders. Plus, Zazzle's branding services give your products a polished look. They are appreciated for their friendly customer service team, always ready to solve customer issues. Not to mention, Zazzle is committed to sustainability. They prioritize ethical business practices and environmentally conscious sourcing and shipping. So, if you're an artist who cares for the earth, Zazzle could be an option for you.

Pricing: The platform offers a royalty-based model that lets you set royalty rates.

8. Society6

Society6 logo/platform

Society6 stands out by offering a wide range of products, such as home décor items, clothing, and tech accessories. The high-quality prints on these products offer good value to users and are a true representation of artists' work. Society6's user-friendly design tools make the customization process a breeze. 

The platform handles the production and shipping logistics, ensuring that the orders reach customers on time and in perfect condition. For artists and creators, Society6 allows them to add their branding to the packaging. The platform is also known for its prompt and effective customer service. What's more, Society6 is committed to reducing its environmental impact through sustainable practices. It is a perfect platform for artists looking for a simple way to sell their creations.

Pricing: Three plans are available - Basic, Pro, and Lite. With the Basic and Pro plans, you can choose your own prices, and with the Lite plan, you will receive 10% of the net sale as payment.

  • Lite: free

  • Basic: $4.99 per month

  • Pro: $12.99 per month

9. Merch by Amazon

merchbyamazon logo/platform

Merch by Amazon is an attractive platform for artists due to its vast product selection and the ability for artists to choose their own royalty rates. It's worth noting that the platform has a strict invite-only policy for sellers and that it does an excellent job of handling shipping and logistics, even offering Prime shipping for quicker delivery times. 

Merch by Amazon is well-integrated into the overall Amazon ecosystem, offering access to a robust print workflow and a larger customer base. While it may not offer much in terms of branding or audience building due to the lack of public profiles and social media links, the platform does provide good customer service. Merch by Amazon is a great choice for designers looking to tap into Amazon's extensive market. 

Pricing: Amazon Merch operates on a royalty-based model, eliminating any upfront costs for businesses.

10. CafePress

CafePress logo/platform

CafePress is a reliable option in the POD field. They offer a variety of products, including clothing and home decor. With their easy-to-use design tool, creators can make unique designs. CafePress provides top-quality printing and efficient shipping and can even connect to your website or social media.

They also prioritize sustainability by focusing on waste reduction and energy efficiency. Plus, their excellent customer service and packaging options create a great customer experience. This makes it a great choice for artists and businesses looking for a convenient, user-friendly platform.

Pricing: You receive a 10% commission for each sale you make on the platform.

11. Fine Art America

fineartamerica logo/platform

Fine Art America is praised for its extensive features and wide range of products. As an artist-focused platform, it offers the highest quality photo printing and a broad range of customizable products like art prints, clothing, and home items and is also known for using high-quality materials. The platform is user-friendly for artists, making it simple for them to upload custom artwork in minutes. 

The platform has a sound strategy in place for fast delivery. It integrates with third-party platforms and also provides custom brand packaging for a more unique customer experience. With excellent customer service and a dedication to green practices, they further elevate their service. Fine Art America offers a promising path for professional artists and art lovers to earn from their creativity.

Pricing: You have the choice to select the free standard plan or upgrade to the Premium plan for only $30 per year.

12. CustomCat

CustomCat logo

CustomCat offers 100s of products, all of which you can customize. This immense collection gives artists like you diverse choices for expressing your creativity. Known for excellent product quality, CustomCat provides handy customization tools and an easy-to-use interface. The platform can seamlessly fulfill both large and small orders, making it flexible for different creator needs. 

Online sellers will find CustomCat quite useful as it works seamlessly with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. It also offers branded packaging, giving products a professional touch. Their customer support is top-tier, and they prioritize eco-conscious shipping options, so they’re great for those who care about sustainability. Overall, CustomCat is perfect for creators, both big and small, who want to diversify their product offerings.

Pricing: Two pricing plans are available - the 'Lite' plan with free catalog access at standard wholesale rates and the 'CustomCat Pro' plan for boosting margins through a 20-40% discount on the entire catalog - priced at either $30/month or $25/month if billed annually. 

13. Threadless

Threadless logo/platform

Threadless is known for offering a wide variety of high-quality products such as custom t-shirts, hoodies, art prints, and home décor. With its customization options, Threadless lets you create custom t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Its interface is straightforward, which makes it easy for creators regardless of their experience level. Additionally, Threadless lets you customize your brand packaging, enabling you to create a more personalized experience for your customers. 

Threadless provides reliable production and delivery solutions, ensuring your products are delivered in excellent condition. Moreover, it has excellent integration features, making it easy to link your Threadless store with your website or online marketplace. In case of any issue or question, its customer service is always ready to help. Threadless is also committed to environmentally responsible practices, making it a good choice for artists and creators who prioritize quality, customization, and sustainability.

Pricing: Threadless allows you to either set your own prices or use their retail price management system. You make money by deducting the base cost and a 5% processing fee from the sale price of each item.

14. SPOD

SPOD logo/platform

SPOD is a great Spreadshirt alternative because of its excellent selection of products, including a variety of apparel and merchandise. The platform's features are designed to make the design and customization process easy for creators. Additionally, SPOD seamlessly connects with many ecommerce platforms to simplify production and shipping. 

What's more, SPOD offers the option to customize packaging, allowing customers to have a unique unboxing experience. With its prompt customer support service, concerns and inquiries are addressed quickly. On the sustainability front, SPOD puts emphasis on eco-conscious practices. Generally, SPOD is a perfect fit for creatives and businesses looking for a straightforward, reliable, and quality-focused POD platform.

Pricing: With SPOD, you only pay as you begin to make sales. All costs, including printing, are clear from the start. What’s more, they offer bulk order discounts to support your business growth.

15. JetPrint

JetPrint logo/platform

JetPrint stands out with its wide array of products, such as shoes, bags, swimwear, and home decorations. Their products are top-notch and come with easy customization options. Using JetPrint is a breeze thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface and excellent production and shipping. 

The platform integrates easily with popular ecommerce platforms like Etsy and WooCommerce and also offers branded packaging, giving your products a special touch. JetPrint's customer service is proactive and reliable, making their platform user-friendly. While they don't explicitly promote any green initiatives, JetPrint offers extensive features targeting print shops and businesses focused on product customization.

Pricing: You only pay for what you sell.

How to choose a Spreadshirt alternative for your print on demand projects

Choosing a Spreadshirt alternative for your print-on-demand printing needs might feel overwhelming. However, by considering these factors, you can make a well-informed choice:

  • Product quality: Put quality first. Better product and print quality can meet your audience's needs and boost your brand. 

  • Pricing: Look for competitive pricing options. Each provider's pricing can be very different, so choosing one with clear and reasonable rates is critical for your business's profits.

  • Product catalog: Make sure your chosen alternative offers a wide range of products like posters, mugs, cushions, hats, and embroidered items to cater to your audience's varied needs.  

  • Integration capability: Many t-shirt printing companies offer seamless integration with online stores like Etsy and Shopify. If you use these, choose a company that offers this feature.

Sell high-quality products with a leading online printing company like Gelato

Gelato's print on demand platform is a revolutionary platform for artists who want to effortlessly bring their designs to life. This platform allows you to put your artwork on a variety of high-quality products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, custom photo books, and wall art. Gelato not only gives you access to a diverse product catalog but also ensures that each product perfectly showcases your unique artistic style.

Moreover, the platform sets itself apart by offering localized production and quick and efficient delivery while also following sustainable practices and contributing positively to the environment.

So why wait? Explore Gelato's subscription plans and capitalize on the platform's on-demand fulfillment software services to create custom products and sell them with ease.


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