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1. 11 best Shutterfly alternatives for personalized photo gifts

Top 11 Shutterfly alternatives for high-quality photo printing

In today's digital age, capturing special moments is easier than ever. But when it comes to transforming those photos into lasting keepsakes, quality matters. While Shutterfly is a good option, there are other exceptional photo printing services in the print industry that are waiting to be explored. 

This post explores the top Shutterfly alternatives, highlighting their strengths in quality, customization, and product range. 

Whether you're a professional photographer looking to create photo books, an ecommerce business owner who needs an efficient printing process to fulfill orders of your online store, or simply someone seeking a platform to create personalized photo gifts such as photo albums and custom t-shirts, discover the perfect online printing service to bring your photos to life.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • These 11 Shutterfly alternatives offer high-quality, customizable photo printing services. They cater to a wide range of needs, from professional photographers to personal gift seekers, ensuring vibrant, lifelike prints using advanced technology and materials.

  • These alternatives are Gelato, VistaPrint, Moo, CafePress, Zazzle, Picaboo, Mixbook, PhotoBox, PsPrint, UPrinting, and Amazon Photos.

  • Each alternative excels in different areas, such as product variety, customization options, production times, and user interface ease. For instance, Gelato boasts a global production network and eco-conscious production processes, while VistaPrint is noted for superior print quality and professional branding opportunities.

  • Services like Gelato focus on exceptional print quality and broad product ranges, enhancing the user experience with intuitive design tools and fast production times, setting them apart as prime choices for quality-focused consumers.

11 best Shutterfly alternatives for personalized photo gifts

The desire to preserve cherished memories with personalized photo gifts is a universal one. Here, we list 11 popular alternatives to Shutterfly that will help you turn your favorite digital photos into treasured keepsakes.

1. Gelato

Gelato homepage

As a premier choice for high-quality print management, Gelato sets the bar high with an exceptional range of customizable photo products. This includes everything from phone cases and photo books to items like wall art and tote bags

The secret to our vibrant, lifelike printed photos lies in our commitment to detail, be it through high-resolution printing, professional-grade equipment, or the use of archival papers and inks. 

Gelato makes photo printing easy and efficient with its user-friendly platform. You can quickly upload photos, choose your layout, add your personal touch, and place your order. 

Plus, with our vast network of global production sites, you're guaranteed fast delivery and top-notch print quality. Gelato's commitment to quality control means your photos, whether for professional use or personal keepsakes, always get printed with exceptional quality.


  • Wide range of customizable products

  • High-quality, custom prints

  • Largest printing network globally

  • Eco-conscious production process


2. VistaPrint

VistaPrint homepage

VistaPrint, a veteran of online printing for more than 20 years, offers a wide range of products, such as business cards, flyers, photo books, custom mugs, canvas prints, pillows, photo coasters, notebooks, kids' water bottles, and customized calendars for small business owners and entrepreneurs to print photos and designs on. Known for its superior print quality, VistaPrint can make any artwork pop.

The platform also offers many customization options to personalize your products for consistent and professional branding experiences. It uses advanced printing and production technology and guarantees fast delivery without any loss of quality. The website is easy to use, providing a great user experience that simplifies the process for everyone, from business owners to artists.


  • Vast product range

  • Many customization options

  • Easy to use

  • Superior print quality


  • Longer production times for certain products like clothing, photo books, and promotional products

  • Lacks localized production facilities

3. Moo

Moo homepage

If you're looking for high-quality prints, give Moo a try. This service has existed since 2006 and is famous for its wide product range, which includes business cards, postcards, marketing materials like flyers, stationery, and branded merchandise. The print quality is impressive, with a variety of finishes and customization options. Moo uses top-notch printing technology, which ensures your photos are clear and vibrant.

A standout feature of Moo is its user-friendly design, which makes creating your product straightforward. However, their printing and production times can be a bit slow for certain items, which might be a drawback for some.


  • Great product range

  • Top-notch print quality

  • User-intuitive interface

  • Sample packs for business cards, flyers, and postcards are available for free


  • It can be expensive compared to competitors

  • Production hubs are limited to the US and the UK

  • Order turnaround can sometimes take longer depending on the production speed and delivery method selected at checkout

4. Zazzle

Zazzle homepage

Zazzle is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of customizable products. From custom apparel and accessories to craft and party supplies and home decor, its diverse product range provides various options to businesses and individuals. While Zazzle offers print on demand merchandise, the quality may not be ideal for professional photographers seeking top-tier results.

The platform offers easy-to-use design customization options, although some users find the interface to be cluttered. Production and delivery times may vary, occasionally being slower due to the complexity of the chosen product and the level of customization.


  • Diverse product range, including apparel and home décor

  • User-friendly customization tool


  • Quality may not be consistent for every product

  • Not a very user-friendly interface

  • Longer production and delivery times

5. CafePress

CafePress homepage

CafePress is a well-established online printing platform recognized for its wide range of customizable products. These include clothing & accessories, drinkware, and home decor, perfect for individual creatives and businesses. 

The print quality is decent but may not be ideal for professional photographers due to limitations in printing technology. Advanced customization options allow you to personalize each chosen product as per your preferences. However, the platform relies on traditional printing methods, resulting in longer production times. The user interface, albeit a bit outdated, remains straightforward and user-friendly. 


  • Wide product range for personalization

  • Satisfactory print quality

  • Simple, user-friendly interface


  • Longer production times due to traditional printing methods

  • Outdated UI compared to newer platforms like Gelato

6. Picaboo

Picaboo homepage

As a delightful alternative to Shutterfly, Picaboo aims to make photo printing a personalized experience. Known for its extensive range of products, from photo books and calendars to home decor, Picaboo impresses with its vibrant print quality. 

The platform allows you to flex your creative muscle with diverse customization options. However, the overly intricate user interface and experience may feel somewhat overwhelming to first-timers. Picaboo manages to maintain decent printing and production times.


  • Wide product range

  • Customization options

  • Satisfactory print quality


  • Complex user interface

  • Longer production times compared to some other platforms 

7. Mixbook

Mixbook homepage

Mixbook is a high-quality online print service that allows users to create custom photo products. From photo books to cards, calendars, and home decor items, Mixbook offers a diverse product range to choose from. 

The company is renowned for delivering exceptional print quality, with rich and vibrant colors, making every print product stunning. Users have the flexibility to modify existing templates or create their personalized designs. The platform's cutting-edge technology ensures quick production. Plus, its intuitive interface makes creating beautiful photo products a breeze, even for non-designers.


  • Vibrant print quality

  • Diverse product range

  • Robust customization options

  • Intuitive user interface


  • Slightly expensive compared to other alternatives

  • The company logo can't be removed from the products

8. PhotoBox

PhotoBox homepage

If you're looking for a website that specializes in personalized photo gifts, PhotoBox might just be your go-to. This platform stands out for its vast product range that includes wall art, photo books, calendars, mugs, and much more. The print quality is impressive, ensuring your memories are portrayed in the best light. It also offers a broad array of customization options for a truly unique end product.

PhotoBox uses advanced printing and production technology, promising fast turnaround times. The user interface is pretty straightforward, even for beginners. It guides you step-by-step through the design and order process, ensuring a satisfying user experience. 


  • Wide variety of products

  • High-quality print

  • Extensive customization options

  • User-friendly interface


  • Shipping times can vary

  • Print extends beyond product edges, which can somewhat distort the design

9. PsPrint

PsPrint homepage

PsPrint is a robust online printing solution that caters to personal and business print needs. With a wide product range spanning brochures, business cards, flyers, bookmarks, catalogs, booklets, and more, it's versatile and flexible.

PsPrint is known for its high print quality, maintaining exceptional detail and vibrant colors in every product. The platform is easy to use, enabling users to customize their designs effortlessly. Thanks to PsPrint's state-of-the-art printing technology and facilities, they are able to ensure rapid production and efficient delivery times. However, PsPrint only ships within the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


  • Wide range of print products

  • High print quality

  • Fast production times


  • No international shipping is available

10. UPrinting

UPrinting homepage

Uprinting is a popular Shutterfly alternative that offers a wide range of products, including business cards, brochures, catalogs, photo prints, apparel, and many other promotional products. The print quality is reliable and clear, and you can adjust the color intensity and saturation for perfect outcomes. 

Uprinting offers many customization options, giving you full control over aspects like paper type, size, and coating. Its advanced printing technology ensures fast production times and works seamlessly with its user-friendly interface. Users can easily navigate the design process with Uprinting's straightforward site layout and interactive design tools. 


  • Largely consistent print quality

  • Advanced customization settings

  • Time-efficient printing and production process

  • Easy-to-use interface and design tools


  • Limited pre-designed templates for certain products

  • No same-day pick-up

  • Shipping costs can be a bit high as they vary based on the destination, the number of packages, the weight of your order, and the shipping method chosen.

11. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos homepage

Amazon Photos offers a convenient way to print your photos directly from your Amazon account. While the product range focuses on basic prints in various sizes, it's a good option for quick and easy printing. 

The print quality is decent for everyday needs but may not be ideal for professional photographers seeking top-notch results. Customization is limited to choosing the print size and quantity. You can't personalize layouts or add text. Production is handled by Amazon, with turnaround times varying depending on location.

Printing through Amazon Photos is straightforward and integrated with your Amazon account. However, it lacks the design flexibility offered by dedicated photo printing services.


  • Members of Amazon Prime get unlimited storage for their photos at their original quality

  • Convenient printing from your Amazon account

  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Basic customization options

  • Print quality might not meet professional standards

Discover the Gelato difference in photo printing excellence

When it comes to transforming your cherished memories into lasting keepsakes, Gelato's print on demand platform stands out as the prime choice. The platform combines exceptional quality with a diverse range of products, from custom apparel and elegant photo books to unique wall art options like metal prints and acrylic blocks.

Gelato uses state-of-the-art printing technology and premium materials to ensure your photos come alive with vibrant colors and razor-sharp details. Our global production network, which spans 32 countries, guarantees fast turnaround times and convenient delivery options.

Here's what sets Gelato apart:

  • Museum-grade prints: Experience unparalleled color accuracy and razor-sharp details, transforming your photos into heirloom-quality keepsakes.

  • Unlimited products: Go beyond traditional prints and embrace the extraordinary. Design custom apparel, photo books, phone cases, tote bags, and even awe-inspiring wall art like canvas and acrylic prints.

  • Global reach, lightning speed: Our expansive network of print providers across 33 countries ensures fast turnaround times and convenient delivery options, no matter where you reside.

  • Effortless creation: Our user-friendly platform empowers you to design and personalize your keepsakes with intuitive ease.

  • Subscription plans: Opt for a subscription plan that suits your budget and unlock exclusive benefits for frequent printing needs.

Ready to elevate your photo-printing experience with cutting-edge online tools? Sign up for Gelato today and discover a world of possibilities for preserving your most treasured moments!


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