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1. Top 15 Printify alternatives for your print on demand business in 2024

Top 15 Printify alternatives and competitors to consider [2024]

In the bustling world of ecommerce, finding the perfect platform to bring your creative merchandise to life is key. That's where Printify has made its mark, but it's far from the only player in the game. As we dive into 2024, let's explore the top 15 Printify alternatives and competitors you should consider. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to switch things up, this guide is packed with options to fit every need and budget.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Explore 15 Printify alternatives, their unique features, product offerings, and integration capabilities with ecommerce platforms.

  • Many alternatives like Gelato focus on local production in numerous countries, ensuring quicker delivery and reduced carbon footprints, which aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability in ecommerce.

  • A common theme across most platforms is the absence of monthly fees, with costs incurred on a per-product basis. This model supports businesses in maintaining flexibility and scalability without fixed overheads.

  • The alternatives offer extensive customization options and a wide range of products, emphasizing quality in printing and product selection to ensure customer satisfaction and brand integrity.

  • With a growing consumer focus on sustainability, some platforms are highlighted for their commitment to eco-friendly practices, appealing to environmentally conscious brands and shoppers.

  • Each platform presents a varied pricing model and product catalog, enabling businesses to find the best print on demand company that matches their budget, target market, and creative aspirations.

Top 15 Printify alternatives for your print on demand business in 2024

Choosing the right print on demand companies is becoming an increasingly strategic decision in 2024. Here, we'll explore the compelling features of 15 top alternatives to Printify, helping you select the perfect partner for elevating your ecommerce venture.

1. Gelato

Gelato logo

Gelato is a powerful global print on demand platform that empowers businesses to expand their product lines and use their own designs to create and sell custom products. By partnering with local producers in 32 countries, Gelatos provides efficient and sustainable print services globally.


Gelato boasts a diverse range of high-quality products, including everything from apparel to home decor. Gelato's tools integrate smoothly with ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Etsy, ensuring seamless operations. The local production approach ensures quick delivery times and reduces carbon footprints by limiting transportation distances.


Gelato offers four pricing tiers designed to accommodate a variety of business needs.

  • The 'Free Plan' offers core features at no cost.

  • The Gelato+ plan, priced at $24/month or $239/year, gives you additional benefits that include up to 10% off products, premium mockups, access to a vast library of stock images and graphics, branded labels, and packaging inserts.

  • The 'Gelato+ Gold plan, available at $119/month or $1,185/year, includes up to 15% off on products, 30% off on branded labels and inserts, smart shipping pricing, and a dedicated success manager in addition to all the perks of Gelato+.

  • For enterprise-grade businesses, Gelato offers a Platinum plan with bespoke pricing.

2. Printful

Printful logo

Printful is a popular platform offering on-demand printing for businesses worldwide. It integrates with most ecommerce platforms and provides an accessible and user-friendly interface, giving you real autonomy in managing and growing your online business


Printful offers a wide range of products ─ including but not limited to apparel and accessories. The platform's unique selling proposition lies in its versatile design tools, which empower you to bring your design ideas to life. Furthermore, Printful offers warehousing and fulfillment services, a blog filled with insightful tips, and 24/7 customer support. 


Printful operates on a 'no monthly fee' model. You only pay when an order is made, making it a cost-effective option for many businesses. In addition to their 'pay as you go' model, Printful also offers two pricing tiers.

  • The 'Printful Growth' tier, available at $24.99 per month, is suitable for businesses that have reached a turnover of $12k over the last 12 months.  A 14-day trial is available for those who want to test the services, and support for unlimited stores per account is a big plus. 

  • As your business expands, you can upgrade to 'Printful Business' by hitting $60k+ turnover over the last 12 months. For embroidered products, digitization is offered for free.

3. Gooten

Gooten logo

Gooten is a robust platform that merges technology and print on demand manufacturing into a single service. Known for its reliable order management system, Gooten makes it easier for ecommerce owners to expand their product range while maintaining efficiency and quality. 


With Gooten, you can choose many unique products from their wide-ranging catalog. It also provides an integrated API for seamless cross-platform functionality. Its automated production and order fulfillment reduces the manual workload and potential for errors, creating a more streamlined process for owners. 


Gooten operates with a cost-effective model where you only pay for what you sell, making it a popular choice for startups and businesses testing new products. Charges are inclusive of production costs and shipping costs.

4. Prodigi

Prodigi logo

Prodigi is a global print on demand storefront that lets you monetize your creativity through a scalable and adaptable platform. By removing the limit on creativity and imagination, Prodigi provides every site proprietor the ability to design and sell tailored merchandise, thereby adding value to their brand. 


Offering diverse products and high-quality printing options, Prodigi stands out for its versatile API that allows for wide-reaching customizations. Noteworthy features include automated ordering, worldwide delivery, white-label shipping, and the ability to choose from a vast network of print facilities. 


Prodigi operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Signing up and operating a Prodigi account comes free of cost. There are no monthly fees. The only costs you will need to bear will be when you place an order. 

The costs will include costs of printing, packaging, and shipping. Remember that these costs may vary based on the product and the shipping destination.

5. Zazzle

Zazzle logo

Looking for a Printify alternative that enables you to create a wide range of custom products? Zazzle could be what you're searching for. This platform has made a name for itself in the ecommerce world, offering print on demand services that stand out for their user-friendliness and variety. 


Not only can Zazzle print your designs on clothing and home decor, but it also ventures into unconventional territories, like printing on office supplies and even pet accessories. The possibilities are, quite literally, only limited by your imagination. 


Zazzle offers standard pricing, where the cost is decided by the product you choose to customize and the amount you want to order. 

The Zazzle Plus tier, available at an annual price of $19.95, is a cost-effective option for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs to access great product quality at great prices. 

For bigger businesses, the Zazzle Plus Premium at $49.95 per year offers unlimited premium shipping on select products.

6. Redbubble


Redbubble is a global print on demand marketplace that's known for its wide range of customizable products. With a mission to give independent artists a new way to sell their creations, it stands as a creative hub with a vast array of products. 


Redbubble brings to the table a user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. It offers diverse product categories, such as clothing, home decor, and stationery. It stands out with its artist-centric approach, where artists set their own royalty rates. 


In terms of pricing, Redbubble operates on an artist margin system. This means the artist sets their own prices with the flexibility to earn what they deem appropriate for their work. They decide the retail price of their items by setting their margin above the base price. 

The base price covers Redbubble's service and the cost of manufacturing. There is no limit to margins artists can set. Whether they want a 10% or 100% markup, the choice is theirs. Redbubble pays you your margin - that's the profit you pocket - each time one of your products is sold.

Redbubble places each artist's account in one of the three membership levels based on their business journey: Redbubble Standard, Redbubble Premium, and Redbubble Pro

While Redbubble Standard is subject to an account fee, Redbubble Premium and Redbubble Pro are not.

7. Spring (previously Teespring)

Spring provides an all-in-one solution to create, sell, and deliver products online. It is a reliable Printify alternative that allows businesses to focus on their creative process while taking care of fulfillment and logistics. 


One of the primary features of Spring is its user-friendly interface, simplifying the design process. It offers various Merchandise categories for customization, including t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and more. In addition, the platform also provides marketing tools and tactics to help businesses run successful promotional campaigns. 


Spring operates on a free-to-start basis. The price you pay to the platform is incorporated into the final price of the product (i.e., the base price). Therefore, the business only pays once the product is sold.

8. Society6

Society6 logo

Society6 emerges as an exceptional platform for artists seeking to sell their designs globally. It's a socially conscious company offering a platform that empowers artists by letting them sell their artwork as lifestyle products and home decor. 


Key features of Society6 include the beautiful presentation of artwork, diverse product range, and beneficial revenue share model. Artists retain rights to their art and can choose from a wide array of merchandising options. This is complemented by easy-to-use design tools and seamless site navigation 


Their free plan restricts artists to 10 designs in their store and provides 10% of net sales in earnings. 

For more creative freedom, artists can upgrade to the basic plan at $4.99 per month, which permits up to 100 designs and lets artists set their own prices. 

The pro plan, priced at $12.99 per month, offers the most extensive benefits, allowing artists to feature 10,000 designs in their shop, set their own prices, and access valuable trend reports and analytics for strategic decision-making.

9. CustomCat

CustomCat logo

CustomCat is a digital solution designed for ecommerce players looking for a print on demand partner that specializes in apparel. Known for its fast fulfillment and worldwide shipping, it paves the way for online stores to offer a wider variety of products without worrying about inventory or logistics. 


Key features include easy integration with popular ecommerce platforms, a diverse catalog of over 300 products, and excellent customization options. CustomCat also prides itself on its commitment to quality, providing high-resolution, vibrant prints that last. 


CustomCat offers you two pricing plans to best fit your needs. 

With their 'Lite' plan, you have the luxury of free access to their entire catalog at their standard wholesale prices, allowing you to scale up your operations without any upfront costs. 

For those of you seeking better margins, the 'CustomCat Pro' offers a subscription plan at $25/month (billed annually) or $30/month (billed monthly). This pro plan provides you with an impressive 20-40% discount off their standard wholesale prices across the whole catalog, enhancing your profitability significantly.

10. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is a reputable player in the print on demand industry, catering to both individual creators and ecommerce businesses with its comprehensive custom merchandise services. It's a robust platform providing creative freedom to design and sell personalized products globally. 


Spreadshirt offers a simple user interface with numerous features like uploading custom designs, various product categories, global fulfillment, quality control, and brand customization options. You can set your profit margins while Spreadshirt handles inventory, production, and shipping. 


Spreadshirt’s model focuses on per-sale earnings instead of fixed service prices. Users set their retail price above the base price, and this margin becomes their earnings on every sale. This makes Spreadshirt a great option for business scalability.

11. TeeLaunch

Teelaunch logo

Starting in 2014, TeeLaunch has established itself as a leading contender in the print on demand sector. With a variety of products, it aims to offer a streamlined one-stop solution for ecommerce businesses. 


TeeLaunch focuses on a wide array of products, offering everything from t-shirts and hoodies to home decor and drinkware. They thrive on their automatic fulfillment service, which takes the hassle off your hands and straight onto theirs. 


Unlike other platforms, TeeLaunch doesn't charge any subscription fees. Instead, you pay for the cost of the product and a small fulfillment fee. This straightforward pricing model makes it an attractive option for those just starting out or on a budget.

12. Sellfy

Sellfy logo

Sellfy, a robust ecommerce platform, is also known for its stress-free print on demand (POD) services. Perfect for creative entrepreneurs, Sellfy not only provides an easy gateway for selling digital products but also offers a thoughtful solution for physical merchandise with its POD feature. 


Sellfy’s POD services shine with features that simplify online business operations. You get to select from a range of products, apply your designs, and let Sellfy handle production and shipping. Adding to this, the platform integrates easily with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud for streamlined marketing. 


Sellfy provides a versatile pricing structure. Starting from $29/month for a Starter plan, it moves to $79/month for a Business plan and finally settles at $159/month for the Premium plan.

13. SPOD

SPOD logo

SPOD is known for its rich ecommerce integration and swift printing times. With a focus on delivering quality products promptly, they are appreciated in industries that thrive on speed. 


SPOD works impressively with an extensive selection of customizable products. It offers excellent ecommerce platform integrations, easy-to-use design tools, and a special Sample Order provision that reduces product prices by 20% to allow testing. 


SPOD operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you only pay when you start selling. Their product cost includes printing, with no hidden fees. 

Moreover, they offer discounts on bulk orders, helping businesses scale without escalating costs.

14. AOP+

AOP+ logo

AOP+ is yet another worthy contender in the realm of print on demand. Known for high-quality custom branding, it helps you deliver a more personalized experience to your buyers. Its service is oriented towards worldwide shipping and providing a smooth online interface. 


AOP+ offers more than 200 products to customize as per your design. Users benefit from complete inventory management, automatic order fulfillment, limitless product creation, and high-quality image mockups. They even offer a unique custom barcode feature, which proves helpful in product identification and packaging personalization.


The AOP+ pricing scheme is pretty straightforward. You only pay for what you sell, which means there are no upfront costs or monthly fees. Aside from their pay-as-you-go service, AOP+ also boasts additional savings with their subscription-based membership plans: 

  • Super Member: This plan costs only $11.99 per month. As a member, you'll enjoy a 5% discount on all your orders—a great choice if you're seeking to scale your business while keeping costs low.

  • Hero Member: This plan, priced at $19.99 per month, comes with an even larger 10% discount on all orders. This is perfect for businesses pumping out high volumes of orders regularly. Cost efficiency is the name of the game here!

15. Print Aura

Recognized for its excellent customer service, Print Aura stands out among Printify's competitors. It allows custom branding and offers white-label solutions for seamless customer experiences. 


Print Aura's features propel it beyond standard print on demand offerings. These incorporate direct integration with major ecommerce platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and others. It also provides an array of product categorizations, benefits merchants with data-driven inventory management, and permits comprehensive design and customization tools. 


Print Aura follows a competitive and straightforward pricing model where there are no upfront costs or monthly fees. They charge solely for the products you order, which is ideal for start-ups and small businesses.

Key factors to consider when selecting a print on demand service

When you're in the process of choosing a print on demand partner for your ecommerce operations, it's important to reflect on a few crucial factors.

Let's go over five key considerations that can help you pick the perfect match: 

1. Product range

A wider variety of products allows you to diversify your ecommerce offerings. The breadth and depth of the product catalog can deeply affect your ability to stand out in the competitive ecommerce landscape. 

2. Quality of print

The quality of the print on your products is a direct reflection of your brand, affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Make sure the print quality meets your expectations and is consistently high across all delivered products. 

3. Pricing

Pricing plays a crucial role in your profitability. Before selecting a partner, examine their pricing structure, keeping in mind the cost of production, shipping, and any additional fees. Ensure that your chosen print provider offers competitive prices yet allows you room for a decent markup. 

4. Location of production

Some providers produce their products in one or two countries, while others, like Gelato, produce locally in 32 countries. Local production facilities can ensure faster delivery, lower delivery costs, and less environmental impact. 

5. Environmental impact

In 2024, sustainability is not just a fancy buzzword but a critical factor for discerning consumers. Your print on demand partner should be committed to sustainable practices, making use of eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize their - and, by extension, your business's - carbon footprint.

Elevate your online store with the right POD partner

Step up your ecommerce game in 2024 by partnering with the right print on demand service. By joining hands with Gelato, you can diversify your offerings with high-quality t-shirts, mugs, wall art, phone cases, and photo books.

With Gelato, not only do you get a vast range of products but also access to over 130 print on demand fulfillment centers, which means fast delivery and lower shipping costs. 

Ready to expand your brand's footprint globally? Sign up for Gelato today!


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