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1. The significance of Memorial Day for ecommerce

13 Memorial Day promotions and marketing ideas to try this year

Memorial Day marketing setup
BlogMar 4 2024
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Are you ready to maximize your Memorial Day sales? It's not just about offering discounts or creating attractive banners. This holiday, synonymous with summer's onset, picnics, and parades, is a key opportunity for ecommerce businesses to distinguish themselves and drive sales.

This article illustrates how you can grasp this opportunity with marketing and promotional strategies tailored for Memorial Day.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Memorial Day is a crucial opportunity for ecommerce businesses to boost sales and extend customer reach through creative strategies like custom products, exclusive sales, and limited-time offers.

  • Marketing tactics such as hosting social media contests, sending themed email campaigns, and creating interactive online content can enhance customer engagement while respecting the holiday's significance.

  • Involvement in community events, charitable donations in honor of Memorial Day, and collaborations with influencers or brands can increase brand visibility and promote a positive company image.

  • Effective marketing requires appropriate messaging that honors the essence of Memorial Day, incorporating patriotic themes in advertisements and promotions with sensitivity to the holiday's purpose.

  • Planning Memorial Day marketing efforts should begin in early May to build anticipation and ensure a cohesive strategy across all platforms, including offering custom merchandise as a tangible tribute to the day.

  • To avoid damaging brand reputation, it's crucial to avoid insensitive promotions and maintain a respectful tone in all Memorial Day marketing, focusing on products and activities that resonate with the summer season and the spirit of remembrance.

The significance of Memorial Day for ecommerce

For ecommerce businesses, Memorial Day represents a significant sales period. As a major holiday, it generates considerable customer traffic and purchase intent. People readily engage in online shopping, drawn by compelling sales and offers. 

Businesses can leverage this fervor to establish a strong promotional campaign highlighting unique products or unbeatable discounts.

13 creative Memorial Day marketing ideas for your online store

Looking for fresh, creative ways to drive sales this Memorial Day? We've got you covered with 13 innovative marketing strategies for your online store to make the Memorial Day shopping experience unforgettable for your customers.

1. Offer custom Memorial Day products

Patriotic themed products

If you want to stand out this Memorial Day, start by offering custom products. These can range from patriotic-themed apparel and accessories to limited-edition items that resonate with the holiday spirit. Think of items like t-shirts, hats, or pins featuring Memorial Day graphics or sayings. 

Not only will this make your merchandise more attractive, but it will also create a sense of urgency for customers to purchase. The uniqueness of these products can make them more desirable and help increase your overall sales during this period.

2. Launch exclusive Memorial Day sales and discounts

Who doesn't love a nice discount? Your customers are no different! So why not seize the Memorial Day holiday as an opportunity to roll out exclusive deals? Offering tailored discounts during this period not only helps to spur customer engagement but also drives up sales. 

Consider creating seasonal promo codes or unique product markdowns specifically for Memorial Day. Remind your subscribers through newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts. It is crucial to offer genuine value to your shoppers, so make these sales and discounts worthwhile to them!

3. Create special Memorial Day product bundles

Crafting special product bundles exclusively for Memorial Day not only churns out a sense of novelty but also reinforces customer value. Picture this: a captivating combo of your best-sellers, aesthetically packaged with an attractive price tag, presented as a 'Memorial Day special'. Irresistible, isn't it? It's a smart tactic to make your customers feel like they're getting more for their money. 

Plus, product bundles are incredibly versatile. They can be as simple as two products sold together or as complex as a themed box of curated goods. Either way, they make the shopping experience exciting and economical, encouraging higher order values.

4. Introduce limited-time offers

Everyone loves a good deal, and Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to introduce limited-time offers to your customers. Perfect for driving urgency and encouraging immediate action, these promotions can range from flash sales on selected items to time-restricted discounts. Whatever your approach, ensure it aligns with your product offering and customer expectations. 

As an online retailer, your goal is to create an offer that's too good to pass up but also maintains a healthy profit margin. Always remember to clearly communicate the deadlines for your limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency.

5. Participate in or sponsor Memorial Day events

Community event sponsorship

Get involved in your community's Memorial Day events, or consider sponsoring one. This provides an opportunity to showcase your brand and products to a local audience. You could even set up a stand and distribute promotional materials or free samples of your products. 

Similarly, partnering with relevant online events can increase your visibility and reach. It's a digital age, so why not host an online webinar or Memorial Day-themed virtual event? Keep in mind that while it's a fantastic promotional opportunity, it's imperative to respect the sentiment of the day and celebrate with the appropriate decorum and reverence.

6. Donate to a charity in honor of Memorial Day

Donating to a charity in honor of Memorial Day is an excellent way to pay tribute to the heroes who have served our country. It serves a dual purpose — it upholds the Memorial Day spirit and garners goodwill among your customers. 

Choose a relevant charity that directly aids veterans or their families. Announce your initiative on your website, social media platforms, and through emails, creating awareness about the cause and promoting your brand's community involvement. Your consumers will appreciate your involvement and be motivated to shop from you.

7. Host social media contests and giveaways

Social media contests and giveaways can significantly elevate your brand's Memorial Day recognition. This promotional strategy not only enables increased visibility but also fosters customer engagement. Develop a unique hashtag related to your Memorial Day promotion. Ask your followers to use it in their posts or stories for a chance to win special discounts or exclusive items. 

This will motivate users to interact with your brand, drawing you within their social circles and potentially attracting new followers. Remember, beyond visibility, these contests are about building and maintaining relationships with your customer base, which is essential for sustaining long-term business growth.

8. Send Memorial Day-themed email campaigns

Email campaigns can be a powerful tool for connecting with your customers. Consider creating a special Memorial Day-themed email series to showcase your unique products or exclusive offers. Make sure your emails reflect the solemnity and significance of the day while also conveying your sales message. 

Visual elements like the American flag, soldiers’ stories, or images from memorial services can impart a sense of patriotism. Remember that tact and respect are key when you're using a holiday like Memorial Day for promotional purposes. Your email should honor the day first and promote your business second.

9. Collaborate with influencers and brands

Influencer showcasing Memorial Day product

Engaging with influencers or partnering with other brands can bring wide-reaching exposure to your Memorial Day promotions. Influencers have a loyal following who value their opinion, which makes them extremely effective in broadcasting your campaigns to a new pool of potential customers. 

Similarly, brand collaborations can enhance your company's visibility and credibility in the market and, at the same time, offer customers something unique that each brand cannot provide alone. Plan for meaningful partnerships that align not just with your product and brand values but also with the spirit of Memorial Day.

10. Implement patriotic website and social media branding

Deck out your website and social platforms in red, white, and blue to show patriotism. This doesn't only catch your audience's eye, but it also helps you connect with them on a deeper level as you honor the country's military heroes. 

Rotating banners, a revised logo or profile picture, or themed post backgrounds can do the trick. Don't forget to include American symbols or recognizable Memorial Day elements in a creative way. Remember, the goal is to evoke emotion and the holiday spirit, not overshadowing your product or service.

11. Conduct interactive online quizzes and polls

Engaging your audience is crucial in any promotional campaign, and what better way to do so than through interactive online quizzes and polls? These fun activities can revolve around Memorial Day trivia, surveys on favorite Memorial Day activities, or predictions on popular sale items. Not only do these quizzes and polls entertain your audience, but they also provide you with valuable insight into customer preferences. 

Furthermore, they create great opportunities for user shares and organic reach on social media platforms. Just remember, your quizzes and polls should promote engagement while remaining respectful of the nature of the holiday.

12. Share storytelling and educational content

Tap into the power of storytelling this Memorial Day by sharing impactful narratives surrounding the holiday. Memorial Day is a significant event, marking a time to honor individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. 

You can create a blog series or social media content that educates your audience about the history and importance of the day. Adding a human element to your brand could lead to increased engagement. Keep your storytelling genuine, respectful, and meaningful to connect on a deeper level with your customer base.

13. Encourage and promote user-generated content

Enjoying Memorial Day product

User-generated content (UGC) can have a tremendous impact on your Memorial Day marketing strategy. This can take many forms, from photos of customers enjoying your products to posts, blogs, and reviews. Encourage your customers to share their own content by creating a unique hashtag for your Memorial Day campaign. 

Share the best UGC on your own social media platforms - this not only rewards the customer with recognition but also serves as a genuine, trustworthy promotion for your brand. 

Real experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations can often resonate more powerfully with potential customers than traditional advertising.

Best practices for an effective Memorial Day marketing campaign

The following best practices can help you craft an engaging and impactful strategy that resonates with your audience while respecting the holiday's significance.

1. Use appropriate messaging and tone

The tone and substance of your marketing efforts need to respect Memorial Day's true essence. Avoid using overly sales-focused language – instead, approach your audience sensitively, focusing on the themes of remembrance, honor, and sacrifice. This keeps your brand true to the holiday spirit while engaging customers in a meaningful way.

2. Incorporate patriotic themes

Memorial Day is deeply rooted in patriotism, honoring those who served and lost their lives for our country. As such, it's only natural to incorporate patriotic elements in your promotions. Utilize red, white, and blue colors, or include classic American symbols in your promotional material. However, be wary not to overdo it. The goal is to show respect and appreciation while keeping the focus on your products or services.

3. Advertise respectfully

Memorial Day, while being a significant sales event, is, first and foremost, a day of remembrance for those who've served and made the ultimate sacrifice. Your marketing efforts, therefore, should acknowledge this fact. Use tactful wording and respectful imagery. Don't trivialize the significance of the day. It's a delicate balance to maintain but absolutely critical to show your audience that you respect the occasion.

When to start marketing for Memorial Day

It's crucial to plan your Memorial Day theme marketing well in advance. Starting your promotions too late might leave customers feeling rushed while starting too early could dilute the impact of your campaign. Ideally, launching your Memorial Day marketing strategy in early May gives you ample time to generate buzz and anticipation.

Sending out teaser emails about upcoming sales or exclusive products can excite consumers about your Memorial Day activities. Remember, consistency across all marketing platforms, such as your website, email marketing, and social media, is key to a cohesive and successful campaign.

Wrap up your Memorial Day strategy with custom merchandise

Wrapping up your custom Memorial Day strategy means highlighting products that resonate with your community. With Gelato, you've got endless possibilities to choose from. Offering tailored merchandise such as t-shirts or mugs can draw a unique sense of connection to your customers. Themed phone cases, wall art, and photo books also provide a lasting, tangible tribute to Memorial Day.

These products not only offer aesthetic appeal but also honor the core values behind this day of remembrance. 

Ready to leave a lasting impression on your customers? Sign up for Gelato today.

Memorial Day promotions FAQs

What can I sell on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to market season-specific items like outdoor grilling goods, summer fashion, and swimwear. Furthermore, patriotic-themed products or items linked to summer activities - camping gear, pool accessories, or gardening supplies - can also be attractive options for consumers during this holiday.

How do you market Memorial Day?

To effectively market your business for Memorial Day, it's essential to create targeted promotions that honor the significance of this holiday weekend. This includes launching an exclusive Memorial Day sale, engaging with your audience on social media, sending themed email campaigns, and collaborating with relevant influencers and brands to create meaningful Memorial Day marketing campaigns.

What is an appropriate Memorial Day post?

An appropriate Memorial Day post should pay tribute to the purpose of the day, honoring those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. While creating social media posts, maintain a respectful tone, incorporate patriotic elements, and avoid overt commercial messaging. Promotional elements should be subtle and seamlessly woven into your acknowledgment message.

What do you say in a Memorial Day post?

While creating a Memorial Day post, remember to show respect and honor for the fallen soldiers. You can express gratitude for the sacrifices of military members and uphold the spirit of patriotism. Craft your message in a way that soothes, uplifts, and unites your audience in remembrance and respect.

What not to do on Memorial Day?

On Memorial Day, avoid marketing messages that could be perceived as insincere or exploitative of the holiday's significance. Insensitive Memorial Day promo codes, inappropriate humor, and the misuse of patriotic symbols or themes may alienate customers and damage your brand's reputation.

What should I promote in May?

In May, promote items related to outdoor living and activities, given the approaching summer season. Memorial Day-themed products, summer apparel, grilling supplies, and gardening tools are popular. You could also feature health and wellness products, as May is Global Health and Fitness Month.


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