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1. Who is company swag for?

Company swag ideas employees and clients will love

Swag gives a brand life outside the computer, whether a chic hoodie, a sustainable tote bag, or a sleek, personalized phone cover. It increases brand recognition and loyalty by integrating the brand into a person's daily activities, environment, and lifestyle. It's also a great way to boost recognizability among clients, as well as freebies to hand out to employees. And it’s not just custom business cards, either–we’re talking about everything from custom swag boxes to employer brand promotion, our list below shows off some great company swag ideas everyone will love.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Corporate swag is a great way to boost brand awareness.

  • Giving company swag to employees, customers, clients, and the general public creates lots of goodwill.

  • You can add your company’s logo to a wide variety of products using Gelato’s easy-to-use online editing tools.

Who is company swag for?

Who wants great company swag? Remote employees, clients, customers, associates, partner businesses, the general public, and more. Here are just a few potential audiences to try out a new company swag idea on.

Gifts for clients and customers

Gifts of gratitude help build loyalty, and when it comes to your customers and clients, branded swag can be the ideal expression of appreciation. Items that have been carefully picked and appeal to your customers improve their experience with your brand and act as a memory of your working relationship. For the perfect gift, consider the following corporate gifting options:

  • Custom-made photo books, capturing significant milestones and successful collaborations in their business journey.

  • Personalized wall art pieces that resonate with the client's brand values and aesthetics.

  • Unique mugs imprinted with the client's logo or tagline, perfect for their office or home.

  • Stylish wall calendars customized with important dates related to the client's industry or services.

Swag for staff and associates

03_Inspirational phrases for t-shirts

Employees are the foundation of every business, and giving them swag is a terrific way to show your appreciation. Employees' sense of company pride and belonging is strengthened by well-chosen swag that they can use and enjoy, which furthers their connection to your brand. For your remote employees, consider these company swag ideas:

  • Customized clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve shirts that feature your company's logo, fostering a sense of unity and pride.

  • Branded tote bags, a practical gift for everyday use, perfect for carrying lunch, gym gear, or work essentials.

  • Custom wall calendars that feature team photos or highlight significant company dates, such as team-building days, company holidays, and project milestones.

  • Kids & baby clothing for employees with young ones, showcasing the company logo, fostering a sense of extended corporate family.

Gifts for public events and conferences

04_Funny sayings for t-shirts

Conferences and open events offer a great venue for showcasing your brand to a wider audience. While quietly advertising your brand, the perfect swag may pique interest, start conversations, and leave a lasting impression. Here are some great ideas for swag bags or swag boxes for your next team-building event:

  • Custom-designed roll-ups showcasing your brand or key messages in an engaging and memorable way.

  • Personalized multi-page brochures filled with key event information, details about your company, and maybe some fun facts or stories that align with the event theme.

  • Stylish tote bags with your company logo, a practical keepsake for attendees to remember the event and your brand.

  • Custom-made mugs as event souvenirs, perfect for a morning coffee reminder of the insightful conference they attended.

Types of company swag

02_Types of company swag

Sustainable swag

Making an eco-friendly company swag selection is a terrific approach to connecting with customers and staff who are becoming more environmentally conscientious. By providing goods that support these ideals, you not only contribute to a smaller environmental impact but also build up the credibility of your brand as an ethical company.

Office supply swag

03_Office supply swag

Branded office supplies act as constant reminders of your company's existence, keeping your brand at the forefront of customers' minds. These supplies, which range from pens to notepads, are not only useful but also powerful marketing tools since each time they are used, they gently promote your brand.

Drinkware swag

04_Drinkware swag

Drinkware with your company's logo on it, especially branded mugs, is a great way to keep your brand in the public eye. A well-designed mug with your logo printed on it can act as a consistent, comfortable reminder of your brand, whether it’s used for morning coffee or an afternoon tea break.

  • Personalized mugs, showcasing your company logo or a motivational quote to start the day right.

  • Custom mugs with individual employee names or their roles, adding a personal touch.

  • Mugs featuring creative designs or images that align with your brand's values or culture.

  • Commemorative mugs, celebrating a company milestone or achievement.

  • Seasonally themed mugs, adding a festive touch during holiday seasons.

Exercise swag

05_Exercise swag

What better way to spread the word about health and wellness than with fitness swag? Branded exercise gear can encourage workers to keep a healthy lifestyle and subtly remind them of the supportive role your company plays in their wellness journey.

  • Branded sportswear, perfect for promoting your company during workouts and fostering a sense of team spirit and unity.

  • Custom-made tote bags, great for carrying gym essentials like water bottles, towels, and change of clothes.

  • Branded t-shirts and tank tops, perfect for gym sessions, yoga classes, or outdoor runs.

  • ​​Kids & baby clothing for family-oriented sports days or events - your employees will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Holiday swag

06_Holiday swag

Seasonal swag can assist your brand in fitting in with the mood of numerous occasions and holidays, integrating your company into the festivities. These products, which range from winter-themed things to summer beach gear, can heighten the festive mood while quietly advertising your brand.

  • Seasonally themed cards (for both the EU + Rest of the World and the US & CA), adding a personal and festive touch to your holiday wishes.

  • Custom wall calendars for the new year, marking out company holidays and significant dates, a practical gift that extends the festive spirit into the new year.

  • Personalized photo books capturing highlights from the past year - a beautiful memento of shared experiences.

  • Custom wall art or posters with a festive or inspirational theme, to bring a touch of holiday cheer to homes and offices.

Travel swag

07_Travel swag

Travel swag may make your brand visible in new and interesting places by traveling with your staff or clients. These accessories, which range from travel cushions to luggage tags, are not only useful but also improve the trip experience.

  • Branded tote bags, a practical item for clients and employees on-the-go, perfect for carrying travel essentials or souvenir shopping.

  • Custom-made phone cases, protecting their device while subtly showcasing your brand, no matter where in the world they are.

  • Personalized travel mugs, ideal for a taste of home or a comforting reminder of your brand, even when they're miles away.

  • Custom wall calendars, handy for clients to mark important meetings, and for employees to keep track of work-related travel or vacations.

Outdoors swag

08_Outdoors swag

Your brand can reach parks, campgrounds, beaches, and more with outdoor swag items. These products appeal to everyone's sense of adventure and are useful in outdoor environments, thereby promoting your brand widely.

Personalized art and décor swag

09_Personalized art and décor swag

Your company can become a part of your clients' or workers' personal spaces with the help of artistic and decorative objects. This can include accessories for their workstations or residences, providing your brand with a strong presence in their daily lives.

Increase brand awareness with custom business swag from Gelato

Corporate swag is a fantastic tool for increasing brand awareness and creating a closer bond with your audience. Your brand can occupy actual spaces—offices, homes, gyms, and even holidays—that conventional advertising might not reach with the help of useful, appealing, and creative swag products. Every time a logo-emblazoned calendar is used, every time a branded coffee cup is used, and every time someone comments on a T-shirt with a distinctive design, your brand's visibility and recognition grow. Importantly, swag can promote a feeling of belonging and community among staff members and customers, deepening their relationship with your brand.

To bring these extraordinary company swag ideas to life, you need a production partner that goes above and beyond. Enter Gelato, the disruptor in the industry, with their groundbreaking localized production model. Gelato enables local, on-demand production on a global scale through the world's largest network for production on demand. With a footprint in 32 countries, Gelato empowers creators and ecommerce sellers like you to scale your business, reach customers faster, and revolutionize the way swag is produced, all while reducing waste, costs, and carbon emissions.

By partnering with Gelato, you gain access to their expansive network, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process for your personalized company swag, regardless of your recipients' location. This partnership not only streamlines your operations but also allows you to embrace sustainability, minimizing waste and environmental impact along the way.

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Corporate swag FAQs

What swag items are the most well-liked?

The popularity of swag items often hinges on their utility, quality, and alignment with the brand's identity. Practical items like branded T-shirts, mugs, tech gadgets, and office essentials tend to be well-liked as they seamlessly fit into everyday routines. However, novel and unique items like custom art, eco-friendly products, or high-end luxury items can also resonate deeply, particularly when they align with the brand's values or narrative.

Do people really enjoy company swag?

Absolutely! People generally enjoy company swag as it often combines utility with a sense of belonging or connection to a brand. Well-curated swag items can serve as a tangible representation of a brand's identity and values. For employees, it can foster a sense of pride and loyalty towards the company, while for clients or customers, it can enhance the brand experience and cultivate loyalty.

How can I pick the best company swag concepts?

Choosing the best company swag involves understanding your audience's needs and preferences, aligning with your brand's values, and ensuring practical utility. Conduct surveys to gather insights about what your clients or employees might appreciate. Consider the context in which the swag will be used - is it for an event, for the office, or for personal use? Balance practical items with novel, unique ones that stand out. Above all, ensure the quality of items, as this directly reflects on your brand.

How can I create corporate swag?

Swag creation involves a multi-step process starting with ideation, where the type of swag item is decided based on its intended use and audience. Once the product type is chosen, the design phase involves creating or selecting brand-related artwork or logos to be featured on the product. This is followed by sourcing the items from manufacturers and then customizing them with your branding using various techniques such as printing, embroidery, or laser engraving. Quality control is critical to ensure each item accurately represents your brand. Finally, the items are packaged and distributed as per the plan, be it for an event, internal use, or as customer gifts.


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