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1. How Spotify’s payment system works

How to make money from Spotify: 2024 guide

Are you an artist or creator aiming to make a ripple in the digital sea of music? Want to earn from your symphonies, streamline new chorales on the go, or simply boost your presence to reach a diverse, global audience?

From optimizing your artist profile to leveraging print on demand services for merchandising, this guide will walk you through different ways of generating income on Spotify in 2024. Ready to tune in?

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Making money on Spotify is possible through various strategies, including selling personal merchandise, optimizing your Spotify for Artists profile, and promoting new releases ahead of time.

  • Utilizing Spotify playlists and collaborations with other artists and brands can significantly boost your revenue streams.

  • Live event tickets, a strong social media presence, and diversifying into podcasting contribute to a sustainable Spotify music career. Sharing on other music streaming services also expands your audience reach.

  • Understanding how Spotify's payment system works is critical to maximizing your earnings.

  • Gelato's print on demand services can be a valuable addition to digital revenue, allowing artists to sell merchandise that aligns with their brand. This provides an additional income stream as well as stronger engagement with fans.

  • There's potential to earn from Spotify regardless of your listeners' count, but the number of streams significantly affects income. As such, understanding the Spotify payout per 1,000 streams and how many streams it takes to make $100 can help set realistic financial expectations.

How Spotify’s payment system works

Spotify's streaming service pays artists through a system known as Stream Share.

First, Spotify accumulates all the revenues from advertisements and subscriptions. Subsequently, they calculate an artist's share based on the percentage of total streams their music represents. Rather than paying per stream, the money is paid out in lump sums.

A big factor in these payments is the listener's origin - payments are higher in developed countries. Keep in mind that record labels and other intermediaries usually take a cut before the money reaches the artist.

How to make money on Spotify: Nine strategies for 2024

Here we'll reveal nine cutting-edge approaches to help you turn melodies into money on Spotify in 2024.

1. Design and sell your own merch

T-shirt design creativity

Music merchandise is not only an excellent way to monetize your art but also to strengthen your branding as an artist. Though it might seem complicated, designing and selling your own merchandise on Spotify in 2024 can be broken down into a few simple steps: 

  • Develop a brand image: Ensure that your merchandise aligns with the aesthetic of your music and brand, creating a coherent story about who you are as an artist.

  • Choose your merchandise: This could range from t-shirts and hoodies to posters and stickers. Choose what resonates best with your audience, and don't hesitate to get creative.

  • Generate excitement: Tease your merch on social media or during live streams to build hype before the actual launch. Offering limited edition items can also generate a sense of urgency.

  • Utilize print on demand: This service allows you to sell high-quality merch without worrying about inventory or shipping. You create the designs; they handle the rest.

  • Drive sales: Embed your merchandise store link directly on your Spotify profile, making it easy for fans to purchase while they are interacting with your music.

2. Verify and optimize your profile on Spotify for Artists

You, as an artist, are a unique brand. That's why it's crucial to verify and optimize your profile on Spotify for Artists to make sure it accurately represents you. Doing so not only builds trust but also connects you to Spotify premium listeners and potential fans. 

Let's see how: 

  • Verification: Apply for artist verification on Spotify. A blue checkmark by your name signifies credibility, making your music more appealing to listeners.

  • Profile optimization: Your profile is your first impression. Effectively utilize this space to showcase your personality and connect with fans.

  • Images: Upload high-quality images and keep them updated.

  • Biographical information: This is a great place to tell your story, share journey details, or signal upcoming releases.

  • Leverage links: Include links to your website and social media accounts. It’s a simple way to drive traffic outside Spotify while maintaining user engagement.

  • Featured tracks: Feature your top tracks, videos, or playlists at the top of your profile with the Artist's Pick feature.

3. Promote new releases early

Creating a healthy buzz around your new releases before they hit the platform can be an extremely effective way to generate revenue on Spotify in 2024. Here's how you can do it:

  • Tease your content: Give your audience sneak peeks of your upcoming work via social media or a newsletter.

  • Leverage the power of pre-saves: This allows your die-hard fans to have your music automatically added to their libraries the moment it’s released. It’s not only a great way to engage your fans, but Spotify algorithms notice this flurry of activity, potentially boosting your visibility.

  • Host a virtual launch party; You can utilize platforms such as Instagram Live or Zoom to build excitement and anticipation around your release.

  • Consistency is key: Continue promoting your music even after the release date to ensure you capture the widest listener base possible.

4. Leverage Spotify playlists

Curating music playlists

Spotify playlists have emerged as a powerful tool for musicians. When used strategically, they can significantly boost your reach and earnings. Here are some ways you should consider: 

  • Create and promote your own playlists: As an artist, you can curate your playlists featuring your music alongside others in your genre. It helps increase your exposure when shared with your followers.

  • Submit your music to Spotify-curated playlists: Spotify has an array of curated playlists. Getting your tracks featured can attract myriad new listeners.

  • Seek Spotify playlist placements from influencers: Many influencers create Spotify playlists. Being featured in one of these can generate considerable new interest in your music.

  • Use Spotify's algorithmic playlists: The likes of 'Discover Weekly' or 'Release Radar' can push your music to targeted listeners based on their listening habits.

5. Collaborate with other artists and brands

Collaborating with other artists and brands offers a dynamic way to stimulate growth and increase earnings on Spotify. Here are some key ways to make this strategy work: 

  • Joint ventures: Partner with other Spotify artists on albums, singles, or playlist efforts. This cross-pollination of followers can boost your visibility and sharing opportunities.

  • Brand partnerships: Partnering with relevant brands can add financial support and promotional opportunities. This could include sponsored content, product placements, or promo codes in track descriptions.

  • Guest appearances: Feature on other artists' tracks or invite them to feature in yours. This mutual promotion can help both parties reach new audiences.

6. Build a strong social media presence

Can't stress enough how vital it is for artists to establish a robust social media presence. This part of your strategy forms a direct line of communication with your followers and potential new listeners.

  • Ensure visibility on social platforms: To start, ensure your artist bio and record label are featured on all your social platforms. Share interesting content related to your music-making process; this could be behind-the-scenes footage or exciting plans for future projects. 

  • Engage actively with your audience: Engage with your audience - interact with comments, host live sessions, and hold outdoor events. These tactics keep your followers hooked while attracting new listeners. 

  • Create a buzz with contests or giveaways: Contests or giveaways can create a significant buzz around your profile. The contest's prize can be early access to your latest track or a signed copy of your album, building excitement around your music. 

  • Guide followers to Spotify from social media: Promote your Spotify music on popular social platforms, guiding followers from your social media to Spotify, furthering its reach. Ensure to track results using social media analytics to identify what's working and what isn't.

7. Sell tickets to live events

Tickets and event promotion

Live events have a strong connection with audiences and offer largely untapped potential for revenue generation. Here is how it works: 

  • Link to your event: If you have an upcoming gig or concert, add the information on your Spotify artist page. Make sure you're signed up to Songkick or Ticketmaster, as Spotify pulls information from these platforms.

  • Early ticket access: Provide early access to tickets for your Spotify followers. This not only helps in selling tickets quickly but also enhances loyalty amongst your fans.

  • Integrate with Spotify Ad Studio: Utilize Spotify Ad Studio to run promotional campaigns. Use these ads to announce tour dates, promote your event, and ultimately sell more tickets.

8. Try podcasting

Stepping into the realm of podcasting can be another prolific way of monetizing your Spotify presence in 2024. Podcasts draw in a massive, varied audience - presenting a fantastic opportunity for you to reach a wider listener base, share your experiences, and promote your music. Here's how you can make it work: 

  • Start a music podcast: Create a music-centric podcast where you discuss your creative journey, break down your songs, or talk about the music industry in general. This allows you to engage with your fans on a personal level whilst also promoting your work.

  • Collaborations: Inviting other musicians, music influencers, or industry professionals to your podcast will not only provide valuable insights for your audience but potentially expand your listener base through cross-promotion.

  • Monetization: Once you have an established listener base, marketing options like sponsors, advertisements, or listener donations could be a significant income source.

9. Share on other music streaming services

While Spotify is a pivotal player, diversifying your presence across other streaming services means you're reaching listeners where they're most comfortable. 

  • Apple Music: Apple's premium music service gives you an alternative way to connect with Apple's vast user base.

  • Amazon Music: Extending to Amazon Music reaches Amazon Prime's massive customer base and is pivotal for smart speaker listeners.

  • Tidal: Known for its superior audio quality and artist-first model, Tidal can be advantageous for more substantial revenues per play.

  • YouTube Music: Its video-centric approach presents unique promotion opportunities through music videos and visual albums.

These streaming platforms pay artists good money and offer unique features and opportunities for promotions. Being present on multiple platforms means more streams and, subsequently, more income.

Promote your Spotify music with print on demand merchandise

Monetizing your Spotify presence in 2024 offers an exciting avenue for artists and content creators to generate income through their music and related content. From leveraging Spotify's streaming royalties to engaging with fans via exclusive content and live performances, the opportunities are diverse and promising. Yet, one of the most impactful strategies to enhance your earnings involves merchandising—a potent tool to deepen fan connections and open new revenue streams.

This is where integrating Gelato's print on demand services into your monetization strategy can truly shine. Gelato empowers you to offer a wide range of custom merchandise without the traditional hassles of inventory management, upfront costs, or logistical nightmares. Whether you're looking to design and sell fashionable t-shirts, personalizable mugs, phenomenal wall art, phone cases, or photo books, Gelato's global network ensures high-quality production and swift delivery across the globe.

By choosing Gelato, you're not just selling merchandise; you're creating tangible connections with your fans, allowing them to support you in more ways than one. The simplicity of Gelato's integration means you can focus more on your music and less on the operational complexities of merchandising.

Ready to kick off your merch journey? Sign up for Gelato today!

Making money on Spotify FAQs

Can I make money on Spotify?

Yes, you can earn money on Spotify. As an artist, you monetize your music whenever it accumulates streams. These earnings come via royalties, which are determined by a number of factors, including the number of plays your song gets and the categories in which your music was played.

How many Spotify listeners do you need to make money?

To make money on Spotify, there's no specific number of listeners required. Earnings are typically based on the number of streams, not listeners. That said, more listeners often mean more streams. Strategically leveraging Spotify's features and building a strong online presence can help increase your listeners and, subsequently, your earnings.

How much do artists make on Spotify?

Artists' earnings on Spotify vary greatly, depending on several factors like listener count and contract agreements with labels. As of 2024, data shows that Spotify pays artists between $0.003 and $0.005 per stream on average. However, these are typical rates and can vary based on geographical location and the artist's deal structure with their label or distributor.

How much does Spotify pay artists per 1,000 streams?

Spotify's payout rate varies, but on average, it is reported to pay about $3 to $5 per 1,000 streams. This is affected by several factors, such as your negotiated contract, the listener's country, and whether the listener has a premium or free account.

How many plays on Spotify does it take to make $100?

The exact number of plays to earn $100 on Spotify can fluctuate due to varying royalty rates. However, based on an average payout of $0.0033 per stream, you'd need approximately 30,303 plays. Remember, this is a rough estimate, and actual earnings from your music streamed may vary based on several factors.

Who pays artists more: Apple Music or Spotify?

The rates of each digital streaming platform differ depending on various factors. Calculated per stream, Apple Music tends to pay artists slightly more than Spotify. However, the overall earnings can still favor Spotify due to its significantly larger user base, meaning more potential listeners and streams. Therefore, an artist's income largely depends on their popularity on the platform.


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