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1. 11 best-selling types of t-shirts

11 most popular types of t-shirts to sell in 2024

Updated Jan 15 2024

Name a more iconic piece of clothing than a classic t-shirt... we'll wait!

If you sell custom tees in your online store, you may already know the importance of offering high-quality shirts that don't break the bank.

Consumers demand the best regarding t-shirt quality, and we're here to provide you with the top-selling types so you can drive sales and build a satisfied customer base.

Let's jump right in!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Carrying highly popular and quality t-shirt types will establish your store as a versatile and reliable brand to shop with.

  • Crew necks and long-sleeve tees are essential t-shirt types to sell in your store, but carrying different t-shirt styles can appeal to a more significant audience.

  • Partnering with a print on demand supplier who offers variety in their products, from v-neck tees to crew neck t-shirts and tank tops, will position your shop as a top competitor.

  • Knowing a t-shirt's fabric, fit, cut, and weight is essential to choosing the right styles for your customers.

11 best-selling types of t-shirts

Once you've perfected your designs, it's time to find the best t-shirt styles to offer to your customers! Below are the 11 best-selling t-shirt types that are always in high demand by consumers around the globe.

1. V-neck t-shirts

2V-neck t-shirts

Originally designed to be worn discreetly underneath a dress shirt, v-neck t-shirts have grown in popularity in the last few decades for both men and women.

Thanks to the versatility of the v-neck, the comfortable fit, and its timeless style, this type of shirt is a solid choice for any online store selling different t-shirt styles.

Take Gelato's Premium Unisex V-neck T-shirt, for example.

Featuring superior combed and ring-spun cotton, tailored shoulder taping, and contoured side seams, your customers will purchase this v-neck t-shirt and never go back to any other style.

The v-neck can be worn under a dress shirt for men and women, under a half-sleeve or long-sleeve for extra warmth, or on its own in warmer climates. It's versatile and stylish in casual and formal settings.

2. Crew neck t-shirts

3Crew neck t-shirts

The crew neck t-shirt is the pioneer of casual shirts in the fashion industry.

Featuring a round neckline and a slim fit, crew neck shirts are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, depending on the wearer's mood and style.

This classic t-shirt is exemplified in Gelato's Classic Unisex Crewneck T-shirt. Crew necks are designed with heavier cotton fabric, a double-stitched neckline, and fitted sleeves, elevating a basic t-shirt into a timeless short-sleeve style.

If your customers are looking for a slim-fit t-shirt that is stylish and comfortable, the crew neck t-shirt style is the perfect t-shirt for any occasion.

3. Ringer t-shirts

4Ringer t-shirts

When it comes to small details making a significant impact, nothing comes to mind more than the classic ringer t-shirt.

Designed to look and feel similar to the crew neck, a ringer t-shirt has a contrasted band on the neck and sleeve hems, giving it a unique look.

For shoppers looking for a comfortable t-shirt with extra flair, ringer tees are a great option to carry in your store. They're a refined option in men's and women's t-shirt styles and look great on kids too!

At Gelato, we carry a cozy Unisex Ringer T-shirt, which features stylish fitted sleeves and a taped neck and shoulder seam with a regular unisex fit.

Like a v-neck t-shirt, this style can be worn under sweaters or jackets, paired with jeans or shorts, and looks good on every body shape and style.

4. Sleeveless t-shirts

5Sleeveless t-shirts

Nothing says "I'm ready for summer!" more than a stylish sleeveless t-shirt.

Once temperatures start warming up, shoppers will be on the market for trendy tank tops when they need a break from the heat and a basic t-shirt doesn't keep them cool enough.

Popular for sunny days, vacations and weekend getaways, gym clothing, running errands, or days at the beach or pool, sleeveless t-shirt styles can attract a broad audience of shoppers and will fly off your virtual shelves.

In our humble opinion, no summer attire looks and fits better than our very own Premium Unisex Tank Top. This shirt style features a modern fit and rounded neckline made from premium ring-spun cotton.

Our sleeveless t-shirts and tanks fit like a glove and will be a go-to summer staple in your customers' wardrobes.

5. Raglan sleeve t-shirts

6Raglan sleeve t-shirts

Attract sports lovers to your shop with a unique raglan sleeve t-shirt for summer nights at the ballpark, casual days at home, and everything in between.

Designed with a white body and colored sleeves, the raglan sleeve tee is loved by all genders and age groups and is much more than a basic t-shirt.

Typically worn in the warmer months, our Unisex 3/4 sleeve Raglan T-shirt is designed to keep wearers comfortable during the day and into the evening, thanks to its 3/4 sleeve length.

You can choose several popular sleeve colors that suit your brand and match your graphics perfectly. Raglan sleeves are an in-demand product for men, women, and children and can be worn year-round.

6. Long sleeve t-shirts

7Long sleeve t-shirts

As the weather cools, more consumers are shopping for long sleeve t-shirts that will keep them warm throughout the winter.

Whether worn under sweaters, jackets or by themselves, long sleeves are ideal for cooler temperatures (but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on style).

Designed to be worn as a layering piece or solo, our Premium Unisex Longsleeve T-shirt offers medium thickness and a super-soft feel. It provides a tear-away label for maximum comfort.

7. Premium t-shirts

8Premium t-shirts

For an elevated t-shirt, premium tees are a great option to carry in your store for shoppers who want high-quality t-shirts and are okay with paying a higher price.

Premium tees feel softer, smoother, and more lightweight than most t-shirts. They're typically made with better materials, including combed and ring-spun cotton.

Premium t-shirts are often worn casually but can also be appropriate for the office, workwear, and other professional settings.

Ideal for men and women, our Premium Unisex Crewneck T-shirt features a crew neck and short sleeves and is super-soft and smooth for a classic, refined look. If your customers prefer tight t-shirts over loose-fitting options, premium tees can check that box.

8. Performance t-shirts

9Performance t-shirts

Expanding your t-shirt offerings is always a good idea, and you can cater to the healthy lifestyle audience with performance t-shirts designed for the gym, running, and other physical activities.

Activewear is in high demand, with performance materials that are moisture-wicking and comfortable at the top of many shoppers' lists.

The material of our Performance Unisex Crewneck T-shirt is lightweight and breathable, keeping athletes cool during any workout.

With anti-fading color and print protection properties, you can't go wrong adding activewear t-shirts to your shop.

9. Heavyweight t-shirts

10Heavyweight t-shirts

Heavyweight tees are a versatile option if shoppers prefer variations to a long sleeve t-shirt.

Ideal for cooler temperatures, these t-shirts are more durable and made with thicker fabrics to keep wearers warm.

Our Heavyweight Unisex Crewneck T-shirt is made from one piece of cotton with no side seams for a standard, roomy fit.

The seamless double-needle collar and bottom hems are thoughtfully incorporated for extra durability and structure.

Heavyweight t-shirts feel heavier than most standard t-shirt styles but are still soft and comfortable in any season.

10. Organic t-shirts

11Organic t-shirts

Organic t-shirts are a must-have for the eco-focused shopper, and offering them will position your store as a sustainable brand worth investing in.

Organic cotton is produced and manufactured more ethically, requires less water during production, and contains no hazardous pesticides or chemicals.

The sustainability of organic t-shirts is picking up steam in the apparel industry, particularly as more consumers demand ethical and sustainable manufacturing and distribution processes.

That's why we're proud to offer an Organic Unisex Crewneck T-shirt, made with 100% certified ring-spun cotton.

It's a soft crew neck short sleeve shirt style and can be advertised and sold as women's and men's t-shirt options.

11. Graphic t-shirts

12Graphic t-shirts

Add flair and vibrancy to your t-shirt shop with a graphic tee or two (or ten!). Graphic t-shirts have been around for decades, and their popularity knows no limits.

From band tees to funny quotes, custom artwork, photographs, and more, you can appeal to a larger audience by carrying a printed t-shirt in your shop.

A graphic t-shirt can be short or long sleeves, Raglan sleeves, crew neck, tank top, and so many more. Offering more versatility in t-shirt types will increase your customer retention over time and ultimately drive more sales.

Whether you have a design in mind or you're going to hire a designer to bring your vision to life, know that when you partner with Gelato for print on demand, you'll have no trouble creating stunning custom graphic tees in an assortment of styles and customizations.

What to consider when choosing a t-shirt

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the best t-shirt types for your online apparel store. Explore the important details in this section so you know what to look for in popular t-shirt styles.


Choosing the fabrics for your t-shirts is important because it can impact how your custom designs look, how long the t-shirt lasts, and how satisfied your customers will be.

The common types of t-shirt fabric include:


Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for t-shirts because it is soft, durable, and affordable for most consumers. Cotton is gentle on the skin and feels soft; it's highly breathable and can be worn any month of the year as a base layer or by itself.

Cotton's primary flaw is its moisture retention and how easily it wrinkles; anyone who has ever taken a wrinkly t-shirt out of the dryer knows what a pain it can be!

Organic cotton

As we discussed, organic cotton is popular for its sustainability and eco-friendly qualities.

No pesticides or chemicals are used to grow the cotton, the farmers have more control over their product, and it offers a reduced overall environmental impact.

Organic cotton is typically more durable, softer, and longer lasting. Organic cotton's main downfall is that it usually costs more than standard cotton, but many consumers are willing to pay more for the quality and sustainability.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric made from plastic; it's quick-drying and stain-resistant, making it an ideal material for t-shirts.

Polyester is more expensive than cotton and needs to be more sustainable from an environmental standpoint, which turns some shoppers off.

Polyester cotton blend

A cotton/ polyester blend is the best of both worlds; soft, comfortable, quick drying, and odor-resistant. These material blends don't often print as well as standard cotton or polyester would, particularly with silk screen printing.


The three most common t-shirt styles include:


A regular-fit tee has a consistent fit throughout the body but leaves room in the sleeves and waist for various body types.


A slim-fit t-shirt can be flattering and appear more refined than a basic t-shirt. Tight t-shirts offer a modern style and are more fitted through the waist, chest, and sleeves.


Relaxed fit t-shirts typically fit looser than a regular tee but aren't overly baggy or oversized.


The main types of cuts include the crew neck, v-neck, scoop neck, and ringer.

Men and women wear most of these cuts, which are flattering in short-sleeve, half-sleeve, and long-sleeve styles. The cuts you select should work with any printing or designs you add to the shirts.


When researching weights, it's important to choose suitable t-shirt types based on weight.

Heavyweight fabrics are usually thick and warm, while lightweight shirts should be selected for short sleeves, tank tops, and performance tees.

  • Lightweight t-shirts usually weigh between 3 and 4 ounces

  • Medium-weight fabric is around 5 ounces

  • Heavyweight fabric is 6 ounces (or more)

Design and sell beautiful custom t-shirts with Gelato

To create a reputation as a reliable t-shirt store that offers quality and versatility, choosing the best t-shirt styles and fabrics is mission-critical.

Your designs may be compelling and creative, but without high-quality t-shirts in your shop, you'll struggle to hit your sales goals and build a loyal customer base.

As a print on demand supplier, Gelato takes the gold in offering high-quality printed t-shirts and many other customizable products. Get started today and browse our premium t-shirt styles here.


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