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1. What is Embroidery and how can it help your store?

How Embroidery can level up your ecommerce store

Embroidery is an ancient craft dating back thousands of years that still holds a special kind of charm in the modern world. With the invention of machine embroidery, this art form has now been automated and modernized. It’s your secret weapon to transform your products from ordinary to extraordinary.

The global decorated apparel market was valued at over $25 billion in 2022 and it's expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.9% until 2030. Embroidery accounted for over 40% of this global revenue in 2022, showing that demand for embroidered apparel is higher than ever.

And it's no surprise – the intricate beauty of embroidery designs adds a touch of elegance and style to everyday items. Our print on demand embroidery service allows you to customize your products with your own bespoke designs and text. Think customizable t-shirts with your logo or a hoodie with an eye-catching embroidered design. The delicate beauty of embroidery thread enhances the overall value of your products, and you can leverage that to increase your margins. Read on to learn more about how our embroidery service can help level up your ecommerce store.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Add a splash of premium to your ecommerce offerings with unique embroidery designs. Embroidered apparel sales generated around $10 billion in 2022, showing that there is huge potential to watch your sales soar if you start offering this product.

  • Embroidery on demand creates powerful upselling and cross-selling opportunities. You can entice customers with personalized embroidery items, exclusive designs, and limited editions – and watch your average order value climb.

  • Premium products mean premium pricing! Harness the power of custom embroidery to justify premium prices for your products. Give your customers the bespoke, top-quality items they're willing to pay more for and boost your bottom line in the process.


What is Embroidery and how can it help your store?

An embroidery service allows you to add decorative designs and patterns to a range of materials, most commonly textiles. It involves the use of different types of stitches and threads to create textures and patterns, resulting in a visually stunning and tactilely pleasing final product.

With Gelato's print-on-demand embroidery, you can easily integrate your own embroidered designs, logos, and artwork into your products. There's no need for expensive machinery or resources. Just upload your design and our machines will deliver the craftsmanship of traditional embroidery work with the efficiency of modern technology. 

This allows you to boost the aesthetic appeal of your product range while also providing a unique selling proposition. It’s something that could be the deciding factor for customers who are looking for something special and personal. Through embroidery designs, your store stands to gain an excellent opportunity to add value to your products and increase your overall sales. Let’s explore some of these benefits further below.


Premium product perception

Embroidery is often associated with a high level of craftsmanship. By offering custom embroidery or intricate embroidery patterns, your products can convey a sense of premium quality and high value. This in turn gives you the perfect opportunity to command higher prices and increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Your customers will be willing to pay extra for something that looks and feels more luxurious!

Retro appeal

Embroidery designs have a timeless quality to them. This makes them perfect for adding a vintage touch to your products. As fashion trends cycle through, 2023 has brought back the vintage embroidery trend, which makes it a great choice for today's ecommerce stores. Your customers will appreciate the nod to the past, and you'll be able to capitalize on the renewed popularity in a way that other stores can't.

Brand identity and recognition

Embroidery designs, particularly embroidered logos, can serve as a powerful tool for brand building. A consistent, unique embroidered logo becomes a visual representation of your brand that customers will remember and recognize. This sort of brand recognition can be invaluable for ecommerce stores, particularly in the long run.

Embracing sustainable fashion trends

As consumers become more conscious of sustainable fashion, offering print on demand embroidery designs on quality, durable products can align your brand with these values. Unlike generic, mass-produced fast fashion, unique, high-quality embroidered products give your customers the opportunity to invest in something special. It won't simply be discarded after a few wears; it's a statement piece that will be cherished for years to come.

Stand out in the crowd

We all love printed t-shirts and other textiles but personalizing them with embroidery makes an even bigger statement. Embroidered designs and custom logos give your products the edge in terms of quality and uniqueness. Unique and compelling embroidery designs can be a real ecommerce game changer. It helps your products pop and grab customers' attention amid a sea of sameness.


How to integrate embroidery on demand in your pricing strategy

Successfully integrating embroidery on demand into your ecommerce store goes beyond just offering it as a service; it also involves carefully considering how it fits into your pricing strategy. The custom nature, perceived value, and premium appeal of embroidery allow you to command higher prices, but it's crucial to strike the right balance. Here are some key considerations below.

Evaluate your costs

Before you can price your embroidery service effectively, you need to have a clear understanding of your costs. With Gelato, everything is transparent from the outset. You can quickly see exactly how much it will cost to produce an order of any size. This makes it easy to work embroidery into your pricing structure.

Understand your customer's willingness to pay

While embroidery can add significant value to your products, it's important to understand what your customers are willing to pay for this added value. Conduct market research or experiment with different price points to gauge your customers' price sensitivity.

Consider tiered pricing

Not all embroidery designs are the same. A simple logo or design may require fewer stitches than a complex, intricate pattern. Differentiating between these two options with tiered pricing is a great way to maximize your margins and give customers the flexibility to choose the embroidery style that suits their budget.

Factor in the value of individuality

The beauty of embroidery on demand lies in its ability to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. You can capitalize on this by emphasizing the individuality and exclusivity of your products and adjusting your price points accordingly.

Start upselling and cross-selling

Embroidery can be a powerful tool for upselling or cross-selling. By introducing limited-edition pieces, special collections, or seasonal designs, you can create a sense of urgency and drive additional revenue. 

Communicate the value

It's not just about what you're selling – it's also about how you sell it. Make sure you effectively highlight the quality, craftsmanship, and personalization that embroidery adds to your products. The more your customers understand the value of what they're getting, the more willing they'll be to pay a premium for it.


Types of embroidery stitching for your products

Embroidery stitches can make a world of difference to your designs by impacting the texture, complexity, and overall look of your products. Here's a quick overview of the different types of embroidery styles to consider: 

  • Flat Embroidery. This is a traditional technique where the design is stitched directly onto the fabric, resulting in a flat, smooth, and highly detailed finish.

  • 3D Puff Embroidery. This type of embroidery utilizes a foam underlay to elevate the stitches. It creates a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and dimension to the design.

Gelato currently offers flat embroidery. 3D puff embroidery is coming soon!

The other element to consider is stitch type. The most popular are:

  • Tatami Fill. Characterized by its tight, interlocking patterns that give a textured and durable finish, tatami fill is a type of machine embroidery stitch that’s used to cover large areas.

  • Satin Stitch Outline. Perfect for outlining designs or creating elements with a slight sheen, this type of embroidery stitch creates smooth, glossy lines.

  • Run Stitch. This is a simple, straight embroidery stitch often used for outlining designs, creating fine details, or stitching lettering or small motifs. 

As you can see above, there are various types of stitches to choose from. Embroidery digitizers will choose the best stitch type, based on your design. Here are a few things that they will consider when selecting the stitch type:


Consider the design complexity

The complexity of your design can dictate the type of stitch to use. If your design is intricate and detailed, you might need to opt for a more complex stitch. Conversely, if you’re after a subtle effect with minimal detail, then a simpler stitch may be more suitable.

Understand the desired texture

Different stitches can create different textures on the fabric. For instance, a 3D puff stitch can give a raised, textured finish, while a satin stitch produces a glossy line. 

Test different stitches

Every product is unique, and sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect stitch. Don't be afraid to order a sample to test out a few different stitches and ensure you’ve chosen the right one. Testing allows you to see what works best and can lead to unexpected and delightful results.

Leverage the expertise of your embroidery partner

Gelato’s digitzers have a wealth of knowledge about what stitches work best for different applications and will help select the best choices for your products.

Step up your ecommerce game with Gelato's embroidery

From personalized slogans and logos to intricate patterns and vivid designs, including custom embroidery in your ecommerce store can unlock a world of opportunities. And who better to partner with than Gelato?

With our wide range of embroidery options and reliably high-quality products, you can offer your customers the best in custom products. Try it out and create even more opportunities for your ecommerce business!


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