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1. Bella Canvas 3001 characteristics

A guide to Bella Canvas 3001 + size chart

Searching for a Bella Canvas 3001 size chart? Look no further; we've got what you're looking for here, along with a guide to this popular t-shirt line. Bella+Canvas has become one of today's most popular suppliers of print on demand (POD) t-shirts, and the 3001 line is one of their top-selling shirts. Learn all about the qualities that make this product such a popular t-shirt choice, and use our Bella Canvas 3001 size chart to start selling POD t-shirts to your store's ecommerce customers. We'll also answer frequently asked questions about the Bella 3001 t-shirt line.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Bella Canvas 3001 line t-shirts use combed and ringspun cotton for solid colors and cotton polyester blends for other colors.

  • T-shirts in the Bella Canvas 3001 catalog combine a soft feel with durable side-seam construction and a standard-length fit comfortable for both men and women.

  • Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts suit the needs of print on demand retail perfectly, using high-stitch density fabric for a smooth printing surface that delivers sharp, colorful prints.

  • Bella Canvas 3001 is a popular t-shirt known for its softness and quality, perfect for printing with Gelato's DTG technology and local production for fast delivery.

  • The Bella Canvas 3001 size chart includes women, men/unisex, youth, and baby sizes. Women's and men's t-shirt sizes generally range from S to 3XL.

Bella Canvas 3001 characteristics

Bella Canvas 3001 characteristics

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts feature a number of characteristics that have helped make this line of clothing so popular. Some of the most outstanding characteristics include:

  • High-quality fabric

  • Comfortable softness

  • Durable side-seam construction

  • Standard-length fit for ease of movement

  • Print on demand suitability

Let's examine why these qualities make the Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt line so popular with customers and so ideal for ecommerce retailers:


Fabric selection helps make Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts winning products. Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts use several types of high-quality fabrics:

  • Solid colors use 100% combed and ringspun cotton.

  • Heather colors, which interweave yarns to create shades of gray, use blends ranging from 99% combed and ringspun cotton and 1% polyester to 52% combed and ringspun cotton and 48% polyester.

Combed and ringspun cotton lends Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts a soft, smooth texture. Ringspun cotton enhances the softness of standard cotton by using ring frames to straighten each fiber, making it thinner and softer. This process makes ringspun cotton slightly more expensive, but customers are willing to pay for the higher quality.

Combing ringspun cotton makes it even softer by processing it through an additional step. First, the cotton fibers pass through rows of long teeth that lay them out in parallel strands. Then, impurities and tangles are removed, and long fibers are separated from short fibers as the fibers are laid out in long lines. This process results in fine, even smooth threads of exceptional softness. Combing adds quality to ringspun cotton, allowing combed and ringspun cotton to command a slightly higher price.

While cotton is soft, it absorbs moisture, requiring a long time to dry and making it prone to wrinkle and shrink. Adding polyester to cotton offsets this. Polyester resists moisture absorption and dries quickly, reducing wrinkling and adding durability. Blending polyester with cotton makes fabrics dry faster and last longer while preserving the softness of cotton. Bella Canvas 3001 fabrics that blend cotton and polyester combine the benefits of both fabrics.

Fabrics used in Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts combine softness with average thickness. Neither too thin nor too thick, Bella Canvas 3001 shirts are light and breathable.



Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts are designed to be comfortable for everyday use. They are suitable for casual wear as well as active wear.

The cotton fabrics and cotton polyester blends used in Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts make them comfortable to wear. Cotton fabrics are soft to the touch and gentle against the skin. T-shirts made from cotton are breathable, keeping wearers cool during warm weather and exercise activity. Cotton fabrics are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for wearers with allergies and sensitive skin.

Cotton polyester blends combine the comfort of cotton and polyester. Polyester resists moisture absorption and moves sweat away from the skin, a property known as moisture-wicking. Polyester fabrics also feel light. Polyester's moisture resistance and lightness make it comfortable to wear during hot conditions or exercise. A downside is that some wearers may find their skin is sensitive to polyester.


Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts offer durability. The cotton and polyester fabrics used in Bella Canvas 3001 shirts possess high durability both in terms of their sturdiness and their ability to maintain t-shirt design quality through multiple wash cycles.

Cotton has natural durability. The cells composing cotton fibers are built of interlocking layers, giving cotton high tensile strength. Cotton maintains its strength when absorbing water, and it can hold water up to 25 times its weight or more. However, a drawback of cotton's ability to absorb moisture is that it tends to wrinkle and shrink. Despite this, cotton is relatively durable.

Ringspun cotton is more durable than regular cotton. The process used to produce ringspun cotton twists the fibers together, adding strength.

As a synthetic, plastic-based fiber, polyester is more durable than cotton. Its moisture resistance helps it avoid wrinkling or shrinking. Cotton polyester blends add the moisture resistance of polyester to the qualities of cotton.

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts possess additional durability from their side-seam design. Side-seamed t-shirts are assembled from individually cut fronts, backs, and sleeves that are stitched together. This stitching helps preserve side-seamed t-shirts during wearing and washing.

The fabrics used in Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts also preserve t-shirt designs. Cotton readily absorbs the water-based inks used in the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing process used in POD t-shirt production. Pre-treating and heat curing help seal the inks into the cotton so that designs stay intact during repeated washings. This makes cotton an ideal surface for preserving designs on print on demand t-shirts.

While synthetic fabrics don't preserve designs as well as cotton, polyester works better than other synthetics, especially when blended with cotton. Bella Canvas 3001 polyester blends use at least 50% cotton, allowing them to preserve design integrity.


Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts are tailored to a regular fit. They are cut to a standard length suitable for both men and women, with special fits for youth and babies. This fit makes them easy to move around in.

Side-seam stitching helps maintain and preserve Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt fits. Women will find the side-seam design follows their curves more closely for a more comfortable fit and a more flattering look. The side-seam structure holds up in the wash so the original fit stays intact.

Suitability for print on demand


Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts are one of the most popular options for print on demand retailers because they are ideally suited for the direct-to-garment printing process used in POD production. The DTG printing process uses specialized printers to apply water-based inks to t-shirt fabrics. The printing process follows a four-step procedure:

  1. The artwork or photo to be printed on the t-shirt is prepared as a digital file in a graphic design program such as Photoshop and stored on a computer connected to the DTG printer.

  2. The t-shirt fabric is prepared for printing. The preparation process involves applying a pre-treatment solution followed by curing with a heat press or an air dryer. The pre-treatment solution keeps white inks from staining the shirt, smearing, or smudging with colored inks. Curing flattens the t-shirt fibers to smooth the printing surface.

  3. After preparation, the t-shirt is attached to a flat platform called a platen and fed through the printer.

  4. Finally, after the t-shirt has been printed, the ink must be cured with a heat press or air dryer so that it stays affixed to the shirt during future washings.

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts possess several properties that make them suitable for the DTG printing process. Cotton is the ideal fabric for direct-to-garment printing because it absorbs the water-based ink used by DTG printers. Colors absorbed by cotton display brilliantly and stay preserved through repeated washings.

The cotton used in Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt designs is particularly suitable for DTG printing because of the high-stitch density fabric. This material creates a smoother printing surface that displays sharper, higher-resolution prints in more vibrant colors.

The side-seam stitching used by Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt design also supports DTG printing. The seams make it easier to keep shirts aligned properly on platens so that designs get placed in the proper positions.

Bella Canvas 3001 size chart

Bella Canvas 3001 size chart

The Bella Canvas size chart for all their products includes sizes for women, men/unisex, youth, and babies. Sizes in each category range as follows:

  • Women: XS to 4XL

  • Men/unisex: XS to 5XL

  • Youth: YS to YXL

  • Baby: 3-6 mo. To 5T

T-shirts generally range from S to 3XL, depending on the model. T-shirt sizes include specs for full t-shirt length and for width across a half-chest measurement:

  • Length measurements are taken by placing one end of a measuring tape next to the collar on top of the shirt at the highest point of the shoulder and extending the tape to the shirt's bottom.

  • Half-chest measurements are taken by laying the shirt flat and measuring from right to left about 2 centimeters below the arms.

Measurements are given in both centimeters (metric) and inches (imperial). Numbers are provided by suppliers, and actual garment sizes may vary by up to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch), larger or smaller.

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt sizes are cut with exceptional accuracy using a laser-guided automation cutting process unique in the industry. Most t-shirt manufacturers use a manual cutting process. This process is subject to variation caused by several factors. The fabric is placed on a stack with nothing to hold it in place, allowing it to slide around. The cutting machine must slice through multiple layers of material, causing the fabric to move. If the person cutting is left-handed or uses a different motion than another cutter, there will be additional variation.

Laser-guided automation cutting minimizes cutting variability:

  • Automated spreading machines lay the fabric out.

  • Proprietary software aligns as many pieces of fabric as possible into the correct positions, reducing waste typical of other cutting methods.

  • Marker paper is placed on top of the stack of fabric.

  • The fabric gets compressed and vacuum sealed to prevent it from moving.

  • A machine-guided laser automatically cuts through the fabric to create the pieces and mark notches where they will be sewn together.

This automated process yields a high degree of sizing consistency far exceeding manual methods. Where manual methods may allow a tolerance of variation between t-shirts as much as 1/4 of an inch, the Bella+Canvas process limits variation to 1/64 of an inch. This makes Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts the most accurately sized t-shirts on the market.

Why sell the Bella Canvas 3001 with Gelato?

The Bella Canvas 3001 is popular for its premium quality and softness, and to top it off, Gelato offers a retail fit that leaves customers happy about their purchases. Here are more reasons to sell this tee with Gelato:

Gelato's printing technology: With Gelato, you can rest assured that your designs will look their best on the Bella Canvas 3001. Our DTG printing and embroidery options ensure sharp, vibrant designs and a textured feel for a tactile design experience, all at your convenience.

Local production: Gelato prioritizes speed, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. The platform operates through localized printing hubs closest to the customers, which means that most of the orders are locally produced so that they are delivered fast and have a lower environmental impact.

No inventory hassles: With Gelato, you won't have the stress of inventory management as there's no need to hold stock of these shirts. Instead, every piece will be made-to-order. Isn't this great? 

Design and sell custom Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts have become one of today's most popular ecommerce apparel products because they combine high suitability for print on demand sales with qualities consumers want. Their high-quality cotton and cotton polyester fabrics make them soft, comfortable, and durable. Side-seam stitching enhances their durability and helps make them a great fit.

Gelato's print on demand platform makes it easy for ecommerce retailers to offer their customers high-quality custom t-shirts, including Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts as well as shirts from other leading brands. Gelato lets you place your own customized artwork on POD t-shirts or let your customers send you their own designs for printing. Gelato relies on responsible sourcing supported by the world's largest POD production network, extending through 32 countries to promote local production and minimize carbon emissions. Create stunning custom t-shirts for your customers by signing up for Gelato today.

Bella Canvas 3001 FAQs

Is Bella Canvas 3001 true to size?

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts are true to size because of the laser-guided automation cutting used to size the shirts. For example, one size L shirt will be the same as the next size L shirt within a tolerance of 1/64 of an inch. However, dimensions for given sizes may vary by the supplier within a range of up to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch).

Is Bella Canvas 3001 slim fit?

No, Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts do not use a slim fit. Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts use a regular fit with a standard length. They are designed to feel relaxed and comfortable during movement rather than close-fitting.

Is the Bella Canvas 3001 good quality?

Yes, it is. The Bella Canvas 3001 quality is really good as it is made from 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton, which is known for its softness and durability.

What kind of material is used to make the Bella Canvas 3001?

The Bella Canvas 3001 is made from 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, which makes it incredibly soft and comfortable.

Is selling the Bella Canvas 3001 a good idea?

The Bella Canvas 3001 is a superior-quality t-shirt that also happens to be one of our best-selling items. Besides the fact that it is made from premium materials and is incredibly soft to the touch, the tee also comes in different colors, such as shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow. Adding this coveted t-shirt to your apparel collection can greatly increase your sales.

Is Bella Canvas 3001 stretchy?

Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirts are not particularly stretchy. Their regular fit supports the right amount of stretch for comfortable, everyday wear and movement.


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