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1. Why use an Etsy SEO tool?

11 best Etsy SEO tools to improve your shop's ranking

Running an Etsy shop can be a rewarding endeavor, but you'll face stiff competition, with countless creators vying for the same consumer base. Ultimately, your success hinges on your shop's visibility, and this is where SEO tools come in handy. 

They can help optimize your shop and its listings, ensuring you're found easily in Etsy's search engine.

This guide will introduce you to 11 of the best Etsy SEO tools in 2024. By using them effectively, you can cut through the online clutter, make your shop stand out, and potentially increase traffic and sales.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Understand the importance of SEO tools in enhancing the visibility of your Etsy shop.

  • Discover the top 11 Etsy SEO tips and tools that can significantly boost your Etsy shop's ranking.

  • Evaluate each SEO tool based on its overview, features, pricing, and pros and cons specific to Etsy Sellers.

  • Choose the right SEO tool tailored to your specific requirements and goals to attract more Etsy shoppers.

  • Explore how print on demand services like Gelato can streamline your operations, allowing you more time to focus on SEO strategies and performance improvement.

Why use an Etsy SEO tool?

Utilizing an Etsy SEO tool is vital because it helps enhance your store's visibility amidst the platform's intense competition. It optimizes your listings for search engine visibility, increases search volume, drives more traffic, and leads to higher sales. 

SEO tools also provide valuable insights that can strategically guide your decision-making process toward a more successful online shop.

Top 11 SEO tools to give your Etsy shop an edge

Unleash your Etsy shop's potential with these powerful SEO tools internationally and locally, which we handpicked to help you improve visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales. 

Let's dive in and learn how these tools can revolutionize your Etsy SEO game.

Alura homepage

Alura is an innovative tool created specifically to help Etsy sellers thrive in their businesses. It's a great Etsy SEO tool. This all-in-one platform offers several features. 

  • Keyword and niche research: Discover target keyword ideas and new niches to reach your audience more effectively.

  • Product tracking: Monitor your product performance, reviews, and sales trends.

  • Competition analysis: Learn from successful sellers' strategies to increase your Etsy ranking.

  • Trending items spotting: Identify popular items to meet the latest buyer demands.

  • Listing enhancement suggestions: Use smart recommendations to improve your listing visibility. 

  • Free: As one of the top free Etsy SEO tools, Alura offers basic functionalities at $0/month. 

  • Growth: Usually, it's $29.99/month. Under a limited-time offer, it's $19.99/month. 

  • Professional: $49.99/ month

Pros and cons
  • Pros: Alura provides keyword suggestions, product statistics, and competition analysis, which can be instrumental in improving visibility and sales.

  • Cons: The platform may appear complex to new users, and the premium features come with a cost.

Best suited for

Alura is ideal for Etsy sellers of all levels. Beginners can benefit from its market insights and suggestions, while advanced sellers can optimize their shops with its comprehensive metrics and detailed competition analysis.

EtsyHunt homepage

EtsyHunt combines data-driven analysis with intuitive visuals, making it easier for you to understand and optimize your store performance. 

  • Keyword research: This is the perfect Etsy keyword research tool. It helps sellers find high-volume keywords that shoppers often use, enabling them to target their products more accurately.

  • Listing optimizer: It provides optimization suggestions to improve your listings' visibility.

  • Marketplace analytics: Understands overall Etsy trends, competitor performance, and market demand, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Free: $0 per month

  • Basic: $3.99 per month

  • Pro: $19.99 per month; 3-day trial available for $1. 

  • Team: $59.99 per month

Pros and cons
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, excellent marketplace analytics, and great keyword insights.

  • Cons: Limited features in the free plan.

Best suited for

EtsyHunt is particularly suited to sellers who want to harness the power of data to improve their store's visibility and competitive edge. It's also great for sellers keen on understanding their competition and overall market trends.

Marmalead homepage

With a proven track record in optimizing Etsy stores, Marmalead is the go-to SEO tool for serious sellers. Leveraging real shopper data helps create listings that shoppers are actively seeking. 

  • Real buyer keyword data support: Utilize authentic buyer insights to tailor your listings and optimize your shop for increased visibility.

  • Seasonality trends tracking: Stay ahead of market changes by tracking seasonal trends and adjusting your listings accordingly.

  • Popular search terms identification: Find and integrate popular keywords into your listings to boost your visibility on Etsy's search engine.

  • Market-based pricing recommendations: Employ market data to set competitive prices for your items, ensuring your products appeal to potential buyers.

  • Seller-focused listing grades: Benefit from insightful evaluations of your listings to aid your continuous improvement and help streamline your Etsy SEO efforts.

  • Entrepreneur: $19 per month

Pros and cons for Etsy sellers
  • Pros: Comprehensive keyword insights, easy understanding of market trends, and a helpful pricing guide.

  • Cons: Higher-end plans might be expensive for new sellers and require a learning curve to use all features.

Best suited for

Those intrigued by data-driven strategies and who wish to invest in a comprehensive SEO tool that helps them dig deep into buyer behaviors and trends; ideal for established sellers aiming to revitalize their Etsy shops and enhance their market position.

Crest homepage

Crest is a comprehensive SEO tool that's uniquely designed to help Etsy sellers maximize their shop's visibility in online searches. Providing robust keyword analysis and trend tracking, Crest is one of the tools that shouldn't be missing from your SEO arsenal. 

  • Real-time keyword monitoring: Allows real-time tracking of trending keywords relevant to your products or services.

  • Competition analysis: Identifies market competitors, their products, and their SEO strategies.

  • SEO grading: Provides insight into how well listings are optimized and areas needing improvement.

  • Seasonal keyword alerts: Identifies and alerts you of popular seasonal keywords for optimizing listings and capitalizing on increased search volumes.

  • Product popularity alerts: Keeps you informed on trending products in your niche, guiding your product selection and development strategies. 

  • Standard plan: $12.99 per month.

Pros and cons
  • Pros: The tool provides a clear insight into the ranking performance of your Etsy listings and identifies potential areas of improvement. Excellent for Etsy sellers who want a quick and easy-to-understand SEO grading of their listings.

  • Cons: While Crest offers a lot of data, some users find interpreting the data and implementing changes based on it challenging.

Best suited for

Crest is an ideal tool for established Etsy sellers looking to deepen their understanding of SEO performance and those relying heavily on SEO for visibility.

Sale Samurai homepage

Sale Samurai is an innovative SEO tool designed to help Etsy sellers keep a competitive edge. Renowned for its user-friendly dashboard, it simplifies the complex aspects of search engine optimization. 

  • Keyword analysis: Sale Samurai helps identify high-potential keywords to enhance your listings.

  • SEO spot checks: A feature for quick assessment of your SEO strategy and finding areas of improvement.

  • Radar charts: Compare your shop's performance with competitors to gain insights for an improved business strategy.

  • Keyword samurai' methodology: A unique methodology optimizing product tags with relevant keywords to boost visibility and sales.

  • Standard plan: $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year

Pros and cons
  • Pros: A big plus for Sale Samurai is its sleek, easy-to-use interface and comprehensive SEO features.

  • Cons: However, the lack of a free entry plan may deter sellers merely looking to explore SEO utilities.

Best suited for

Sale Samurai is best suited to Etsy sellers keen to invest in advanced SEO strategies to enhance their online visibility. Whether you're a newcomer searching for effective keywords in your niche or an established seller looking to revitalize your Etsy shop, Sale Samurai can work wonders for your listing's visibility.

6. eRank

eRank homepage

This exceptional SEO tool offers a comprehensive format for optimizing your shop's ranking.  eRank provides valuable insights into current Etsy trends. It offers robust keyword research functionalities, and the platform has a suite of tools to enhance your shop's visibility.

  • Keyword explorer: Assists in discovering buyer's popular search terms for optimized visibility.

  •  Trend reports: Provides insights on current demand to help create trending products.

  • Competition tracking: Monitors competitors to refine your strategy.

  •  Listing audits: Reviews product listings for SEO effectiveness, suggesting improvements.

  • Basic: $5.99 per month

  • Pro: $9.99 per month

  • Expert: $29.99 per month

Pros and cons
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, effective keyword tools, and updated trend information.

  • Cons: Limited features on the free plan, and may be overwhelming for beginners.

Best suited for

eRank is ideal for any Etsy seller aiming to understand their competition better. It suits sellers who want to track trends and revitalize their shop's SEO strategy.

7. Merch Titans

Merch Titans homepage

Merch Titans is an SEO tool specifically designed for artists and creators selling print on demand products on Etsy and other marketplaces. This solution provides a seamless way to conduct keyword research, allowing you to discover high-performing keywords for your niche. 

  • Keyword and product research: Enables strategic listing optimization through insights on trending search terms within your niche.

  • Analytics and tracking tools: Provides valuable traffic and user engagement data for informed marketing decisions.

  • Automation capabilities: Streamlines product listing, saving time and avoiding errors.

  • Standard plan: $19.99 per month

Pros and cons
  • Pros: Robust keyword tools, affordable pricing, and the ability to explore a wide range of product niches.

  • Cons: No international market research and may have a learning curve for beginners.

Best suited for

Etsy sellers with a focus on print on demand products, who are committed to running a successful business and who want to strategically optimize their listings and explore new niches through in-depth keyword research.

8. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator homepage

Keyword Tool Dominator is a unique SEO tool dedicated to uncovering the most relevant and popular keywords from major search engines. Its unique feature, the Etsy Keyword Tool, helps you find long-tail keywords directly relevant to your products and your Etsy shop.

  • Generates vast, user-queried keywords: Enhances SEO strategy.

  • Allows unlimited keyword searches: Ideal for exhaustive keyword exploration.

  • Uses long-tail keywords: Improves your visibility on Etsy.

  • Offers multilingual support: Useful for a global customer base. 

  • Plus: $9 per month

  • Pro: $18 per month

  • Max: $28 per month

Pros and cons
  • Pros: Easy-to-use interface, affordable price, and multi-language support.

  • Cons: No Etsy-specific features outside of the Etsy keyword tool, and limited advanced tools for in-depth SEO analysis.

Best suited for

Etsy sellers of all levels who want to boost their product visibility primarily using optimized keywords. Best used for researching and finding relevant long-tail keywords to improve product listing SEO.

Keysearch homepage

Keysearch is a comprehensive SEO tool designed to provide in-depth keyword analysis and competition data. This tool is particularly helpful if you want to understand the competitiveness of your chosen space on Etsy. 

  • Keyword research tool: Helps sellers to find profitable keywords by providing data on search frequency, trends, and competitors. 

  • SEO competition analysis: Offers insights on top-performing Etsy shops for a specific keyword, assisting in strategic planning. 

  • Rank tracking: A critical tool that provides real-time data on your shop's keyword performance for continuous SEO strategy optimization.

  • Free: $0

  • Starter: $17

  • Pro: $34

Pros and cons
  • Pros: Offers detailed keyword data and is helpful for crafting Etsy listings

  • Cons: It may be complex for beginners.

Best suited for

If you’re committed to running your Etsy shop successfully and taking a robust SEO approach, Keysearch could be an invaluable ally.

Makerwords homepage

Makerwords is an excellent Etsy SEO tool specifically tailored for creators focusing on crafting handmade products and vintage items. This user-friendly platform allows sellers to identify trending keywords that maximize their shop's visibility and competitiveness.

  • High-performing keyword research: These tools can streamline your efforts in selecting the most impactful and relevant terms.

  • Tracking Etsy trends and analyzing market demands: Offers you a deep understanding of the ongoing marketing pulse.

  • Optimize your listings with long-tail keywords: To make them more specific and unique, such strategic use of keywords potentially attracts more target-centric traffic.

  • Standard plan: $9.99 per month

Pros and cons
  • Pro: Detailed keyword analysis helps in product positioning, and a user-friendly interface significantly reduces the learning curve.

  • Con: Limited features on the free or basic package and can be pricier compared to some other SEO tools.

Best suited for

Makerwords mostly benefits sellers who have a wide variety of handmade crafts and vintage items. Its predictive analytics function can be very beneficial for sellers looking to stay ahead of market trends and consistently improve their shop's SEO performance.

Roketfy homepage

Roketfy is an emerging SEO tool designed to help Etsy sellers pave their way to the top of search results. It boasts an intuitive interface and sophisticated algorithms, providing key insights to make your Etsy shop stand out. 

  • Data insights: Roketfy provides a robust analysis of SEO data, making it easier to understand your store’s performance.

  • Keyword optimization: It assists in researching effective keywords for your niche and improving the search ranking of your listings.

  • Etsy marketing: Roketfy offers robust marketing tools that help increase your store's visibility and sales.

  • Free: $0 per month

  • Hobby: $29 per month

  • Professional: $49 per month

Pros and cons
  • Pros: Easy to use, comprehensive insights, and affordability.

  • Cons: It may be complex for beginners, with limited basic plan features.

Best suited for

Roketfy is ideal for serious Etsy sellers who wish to commit fully to their online business, research effectively to find sales-boosting keywords, and take advantage of current market trends.

Choosing the right SEO tool for your Etsy business

Making the right choice for your Etsy SEO tool requires understanding your specific business needs; this includes: 

  1. Analyzing your store's current status and your future goals. 

  2. Considering factors like your budget, the complexity of your SEO strategy, and how much time you can commit to SEO. 

  3. Looking for tools that specialize in your niche, understanding their features, and reading reviews from other sellers. 

  4. Using free trials first before committing.

Gelato's Etsy integration allows you to manage your time more efficiently by handling your on-demand printing needs, freeing up precious time for you to focus on enhancing your SEO strategy and improving your shop's performance.

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