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1. Key elements of successful ecommerce website design

20 ecommerce website examples and design tips

The success of an ecommerce store depends on a combination of innovation, effective design, and an understanding of customer needs.

This blog post highlights 20 impressive ecommerce website examples — one of which could hold the key to success for your international ecommerce business. So, let's explore how these online retailers attract and convert customers.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Effective ecommerce web design is not just about aesthetics; it's a vital component of a successful online business strategy, incorporating user-friendly navigation, interactive elements, responsive design, and key elements like customer testimonials and optimizing SEO. 

  • Businesses such as Warby Parker, Allbirds, Casper, and Glossier lead the way with their innovative and successful ecommerce websites, offering valuable examples of leveraging design strategies to boost user engagement and sales.

  • High-quality visuals, concise product descriptions, a seamless checkout process, and a strong brand identity are pivotal features in the top ecommerce websites.

  • Gelato’s print on demand solution supports ecommerce businesses by offering customizable products and global fulfillment options, helping companies extend their success on a worldwide scale.

Key elements of successful ecommerce website design

  • Responsive design: Navigating the mobile version of an ecommerce website should be as straightforward as the desktop version. A solid, mobile-responsive design doesn't just attract customers—it retains them.

  • Optimized checkout process: Your checkout process needs to be sleek, efficient, and transparent. Aim for a frictionless route from cart to purchase confirmation—with guest checkout options, comprehensive shipping details, and clear, concise billing info.

  • Security features: The essence of a successful ecommerce also lies in its ability to provide a secure and safe environment for transactions. This is achieved by incorporating robust security features, including SSL certificates for secure connections, two-factor authentication for users, and security badges from reputable sources.

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO directly influences your online visibility, driving organic traffic from search engines like Google, where 46% of users initiate product searches. An SEO-optimized ecommerce site ensures your products appear in early search results, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers.

20 best ecommerce website examples

Let's dive into the world of ecommerce website design examples, exploring some of the most successful online storefronts.

1. Warby Parker

Screenshot of the Warby Parker website

Warby Parker, a well-recognized online eyewear retailer, has revolutionized how we buy prescription glasses and sunglasses. 

Key features
  • Home try-on service: This unique feature allows customers to select up to five frames to try at home for free. 

  • Virtual try-on: Their AR-powered virtual try-on tool gives shoppers an extremely realistic representation of how different frames will look on their faces. 

  • User-friendly design: The site's overall layout is clean and easy to navigate, and it features high-quality product imagery. 

2. Glossier

Screenshot of the Glossier website

A pioneer in the direct-to-consumer beauty industry, Glossier makes for a powerful ecommerce website example focusing on a minimalist, 'skincare-first' philosophy. Rooted in an ethos of simplicity and inclusivity, Glossier has grown rapidly from a beauty blog to an international cosmetics brand. 

Key features 
  • User-centric design: Echoing their user-friendly business model, this great ecommerce website design is centered around customers' needs. 

  • Engaging content: Glossier's roots in blogging reflect its ability to balance ecommerce with engaging content. 

  • Community-building initiatives: Glossier allows visitors to share experiences, make recommendations, and feel part of a bigger conversation through functionality like their product review system. 

3. Allbirds

Screenshot of the Allbirds website

Allbirds, hailing from New Zealand, is revolutionizing footwear with sustainable materials and simplistic designs. Known as 'the world's most comfortable shoes,' Allbirds' ecommerce presence definitely parallels its innovative products. 

Key features
  • User engagement: Easy-to-understand layouts and images allow the customer to clearly visualize and know what they're purchasing, nurturing their decision-making process.

  • Brand storytelling: Allbirds tells a compelling story of sustainability and comfort. The 'Our Materials' section informs customers about the company's dedication to the environment and explains its products’ carbon-neutral status. 

  • Seamless checkout: Allbirds' checkout process is designed to be as comfortable as its shoes. 

4. Bellroy

Screenshot of the Bellroy website

Bellroy is a business revolutionizing how we carry our essentials. This thriving Australian company has shown immense success in online retail by simplifying complex problems to deliver functional and fashionable wallets, bags, and other everyday items. 

 Key features
  • Streamlined navigation: Bellroy impresses users with its strikingly minimalist design. Everything is where it should be - from product categories to shopping carts.

  • Engaging product display: Bellroy nails visual presentation with high-quality, dynamic images showcasing the products. 

  • Optimized mobile experience: Recognizing the rise of mobile shopping, Bellroy aligns its mobile design with an intuitive navigation structure. 

5. Casper

Screenshot of the Casper website

Known for revamping the traditional mattress buying experience, Casper revolutionized the bedding industry with its innovative, high-quality mattresses shipped direct to customer's doors. A key example of ecommerce innovation, Casper is an online bedding and sleep products company that's made a distinct stamp within the industry. 

Key features
  • Intuitive navigation: Casper excels at straightforward menu design that allows visitors to find exactly what they want, from mattresses to bed frames, sheets, and more.

  • Effective visuals and product descriptions: Each product is displayed with high-resolution images and complemented by concise, detailed, benefit-oriented descriptions

  • Optimized checkout process: Casper’s checkout process has been stripped down to its very essence, ensuring every customer's simple, no-hassle experience. 

6. BarkBox

Screenshot of the BarkBox website

This wildly successful ecommerce business delivers a curated box of dog toys and treats straight to the dog owner’s door every month. Its website popularity comes from the sheer demand and love for dogs and is fueled by an array of website features that make the buying process straightforward and enjoyable. 

Key features
  • Clear product descriptions: BarkBox showcases well-detailed and interesting descriptions of all items in each box. 

  • Engaging visuals: With an array of fun and playful images, BarkBox makes the customer journey more dynamic while also conveying the quality of its products. 

  • Subscription customization: BarkBox allows customers to customize their subscription box based on their dog's size and dietary needs. 

7. Rothy's

Screenshot of the Rothys website

Rothy's, a successful ecommerce store, is renowned for its sustainable fashion ethos. This online retailer has revolutionized the shoe industry by transforming recycled plastic into elegant, comfortable footwear. 

Key features
  • Minimalism: Rothy's incorporates a minimalist aesthetic, complementing its sustainable and straightforward brand message. 

  • User-centric design: Every step of the shopping journey, from product browsing to final payment, is streamlined for user ease.

  • Storytelling: They highlight the sustainable production process, giving customers an in-depth look at how each product is made. 

8. SoYoung

Screenshot of the SoYoung website

Delving into the world of stylish and sustainable products for parents on the go, SoYoung caters to an audience that values design and functionality. They feature eco-friendly lunch bags, backpacks, and other accessories that are visually appealing and practical for everyday use. 

Key features
  • User-friendly interface: The SoYoung website effortlessly guides customers to their desired products from the home page. The catalog is intuitive and comprehensive. 

  • Vivid product imagery: High-quality images of products on the website appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of SoYoung's target market. 

  • Engaging content: From blogs that share parenting tips to engaging stories that tie in with their products, SoYoung effectively leverages content to connect with their audience. 

9. Brooklinen

Screenshot of the Brooklinen website

Brooklinen is celebrated for its minimalist yet appealing ecommerce design that champions simplicity and ease of navigation. The pure focus is on their high-quality products that promise blissful moments at home.

Key features 
  • Streamlined user interface: Brooklinen has adopted a minimalist design that is visually pleasing and aids user engagement.

  • Effective product presentation: Clear and precise product images coupled with detailed descriptions accurately represent what the customer can expect. 

  • Customer testimonials: Brooklinen has fully optimized user-generated content, such as customer reviews, to build credibility. 

10. Away

Screenshot of the Away website

Born from a need to solve travel challenges, Away's ecommerce website offers premium luggage and travel accessories designed to provide a seamless travel experience. 

Key features
  • Simplified navigation: From a well-organized homepage to clearly categorized products, Away's website offers easy navigation that helps users identify and buy products without fuss.

  • Product-driven storytelling: Away prioritizes visual narratives, using quality media and storytelling to illustrate product value.

  • Robust customer service: With live chat support and a comprehensive FAQ section addressing a wide range of queries, Away fosters trust and loyalty. 

11. Bombas

Screenshot of the Bombas website

Bombas is a highly successful ecommerce store specializing in comfortable apparel, particularly socks and t-shirts. Founded on a mission to provide premium quality for buyers and help those in need, Bombas donates an item for every product sold.

Key features  
  • Streamlined navigation: The Bombas website is uncomplicated, allowing users to find what they're searching for quickly. 

  • In-depth product descriptions: They do an excellent job of detailing product features, materials used, and inspiration behind the design. 

  • Impactful storytelling: The commitment to charitable work is front and center, with compelling visuals and explanations demonstrating the company's positive global impact. 

12. Everlane

Screenshot of the Everlane website

Known for its trendy yet classic clothing designs, Everlane has carved a niche for itself in the ever-competitive ecommerce industry. The San Francisco-based online apparel retail leader perfectly balances modern design and ethical production commitments, ensuring transparency in its pricing and sustainability efforts. 

Key features
  • Minimalist design: Everlane's website is a prime example of minimalist design. With ample negative space, a limited color palette, and clear fonts, they place the focus squarely on the products. 

  • Comprehensive product information: To help customers make informed purchase decisions, the product pages provide everything from materials used to the production cost breakdown showing how the final price was determined. 

  • Seamless navigation: Everlane's site uses clean, simple navigation that gets customers where they're going quickly. 

13. Fenty Beauty

Screenshot of the Fenty Beauty website

Founded by iconic artist Rihanna, Fenty Beauty is a global cosmetics brand dedicated to creating inclusive beauty products for everyone. Embedding its mission into its online store design, Fenty Beauty has successfully pioneered a user-centric online shopping experience bridging beauty and diversity.

Key features
  • Inclusive representation: Fenty Beauty’s website design mirrors its brand ethos of inclusivity, showcasing models of all skin tones and types. 

  • Interactive foundation finder: One of the site’s highlights is its interactive foundation finder tool. It assists users in selecting the perfect shade from their line of foundations, each available in 50 different shades.

  • Product tutorials: Through expert makeup tutorials and tips featured on their site, Fenty Beauty educates its customers on product usage. 

14. Lush

Screenshot of the Lush website

Lush is a UK-based cosmetics retailer notable for its array of handmade and ethically sourced personal care products. The company's ecommerce platform reflects its commitment to quality, boasting a rich, immersive experience that encourages user engagement. 

Key features
  • Interactive product imagery: The company utilizes high-quality, interactive product images to give customers a closer look at their products. 

  • Product filtering: Lush provides an effective product filtering system allowing users to sift through their extensive catalog based on specific preferences. 

  • Focus on sustainability: Lush also emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. 

15. MeUndies

Screenshot of the MeUndies website

MeUndies, a subscription-based online shop, offers one of the most comfortable, fun, and stylish underwear in the market. They serve both men and women and have successfully created a loyal fan base with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Key features
  • User-centric design: With its brightly colored and eye-catching website, MeUndies caters to the millennials. 

  • Social proof: MeUndies employs powerful social proofs throughout their site. Real customer reviews, ratings, and even unfiltered customer photos. 

  • Clear subscription model: They offer discounts to customers who join their monthly subscription service. 

16. The Sill

Screenshot of The Sill’s website

The Sill is revolutionizing the way people buy and interact with indoor plants. The ecommerce platform makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to bring the beauty and benefits of indoor plants into their space. The company focuses on design, education, and tech to make plant parenthood a breeze. 

Key features
  • Education focus: The Sill offers educational content on plant care, transforming a simple purchase into a lifestyle addition. 

  • Design simplicity: The minimalist design, coupled with high-quality visuals, makes navigating the site a pleasurable experience. 

  • Customized recommendations: The Sill offers a plant recommendation quiz catering to the customer's needs, such as pet safety or lighting environment. 

17. Pact

Screenshot of the Pact website

Pact is an eco-conscious clothing brand whose platform is designed to promote ethical fashion and environmental stewardship. Committed to ensuring their clothes are made sustainably, Pact's ecommerce website is a testament to its values and seamlessly facilitates the shopping experience to satisfy today’s eco-aware consumer. 

Key features
  • Transparency: Pact is open about its sustainable practices and goals, continuously keeping its customers informed. 

  • Simple navigation: Their website uses a minimalistic design with clear, user-friendly navigation. 

  • Responsive design: Their site adjusts to any screen size, facilitating easy browsing and shopping, whether the customer is on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

18. Love Wellness

Screenshot of the Love Wellness  website

Love Wellness is an ecommerce platform that revolutionizes personal care products for women, emboldening its user base by adopting a candid yet empowering tone. The platform's success lies primarily in promoting products that address common, often overlooked women's health concerns, thereby creating a comprehensive marketplace for female-focused wellness. 

Key features
  • Bold product presentation: Love Wellness doesn't shy away from topics commonly perceived as 'taboo.' Instead, it embraces them, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and understanding. 

  • Well-structured layout: The website flaunts a well-thought-out layout that accommodates an extensive product range without overwhelming the user.

  • Strong community drive: The brand's success also lies in its strong community engagement. Promoting a #LoveWellness lifestyle, the website features user testimonials, expert advice, and more. 

19. Cotopaxi

Screenshot of the Cotopaxi website

Cotopaxi, an outdoor gear brand with a unique social impact mission, has captivated consumers with its vibrant, durable products and commitment to poverty reduction. They've crafted their ecommerce store to reflect their brand ethos and bring their mission and products to life online. 

Key features
  • Social mission narrative: Cotopaxi's site effectively emphasizes its philanthropic mission on every page. 

  • Visual storytelling: Using high-quality visuals of people using their products in various outdoor settings, Cotopaxi tells a story that invites customers to become part of their shared outdoor adventure and humanitarian values. 

  • Product customization: The ecommerce site offers a unique 'design your own' feature for some products. This interactive tool engages customers, offering them a digital space to engage with the products before purchasing. 

20. Minaal

Screenshot of the Minaal website

Minaal is renowned for its high-quality, durable, and functional gear designed to make travel simpler and hassle-free. They offer minimalist, multi-functional backpacks and travel accessories that appeal to digital nomads and frequent travelers. 

Key features 
  • Engaging visual content: Minaal's website utilizes crisp, vibrant images of its products in various settings to engage potential customers. 

  • Straightforward navigation: The Minaal store is designed so that product categories, information pages, and customer service tools are readily accessible. 

  • Customer-focused features: Minaal includes a dedicated 'FAQ' section addressing common questions and concerns and a 'Gear Fit Guide' to ensure customers select the right product according to their needs.

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