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From concept to thriving ecommerce business in one month

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Customer StoryJul 10 2024

Dubai, UAE

Gelato is more than just a print-on-demand vendor to us; they are a growth partner. Through regular communication and planning sessions with our customer success lead, as well as participation in a growth summit and feedback call with their CEO, it's clear our success is intertwined.”

Founder and CEO, Printique

Printique is a bustling ecommerce business specializing in custom posters, mugs, and framed artwork that caters to a wide array of customers including couples, families, sports enthusiasts, and animal lovers. 

It all started when its founder envisioned starting a business that offered consumers personalized gifts that would have meaning and last. He liked the idea of selling sentimental products that held a special place in recipients’ hearts while having less chance of contributing to waste because the item is of high quality and value.

Following macro trends showcasing ecommerce, personalization, and sustainability demand all on the rise, Printique's founder understood the opportunity in a personalized ecommerce business model and pursued it wholeheartedly. 

Based in Dubai, Printique's founder researched, developed his concept, and hired a team around him, which included designers and content creators. He launched his site and selected a production-on-demand partner that valued what he did: a personalized experience and a commitment to sustainabilityGelato.

“The main reason I partnered with Gelato was because our missions align. We both care deeply about local production and its positive sustainability impact,” said Printique's founder. “By leveraging Gelato’s more sustainable supply production model, I’m able to offer this value to my customers, who care about the same thing. Being a responsible business builds trust and connection with my customers and elevates the brand in the competitive personalized ecommerce space.”


The first year in business

Printique started out offering personalized posters aimed toward couples, making Valentine’s Day campaigns a strategic launch pad. With Gelato's support, Printique hit the ground running in time for the 2023 Valentine’s Day rush and received nearly 5,000 orders in its first month of business! 

After success with posters, Printique expanded to include more products in Gelato’s catalog, like greeting cards, photo books, and drinkware. They now offer more than 60 designs across three main product categories. Geographically, leveraging Gelato’s production network, Printique has grown its presence to include top markets in Europe, with the largest concentration in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. 

After just one year in business, Printique achieved a fivefold increase in year-over-year growth thanks to its culture of innovation and entrepreneurism, continual product and market expansion, and robust testing of new ideas. Their 2024 Valentine’s Day rush resulted in 20,000 orders!

“I never look at something as a failure. If it doesn’t work, you learn something," said Printique's founder. "So, we’re always open to trying new things and monitoring their effectiveness. The good news is, when we test something new, it usually works.” 


Levers to success: personal touches and customer loyalty

Printique's founder emphasizes the importance of connecting authentically with customers. He recommends an email from the founder as soon as the first purchase is made and interacting thoughtfully with feedback and reviews, both positive and negative. 

“Since most of our products are customizable, they’re created to mark a special relationship or event,” said Printique's founder. 

Printique’s operations are powered by Shopify for retail management, Klaviyo for email marketing, and Stripe for payment processing. This blend of technology, consistent testing, and a strong brand identity has propelled Printique’s rapid growth.

“Customers buy for the experience and product, but stay for the brand. The brand is built through personal connections and creates loyalty where buyers will buy from you again. It’s about making business personal.”


The partnership and path forward with Gelato

As Printique's team values personal connections with its customers, they appreciate Gelato’s close-knit partnership. 

Gelato is more than just a print-on-demand vendor to us; they are a growth partner,” said Printique's founder. “Through regular communication and planning sessions with our customer success lead, as well as participation in a growth summit and feedback call with their CEO, it's clear our success is intertwined.”

As Printique continues to grow, the vision for the ecommerce business is clear: to sustain the blend of creativity, sustainability, and customer connection that has defined the journey so far. 

To continue innovation and growth, Printique plans to increase usage of Gelato's Personalization Studio, a software tool that enables ecommerce customers to customize a product with their own text and images, and then directly purchase. Orders are then automatically processed, fulfilled, and shipped to the customer via the Gelato platform. Printique leaders also plan to add additional Gelato product categories, and anticipates capitalizing on more global growth, thanks to Gelato’s network of production partners worldwide that facilitate local production and distribution. 

“Gelato has streamlined our operations, enabling us to focus on creativity and customer service rather than logistics and production,” said Printique's founder. “With Gelato by our side, we will continue to set the standard for personalized ecommerce in a way that’s better for people and the planet.”