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1. Top seven t-shirt fundraising ideas for a successful fundraiser

Seven t-shirt fundraiser ideas for your next big cause

Fundraising can be a creative journey, a chance to make an impact while maintaining excitement within your community. One method that's turning heads is merchandising for cause, specifically using t-shirts to raise money. Imagine your cause amplified, emblazoned on tees. 

The popularity of this tactic surges daily─ why? According to a study, the global custom t-shirt printing market is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2025, indicating its immense potential in fundraising. 

Dive in with us as we explore this innovative world of t-shirt fundraising!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Custom t-shirts are an effective fundraising tool, offering a creative way to amplify your cause while engaging your community.

  • With Gelato's print on demand platform, the process of producing and shipping your fundraiser t-shirts worldwide is simplified, leading to cost-saving benefits and minimizing risks associated with inventory.

  • Various t-shirt fundraiser ideas include hosting charity walk/run events, milestone celebrations, design contests, or collaborating with artists - each offering compelling ways to attract different audiences.

  • Maximizing fundraiser success lies not only in your choice of fundraiser idea but also in your promotional strategies, the quality and variety of designs you offer, as well as optimal pricing.

Top seven t-shirt fundraising ideas for a successful fundraiser

Ready to elevate your fundraising game? Here are seven ingenious t-shirt fundraising ideas that create a buzz, turn heads, and bring in substantial donations.

1. Charity walk/run fundraising t-shirts

Charity event t-shirts

Charity walk/run fundraising events are an effective way to unify supporters around a cause while creating an engaging activity. One of the ways these events become more successful is through selling custom t-shirts, which not only help raise funds but also serve as a visual representation of the cause and event. 

Here's how you can sell custom t-shirts: 

  • Crafting a compelling design: To incentivize participation and purchase of fundraising t-shirts, start by creating a unique, compelling design. This design should not just look good but also have elements that signify the cause you're supporting.

  • Utilizing high-quality materials: High-quality, comfortable t-shirts are more likely to be purchased and worn repeatedly, leading to increased visibility for your cause. This means more of your participants will turn into walking advertisements for your cause long after the event is over.

  • Incorporate the event details: By including the event's details, such as the date and participants' names, on the custom t-shirts, you'll create a lasting memento for participants. This, in turn, gives the shirt more value and makes it more desirable.

  • Profit from direct sales: The t-shirts should be sold as part of the event registration, but additional sales can also be made on the day of the event and afterward by selling leftover stock online.

  • Gelato's print on demand platform: When it comes to getting your t-shirts designed, printed, and distributed, look no further than Gelato's globally efficient print on demand platform. With no inventory risks, the capacity to handle worldwide shipping, and the ability to save money on production costs, Gelato simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on promoting your fundraising event and cause.

2. Special event and milestone t-shirts

Milestone events and special occasions provide a fantastic fundraising opportunity. Whether it's a festival, a conference, anniversaries of organizations, or even community achievements, t-shirts act as a beautiful memoir everyone wants to own. Custom t-shirts can capture the essence of such events, serving as both a fundraiser and a keepsake. 

  • Design elements: Make the design connect with the event. The incorporation of elements showcasing the theme of the event not only increases its sales potential but also helps in marketing the event in a subtle way. For a marathon, a silhouette of a runner can be a design element; for a Christmas fair, a festive design would be apt.

  • Personalization: Offering customization on t-shirts like names, achievements, roles, etc., adds a personal touch that people appreciate. This feature can lead to an upswing in purchases, helping raise more funds.

  • Promotion beforehand: Build up anticipation before your event by promoting your commemorative t-shirts on social media. Commemorative event shirts capture interest and generate buzz while raising funds. 

  • Collaboration: Collaborate with local businesses for sponsorships. They might be willing to invest in getting their logos printed on your t-shirt, adding a bonus funding source for your cause.

  • Bulk ordering: Most print on demand providers, like Gelato, offer bulk discounts. Be strategic about your orders, as estimating demand correctly can help save costs and boost profit margins.

  • Quality over quantity: Invest in the shirt's quality and design to ensure maximum profits. Orders on Gelato allow you to choose from a range of high-quality t-shirts.

3. T-shirt design contests

Creative t-shirt design setup

What could be more engaging and community-building than creating a t-shirt design contest for your fundraiser? Not only is this strategy a fantastic way to promote your cause, but it also allows individuals to contribute their creativity and skills to the campaign. 

Here's how you can kickstart your own t-shirt design contest: 

  • Engage your community: Encourage members of your community, school, or organization to show off their artistic skills by participating in the contest. Ask them to create a design that reflects the mission or message of your cause.

  • Use a digital platform: You could use one of those t-shirt fundraising sites like CharityAuctionsToday to display the submitted designs and allow the community to vote for their favorites. 

  • Collaborate with a print on demand service: Once the winning design has been chosen, collaborate with a platform like Gelato to print and produce the design on high-quality t-shirts.

  • Market the winning design: Be sure to promote the winning design on your social media channels, email newsletters, and other marketing platforms. Make your supporters part of the story by sharing updates about the contest, showcasing the winning entry, and thanking all participants for their contributions.

4. Corporate sponsorship t-shirts

Creating partnerships with local or corporate businesses can double the impact of your fundraiser. Corporate sponsorship tees are an excellent way to gather more funds and increase visibility, creating a win-win situation for both your organization and the sponsoring company. 

Here’s how to make the most of this strategy: 

  • Identifying potential sponsors: Consider which businesses align with your cause and would benefit from the shared visibility. Remember, corporations are often willing to invest in sponsorships that match their values and benefit their brand.

  • Designing the t-shirt: The design should incorporate both your campaign's logo and the corporate sponsor's logo. Striking a balance is key: ensure both logos are clearly visible and aesthetically pleasing. You wouldn't want to overshadow your campaign’s message or the sponsor’s brand.

  • Establishing the agreement: Clearly communicate with your potential sponsors about what the partnership entails. Detail the costs, the expected number of t-shirts, the shared profits, and the promotion efforts. This will set clear expectations and reduce the chances of misunderstandings.

  • Promotion: Leverage both your and your sponsor’s platforms to promote the fundraiser. This could be through social media, newsletters, promotional events, etc. The wider the outreach, the more t-shirts you sell, leading to higher fundraising success.

5. T-shirt series and subscriptions

Monthly t-shirt subscription

Capitalizing on the subscription economy could unlock a steady income stream for your cause. By offering a series of t-shirts, you frequently engage your supporters and maintain their active participation in contributing to your mission. 

Let's dive into this exciting fundraising strategy. 

How it works
  • Themes and inspiration: Each month or quarter, release a new t-shirt design that, apart from your cause, comes with a compelling narrative. Seek inspiration from seasonal events, community stories, or mission-related milestones.

  • Exclusivity: A series of t-shirts, only available to your subscription members, creates a sense of exclusivity. This encourages more sign-ups and justifies a slightly higher price.

  • Add value: Along with the t-shirt, consider adding some goodies to your subscription box – bookmarks, stickers, a letter from the team, etc. This creates added value and makes each delivery a cause for excitement.

Partnering with Gelato

Pair your innovative fundraising strategy with a reliable partner. Gelato's print on demand services can handle the production and shipping of your subscription t-shirts, leaving you to concentrate on your mission. You save on inventory costs, avoid waste, and assure your supporters of high-quality products. Just submit your design and let Gelato do the rest! 

6. Custom t-shirts for seasonal themes and events

Utilizing the changing seasons or capitalizing on major events can be a clever way to keep your t-shirt fundraisers fresh and relevant. Here are ways you can use custom t-shirts for seasonal themes and events: 

  • Seasonal themes: A popular tactic for keeping merchandise current is diversifying designs based on the season. Whether it's shirts sporting frosty snowflakes for winter or vibrant flower designs for spring, keeping up with the seasons allows you to introduce new designs routinely, keeping your audience intrigued and coming back for more. Also, commemorative t-shirts for seasonal events like sports games or cultural festivals could be a hit.

  • Holiday mode: The holidays are often a time of increased generosity and shopping. Capitalize on this by releasing holiday-themed t-shirts. These could tie to a major holiday like Christmas or to niche 'holidays' that align with your cause, like Earth Day for an environmental charity.

  • Event-specific shirts: T-shirts designed specifically for one-off events attract participants as well as spectators. They could be for a music festival, a fund-raising marathon, a trade show, a yearly gathering, or even a conference. Your organization might even consider partnering with event organizers for a mutually beneficial collaboration.

7. Artist collaborations

Artist collaboration t-shirts

Collaborating with local artists can add a touch of creativity, uniqueness, and a valuable community feel to your t-shirt fundraising campaign. These collaborations provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents and engage with the cause while providing donors with a unique piece of wearable art. 

Here's how you can leverage artist collaborations for your next t-shirt fundraiser: 

  • Local art community involvement: Reach out to local art organizations, local schools, or even talented individuals in the community. These artists can design one-of-a-kind t-shirts that people will love to wear. In return, the artists gain exposure for their work and play a role in supporting a cause they care about.

  • Limited-edition designs: Create a sense of exclusivity with limited-edition designs. An artist can create a unique design for the cause, which can then be printed in a limited quantity. This adds an element of urgency as the t-shirts become collector's items.

  • Artist bio and story: Amplify the artist's involvement by sharing their story and the inspiration behind their design. This helps create a meaningful connection between the artist, the t-shirts, and the cause.

  • Artistic tees collection: Why stop at one artist? Consider collaborating with multiple artists to create a collection of t-shirts. Each artist brings their unique style, and supporters can choose the design they prefer the most or even purchase multiple designs.

Maximizing your t-shirt fundraiser success

Stepping up your t-shirt fundraising game requires strategic planning and execution. Let's explore some practical ways to maximize the success of your t-shirt fundraising efforts.

1. Effective promotion
  • Promote your fundraiser using social media, newsletters, and community boards.

  • Engage your audience with live streams, webinars, and contests.

  • Personally connect with potential supporters to share your cause and its impact.

2. Quality and variety in designs
  • Offer a range of high-quality designs to appeal to different tastes.

  • Ensure t-shirts are durable, turning them into long-lasting reminders of your cause.

3. Smart pricing
  • Set prices based on supporter feedback, covering costs and supporting your cause.

  • Consider tiered pricing or bundles to increase revenue.

4. Leveraging Gelato's print on demand
  • Use Gelato to avoid upfront costs, minimize inventory risk, and offer global shipping.

  • Benefit from Gelato’s quality prints, ensuring supporter satisfaction.

Run successful t-shirt fundraisers with Gelato

Bring your fundraising success to new heights with Gelato's high-quality, custom t-shirts. Our printing technology brings your creative designs to life, captivating the hearts of your community and sparking engagement. 

Gelato simplifies the process of designing custom t-shirts, from production to worldwide delivery, letting you focus on what truly matters - your cause. Whether it's a small local event or a large-scale international fundraiser, our platform caters to all.

Ready to make a difference? Sign up for Gelato today, explore our t-shirts, and choose a subscription plan that suits your vision.


Are t-shirts a good fundraiser?

Absolutely! T-shirts are an effective fundraising tool due to their versatility and widespread appeal. They capture attention, create lasting memories, and act as a movable billboard for the cause, amplifying awareness. It's a fun way to rally support while giving donors a tangible memento of their contribution.

How do you do a t-shirt fundraiser?

To launch a t-shirt fundraiser, you must plan the campaign, create engaging custom t-shirt designs that resonate with your cause, select a reputable printing and distribution provider like Gelato, set pricing, promote your fundraiser through varied channels, and manage orders and shipments efficiently. 

What is the most profitable fundraising event?

The most profitable fundraising event often varies based on factors like target audience, cause, and promotional efforts. However, high-engagement events like charity runs or walks where participants purchase custom t-shirts or themed fundraisers centered around special events or milestones can yield significant proceeds.

How much to sell fundraiser t-shirts for?

Setting the price for your fundraiser t-shirts largely depends on the cost of production, your fundraising goal, and the demographic you're targeting. A general rule of thumb is to price your t-shirts at least double the production cost. However, ensure the price remains affordable for potential supporters.


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