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1. Introduction to Midjourney

32 best Midjourney prompts to try in 2024

If you're a creator eager to explore the exciting frontier of AI-powered art creation, you've landed on the right page. This article ventures into the world of Midjourney - an AI-powered creative tool that's revolutionizing digital artistry.

We'll share the 32 best prompt examples to employ in 2024 for creating captivating visuals and detailed illustration(s) tailored for artists keen on infusing creativity into their ecommerce platforms.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Midjourney is an AI tool revolutionizing digital artistry, enabling creators to generate stunning visuals through carefully crafted prompts tailored for a wide range of art styles.

  • Crafting effective prompts involves precision, simplicity, and creativity, focusing on directness, detail, and variety to guide AI in creating compelling artwork.

  • Explore 32 diverse Midjourney prompts for various art styles, including futuristic, surreal, hyper-realistic, cinematic, historical, cultural, nature, landscape, abstract, conceptual, character, portrait, architectural, and urban designs.

  • Advanced Midjourney techniques such as prompt layering, time-lapse, prompt morphing, and focused detailing allow for the creation of sophisticated and intricate art pieces.

  • Use aspect ratio adjustment instructions to ensure images have a balanced composition and meet specific platform requirements.

  • Gelato's print on demand service offers a seamless transition from virtual creations to tangible products, allowing artists to bring their AI-generated masterpieces into the physical world.

Introduction to Midjourney

Midjourney, with its artificial intelligence capabilities, offers the unique capacity for generating stunning and eye-capturing visuals with just a few carefully crafted prompts. Whether you're an artist exploring new creative realms, or a business owner seeking unique visuals to engage your audience, Midjourney is your ticket to an extraordinary journey of creative exploration. It’s a kind of magic that can seamlessly weave originality into a galaxy of illustrations at your demand!

How to craft effective Midjourney prompts

Success with Midjourney largely depends on crafting powerful, descriptive prompts. But how exactly do we design effective prompts for AI art creation? The key here is precision, simplicity, and creativity. Stick to these basics, and you're set for a fascinating, creative journey. 

  • Directness: The AI responds better to a clear and more descriptive prompt. If you want a castle in a sunset setting, say it.

  • Details: While directness is crucial, don't shy away from adding specific, intricate details. Specify colors, atmosphere, and key elements you want in your artwork.

  • Simplicity: Keep your language simple and clear. Too technical or complicated language might confuse the AI.

  • Variety: Experiment by creating prompts of different kinds - descriptive, conceptual, narrative-based, abstract - keep testing until you find your style.

  • Progression: Start with simpler prompts and gradually try out more complex and ambitious prompts as you get more comfortable with using Midjourney.

32 best Midjourney prompts for various art styles

Now let's explore various Midjourney prompts across wide-ranging art styles, certain to inspire and equip visual creators to generate breathtaking, AI-assisted masterpieces.

Prompts for futuristic and surreal art styles

futuristic and surreal landscapes
  • Aliens from Andromeda: Imagine extraterrestrial beings in their home galaxy, complete with translucent architectures, floating transport mechanisms, color-shifting foliage, and geometrically complex lifestyles.

  • Post-apocalyptic earth: With civilization decayed, generate visuals of nature reclaiming cities, with skyscrapers overtaken by wilderness and remnants of human society gathered by survivors as tributes to the past.

  • Time warp: Blend centuries by thrusting medieval castles into a futuristic urban landscape, producing a clash between time periods that challenges tradition and propels the viewer into an era of technological wizardry.

  • Cosmic ocean: Visualize an entire ocean-centered planet teeming with bioluminescent marine life forms, floating islands, and above-water civilizations built on colossal sea creatures.

Prompts for hyper-realistic and cinematic art

  • Cityscape sunset: Envision a hyper-realistic sunset descending over a bustling cityscape. Capture the dramatic interplay of light and shadow, reflecting off skyscrapers and busy streets.

  • Futuristic dawn: Generate a high-definition, cinematic panorama. Picture a futuristic metropolis awakening at dawn, with the early light casting long shadows and illuminating the advanced architectural marvels.

  • Weathered wisdom: Create a hyper-realistically detailed close-up portrait. Focus on an old man with weathered features, each line telling a story of a life fully lived, set against a soft, thoughtful background.

  • Vintage still life: Depict a hyper-realistic still life arrangement. Imagine vintage items like an old pocket watch, a rusty key, and a wilted rose, each object rich in texture and history, telling its own silent story.

Creative prompts for ecommerce

  • Marketplace in the cloud: Envision a whimsical, futuristic marketplace floating in the clouds. Craft a scene where traditional concepts of gravity and geography are defied, creating a space where shoppers navigate through floating stalls and digital storefronts, all set against a backdrop of soft, ethereal clouds and vibrant skyways.

  • Cyberpunk shopping street: Dive into the neon-drenched streets of a cyberpunk city. Design a bustling night market that pulses with digital life, where the glow of neon signs illuminates an array of futuristic shops and stalls, and the air buzzes with the energy of a high-tech, urban jungle.

  • Retro online store: Take a nostalgic journey into the past and design an online store with a retro flair. Picture a digital marketplace that captures the essence of the 60s, 70s, or 80s, complete with vintage graphics, classic product designs, and a user interface that harks back to the early days of the internet.

  • Nature-inspired e-cart: Reimagine the e-commerce experience with a nature-inspired e-cart. Design a shopping platform where the cart is not just a cart but a blooming flower, a fluttering butterfly, or a gently flowing stream. Infuse each element of the shopping process with natural beauty, offering customers a serene and refreshing online shopping experience.

Historical and cultural art prompts

art with elements from historical periods and cultures
  • Renaissance rebirth: Propel yourself back to the era of the European Renaissance, where art was coming alive in new and revolutionary ways. Use this prompt to recreate the intricate human figures, detailed landscapes, and dramatic lighting. 

  • Ancient Egypt: Explore vividly colored hieroglyphs, Sphinx-like structures, and artifacts reminiscent of an era dominated by pharaohs and complex spiritual beliefs. 

  • Nomadic tribes: Allow the AI to echo the richness and diversity of various nomadic tribes. Focus on tribal patterns, nomadic lifestyle, and the vast landscapes that shaped their life. 

  • The roaring twenties: Immerse yourself in the glitz, glamor, and freedom of the 1920's post-war era. Create visuals characterizing the flapper culture, lavish parties, or Art Deco architecture that dominated the period. 

Nature and landscape art prompts

  • Autumn's embrace: Capture the essence of autumn in a hyper-realistic style. Visualize a scene where the warm hues of russet, gold, and burgundy blend seamlessly, portraying the rich tapestry of falling leaves, dense forest canopies, and bountiful harvests, all echoing the intricate details and depth of an oil painting.

  • Mountain majesty: Create a high-definition, cinematic portrayal of majestic mountains. Imagine capturing the serene beauty of snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and undisturbed wildlife, all bathed in the soft glow of dawn or the last light of dusk, highlighting the awe-inspiring tranquility of nature.

  • Tropical tapestry: Render a hyper-realistic and vibrant depiction of tropical landscapes. Envision a scene where the vivid colors of sunset beaches, lush flora and fauna, serene rainforests, and dynamic marine life beneath turquoise waters are brought to life with meticulous detail, inviting the viewer into a world of exotic beauty.

  • Desert dunes: Depict the unique beauty of desert landscapes with hyper-realistic precision. Imagine the sweeping sand dunes, the surreal night skies, and the fascinating adaptations of life in arid conditions, all captured with a level of detail that makes the scene come alive, revealing the hidden allure of the desert.

Abstract and conceptual art prompts

  • Tomorrow's echo: Start with an empty canvas and imagine what the echoes of tomorrow would look like if we could see them. Visualize the unknown wonders or predictions for what lies ahead. Approach it with vibrant colors, uncertain forms, or unusual unities.

  • Mind maze: Consider the intricacies and complexities of the human mind. Is it a tangled labyrinth or a neatly organized mainstream? Convey the intricacies of thought processes, emotions, or subconscious fears and desires through your artistic rendition. 

  • Partitioned reality: This prompt is all about duality. Consider depicting a scene that exhibits the contrasting elements of realism and abstraction.

  • Soundscape: You know how music sounds, but can you imagine how it would look if it had a visual form? Try to translate auditory perception into visual art. Use colors and shapes to represent rhythm, melody, and harmony. 

Character and portrait art prompts

character and portrait art
  • Inspired guardians: Envision a chimeric guardian blending human and animal traits, each feature telling a story of mythical strength and wisdom. Portray a character that embodies both the solemnity of a protector and the joy of a benevolent spirit, adaptable across various artistic styles and mediums.

  • Faces of time: Capture the essence of life's journey by illustrating an individual at different stages of their life. Show the evolution of character and appearance over time, from the innocence of youth to the wisdom of age, in a series of portraits that narrate a silent yet profound story of growth and transformation.

  • Forgotten royalty: Depict the poignant tale of a long-lost monarch, once revered, now clinging to the fading echoes of power and glory. Create a portrait that intertwines regal grandeur with a touch of melancholy, reflecting a longing for the past or a determined gaze towards an uncertain future.

  • Sidekick chronicles: Shine a light on the unsung heroes, the sidekicks, by portraying a character whose life is intertwined with that of the protagonist yet holds a unique and compelling story. Illustrate a portrait that reveals layers of loyalty, dedication, or quiet discontent, offering a glimpse into the depth and complexity of the supporting character's journey.

Architectural and urban design prompts

  • Vintage art deco: Immerse in the opulence of the roaring twenties, capturing the essence of luxuriant, ornamented designs. Visualize iconic structures like the Chrysler Building or the Radio City Music Hall, with their distinctive art deco facades, and infuse these elegant styles into a sophisticated print.

  • Futuristic metropolis: Channel the visionary spirit of science-fiction epics like "Blade Runner" to craft a skyline that pulses with the life of a high-tech future. Imagine a cityscape where glittering skyscrapers, holographic displays, suspended highways, and towering structures define the horizon.

  • European main street: Embrace the quaint charm of European cityscapes, where cobblestone streets, old-world cafes, and historic townhouses weave a tapestry of timeless allure. Let this prompt guide you in creating urban designs that celebrate the intimate, nostalgic feel of Europe's most picturesque streets.

  • Industrial loft: Capture the essence of modern, rustic elegance by drawing inspiration from loft-style architecture. Envision a space where raw materials like brick walls, exposed wood beams, and large, vintage-look factory windows come together to create an ambiance that's both contemporary and warmly inviting.

Advanced Midjourney prompts and techniques

Now, let’s delve into a few advanced prompts and techniques that can take your Midjourney outputs to the next level: 

  • Prompt layering: This technique involves issuing multiple prompts in a single command, giving AI a more detailed instruction than a single prompt. By doing this, you can ask the AI to create complex compositions.

  • Time-lapse: This technique involves starting with a broad prompt and slowly refining it with each subsequent prompt as though you're molding your artwork over time. This can create a time-lapse effect, delivering truly unique results.

  • Prompt morphing: Begin with one image, gradually shift the prompt, and watch as your image gradually transforms into something entirely new. This "slow morph" technique is perfect for creating animations or GIFs.

  • Focused detailing: AI sometimes tends to generate blurry or abstract outputs. To overcome that, you can use prompts that instruct the AI to focus on specific details in the image. This can help you achieve more fine-tuned results.

How to change the aspect ratio

Speaking about tweaking your creation to perfection, there's one vital component you'll likely cross paths with - the aspect ratio. If you've ever wondered how to perfect your image dimensions for a more balanced composition or to fit into specific platform guidelines, you'll want to understand how to change the aspect ratio in your Midjourney art piece.

Here's your quick step-by-step guide to get going: 

  1. Begin crafting your /imagine prompt in the standard way. Include a descriptive text, and if needed, supplement it with links to one or more reference images. An example could be /imagine http://dummyURL/image1.jpg depicting a shark in the ocean.

  2. Prior to finalizing your prompt, append it with either –aspect or –ar, followed by the aspect ratio you desire.

  3. As a result, your initial prompt may evolve into something like /imagine http://dummyURL/image1.jpg depicting a shark in the ocean –ar 3:2, indicating your specific aspect ratio preference.

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Midjourney prompt FAQs

What are the best prompts to use in Midjourney?

The best prompts to use in Midjourney can vary based on an artist's style and preferred genre. However, prompts that inspire uniqueness and offer a sense of exploration often yield the most captivating results. Prompts like 'Futuristic cityscape', 'Surreal desert landscape', or 'Hyper realistic portrait' are widely appreciated.

How do you give a prompt in Midjourney?

Feeding prompts in Midjourney is an intuitive process. While crafting your visual story, type in your theoretical prompt - a collection of keywords, descriptive phrases, or topics that represent your creative vision. Press enter, and the AI will interpret it to generate unique images based on your directive. That's your Midjourney in action!

How to use Chat GPT for Midjourney prompts?

Utilizing Chat GPT for Midjourney prompts starts with defining your desired outcome explicitly. Articulate a narrative or concept in conversational language to guide the AI. It understands context and continuations, so detail matters. Test variations and iterate prompts for fine-tuned results, creating exceptional visual narratives.

How do you prompt Midjourney for art style?

Start by having a clear idea of the art style you want to promote. Type this out as the prompt, incorporating certain keywords that define the style. The AI, using its neural network, will interpret the prompt and generate an image that replicates your desired art style. Remember to experiment and iterate with different keywords to achieve the best results.


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