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1. The 2024 Amazon selling landscape at a glance

55 best products to sell on Amazon in 2024

Thinking about selling on Amazon in 2024 but not sure what to offer? You're in the right spot. We've dug deep and found the 55 best products that are just waiting to fly off the virtual shelves.

Whether you're all about the latest tech gadgets, eco-friendly goods, or unique home decor, we've got something for everyone.

So, let's discover your next big hit!

Main takeaways from this article:

  • 2024 Trends on Amazon involve significant changes and growth in the Amazon marketplace, emphasizing customer-centric approaches and the importance of sustainability.

  • Our list includes a strategic selection of categories and products expected to dominate Amazon sales in 2024, including personalized items and eco-friendly products.

  • The demand for unique, customized products that offer personal connections and stories has been on the rise.

  • The growing consumer preference for sustainable and environmentally friendly products is driving a shift towards green consumerism.

  • The fashion and apparel category continues to be a popular category, driven by online shopping trends and a wide range of product offerings.

  • The electronics and gadgetscategory remains a leading sector due to continuous technological advancements and consumer interest in the latest tech.

The 2024 Amazon selling landscape at a glance

The Amazon selling landscape in 2024 will be full of monumental changes and promising growth. With technology rapidly advancing, consumers are more empowered with their purchasing decisions than ever before. Key drivers, including advanced AI, improved analytics, and accelerated on-demand services, pave the way for a more customer-centric approach.

Ecommerce players with an Amazon Seller account must focus on UX optimization and personalized offerings to stay ahead in this dynamic landscape. Furthermore, eco-conscious products will gain traction, making sustainability a pivotal factor for Amazon sellers.

Top Amazon product categories and trending products in 2024

Let's uncover the rising categories and 55 trending private label products forecasted to shape Amazon's ecommerce landscape in 2024.

1. Personalized products

Customized product examples

Personalized products will play a considerable role in the ecommerce landscape in 2024. As the world moves rapidly into an era of unique, distinctive experiences, the demand and profitability of bespoke items have startled the market with their pulsating spike.

The concept of owning something that tells a story, an item that carries a piece of individuality, is a selling proposition that steals the limelight. 

Now, let's delve right into five unparalleled product ideas within this category, which are also part of Gelato's extensive catalog:

  1. Personalized calendars: Linking nostalgia with practicality, calendars that carry special moments are likely to be a leading seller. Highlight birthdays and anniversaries or even print a memorable photo for each month. 

  2. Custom throw pillows: Home décor that speaks volumes about its owner is always a hit. Be it an inspirational quote, a memorable picture, or a quirky design, personalized pillows add a unique touch. 

  3. Customized t-shirts: An ongoing trend that never goes out of style. Whether flaunting a funny quote or a beloved graphic, personalized t-shirts make for a timeless favorite. 

  4. Personalized children’s story books: Immersive, engaging, and downright adorable, these storybooks with the child as the protagonist are an excellent choice for the little ones. 

  5. Custom canvas prints: Turn a house into a home with personalized canvases. Users can upload their favorite photos or designs to create stunning decor for any space. 

2. Eco-friendly and sustainable products

As consumers grow more aware of their purchasing power and its impact on the planet, they seek out brands and products that reflect their values. Eco-friendly and sustainable products, as a result, are expected to take a significant share of the Amazon marketplace in 2024. 

These items reflect a booming market, in line with the global 'green rush' as people increasingly prioritize environmental friendliness in their buying decisions.

Let's dive into five potential product ideas in this category: 

  1. Eco-friendly stationery: Sustainable pens, pencils, and notebooks are sought after by the environmentally conscious. These types of products tend to sell well and offer a strong profit margin.

  2. Reusable shopping bags: With more people shunning plastic, reusable shopping bags are a staple in the green market. Gelato offers high-quality, customizable tote bags that are both eco-conscious and fashionable.

  3. Sustainable apparel: Eco-conscious customers are seeking fashion that doesn't harm the planet. Think cotton t-shirts or bamboo fiber underwear – a segment that witnesses a high demand.

  4. Biodegradable phone cases: Tech aficionados want to protect their devices while minimizing waste, and biodegradable phone cases answer these needs. This is a great niche product that combines utility with sustainability.

  5. Recycled yoga mats: For the active and health-conscious, recycled or natural rubber yoga mats are a hit. They're practical, sustainable, and cater to many consumers.

3. Fashion and apparel

In 2024, fashion and apparel remain one of the top contenders in the lion's share of Amazon's marketplace. This category continues to be a massive draw for customers worldwide, offering a wide range of products from everyday attire to runway-inspired items. 

The shift towards online shopping, amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, boosts the appeal and profitability of this sector.

If you're considering dipping your toes in this lucrative market, here are a few product ideas to get you started:

  1. Personalized hoodies: Whether it's a clever quote, a unique design, or custom artwork, personalized hoodies never go out of style. They appeal to a broad demographic, making them a profitable choice.

  2. Organic clothing: Sustainable fashion is on the rise as more consumers become conscious about the environment. Organic cotton apparel or recycled fabrics can be popular choices.

  3. Athletic wear: The surge in interest in health and fitness makes athletic wear a top category. From yoga pants to performance activewear, there is a wide range to cater to.

  4. Plus-size fashion: The demand for fashionable, plus-sized clothing is growing. As a relatively unexplored niche, it's a ripe territory with enormous potential.

  5. Kids clothing: Children's clothing, especially onesies and personalized baby wear, make for adorable additions to your store.

4. Electronics and gadgets

Trending tech gadgets

Driven by the insatiable appetite for the latest tech trends, the Electronics and Gadgets category continues to be a major player in the Amazon marketplace. 

From established brands to innovative startups, sellers are capitalizing on the unrivaled popularity of this sector and its potential for high profitability. It's an industry where trends can quite literally shape how we live, making it an enticing opportunity for sellers.

To help you get a slice of the pie, here are five trending electronics and gadget items predicted to peak in sales in 2024:

  1. Smart wireless earbuds: As audio technology advances and we embrace a more wireless future, smart earbuds are anticipated to continue their uptrend in sales.

  2. Portable rechargeable power banks: With the increased dependence on mobile devices, the demand for portable power solutions is more vital than ever.

  3. High-resolution action cameras: Whether for travel, sport, or everyday life, action cameras are a growing market with a vast potential customer base.

  4. Artificial intelligence (AI) devices: From voice-activated home assistants to smart appliances, AI is increasingly getting integrated into our daily lives.

  5. Wearable fitness trackers: In an increasingly health-conscious society, fitness trackers have dominated the gadget landscape.

5. Health and wellness items

More and more consumers are investing in their well-being, with an emphasis on options that augment their physical and mental health holistically. 

Renowned for their high profit margins and consistent sales throughout the year, these products have seen an unprecedented growth rate, particularly due to the rising health awareness among consumers and the global trend towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

Here are five potential product ideas within the health and wellness category for you to consider: 

  1. Organic supplements: With increasing scrutiny around the ingredients and origin of health supplements, organic options have gained significant popularity among consumers seeking clean, trustworthy options.

  2. Blue-light-blocking glasses: As consumers continue to spend extended hours in front of screens, the demand for blue-light-blocking glasses, known to prevent eye strain, is on the rise.

  3. Yoga and meditation accessories: As yoga and meditation become integral to everyday routines, related accessories like yoga mats, blocks, and meditation cushions are trending on Amazon.

  4. Healthy snack options: Consumers are seeking nutritious and tasty snacks as better alternatives to traditional unhealthy snacks. The demand for gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan snacks is increasing.

  5. Smart fitness equipment: From smartwatches that track health stats to intelligent in-home workout systems, the fitness world is becoming increasingly smart and connected.

6. Remote work and home office supplies

The global pandemic has initiated a new era of work-from-home culture, making it essential for individuals to set up efficient remote workspaces. This shift in work lifestyle has surged the demand and, consequently, the profit margins of the home office supplies. 

Buyers are not just seeking basic items like stationery or ergonomically designed furniture but also products that assist in creating a professional environment at home. 

Here are five potential products to look out for: 

  1. Ergonomic office chairs: An essential for a long day of work, these chairs provide the necessary support to maintain a proper posture and reduce back strain.

  2. Wi-Fi extenders: Home spaces can often have difficult-to-reach spots, and Wi-Fi extenders ensure seamless internet connectivity throughout.

  3. Ambient lighting equipment: Great for setting a calming work atmosphere. Not too bright, not too dull - just the right balance to reduce eye strain during long hours of screen time.

  4. Desktop organizers: Keeping the workspace tidy can significantly boost productivity. Desktop organizers can help keep all necessary items handy and well-arranged.

  5. White noise machines: These machines help create a peaceful ambiance by masking disruptive noise, thus improving focus while working.

7. Smart home devices

Smart home technology array

Smart home devices continue to grow in both popularity and profitability as we move into 2024. These smart appliances, which can handle your everyday tasks or boost home security, are amongst the fastest-growing segments on Amazon. 

Furthermore, a recent IDC report projects that the smart home market could be worth a staggering $382.9 billion by 2026, which undeniably indicates this category's immense profit potential. 

For those looking to bank on this lucrative market, here are five smart home products that are currently trending on Amazon and expected to continue their upward trajectory: 

  1. Smart speakers: These devices have become an essential fixture in many homes, serving as the cornerstone of a smart home system.

  2. Smart plugs: They are simple, inexpensive, and an easy way to convert regular appliances into smart ones, thus offering immense potential.

  3. Security cameras: With the rise in the need for home security, this product is particularly lucrative for sellers.

  4. Smart doorbells: Equipped with cameras and two-way communication, these high-tech doorbells are growing in demand.

  5. Smart thermostats: These energy-efficient devices are not just eco-friendly, but they also provide unparalleled convenience and savings.

8. Personal care and beauty products

Personal care and beauty products continue to be evergreen categories on Amazon. The immense popularity and profitability in this sector are a reflection of a growing, informed, and increasingly self-conscious consumer market that values looking and feeling good. 

Competing in such a fast-paced and dynamic category requires delivering both novelty and value. So, here are five products that you can sell online in 2024: 

  1. Microbiome skincare: Skincare products that promote a healthy skin microbiome are gaining significant popularity. With advanced research revealing the crucial role of our skin's natural microbes, consumers are now leaning towards gentle, bacteria-friendly products.

  2. Men's grooming products: The market for men's grooming products has substantially grown over the years. Men are now more open to skincare routines and cosmetic products, providing an excellent opportunity for unique and targeted product lines.

  3. Plant-based beauty products: In the wake of increased environmental and health consciousness, plant-based beauty products have seen a surge in demand. Consumers are favoring natural ingredients over synthetic ones, paving the way for innovative, green cosmetics.

  4. At-home beauty devices: With consumers increasingly valuing convenience, at-home beauty devices such as face steamers, light therapy masks, and microneedling kits have seen a significant lift in sales.

  5. Packaging-free products: In line with the global push towards sustainability, beauty brands are exploring packaging-free or reduced packaging options, which will surely appeal to the eco-conscious shoppers on Amazon.

9. Toys and games

Boasting consistent popularity among consumers for years, the toys and games category on Amazon is expected to thrive even more in 2024. 

Its time-tested appeal, combined with new game-changing trends, makes it one of the most profitable niches for potential sellers. The surge in board games, digital toys, and puzzles during the lockdown periods increased the global curiosity around this market, catapulting its success.

Now, let's delve into some top-selling products in the Toys and Games category:

  1. Educational toys: In an era where parents are progressively conscious of their child’s intellectual growth, educational toys are an absolute hit. Puzzle games, learning tablets, science kits, and creative craft sets have all witnessed a spike in sales. 

  2. Outdoor toys: As digital fatigue becomes prevalent, outdoor toys are making a comeback. Consider items like bounce houses, water toys, outdoor playsets, or simple classics like frisbees and jump ropes. 

  3. Digital and coding toys: With the future zooming towards AI and technology, coding toys for kids are creating a buzz, too. Products like programmable robots, building block coding games, and digital drawing pads are slated to become top sellers. 

  4. Board games: The timeless appeal of board games never fades. We're predicting a steady demand for everything from classic options like Chess or Monopoly to newer, innovative board games with a twist. 

  5. Collectibles: From rare action figures to limited-edition Lego sets, collectibles within the toys and games category continue to draw kids and adults alike.

10. Home goods

Stylish home goods collection

The home goods category has been enjoying a steady surge in popularity in recent years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

Increased interest in home improvement and the rise of work-from-home culture during the pandemic have driven consumer demand for quality, aesthetic home goods that also offer functionality.

As you consider shipping home goods on Amazon, here are five product ideas that are predicted to be popular come 2024: 

  1. Bamboo kitchen utensils: An eco-friendly alternative to plastic, bamboo kitchen utensils can be seen as a triple win. They are sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Smart LED lighting: With the growing trend towards smart homes and energy efficiency, smart LED lighting is expected to be a big hit among consumers.

  3. Modern minimalist wall clocks: Functional decor like modern minimalist wall clocks adds a touch of elegance while serving a practical purpose.

  4. Stoneware dinner sets: With the foodie culture booming, more people are investing in beautiful dinnerware sets. Stoneware, with its rustic yet chic appeal, is predicted to make quite the trend.

  5. Digital photo frames: As technology evolves, so do traditional items like photo frames. Digital photo frames allow people to display multiple photos in a rotation, making them a modern and popular home goods choice.

11. Pet supplies

Pet supplies have emerged as one of the top-selling categories on Amazon, thanks to the ever-increasing number of pet owners across the globe. 

The trend of pet humanization, where pets are being treated more like family members, is driving this market. Pet owners are willing to spend more on high-quality products, sustainable goods, and interactive toys, making this a highly profitable category for Amazon sellers. 

Here are five product ideas:

  1. Eco-friendly pet toys: With the rise in environmental consciousness, eco-friendly toys made from sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes are in high demand.

  2. Personalized pet accessories: Customizable items such as engraved pet tags and personalized pet beds with the pet's name or photo can stand out in this popular category.

  3. Smart pet feeders: These devices regulate your pet's meal portions and schedule, making them a popular buy for busy pet parents.

  4. Premium pet food: Pet owners are investing in premium food products featuring organic and natural ingredients for the health and well-being of their pets.

  5. Pet grooming products: High-quality brushes, shampoos, and pet hair vacuums are profitable products as pet parents look for ways to maintain their pet's hygiene and appearance at home.

How to conduct product research and find top-selling items

With the right approach, you can pinpoint top-selling items and make sure your product selection aligns with consumer demands, boosting your online sales. 

Here are five smart tips to assist with your product research: 

  1. Utilize Amazon’s best sellers list: Amazon’s Best Sellers list is an indispensable tool. It’s a real-time snapshot of what’s trending now. Use this list to research products that are top-selling in your chosen Amazon category. 

  2. Listen to customer reviews and feedback: Pay close attention to customer reviews and ratings for potential product ideas. Casual browsing often uncovers hidden insights about what customers desire, love, or hate about certain products. 

  3. Keep tabs on what’s trending: Magazines, blogs, and social media are overflowing with trending topics, lifestyle hints, and product suggestions. Seize the opportunity by following influencers and trendsetters relevant to your niche. 

  4. Research seasonality and annual trends: Certain products get an annual sales bump due to holidays, seasons, or events. Explore patterns in Amazon sales data to identify these seasonal trends. 

  5. Leverage keyword tools: SEO keyword tools, like Google Keyword Planner and Amazon's own keyword tool, can help you find high-demand, low-competition product niches. Using targeted keywords can reveal hot product categories you might otherwise overlook.

Establish a competitive advantage with print on demand

With the rise of the ecommerce era, setting up a remarkable presence on Amazon requires more than just exceptional product ideas; it also demands seamless and efficient production workflows. This is where Gelato swoops in, offering you a competitive advantage through on-demand print services.

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