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Best gifts for every budget

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BlogSep 12 2022
Offer your customers the perfect gifts - for any budget - with Gelato's range of personalized products, including magic mugs, phone cases, tote bags, calendars, photo books, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, and wall art.

Offer your customers the perfect gifts - for any budget!

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s never too soon for ecommerce entrepreneurs to get ahead of the game. While most small businesses spend these months stressing about how much stock to buy and contemplating the endless struggle that is dealing with couriers, Gelato customers can sit back and relax knowing that all the heavy lifting is being handled for them.

So with all the extra time that’s being saved not worrying about how to manufacture and ship everything in time, now is the perfect opportunity to think about what products to showcase before the busiest selling season of the year starts.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide of the best gifts that you can add to your store to make products stand out to buyers on every budget.

Under $20

From magic mugs and vibrant phone cases, all the way to beautifully woven tote bags, Gelato offers a vast range of affordable products for buyers on a smaller budget.

Personalized mugs are an evergreen gift, perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, teacher appreciation day, or a family member’s birthday, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t love a good mug.

Suggested price: $10-$15

Phone cases
Nearly everyone with a smartphone also has a phone case and there’s nothing nicer than having one that’s unique to you. Whether it’s for parents looking to safeguard their devices from small clumsy hands or for the fashionistas who like to match their phones to their outfits, phone cases speak to a vast demographic and offer you a great way to showcase your designs to audiences of all ages.

Suggested price: $10-$20

Tote Bags
A blank canvas teeming with possibility, tote bags are one of the most sought-after accessories of the past few years. A lightweight alternative to plastic bags, tote bags make the perfect personalized gift for consumers who are looking for a fun but fashionable take on an old classic.

Suggested price: $15-$20

Under $40

It’s sometimes hard to find the perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and, at the same time, not going to break the bank. Thankfully, Gelato offers a wide range of products that are designed with both the end-customer’s vision - and wallet - in mind.

Whether they’re filled with funny photos of friends or a collection of family snaps, calendars are a must-have feature in most households. As the new year swiftly approaches, personalized calendars make the perfect gift for any loved one this holiday season.

Suggested price: $25-$30

Photo books
However convenient storing photos in the cloud is, physical photo albums still hold a place in the hearts of people of all ages. With 1.72 trillion photos being taken worldwide every year (which equates to 4.7 billion per day), most of us won’t have any problems filling the pages. Gelato’s premium photo books make the perfect keepsake for family members and loved ones.

Suggested price: $25-$30

Custom t-shirts
T-shirts are a staple in nearly everyone’s wardrobe. They’re timeless. Thankfully, Gelato offers a huge range of t-shirt options for both adults and children, so whether you’re printing a small logo or a massive illustration, there’s always room in the closet for a stylish tee.

Suggested price: $25-$40

Under $60

For customers looking to spend a little more, Gelato offers a range of premium products, perfect for those who are seeking something extra special this holiday season.

Sweatshirts and pullovers
Easily one of the best gifts to receive during the winter, sweatshirts and pullovers make great gifts for those fashion-forward friends who just love being cozy.

Suggested price: $40-$60

Wall art
An elegant addition to any home, customized wall art is the perfect present for art lovers (they especially make great housewarming gifts). Gelato’s range includes framed posters, posters with hangers, canvases, and prints made from aluminum, acrylic, foam and even wood. So it doesn’t matter what your style is, there’s something for everyone.

Suggested price: $45-$60

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