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5 best-selling stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers
BlogSep 22 2022
product development
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The holiday season offers a wealth of opportunities for ecommerce entrepreneurs, and we’ve previously explored some of the key calendar dates to consider.

While it’s great to think long-term, it's also essential to hone in on the products which have proven to be serial winners during the holidays. 

We’ve prepared a list of the best stocking fillers to add to your store this holiday season, products that will bring joy to your customers throughout the festivities and to those that are lucky enough to be gifted them!

1. Calendars

Calendars are an evergreen gift; a new one is always required once the new year rolls in. Thankfully, we have a big holiday spending season coming up, the perfect time to buy a calendar for a friend or loved one. Despite being a seasonal gift, the wall calendar market is expected to grow by $40 million by 2027, emphasizing its worth as a stocking filler. 

Our immeasurably busy lives need daily organization and for all the merits of technology, it's worth having a backup. Alongside being useful, wall calendars prove a stylish addition to indoor decor. A focal piece for families to be in-sync and motivational reminders for individuals to achieve their goals. 

Put together fabulous designs and let your business shine in a happy customer's home all year round, until they come flocking back! Gelato offers a range of beautifully produced calendars ready to be designed and sold on your store.

2. Mugs

As we all know, choosing gifts for someone is never easy. That’s why a personal touch can mean a great deal. A survey found that nearly 60% of people have an emotional attachment to their favorite mug, making it an affordable, practical and special gift. 

The busy holiday period often leaves everyone scrambling for time. With people searching for a present for a parent, a coworker's secret santa or a light hearted stocking filler which could spruce up their home-working environment, or make the office feel a little less monotone, the mug is always a brilliant option. 

More importantly, people have fallen out of love with disposable plastic. Whether they're looking for a travel mug or a funky addition to the home, your designs could fill this void. And with the global mug market expected to increase at a further $20 billion by 2029, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon!

3. Loungewear

The lockdown epiphany that loungewear is comfy and cozy has not died out. People are more inclined than ever to swing towards comfort over style. But, the benefit is that you can combine both. Loungewear offers near-limitless opportunities for customization and personalization, with Gelato aiding you on the way, you can bring that timeless saying “look good feel good” to life.  

The loungewear style has never been more popular with the market forecast to grow $13.3 Billion between 2021 and 2025. Hoodies and crewnecks have become a staple for the holiday season. Their blend of comfort and coziness is a perfect fit for all during the winter festivities.

4. Tote bags

The disposable plastic bag is becoming obsolete, as the world tries to become more environmentally friendly and break the cycle of consumption to waste. The tote bag has risen to claim its place. 

At Gelato, we are proud that we enable ecommerce entrepreneurs to produce customized products locally, removing the long-distance shipping traditionally associated with delivery. But it is also great that we can enable the production of items that help create deeper behavior changes in individuals. 

With the tote bag superseding the plastic bag, its position has changed from environmental solution, to solution and statement piece. With designs and materials changing, people are changing tote bags to fit their day-to-day outfits. This has seen the market increase nearly 5% in 2021 and this is not set to slow down.

If you're still not convinced tote bags are a must-have in your store, consider this: the tote mag market is expected to grow 32% over the next four years.

5. Phone cases

Sometimes the smallest items go the longest ways. Considering we rely so heavily on our mobile phones in the 21st century, breaking one becomes an extremely frustrating and expensive mistake. That's when a phone case can become hugely handy. Normally dull and dreary, a customized phone case not only piques peoples interest but brings a vibrant edge to a normally bland day-to-day accessory. 

The current number of smartphone users globally is 6.5 Billion, which means despite the phone case being a cheap gift, its global market value is ginormous and only expected to rise. With revenue forecast expected to increase by roughly 25 billion USD by 2025. It's a gift that no-one can do without so make sure you’re not missing a golden opportunity to increase sales!

Add stocking stuffers to your store

Add these products and more to your ecommerce store this Holiday season so your customers find the perfect gifts! Explore the full range of products in the catalog and find more resources and inspiration in the blog.