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1. The growing popularity of matching ensembles

Five winning best friend shirt ideas your customers will love

Best friends share secrets, memories, and countless inside jokes. And it doesn't stop there. They will often showcase their fondness and love for each other through best friend t-shirts. 

Yes, best friend shirts offer besties a delightful way to strengthen their bond and show the world how much they mean to each other. Best friend t-shirts aren't just a fad; they're also a testament to shared experiences and memories embroidered in fabric.

This article celebrates the ties of friendship and lists best friend t-shirt design ideas to create the charm of synchronized style, blending fashion, fun, and friendship. Whether it's an ode to a shared joke or a nod to a beloved duo, these shirt ideas will help the wearer encapsulate the essence of their unique connections.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Best friend shirts celebrate shared memories, experiences, and the unique bond between buddies, partners, girlfriends, family members, sisters, etc. These also make the perfect gift for a best friend.

  • Some on-trend design ideas for best friend shirts include complementary colors and patterns, split graphics that complete when together, famous duo themes, and personalized designs reflecting shared interests or hobbies.

  • When selecting a fabric, prioritize comfort and durability with fabrics like cotton and linen. Sustainable options such as organic cotton and bamboo blend well with modern trends like pastel tones or tie-dye.

  • Print on demand platforms like Gelato can help you create high-quality best friend shirts that emphasize unique bonds and individual and collective narratives.

The growing popularity of matching ensembles

Today, the best friend trend is more than just a fleeting fad—it's a blossoming movement. Hop on social media platforms, and you can see best friends donning mirror-image outfits and couples coordinating their looks for date nights.

So, what's at the heart of this wildly popular trend of twin shirts and matching outfits? You guessed it: The yearning for connection and belonging. 

In an age where individualism often takes center stage, the act of mirroring another's attire makes a heartwarming declaration of unity and mutual admiration.

Five best friend shirt ideas

In a bid to celebrate the bond of friendship and boost your shirt sales, explore these on-trend t-shirt design ideas to create your own BFF shirts and sell them online.

Idea #1: Complementary colors and patterns

Colors perfectly convey our feelings, how we see things, and our own personal vibes. At the center of all this colorful fun is color theory. It's basically about how colors work together, how they pop against each other, and how they blend. 

Have you ever noticed how blue and orange just pop when they're side by side, or how purple and yellow just seem to vibe together?

Patterns, too, play a crucial role in fashion design, offering visual texture and depth to garments. From timeless stripes and checks to more intricate paisleys and florals, patterns can be as diverse as the personalities wearing them. 

Idea #2: Split graphics and phrases

The allure of split graphics and phrases lies in the art of completion. Just as two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit seamlessly to reveal a complete picture, split designs in clothing come to life when best friends come together, turning heads and tugging at heartstrings. 

These designs can range from simple graphics that merge to create a whole image to witty phrases that make sense only when paired. Imagine two shirts, one depicting half a heart and the other completing it, or shirts that, when stood side by side, spell out a favorite quote or inside joke shared between friends.

Split graphic and phrase designs have surged in popularity due to their ability to create unity between wearers and spark curiosity and conversations among observers. These designs often carry personal stories, encapsulating shared memories or symbols of friendship. Moreover, their visual appeal is perfect for making a statement on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and showcasing to users how much two friends mean to each other.

Idea #3: Famous duos theme

Throughout history, pop culture has gifted us with iconic pairs that have left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. 

From superheroes swooping in to save the day to everyday objects that just seem incomplete without their counterpart, these duos resonate with audiences due to their powerful combination. 

It's only natural, then, that these beloved duos would find their way into the world of fashion in the form of best friend shirts, serving as a playful nod to legendary partnerships and a reflection of the camaraderie shared by the wearers.

Some best friend shirt ideas for 2 are:

  • Batman & Robin: The caped crusader and his sidekick remind us of the strength of teamwork and the adventures that unfold when two forces join hands. Wearing shirts that celebrate this duo could symbolize a friendship where both parties have each other's backs, always ready to jump into action.

  • PB&J: Peanut butter and jelly, a match made in culinary heaven, stands for the sweet harmony of two distinct elements coming together. Shirts inspired by this duo can be a whimsical tribute to friendships that, much like PB&J, have blended seamlessly over time.

  • Salt & pepper: This seasoning duo, while contrasting in flavors, enhances the essence of any dish. Similarly, friends might have contrasting personalities, but together, they spice up each other's lives, making every moment memorable.

Idea #4: Vintage designs

Nostalgia is a potent sentiment in the tapestry of human emotions. 

It's that warm, sepia-toned feeling of looking back, reminiscing about times gone by, and cherishing memories that seem to glow a little brighter with every passing year. 

Fashion has always had a love affair with nostalgia, with throwback and vintage designs frequently weaving their way back into the mainstream.

Throwback and vintage designs in best friend shirts evoke strong emotions and connections. They transport wearers to specific eras, allowing friends to celebrate times they cherish or wish to have experienced. 

By incorporating elements like iconic cartoons or TV show logos, such shirts spark conversations and nostalgic trips down memory lane. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these designs possess timeless elegance, showcasing enduring style.

Idea #5: Shared interests theme

At the core of many enduring friendships lies a foundation of shared hobbies, passions, or interests. Whether it's the euphoria of cheering for the same sports team, getting lost in the immersive world of a favorite book series, or harmonizing to the tunes of a cherished band, these shared experiences are the threads that weave friendships tighter.

Personalized best friend shirts based on shared interests vividly capture the spirit of friendships. For those bonded over films or music, shirts featuring iconic quotes, symbols, or lyrics serve as mementos of cherished movie nights or concerts shared together. 

For adventurous friends, shirts can be imprinted with trail maps, mountain silhouettes, or special coordinates, acting as wearable chronicles of their shared exploits. 

Best friend shirts celebrating shared hobbies like photography, painting, or cooking symbolize the passion and time friends have invested together in their shared pursuits.

Choosing the right fabric for your BFF tees

When it comes to best friend shirts, the choice of fabric becomes especially significant, as these are not just outfits but symbols of shared memories, adventures, and sentiments.

Emphasis on comfort and wearability

Best friend shirts, often worn during outings, gatherings, or special occasions, need to prioritize comfort and wearability. 

Breathable fabrics like cotton or linen ensure that the wearers feel at ease, allowing them to revel in their shared moments without feeling any discomfort. 

Moreover, the right fabric caters to diverse climates, ensuring the best friend experience remains pleasurable, no matter the weather.

Durable fabrics for lasting memories

Memories are meant to last, and so should the shirts that symbolize them. Fabrics that can withstand frequent washes without fading, stretching, or wearing out include denim, twill, and certain fabric blends. 

These provide longevity, ensuring that as time passes, the shirts remain as vibrant as new. Durability also ensures that the personalized elements, be it prints, embroidery, or patches, retain their charm over time.

Sustainable choices for the eco-conscious duos

With growing awareness about the environment and sustainability, many are opting for eco-friendly choices in fashion. For the environmentally-conscious best friends, here are some options:

  • Organic cotton: Cultivated without harmful pesticides and chemicals, organic cotton offers a softer and more sustainable alternative to traditional cotton.

  • Bamboo: Renowned for its sustainable growth and soft texture, bamboo fabric is both breathable and has natural antibacterial properties.

  • Hemp: A resilient and eco-friendly crop, hemp produces a durable fabric that softens with every wash.

  • Tencel/lyocell: Derived from wood pulp, usually from eucalyptus, spruce, or beech trees, Tencel is known for its silky texture, breathability, and biodegradability.

Top current fashion trends

Fashion is an ever-evolving realm, and while the core of best friend shirts lies in the shared bond between friends, incorporating contemporary trends can infuse a touch of modernity into these symbolic outfits.

1. Minimalist aesthetics

Simplicity is the hallmark of modern fashion. Best friend shirts can incorporate minimalist designs with clean lines, muted color palettes, and understated graphics. Think simple shapes, monochrome themes, or subtle typography that conveys the bond without being overly ornate.

2. Pastel and earthy tones

One of the reigning trends is the shift towards softer, earthy, and pastel colors. Incorporating shades like sage green, dusty rose, or terracotta can lend a trendy yet timeless look to best friend shirts, adding a touch of quiet sophistication.

3. Tie-dye renaissance

The psychedelic swirls of tie-dye, reminiscent of the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s have made a vibrant comeback. Best friends can go for coordinated tie-dye patterns or even DIY their shirts for a personal touch.

4. Digital prints and graphics

With advancements in printing technology, digital prints offer sharp, vibrant, and intricate designs. Best friend shirts can feature detailed illustrations, photographs, or even digital art that represents shared memories or interests.

Trendy t-shirt choices to create BFF twin shirts

Want to strike the right balance between comfort and style? Check out these options for timeless classics from different brands to create the perfect BFF tees.


Already a crowd favorite, the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 gets a fresh update with the addition of new colors and sizes. Whether you want a muted pastel look or a vibrant splash of color, this t-shirt is perfect for both.


Embodying casual elegance, the V-neck design of the BELLA+CANVAS 3005 offers a flattering fit. With the introduction of new shades and sizes, the style possibilities are endless.

3. GILDAN 5000

Known for its soft fabric and comfortable wear, the GILDAN 5000 is a staple for any wardrobe. Now available in more colors and sizes, it's easier than ever to find the perfect fit and hue for every occasion.

4. GILDAN 64000

The GILDAN 64000 is renowned for its softness, making it a pleasure to wear. With its expanded range of colors and sizes, it's a blend of comfort and trend, suited for all.

5. GILDAN 2000

Stepping into the catalog is the GILDAN 2000. A perfect combination of durability and comfort, this new tee promises to be an instant favorite for those seeking both style and substance.

6. NEXT LEVEL 6710

The NEXT LEVEL 6710 stands out with its unique tri-blend fabric, offering a luxurious feel against the skin. This tee is not just about comfort; its modern fit and aesthetic make it a fashion-forward choice.


The newly introduced BELLA+CANVAS 6400 boasts a relaxed fit, ensuring a chic yet comfortable look. It's an embodiment of laid-back elegance, perfect for those days when you want to look effortlessly stylish.

Craft unique BFF twin shirts with Gelato

Best friend shirts are more than just a style statement—they're a testament to shared memories, inside jokes, funny sayings, and unbreakable bonds. And when it comes to creating these twin-inspired shirts, Gelato's print on demand platform emerges as the perfect ally.

  • Superior print quality: With Gelato's cutting-edge printing technology, every personalized design, be it quirky phrases, funny sayings, a memorable picture, or a shared logo, is rendered with precision and vibrancy. 

  • Limitless customization: Whether you're drawn to minimalist designs, abstract art, or vivid graphics, Gelato's platform provides the flexibility to bring every vision to life. From selecting the base tee like the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 or the GILDAN 2000 to uploading your design, the customization process is seamless and user-friendly.

  • Sustainability: In today's age, fashion is as much about responsibility as it is about style. Gelato understands this ethos. By offering local production and shipping options, they ensure faster delivery and a reduced carbon footprint.

With Gelato, you're not just creating shirts that foster stronger friendships; you're crafting a narrative, a shared memory, a testament to a bond that's beautifully unique. So, sign up for Gelato and start creating one-of-a-kind best friend shirts for your ecommerce store!


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