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1. Top 50 best friend gift ideas for a thoughtful present

50 best friend gifts that strengthen bonds

Sharing gifts is an age-old tradition that has always been a portal to express emotions, appreciation, and sentiments. However, when it comes to best friends, the choice of gifts should carry a unique personal touch, a hint of shared fond memories, or a testament to your mutual interests. 

Ranging from personalized items and hobby-related gifts to the latest tech accessories, this article compiles an amazing list of 50 best friend gift options that are sure to strengthen your bond even more.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Discover various unique and heartfelt gift ideas perfect for celebrating and strengthening the bond with your best friend, ranging from personalized items to hobby-related gifts.

  • Explore the growing popularity and benefits of presents tailored to individual tastes and personalities, such as craft kits and subscription boxes that offer a constant flow of surprises.

  • Consider wellness, relaxation, travel-themed gifts, or gourmet food and drink gifts to cater to your friend's specific preferences, ensuring the present is meaningful and enjoyable.

  • Utilize Gelato's print on demand service, making it easier to create and ship these customized gifts worldwide, reinforcing the importance of personalized products in strengthening friendships.

  • Create thought-provoking gifts like books, journals, or tech accessories that inspire, entertain, and resonate on a personal level, illustrating how the best gifts often involve a personal touch and careful thought.

Top 50 best friend gift ideas for a thoughtful present

Let's dive in and explore creative, heartfelt, and impactful gift ideas that can celebrate and strengthen your precious bond with your best friend.

Personalized gifts

Assorted personalized gifts
  1. Personalized t-shirts: A bit of humor, a shared memory, or a favorite quote - anything can go on a t-shirt. Get creative and turn these ideas into tangible form with Gelato's print on demand platform.

  2. Custom mugs: From the morning coffee to a night-time tea ritual, a customized mug is a daily reminder of friendship. With Gelato, creating a personalized mug has never been simpler.

  3. Unique wall art: A collage of cherished moments together, illustrated in a unique piece of wall art, can turn an ordinary wall into a friendship gallery. Gelato's wall art prints are ideally suited for this purpose.

  4. Custom phone cases: Phone cases don't have to be boring. Spruce it up with Gelato's custom phone cases, which allow personal designs that reflect shared interests or inside jokes.

  5. Personalized photo books: Compile photos from trips, events, or everyday hangouts into a personalized photo book, a gift that preserves those precious memories. Gelato's print on demand service will handle the printing and shipping.

Craft kits and materials

  1. DIY canvas painting kit: This craft kit allows your best friend to unleash their inner artist. It usually comes with a pre-printed canvas, brushes, and acrylic paints. It's a thoughtful gift, especially if your friend loves painting or wants to try it out.

  2. Crochet starter kit: Ideal for crafty friends who enjoy creating their own apparel or home decor. It typically comes with crochet hooks, a variety of yarns, and pattern instructions.

  3. Jewelry-making kit: This kit usually features beads, tools, and findings, perfect for a friend with a flair for fashion and DIY jewelry.

  4. Candle-making kit: A fantastic creative outlet that results in functional, fragrant pieces for the home. Typically, it includes wax, wicks, and essential oils.

  5. Soap crafting kit: An ideal gift for anyone interested in natural skincare. These kits often provide everything you need to create luxurious, handmade soaps.

Subscription boxes

  1. Artiste Box: Ideal for artists and creatives, the Artiste Box subscription provides monthly delivery of diverse art materials, techniques, and exclusive content to inspire artistic endeavors.

  2. International Snacks Box: For foodies with a taste for global cuisine, an international snacks subscription box offers them unique delicacies from across the world every month.

  3. Book Lover's Box: Tailored perfectly to a bookworm's genre preferences, from bestsellers to undiscovered gems. Every delivery includes one hardcover or paperback, a bookmark, and other book-related goodies.

  4. Wellness Box: Promoting mental, physical, and emotional health is key. A wellness box could include various items like fragrant candles, relaxing teas, bath salts, and a mindfulness journal.

  5. Plant Parent Box: A great gift for friends with green thumbs or those looking to grow one. Every month, a new, unique, and easy-care plant is delivered to their doorstep - a gift that grows like your friendship.

Wellness and relaxation gifts

Wellness gifts set
  1. Therapeutic essential oil set: A curated collection of calming essential oils can be a thoughtful gift for hot sleepers, promoting relaxation and wellness. Scents like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus have proven therapeutic benefits. 

  2. Personalized yoga mat: A customizable yoga mat tailored with inspirational quotes or a calming design can motivate your friend to embrace yoga's wellness benefits. 

  3. Soothing weighted blanket: Known to promote deep, restful sleep, a plush weighted blanket or any bedding item from Cozy Earth can be an enduring reminder of your friendship and care.

  4. Photo-personalized wellness journal: Combining diary keeping with wellness tracking, a personalized journal can help your friend maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Luxury bath set: From bath bombs to scented candles, a luxury bath set can provide an at-home spa experience, aiding in relaxation and stress relief.

Travel-themed gifts

  1. Custom travel map: An aesthetic personalized map masterpiece, where your friend can pin their next adventure or all the places they've visited, is a thoughtful and practical gift that any wanderluster will cherish.

  2. Belt bag: Gift a customized belt bag with their initials, world map lining, and a hidden message like "Adventure Awaits," perfect for keeping essentials safe and hands-free on their travels.

  3. Personalized luggage tags: Custom luggage tags not only add a personal touch to your friend's travel gear but also make identifying bags a breeze. Shutterfly offers a plethora of designs you can curate for your friend.

  4. Photo travel mug: For those friends who are always on the go, a travel mug showcasing a set of cherished photos can keep their adventures close while enjoying a hot beverage. Check out Shutterfly's selection for inspiration.

  5. Travel journal: A dedicated travel journal can help your friend document their journey, thoughts, and experiences in a meaningful way. The journals available in Gelato's catalog can be a great start.

Gourmet food and drink gifts

  1. Bespoke craft beer collection: Curate a unique selection of craft beers from local breweries. A bespoke beer collection is a fantastic idea for a friend who loves trying out unique flavors and supporting local businesses.

  2. Luxury cheese hamper: For a friend who loves all things gourmet, a luxury cheese hamper is a great option. Consider including both locally sourced and international cheeses paired with a selection of chutneys and premium crackers. It's a gift that screams sophistication and taste.

  3. Signature blend coffee beans: Whether your friend is a casual coffee drinker or a full-blown barista, a bag of signature blend coffee beans makes a thoughtful and heartwarming gift. You could even create a custom label featuring an inside joke or nostalgic photograph between the both of you.

  4. Personalized wine box: Consider gifting them a personalized wine box filled with a selection of their favorite wines — from robust reds to sparkling whites. With Gelato, you can customize the box with their name or a heartfelt message, making it a gift they'll cherish and use.

  5. Artisanal chocolates: One can never go wrong with these uncommon goods! Indulge your friend's sweet tooth with a box of artisanal chocolates customized with a special message from you. The combination of unique flavors, attention to detail, and personal touch is sure to make a lasting impression.

Tech accessories and gadgets

Modern tech gadgets
  1. Customized tech cases: Make your best friend's tech gadget truly personal with a custom tech case. Whether it's for their iPhone, laptop, or AirPods, adding a monogram, quote, or picture can turn a functional item into a sentimental keepsake.

  2. Subscription to tech magazines: If your BFF is always on top of the latest tech trends, a subscription to a leading tech magazine like Wired or Popular Mechanics could be just the ticket. This gift keeps the information coming for an entire year, and they'll think of you each time a new issue arrives.

  3. Smart home assistant: A smart home assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home can be a thoughtful gift for a tech-loving friend. It's practical, trendy, and sure to be appreciated daily as it simplifies routine tasks like playing music, adjusting thermostats, and setting reminders.

  4. Portable charger: For your friend who's always on the go, a personalized, portable charger can be a lifesaver. Choose a design that reflects their style or interests, and they'll never again have to worry about their phone or tablet running out of battery in the middle of the day.

  5. Virtual reality headset: If your friend enjoys gaming and immersive experiences, a Virtual Reality (VR) headset could be an amazing gift. There's nothing like the thrill of stepping into a new world at the comfort of one's couch. Add a couple of games or VR experiences to complete the present.

Books and journals

  1. Personalized name journal: What could be more personal than a journal adorned with your best friend's name? Artists can easily create customized journals using Gelato's print on demand service.

  2. "What I love about you" fill-in journal: This book provides prompts that allow you to express your fondness and appreciation for your friend in unique and heartfelt ways.

  3. Custom photo album book: Document shared memories in a custom photo album book, letting your friend relive unforgettable moments every time they flip through. Gelato makes it simple to craft such sentimental gifts.

  4. Inspirational quote book: A book filled with motivational and inspirational quotes can be a thoughtful gift for a friend who needs a dose of positivity. Artists can even curate the book using quotes that resonate with their friend's personality.

  5. "Open when" letters book: This book is a collection of letters for specific occasions or moments, like "open when you're feeling down" or "open when you miss me". These books can be custom-made on Gelato and offer a sentimental remedy for various situations.

Plant gifts

  1. Succulent subscription box: A subscription service that delivers a new variety of succulents to your best friend's doorstep each month. That’s an exciting way to adorn their space with greenery and create a mini indoor garden.

  2. Personalized planter: Engrave a ceramic pot with their name or a special message. It's a thoughtful touch to a houseplant gift and something they can use and cherish for years.

  3. Herb garden kit: An all-in-one package containing different herb seeds, biodegradable pots, and organic soil. Perfect for a friend who loves cooking with fresh herbs.

  4. Virtual plant workshop: Gift a lesson from a botany expert who can teach them how to care for and propagate different types of plants. It's an enriching experience that also acts as a fun pastime.

  5. Flowers: Present a birth month flower in a pot, adding a sweet message: "Just as this [flower name] blooms, so does my gratitude for our friendship. Happy Birthday to my irreplaceable friend!"

Hobby-related gifts

Gardening gift set
  1. Gardening tool set: For your friends who love planting and nurturing plants, a professional gardening tool set would be the perfect gift. It serves a practical purpose while also portraying your understanding of their interests.

  2. Baking kit: If your best friend enjoys whipping up delicious treats, then a personalized baking kit, complete with functional and cute tools, could add an extra sprinkle of joy to their hobby. Items like custom aprons or engraved rolling pins can make the kit even more special.

  3. Painting supplies: If your friend is an aspiring artist, a deluxe painting set may be just what they need to let their creativity run wild. High-quality brushes, acrylic paints, and personalized sketchbooks could make their day.

  4. Sewing kit: A compact yet comprehensive sewing kit makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves hand making crafts. Add a personal touch by including a selection of beautiful, unique fabric swatches.

  5. Photography gear: If your friend loves capturing moments, then gifting them photography gear like a compact camera, tripod, or lens can certainly enhance their hobby. You could also consider personalized camera straps for an intimate touch.

Create unforgettable best friend gifts with Gelato

With Gelato's print on demand platform, you can create a heartwarming or funny gift that, beyond doubt, will delight your best friend and strengthen your bond. Let your creativity blossom by designing unique t-shirts, personalized mugs, impressive wall art, custom-made phone cases, or even engaging photo books that tell a story. 

With the power of customization at your fingertips, every piece you produce can reflect your friend's unique personality and aesthetic. And the best part? With Gelato's global print on demand service, your beautiful friendship tokens can be easily created and shipped worldwide. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for Gelato today and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and objectives.


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