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1. Understanding the nuances of art print sizes

Most popular art print sizes to generate a profit

In the captivating world of art, where emotions find expression and spaces are transformed, selling fine art prints is a lucrative business opportunity. 

However, the art print size can often be the key to its market appeal. While the essence of a piece remains eternal, its size can significantly influence its commercial viability. 

As artists and sellers aim to strike a harmonious balance between artistic integrity and profitability, understanding popular standard sizes becomes paramount. 

Dive with us into the most sought-after art print dimensions and discover how choosing the right size for a poster or canvas print can be a game-changer in maximizing returns on artistic endeavors.

Main takeaways from this article:

  • Explore popular sizes of fine art prints, from smaller prints (5x7 inches) to oversized (30x40 inches), as well as advantages, ideal settings, and typical pricing ranges for each size category.

  • Emphasize the significance of top-tier reproductions, ensuring the preservation of the artwork's essence, durability, and increased accessibility for art enthusiasts globally.

  • The modern art commerce ecosystem ensures safe, trackable, and cost-effective shipping processes, offering peace of mind to both buyers and sellers.

  • The digital era offers artists unprecedented flexibility to reach a global audience, tailor offerings, and experiment, resonating with diverse audience preferences.

  • Gelato is a pivotal force in the fine art revolution, offering a wide range of print sizes, state-of-the-art features, and ensuring global reach with high-quality reproductions and smooth shipping processes.

Understanding the nuances of art print sizes

The world of art is as vast and varied as human emotion itself. Every piece tells a story, and the size of fine art prints can influence how that story is received. Choosing the right art print size is crucial. It's not merely about aesthetics; it's about ensuring that an artwork's message is delivered effectively and as the artist intended.

Print sizes can dictate the environment they thrive in - be it the intimacy of a bedroom, an office's professionalism, or the gallery's expanse. Thus, selecting the correct dimensions becomes a symbiotic blend of understanding the artwork and its potential audience.

From petite frames perfect for cozy nooks to grand displays for spacious walls, popular print sizes dictate the visual rhythm of a space. Delve into the most sought-after dimensions that define contemporary art presentations.

12 Profitable art print sizes

In this section we will explore the most profitable fine art print sizes, providing insights into why they resonate with buyers and how they can help maximize revenue. 

Whether you are an artist seeking to optimize your offerings or a business owner aiming to boost your art print sales, this section will be your roadmap to success. 

So, let's dive into the art of choosing the right sizes to enhance your profitability in the art print market.

Small art prints

Fine art prints, especially smaller ones, are known for their versatility and charm. Let's delve into the most sought-after small art print sizes and discover why they're loved by many.

1. 5x7 inches

Advantages: This size is perfect for capturing intimate moments, like portraits or detailed close-ups. Being one of the smallest standard print sizes, it's usually the most affordable option.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Perfect for bedside tables, bookshelves, or clustered with other artworks on larger walls.

  • Office: A great size for personalizing desk spaces or pinning on office cubicles.

  • Galleries: Often seen in group exhibits where a series of related artworks are displayed together.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $11 to $19.

2. 6x8 inches

Advantages: Just slightly larger than the 5x7, this size gives artists more room to showcase their work without overwhelming a space.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Fits well on end tables, mantelpieces, or as a part of a larger wall collage.

  • Office: Offers a personal touch to a workspace without taking up too much room.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $11 to $19.

3. 8x10 inches

Advantages: It's not too big or small; it’s just right for many buyers. It gives artists a broader canvas without requiring a lot of wall real estate.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Ideal for living room walls, above dressers, or even in dining spaces.

  • Office: Makes for an impressive piece on office walls or conference rooms.

  • Galleries: Often chosen for solo exhibits due to their ability to stand out while still fitting in various spaces.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $11 to $19.

Medium art prints

Medium-sized fine art prints strike a harmonious balance, offering a more substantial visual impact while remaining versatile in their placement. Below, we'll break down the characteristics of popular medium art print sizes.

4. 8x12 inches

Advantages: Its elongated size is a favorite for landscapes, cityscapes, and panoramic shots.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Suitable for living room feature walls, hallways, and staircases.

  • Office: Impressive as a standalone piece in reception areas or along office corridors.

  • Galleries: Used in both group and solo exhibits, especially for thematic collections.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $11 to $19.

5. 10x10 inches

Advantages: This symmetrical size brings a sense of balance and is particularly favored for abstracts and contemporary art.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Exquisite for creating a gallery wall, above sofas, or in reading nooks.

  • Office: A contemporary touch to meeting rooms or shared workspaces.

  • Galleries: Frequently used for modern art displays and thematic exhibitions.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $11 to $19.

6. 11x14 inches

Advantages: One of the most favored medium sizes, it's versatile and provides ample space for detailed work.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Beautiful when placed above mantels, in bedrooms, or as the centerpiece in smaller rooms.

  • Office: Offers a professional touch to private offices, boardrooms, and break areas.

  • Galleries: Due to its popularity, it's often a standard in many exhibitions, both group and solo.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $15 to $22.

Large art prints

Large fine art prints are designed to captivate. They are ideal for those who want their artwork to stand out and be the center of attention. With the ability to showcase intricate details and deliver a powerful visual experience, artists and art enthusiasts often seek these dimensions.

7. 18x24 inches

Advantages: Suitable for artworks that have intricate details or are meant to be focal points.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Perfect for living room walls, spacious bedrooms, and above couches or beds.

  • Office: Makes a great impression in conference rooms, executive offices, or large hallways.

  • Galleries: A staple in many exhibits, it provides viewers with a larger-than-life art experience.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $17 to $24.

8. 20x20 inches

Advantages: Often considered a standard in art, it offers a harmonious blend of length and width.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Impressive in spacious living rooms, dining areas, or large entryways.

  • Office: Preferred in reception areas, boardrooms, or the main office entrance.

  • Galleries: Regularly featured in prominent art exhibitions due to its professional appeal.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $17 to $24.

9. 24x36 inches

Advantages: Truly meant to be the centerpiece, it's perfect for making a strong visual statement.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Ideal for grand living spaces, spacious master bedrooms, or large wall spaces needing a singular focal point.

  • Office: Stands out in company lobbies, executive suites, or large conference halls.

  • Galleries: Often reserved for highlight pieces or the star attractions of an exhibition.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $22 to $31.

Oversized art prints: Beyond Boundaries

Oversized wall art prints are in a league of their own. They can transform any space into an artistic haven, allowing for detailed expressions and unparalleled immersion. These dimensions are ideal for those wanting to make a powerful statement for expansive areas.

10. 28x40 inches

Advantages: This dimension acts as a sprawling canvas for artists, ideal for intricate artworks.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Best suited for spacious living rooms with high ceilings or vast empty wall spaces.

  • Office: Dominates conference halls, reception areas, or expansive corridors.

  • Galleries: Typically used for masterpieces or highlight pieces in an exhibition.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $22 to $31.

11. 28x28 inches

Advantages: The equidistant dimensions offer a unique aesthetic appeal and compositional symmetry.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: A favorite for grand living spaces or rooms designed around the artwork.

  • Office: A choice for company lobbies or areas where visual impact is essential.

  • Galleries: Ideal for standalone masterpieces due to its unique square composition.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $22 to $31.

12. 30x40 inches

Advantages: Almost mimics the grandeur of murals, allowing for an all-encompassing art experience.

Ideal settings:

  • Home: Meant for luxurious homes with large, expansive walls or mansion-like settings.

  • Office: Ideal for significant corporate buildings, in atriums, or expansive waiting areas.

  • Galleries: Often reserved for elite artists or once-in-a-lifetime exhibitions.

Typical pricing range: Depending on the customization and destination country, prices might range from $22 to $31.

What are the standard art print sizes?

To effectively explore the world of art prints, you must first understand the standard sizes that artists, galleries, and printers adhere to. These standard art print sizes are pivotal for artists looking to make a statement or those keen on sustaining favorable profits through their work. Typically, they include sizes like 8”x10”, 11”x14”, and up to larger dimensions such as 18”x24” or 24”x36”, accommodating various display settings from intimate nooks to expansive art gallery walls. 

Knowing these sizes doesn’t just ease the framing process with ready-made options; it also optimizes print quality, ensuring every detail of your digital or fine arts prints is captured perfectly. When selecting a print size, consider the image size, aspect ratio, and how the artwork will inhabit a space. These essential factors influence your art's visual impact and economic viability, affecting everything from print quality to profit margins. 

Exploring popular art print types

In the diverse realm of art, prints have emerged as an accessible and versatile medium for artists and enthusiasts to enjoy and share their favorite works. Various techniques and materials have evolved to cater to different preferences and artistic visions. Here, we'll delve into some of the most popular art print types, including posters, canvas prints, aluminum prints, acrylic prints, foam prints, and wood prints.


Posters are a ubiquitous form of fine art prints, typically printed on paper and widely accessible due to their affordability. They come in various sizes and can feature anything from classic artworks to contemporary designs, movie posters, and inspirational quotes. Often used for decoration in bedrooms, offices, and dorm rooms.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints excel at replicating the texture and appearance of traditional paintings. The process involves printing an image directly onto canvas material, which is then stretched and mounted onto a wooden frame. This tactile and elegant presentation is favored for showcasing art in galleries and homes.

Aluminum Prints

Aluminum digital art prints offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. By infusing inks into a specially coated aluminum sheet, they result in vibrant and durable images. Known for their resistance to fading and moisture, they find homes in both indoor and outdoor settings, often featuring contemporary and high-resolution photographs.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints provide a luxurious and contemporary display option. They entail printing an image onto high-quality photographic paper and encasing it between acrylic glass sheets. This process enhances colors and depth while delivering a glossy, glass-like finish, making them stand out.

Foam Prints

Foam prints, also called foam board prints, are lightweight and budget-friendly. Created by mounting an image onto a rigid foam board, they are commonly used for temporary displays, presentations, and signage due to their lightweight nature. An excellent option for cost-effective art reproduction.

Wood Prints

Wood prints bring a rustic and natural charm to artworks. The image is printed directly onto a wooden surface, allowing the wood's texture and grain to become part of the artwork. This adds warmth and character, making them famous for nature-themed art, vintage designs, and rustic home decor.

The world of fine art prints encompasses various materials and styles, catering to diverse tastes and aesthetic preferences. Whether you favor the affordability of posters, the elegance of canvas, the modernity of aluminum and acrylic, the lightweight convenience of foam, or the natural appeal of wood, there's an art print type for everyone. Each offers a unique way to appreciate and share art in various settings, from homes to galleries to public spaces.

The pinnacle of artistic commerce: Key benefits explored

The digital art sector is no exception in an era where digital transformations are reshaping every industry. There's a continuous evolution from how artists create and sell to how art enthusiasts and collectors purchase. Central to this are a few key benefits that are enhancing the art-buying experience:

High-quality reproductions

  • The essence preserved: High-quality reproductions ensure that every stroke, shade, and nuance of the original artwork is captured impeccably. The essence of the original fine art remains undiluted.

  • Durability: Superior reproduction methods often make use of premium materials and techniques. This ensures that the artwork remains fade-resistant and lasts for generations.

  • Increased accessibility: Many art enthusiasts might not have access to original pieces due to geographical constraints or price barriers. High-quality reproductions democratize art, allowing a wider audience to enjoy and own esteemed pieces.

Hassle-free shipping processes

  • Peace of mind: One of the biggest concerns when purchasing art, especially for international buyers, is the safety and integrity of the shipped artwork. Hassle-free shipping processes offer robust packaging, ensuring the artwork reaches in pristine condition.

  • Trackability: Modern shipping solutions often come with real-time tracking. This keeps the buyer informed and adds an extra layer of assurance.

  • Cost-effective: Efficient shipping processes can also translate to cost savings for the artist and buyer. Streamlined logistics often mean reduced shipping fees and faster delivery times.

Flexibility and versatility for artists and sellers

  • Reach a global audience: The digital age allows artists to showcase their work to a global audience. They're no longer confined to local galleries or regional exhibitions.

  • Tailored offerings: Artists can easily reproduce their work in various sizes, formats, or even mediums, catering to a diverse range of customer preferences.

  • Innovate and experiment: The flexibility available today means artists can experiment more. The possibilities are endless, whether it's a limited edition series, collaborations with other artists, or venturing into new artistic genres.

Discover the future of art with Gelato

Whether you are an artist or seller, the digital art age presents an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your artistic journey, and Gelato stands at the forefront of this revolution as one of the leading print on demand sites.

  • Comprehensive range: Gelato's platform offers many print sizes, ensuring every masterpiece finds its perfect dimension.

  • State-of-the-art features: Beyond sizes, delve into many customization options that cater to every artistic whim and vision.

  • Global reach: With a streamlined process that guarantees high-quality reproductions and hassle-free shipping, your art can touch corners of the world previously unimaginable.

Artists, it's time to break the mold. Experiment with sizes - from a small print's intimacy to an oversized piece's grandeur. Every size has a story, a unique impact, and the potential to resonate with a specific audience segment and size fine art prints sell.

Remember, art is as much about the creator as it is about the beholder. By diversifying your offerings, you expand your artistic horizons and build deeper connections with your audience, understanding their preferences and reactions.

Gelato's brilliance lies in its ability to merge global reach with localized production. Gelato's alliance of print partners facilitates localized output of various products, including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and wall art.  So, sign up for Gelato today.


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