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Auto File Sync

Automated fulfilment for personalized orders: seamlessly upload design files from your cloud storage

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Streamlined order processing for increased productivity

Time saving

Save 5-7 minutes of manual work per order, freeing up time to focus growing your business

Enhanced accuracy

Automated syncing reduces manual errors, ensuring accurate order processing

Scalable growth

Effortlessly manage a large volume of orders. Grow your sales without adding workforce

Getting started with Auto File Sync is fast and easy

Setup cloud storage path in store setting

Input the URL to your cloud storage on Gelato dashboard under 'store setting'

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Upload design files to cloud storage

Prepare design files for your personalized orders, and upload them to the cloud storage of your choice

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Files uploaded automatically

The design files sync every hour to corresponding Gelato orders

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Orders automatically fulfilled

Sit back while your orders being fulfilled and delivered to your customers

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Works with all major cloud storage solutions

Whether you use AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or any other top-tier services, connet easily to Gelato's Auto File Sync.

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Auto File Sync FAQs

Start selling personalized products and watch your sales grow