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Sustainability Report 2023

Reduce environmental impact

Have a positive impact on people

Act responsibly

About Gelato

Key numbers from across our global business operations in 2023

Countries on 6 continents with local production


Production locations on 6 continents


Team members with 57 nationalities across the team


Of all packages fulfilled in the same country as the end customer


New product SKUs added through 2023


Shipment methods from 60 Logistics partners


Of orders had sellers and buyers in different countries


Offices in 14 countries, HQ in Oslo, Norway

A word from our Founder & CEO: Rethinking production for the benefit of people and the planet

Gelato provides every person, business, and consumer, access to local on-demand production of personalized items. Using software and our network of makers, our business model lowers the barriers to creators and entrepreneurs everywhere by giving them the production costs and delivery speed of large ecommerce sellers without upfront investment. This levels the ecommerce playing field for entrepreneurs, while also contributing to the shift from centralized mass production to local, on-demand production. Producing locally and on demand is smarter, faster, and greener, which is better for people and the planet.

Today, the world is largely based on mass production, produced centrally and shipped globally by large companies. Overproduction and transportation emissions are major sustainability challenges, and it is time to rethink the current model. With Gelato, a product is only made when it is sold, with 99% of products produced and delivered within the same region as the end customer, and 87% within the same country. This eliminates overproduction and reduces transportation distances, costs, and emissions.

Long-term, we believe that Gelato’s platform can redefine manufacturing, breaking through previous barriers for individual sellers and small companies to access a global consumer base; faster, and at a lower cost while moving the world towards local on-demand production.

Henrik Müller-Hansen, Founder & CEO

Henrik Muller Hansen Gelato CEO High Res

Strategy and highlights

sustainabilityEnvironmentalReduce environmental impact

87% Of all packages were fulfilled in the same country as the end customer

99% Of all packages were fulfilled in the same region as the end customer

3000+ New SKUs added to our catalog now available for local, on-demand production

100% Sustainably sourced paper and wood

sustainabilitySocialHave a positive impact on people

303 Team members with 57 nationalities represented. 87% Employee Engagement Score

4.8 Rating on Trustpilot

> 45,000 New creators ordered from Gelato,gaining access to a global market within minutes

> 50 Makers in our network produced for creators (ecommerce stores) from >50 countries

sustainabilityGovernenceAct responsibly

0 Major data security incidents.ISO 27001 certified

100% Of our production partners have signed the Supplier Code of Conduct

100% Of partners and suppliers risk assessed in the Supplier Compliance Program. Partnered with EcoVadis to increase transparency and drive positive change in the supply chain

100% Of new team members have completed a Data Privacy and GDPR course

Sustainability at Gelato

Gelato's approach to sustainability is to have a positive impact and take environmental, social, and economical responsibility, including governance and anti-corruption. In 2020 we defined our sustainability strategy based on stakeholder dialogues and analysis to define what matters the most for our stakeholders and Gelato, and where we can have the greatest impact.

Gelato's sustainability strategy and prioritized materiality aspects are divided into three overall strategic areas: Environment: reduce environmental impact; Social: have a positive impact on people; and Governance: act responsibly and support six Sustainable Development Goals.

Norwegian Transparency Act

The document containing due diligence performed in 2022 in accordance with the Norwegian Transparency Act and our planned efforts for the future can be accessed through this link. You can also learn more about the legislation here.