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Print On Demand

Locally printed in India

Print and ship 100% of your items from local printing centers in India. Thousands of online stores connect to Gelato for customized print on demand products. With Gelato, the average delivery time for your customers in India will be 2 to 3 days. Faster, smarter, greener.

Print on demand

Free shipping for your print on demand business

Reach more customers with the power of local production in 32 countries and earn more money with free shipping until Dec 31.

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A fully integrated solution for customized print products

We bring together everything that’s required to sell, produce and deliver customized print products globally and on demand. Gelato powers print production for creators, entrepreneurs and enterprises who sell their products online to customers anywhere in the world.

We also help companies navigate customs, cross-border invoicing, tax and vat issues. Because our production is local in 32 countries, delivery is faster and shipping distances and carbon emissions are reduced.

Sell globally, produce locally

Gelato makes the production and delivery of custom products simple, borderless, and programmable. Our teams are based in offices around the world and we process millions of print jobs each year for creators, startups, and large enterprises.

Gelato Network


print orders fulfilled, over 12 years experience


countries and territories within your reach

Close to 90%

of orders produced locally, reducing carbon emissions

A technology-first approach to production and logistics

Fast delivery

Local production in 32 countries across the world ensures a fast and seamless delivery of your products wherever your customers need them.

End-to-end fulfillment

While you scale your business, we manage every step of your order from production and payment to taxes and shipment. No minimum purchase, you only pay for what you produce

Battle-tested reliability

Our production and logistics network delivers millions of parcels every year with 99.9% uptime. Your products arrive safe, on time and with consistent and superior quality.

Good for the planet

We ensure a sustainable, local production. Shipping distances and carbon emissions are reduced, and because you order on demand, overproduction is eliminated.

Ecommerce platform integrations

Designed for creators and entrepreneurs, scaled for enterprises. Thousands of businesses use Gelato’s software and APIs to produce and deliver custom printed products anywhere in the world.

Connect your store to Gelato’s API directly or via our easy-to-use ecommerce integrations.

eCommerce Integrations with Gelato

Manage your business on the go

Get our free app from App Store or the Google Play Store and start selling in minutes.

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