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Personalized photobook editor

Create & sell personalized photobooks

Automate the process of selling & fulfilling custom books with our built-in design editor. No more spending hours manually fulfilling personalized photobook orders.

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Try the photobook editor experience

Why sell personalized photobooks?

Increase your sales

Merchants selling personalized photobooks report up to 30% higher revenue compared to non-personalized books.

Easy of use

Allow customers to create their photobooks from templates, making it a seamless experience to buy photobooks with lasting memories

Save time & money

The order will automatically be fulfilled once a custom photobook is ordered using our editor. Saving you time & money fulfilling orders

Custom photobooks for every occasion

Travel photobookTravel books

Endless possibilities for your customers

Text editing

Customers can customize text by changing the color, the font and more.


Variety of layouts so your customers can create their photobooks with ease

Save draft

Save as draft lets customers save their draft and complete their order later


The autofill option lets customers upload images and fill the photobook with a click

How to use Personalization Studio with ecommerce platforms

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video previewplay button

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