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New integration to power 1.6 million Wix sellers with instant access to global markets

NewsSep 13 2021

Wix entrepreneurs can now integrate with Gelato in minutes and sell customized products across the world’s largest network for production on demand. By connecting their store with the new Gelato app, up to 1.6 million Wix sellers can create products such as apparel, wall art, mugs accessories, and photo books in just a few clicks, and have their products fulfilled and shipped locally around the world.

Global reach for any entrepreneur and creator

Gelato’s platform and global network empower entrepreneurs and creators worldwide to sell customized products without any upfront investments. Because the products are made on demand, merchants only pay for what they sell, which eliminates the need for inventory and reduces waste.

The new app enables an easy, yet powerful, integration between Wix’s powerful website builder and Gelato’s platform. Wix stores can produce their products across Gelato’s network of more than 100 production partners in 33 countries, which gives them instant access to global markets and faster delivery while reducing carbon emissions and costs. As the sellers grow their businesses, so do the local production hubs and their ability to create more jobs and value in their communities.

Instant access to strong design tools and easy product creation

Whether a seller wants to create new designs or upload their existing artwork, Gelato offers a quick and easy-to-use design editor that gives merchants access to cutting-edge design tools, including an integrated Shutterstock library with 360+ million visual assets and ready-made 3D mockups. Products are automatically uploaded and synced with the seller’s Wix store, and as soon an order comes in it is transferred to Gelato for fulfillment - offering peace of mind to the merchants who can focus their time on creating and selling.

Ready to get started? Install the Wix app here or read more about how to integrate in our Help Center.