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Gelato's Accelerator Summit propels global creators toward growth

Gelato Print on Demand accelerator summit
NewsJul 5 2023

Gelato has hosted its Accelerator Summit, in Sweden. The event brought together an international group of fast-growing customers from all over the world.

Leveling the global ecommerce playing field 

With more than 300 million global creators and projections for the industry to double by 2027, Gelato strives to empower ecommerce entrepreneurs and sellers worldwide with equal access to delivery speed, global market opportunities, and profit margins as larger brands.

“Our customers are what bring us to dance, and their success is crucial for our ability to succeed.  Understanding their needs is what enables us to create true and meaningful innovation,” says Gelato Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen. 

Top ecommerce business growth strategies 

minna philipson gelato accelerator summit shaping the future of print on demand

The event comprised presentations by Gelato team members, including branding, acquisition, and product experts. In addition, external experts and successful business builders and customers shared their expertise on topics such as leveraging TikTok as an organic marketing tool and maximizing organic sales through Instagram. 

Steve Hutt, host of the eCommerceFastlane podcast, spotlighted the most useful third-party apps for enhancing ecommerce stores in 2023. He touted apps including Retention.com, Shop, and Gelato. 

“Adding Gelato into the mix, now you have access to global production around the world. You can quickly launch a print-on-demand company with your own brand very easily, all because of Gelato’s connection. It makes it seamless,” said Hutt. 

“I got into this business because I am an artist and I like making artwork. But when it comes to product research and development, I'm so grateful I’ve found a great partner in Gelato,” said Sijyl Signature Co-Founder Emily Warkentin. “Their attention to detail, focus on quality, and focus on keeping standards high, assures me that any product Gelato is ready to launch is going to be something the end customer is really going to love.” 

Sustainability as a lever for growth 

Throughout the summit, there was a particular emphasis on exploring ecommerce trends and sustainable practices.

“Everyone's starting to care more about sustainability. The customers are making that very obvious and you're seeing a lot of the big brands now having to adjust their strategies to become more pro-sustainable because that’s what the customers want,” said Print on Demand Playbook Podcast Host and ecommerce store owner Adrian Vonarx.

To serve customers around the globe and accommodate its fast-growth markets, Gelato is planning additional customer summits. Select global Gelato customers can expect to receive an invitation to the next event.  

gelato accelerator summit for ecommerce entrepreneurs

About Gelato

Gelato enables local, on-demand production on a global scale through the world’s largest network for production on demand. Gelato produces personalized products in 32 countries, allowing creators and ecommerce sellers to scale their businesses and reach customers faster while reducing waste, costs, and carbon emissions. In tandem, Gelato leverages the same network to connect the world’s print producers, allowing them to produce, manage, and ship products on a single, more efficient platform, GelatoConnect. By doing so, Gelato is changing the game for creators, makers, people, and the planet.  

Gelato was founded by CEO, Henrik Müller-Hansen, in 2007 and consists of the Gelato platform and the consumer brand Optimalprint. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company has offices in Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Denver, Kyiv, Lahore, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Nashville, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tallinn. To learn more about Gelato, visit Gelato.com. For career opportunities, visit Gelato’s careers page.

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