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Gelato Launches The Print Industry’s Production Platform 3.0 - GelatoConnect

GelatoConnect Launch Print Industry's Production Platform
NewsMar 26 2024

GelatoConnect - Procurement, Workflow, and Logistics - All Connected End-To-End

Gelato, the world's largest global software platform for local on-demand production, with operations in 32 countries and across 140 production sites, announces GelatoConnect, a production print platform that connects procurement, workflow, and logistics to optimize printers’ efficiency, quality, and profitability. More than 100 global printers are already leveraging Gelato’s software to produce on-demand products. 

GelatoConnect caters to the evolving needs of digital printers in a rapidly transforming market. With ecommerce and personalized product demand rising, the average printing run has decreased significantly over the last decade. To capture ecommerce growth and evolve with consumer trends, makers must rapidly adapt to smaller print runs and on-demand digital production. GelatoConnect empowers makers to integrate with ecommerce creators from all over the world. 

“GelatoConnect stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the print industry,” said ESP Colour CEO, Simon Smogur. “GelatoConnect ensures my machines are seamlessly integrated into one intuitive application, providing real-time insights into my equipment, packaging, and carrier performance. Gelato’s software is poised to redefine our industry. I’m witnessing tangible improvements in our production efficiencies and cost base in real-time.” 

The advantages of GelatoConnect, as validated by McKinsey and Company, include a 3-7 percentage point increase in profitability for print producers by eliminating operational inefficiencies, improving procurement, reducing excess inventory, and optimizing shipping solutions.

"Gelato envisions a future where on-demand makers lead the way in providing every consumer access to personalized goods created locally," said Gelato Founder and CEO, Henrik Müller-Hansen. "For the last 15 years, we've collaborated closely with trailblazing production partners and global machine vendors to develop a marketplace that empowers makers to support ecommerce creators around the globe. With local on-demand production, we fuel growth in the digital print industry. By working together with our production partners, we can transform the way our world produces.” 

GelatoConnect has been tested and validated by early-access VIP partners and is currently accessible to a select group of production partners. A full-scale launch, making GelatoConnect available to all makers,  is scheduled for drupa. 

For more information about GelatoConnect, visit www.gelato.com/gelato-connect

About Gelato

Gelato enables local, on-demand production on a global scale through the world’s largest network for production on demand. Gelato produces personalized products in 32 countries, enabling creators and ecommerce sellers to scale their business and reach customers faster while reducing waste, costs, and carbon emissions. By doing so, they are changing the game, making it possible for small ideas to grow and make an impact. For both people and the planet.

Gelato was founded by CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen in 2007 and consists of the Gelato platform and the consumer brand Optimalprint. The company has offices in Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Lahore, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Nashville, Ontario, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm and Tallinn. Gelato’s headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.

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