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Gelato launches Squarespace integration to power creators with hyperlocal production

NewsSep 9 2021

Now ecommerce entrepreneurs can combine the power of Squarespace’s powerful website builder and Gelato’s worldwide network of local production hubs. Gelato’s platform empowers entrepreneurs and creators to sell customized products such as clothing, wall art, mugs, tote bags, and more to any customer in any market with the same ease, speed, and profit margins as larger ecommerce brands.

Squarespace is one of the world’s fastest-growing website builders with over 4.3 million active sites. Entrepreneurs using Squarespace can create customized ecommerce websites with award-winning designs, and sell their products to customers anywhere powered by Gelato’s global network of local producers and delivery partners.

Merchants can start creating and selling in seconds

The Gelato Squarespace app enables an easy, yet powerful, integration with Gelato’s platform. Once connected, merchants can create new products or upload existing designs to 150+ customized products within seconds, showcase and sell them through Squarespace’s award-winning website designs.

The integration gives Squarespace sellers instant access to Gelato’s cutting-edge design tools, including an integrated Shutterstock library of more than 360 million visual assets, ready-made 3D mockups, and a free design editor that makes it easy to design and launch new products.

As products are made on demand, sellers will only pay when they make a sale, removing the need for upfront costs or investing in inventory. Gelato takes care of the entire fulfillment process from the moment an order is made until it is delivered to the end-customer, enabling the merchant to focus on creating and selling rather than worrying about production, logistics or cross-border shipping.

Local production to make sellers faster, smarter and greener

Gelato produces the sellers’ items locally across more than 100 production hubs in 33 countries, and as close as possible to the end-customer. This empowers ecommerce sellers to not only speed up delivery times and reduce costs, but also limit waste and carbon emissions.

As the seller’s business grows, so do the local production partners that help fuel their global reach. Together, local communities around the world are growing stronger through the powerful sharing of creativity across the Gelato and Squarespace platforms.

Install the Squarespace integration here or read more about how to integrate with Gelato in the Help Center.