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Gelato API shows strong growth in Q1, fueling thousands of ecommerce sellers with local production

NewsMay 9 2021

With the current acceleration and growth, Gelato’s full-year revenue is heading towards more than EUR 100 million. Fueled by a surge in ecommerce, Gelato is signing up hundreds of new customers each week.

Helping customers sell globally, but produce locally

“The continuous expansion of our network of local producers enables us to rethink how ecommerce sellers can sell and distribute custom products in a way that is faster, smarter and greener. Our goal is to produce 90 percent of all orders in the same country as where they are delivered and reduce transportation distances by 90 percent, which helps reduce shipping times, costs, waste and carbon emissions while strengthening local businesses and communities” says Gelato Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen.

Gelato’s network currently consists of more than 100 production partners across 32 countries and growing. This week the company partnered with new production hubs in Greece and Malaysia to increase local production capacity to serve its growing number of users and reduce shipping times from days to overnight delivery.

Empowering creators to turn their passion projects into global businesses

“Many of the ecommerce sellers we see signing up to our platform are opening up these stores from their homes. With our platform, no experience or investments in inventory is needed, and through our network of local producers the hassle of managing cross-border transactions and shipping is more or less removed for the seller. Business owners can focus on creating and selling,” explains Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen.

One of them is Andreas Häggkvist, the owner of poster store Andy okay.

“We are experiencing a steep growth, and I needed to find ways to automate and scale the business that are also sustainable. Through Gelato’s network of local producers I can produce and deliver our products closer to where the customers are, which helps reduce shipping time, transportation distances and carbon emissions. The way things are looking now we are headed towards a revenue of more than EUR 1 million - built in less six months - and it means a lot to me to be able to scale in a way that is good for the environment - and for people,” says Häggkvist.

“To help ecommerce entrepreneurs like Häggkvist turn their passion project into a growing global business is what drives us forward,” Müller-Hansen concludes.